The Belly of the Beast. 2017

The whole book work is coloured black entirely by hand, save for a single drawing. Inspired by Perrault’s version of “Little Red Riding-Hood,” in which the young heroine is not saved by the woodcutter and instead dies inside the wolf. The cut-outs mimic a ‘stomach’ in which the figure will lie when the book is closed, trapped in darkness.

Inktobertale 2017

Day 1- Ink(warm up)

Day 2- Drawings

Day 3- Feeling every color at once is particular

Day 7- Papercut

Ink belongs to @comyet/ @myebi


Oh god it was so hard to take this picture. Outside, it was raining with the wind. I was all frozen while standing there and taking this photo. But I’m glad that I still could do it. And I’m very happy with the way this work went out, I hope you too!