Local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores are having a Firefly Frenzy.  What does that mean to Metro Detroit crafters?  Intense savings and bonus Super Saver Cards!

Now until Saturday, June 18 for every $50 pre-tax purchase you make at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, you will receive one Jo-Ann Super Saver card worth $10 off, while quantities last.  The Super Saver cards can be redeemed on any pre-tax purchase of $10 or more during the week of Sunday, June 19-June 25.

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A Framed papercraft piece I did based on Paranorman’s Angry Aggie!

Don’t ever listen to the ParaNorman soundtrack while papercrafting, lest you be victim to overwhelming feels.

My 2nd papercraft piece and I am super happy with it. It came out scarier than I had planned. Whoops! This one will be up for sale soon, and I will be finishing up my bigger papercrafts and post those as well!

Angry Aggie, Cardstock 5x5


Blogs We Like | Crowded Teeth

Michelle Romo’s Crowded Teeth runs on imagination in much the same way the financial industry apparently runs on cocaine. In Crowded Teeth, the expansiveness of mind is an intoxicant, a seemingly inexhaustible source of incessant creativity and novelty. Unlike the latter field, though, Romo’s imagination shows no signs of collapsing a housing market. Probably, anyway.

Crowded Teeth recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, and its maturity shows. Romo’s confidence translates into a vivid reality in her work, one supported with meticulous (but not rigid) geometry and vivid characterization. With her cut paper work especially, Romo is very much a world-builder, most notably so with her ongoing Cute Friends project. Cute Friends exemplifies Romo’s imagination-engine’s power, providing a giddily inviting depth to each adorable pal.

Romo’s talents for 2-D arrangement have also spawned some intricate and (of course) insanely cute pattern work as well, including these space cuties straight from a Lumpy Space Princess-adjacent funiverse. And much like P-Ward’s heroic epic, Romo’s worlds—whether ink, paper, or textile—pack a hugely affirmative punch, a tone and timbre of togetherness, earnestness, and unceasing curiosity. Here’s to wishing Michelle an even more successful second decade of groovy places and new goofster pals.

Check out Michelle’s main site, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too.

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