“Why is it always you three?”

Papercraft-esque sugar cookies I did last week of the Golden Trio! I played with a different style this time around, a little Harry Potter meets hamishmash? Stop possessing my body, bruh. These were made by layering fondant in different thicknesses and shapes to make a full image- Ron alone had about 30 individual free-hand cut pieces! 

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Copic markers it is.
I can smooth out the streaks with rubbing alcohol/blending marker. How the hell didn’t I think of this earlier?! Low mess to boot! Have my desired basic 6-color colorblind-accessible palette set up in Illustrator ready to print off and have on hand for my next visit to Jerry’s so I can figure out which markers I need to best replicate it (unless Michael’s also sells individual Copic markers??? I have no idea).

Die cut this out of the 300 gsm cardstock with some post-op Xacto-ing and it turned out p good (!!), though on a second attempt I’ll do at least three passes instead of two since it it’s a little scruffy around the edges. Colored after die-cutting and before hand-cutting. Now my biggest issue with that cardstock is everytime I try and print on it my printer flips out and gets hella jammed. B[

Got some ideas for the packaging for these things that is going to be perfect and functional and clever and adorable and I’m about to knock out the last bit of this complex homework so I can turn it in and run the hell home and get down to business. I have pretty much settled on the dimensions of this card as what I’ll be using from here on out (10x11.5 cm).

Bessel functions of the second kind.

Cupcakin in my #WIDN post for my #creativemidorichallenge entry using lots of @amytangerine goodies in the Daisy Dori September insert by @cocoa_daisy! #livelifeandcreate #cocoadaisy #daisydori#midori#travelersnotebook#artjournal#photochallenge#handwriting#amytangerine#creative#scrapbooking#scrapbook#papercrafting#travelersnote

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New video up on the tube! Creative journaling in my @cocoa_daisy insert. Direct link in profile or head to: forgot I scheduled it last night lol ahead of the game 😜 #daisydori#cocoadaisy#livelifeandcreate#journal#artjournal#creativejournaling#mtn#midori#midoritravelersnotebook#travelersnote#handwriting#handletterijg#scrapbook#scrapbooking#papercrafting#plannernerd#plannergirl#planneraddict#plannerjunkie#plannerlove

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My friends over at @pinkfreshstudio has an amazing new line that I will be using for my upcoming adventures to the Midwest. I absolutely love documenting memories, a scrapbook girl first and foremost so if you’re looking for a great line to use for memory keeping- this one is totally amazingggggg 😍😍 #pinkfreshstudio #papercrafting#papercraft#scrapbook#scrapbooking

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