TF2 Gun Mettle Merc pics with the paperclip removed, for the people who wanted it gone as much as I did.  

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I like people.
I’d like some paper people.
They’d be purple paper people,
Maybe pop-up purple paper people-
Proper pop-up purple paper people
‘How do you prop up proper pop-up purple paper people?’ I hear you cry
Well I… I’d probably prop up proper pop-up purple paper people
With a prop up pop-up purple people paperclip,
But a pre-prepare appropriate adhesive as alternative’s a cheeky pack of Blu-Tack just in case the paper slips
Cause I could build a pop up metropolis

But I wouldn’t wanna deal with all those paper people politics.
Paper politicians with their paper thin policies,
Broken promises without appropriate apologies.

There’d be a little paper me, and a little paper you
And we could watch paper TV and it would all be pay-per-view,
We’d see those poppy paper rappers rap about their paper package
Or watch paper people-carriers get stuck in paper traffic
On the A4 …paper.

There’d be a paper Princess Kate
But we’d all stare a paper Pippa,
And we’d all live in fear of killer Jack the paper-ripper.
Because the paper propaganda propagates the peoples prejudices,
Paper’s spreading pictures of the photogenic terrorists.

It’s a little paper me, and a little paper you.
And in a pop-up population people’s problems pop up too
There’d be that pompus paper parliament, who remained out of touch
And who ignored the people’s protests about all the papercuts,
And then the peaceful paper protests would get blown to paper pieces
By the confetti cannons manned by pre-emptive police.

And yes, there’d still be paper money
So there’d still be paper greed,
And the paper piggy-bankers pocketing more than they need,
Purchasing the potpourri to pepper their paper properties.
Others live in poverty and ain’t acknowledged properly
A proper poor economy where so many are proper poor,
But while their needs get ignored the money goes to big wars.
Origami armies unfold plans for paper planes
And we remain imprisoned in our own paper chains
But the greater shame
Is that it always seems to stay the same.
What changes is who’s in power choosing how to lay the blame
And naming names, forgetting these are names of people,
Cause in the end it all comes down to people.

I like people
Because even when the situation’s dire
It is only ever people are able to inspire,
And on paper it’s hard to see how we all cope.
But in the bottom of Pandora’s box there’s still hope
And I still hope because I believe in people,

People like my grandparents, who every single day since I was born
Have taken time out of their morning to pray for me,
That’s 7,892 days straight of someone checking I’m okay and that’s amazing.
People like my aunt, who puts on plays with prisoners.
People who are capable of genuine forgiveness,
People like the persecuted Palestinians,
People who’ll go out of their way to make your life better
And expect nothing in return,
You see, people have potential to be powerful.

Just because the people in power tend to pretend to be victims
We don’t need to succumb to that system.
And a paper population is no different
And in a pop up population people’s problems pop up too,
But even if the whole world fell apart we’d still make it through
Because we’re people.

—  Paper People by Harry Baker (x)

in this trying time i strongly recommend everyone plays Technomancer which was a game that was made on a budget of $4.12 and is very limited (you can only play as a dude for a start) but has a really good m/m romance with a character who is incredibly plot important and kind of coded as being the True love interest 

also the game is very good but completely flew under everyones radar because it was made out of paperclips by three people in a basement 

anonymous asked:

I'm a grown ass woman who has been on cs since 2009 and to this day I still don't understand the purpose behind list/paperclip/etc pets. Some people think one pet is prettier than another of the same rarity so it's worth more??? Even if it's a boring/plain design in general? alright lol


I don’t know how falling for you began.
You flip a light switch and your eyes
become the surface of the sea framing sun rays
and moon dusts. Last night, you ran a red light
and the highway cement turned into a hundred
paperclips people leave behind when they are too busy
with their hands and thumbprints, forgetting and fading,
I can almost hear the road breathing.
The first time we met, you could have been someone
pulled out of a dreamscape, but you were telling me
about the songs you listened to
when you’re tired of hearing people talk about
mouths and toenails and all I could manage to ask
you was, “Have you been living underwater?
Have you ever thought about breathing me instead?”
—  Kharla M. Brillo, Confession XI
Last year,

I was supposed to write a singles column for a magazine that, technically, no longer exists. It got held back for several months (not the editor’s doing), and finally I began to get the hint and pulled it, recycling bits for an It’s a Hit column instead. Below, I present it in full. It’s a roundup of then-current/recent DFA Records (and related) 7- and 12-inches. Enjoy.

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Paperclip People - 4 My Peepz (Dubfire Rework)


Paperclip People (Carl Craig) - Parking Garage Politics

I’ve had this album for 20 years now and never really listened to some of the tracks on it in great detail, always skipped them, but after using this one randomly in a mix I did today I’ve realised that it is in fact a great tune.


Paperclip People- 4 My Peepz


Clearing out the post-champagne cobwebs with some classic Detroittt



Paperclip people - Throw

Watch on

Funky Live set for all peepz of the future by Paperclip People (1998).