papercraft picture


‘Memba them .gifs?! Had to design myself some business cards and this one for arctan(z), z∈[0, 2π], ended up being the inspiration for the backs of ‘em, and then when I got home earlier from my near-daily failed attempt at getting shit done for my class at a coffee shop in town, I made my first go at… something? conformal mapping-esque as a concertina card using the same thing but with 15 contours instead of 26 since that’d be a total shitshow. (This isn’t a conformal map, this a contour map of the real/blue and imaginary/red parts, whatever, but it’s around the same level of intricacy probably.) Unfortunately I was kind of sloppy in making my Adobe Illustrator cut pattern because THE INSPIRATION WAS COMING TOO HARD TOO FAST so the fold wasn’t centered, but oh well. I also had to do a lot of post-op manual Xacto assistance because I still haven’t gotten the hang of this machine. First time coloring one of the machine-cut ones, too. It’s curled worse than any of my hand-cut ones, gonna blame the cardstock. I’m about to try and get some of this homework done before I go disappoint my complex teacher with how little I’ve accomplished tomorrow and then I think I’mma finally give doing long strips of Bristol a whirl.

Also that was not the final version of the front of my business cards, that’s an older iteration without my phone number. Also also it makes me super happy that my logo font is Euclid, the contact info is Gravity. Ha. (And sometime between now and when I leave, I’ve gotta get an actually-professional portfolio site up, gah. STRESSIN’. And procrastinating. By doing more art projects. Sorry not sorry.)

^ sleeping starters in their pokeballs ^

So. I was planning to put these guys up for sale (and you can see I haven’t even taken proper pictures yet), but in the spirit of “look for the helpers” I thought I’d do something a little different. There are so many groups out there doing inspiring, selfless work to improve lives and make this world a better place, and I’d really like to hang onto that and support those helpers right now.

So the pictured papercrafts are available, as a set, for a donation to the non-profit organization of your choice.

[This post] has some nice suggestions of non-profits that are doing relevant work right now. I’d personally be partial to charities involved in lgbtq+, rape crisis, health care access, or immigration issues. But if you want to donate to an animal rescue group or something that is also awesome.

I’ll take the highest bid, and you can make your donation and send me the documentation after I notify you. Thanks!

(and thank you all for being a wonderful community that I’m proud to be a part of. It means a lot right now. <3)