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I was supposed to write a singles column for a magazine that, technically, no longer exists. It got held back for several months (not the editor’s doing), and finally I began to get the hint and pulled it, recycling bits for an It’s a Hit column instead. Below, I present it in full. It’s a roundup of then-current/recent DFA Records (and related) 7- and 12-inches. Enjoy.

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TF2 Gun Mettle Merc pics with the paperclip removed, for the people who wanted it gone as much as I did.  

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Hoy sale a la venta el esperadísimo y útimo (porque ya han anunciado su separación) álbum de LCD SOUNDSYSTEM. El álbum mola, Murphy mola, DFA mola y LCD pués también. En “This is happening” encontramos temas como Drunk Girls o Pow Pow, previamente escuchados, pero si hay un tema que me apetece tener de este álbum, es uno que no estará ni en el vinilo ni en el cd.
Y es que tal como nos han chivado, James Murphy ha decidido incluir dos temas más en el álbum digtal de itunes. Y uno no es un tema cualquiera :) Estamos hablando de Throw. Realmente Throw no es un tema nuevo de LCD pues es una cover del mítico tema de Paperclip People (Carl craig) que suena y seguirá sonando en clubes de todo el mundo ad eternum. Aquí podéis ver un fragmento de la versión en directo que Murphy y tropa hacen de Throw, que si suena de este modo en el SONAR puede ser que el pabellón se venga abajo.

Para todos aquellos que desconozcáis el original aquí está. Clase.

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Paperclip People - 4 My Peepz (Dubfire Rework)

Paperclip People - PE 20 Remixes - 4 My Peepz/Parking Garage Politics (Planet E)

Rolling with Planet E’s 20th anniversary celebrations this year, two classic tracks from the much-loved moniker of head honcho Carl Craig get updated. Dubfire adds broody, cavernous bass weight to ‘4 My Peepz’ whilst Loco Dice adds sleek nifty details to 'Parking Garage Politics’. Nice.

Maxi-Single and single tracks now available for download (MP3 / 320 kb/s)


Paperclip People (Carl Craig) - Parking Garage Politics

I’ve had this album for 20 years now and never really listened to some of the tracks on it in great detail, always skipped them, but after using this one randomly in a mix I did today I’ve realised that it is in fact a great tune.


Paperclip People - Steam / Touché 1996


Clearing out the post-champagne cobwebs with some classic Detroittt


Paperclip People- 4 My Peepz


Paperclip People - Steam / Planet E 1996



Paperclip people - Throw

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Funky Live set for all peepz of the future by Paperclip People (1998).