Bugaria’s pretty big. By bug standards, at least. That’s why the Ant kingdom, with the help of some worms, has taken it upon themselves to build tunnels connecting the land.

That’s right, this is our fast travel area - The Ant Mines! At least that’s the PR given by the Queen.

In truth, the whole project started as a small effort to find more of the shining crystals you can see. The big blue crystal in the middle shoots up, decorating one of the Ant Palace’s rooms!

 The mines are full of different characters that are all invested in reaching a certain part of the world. Although at the start of the game, most areas are closed off, there is a method for you to speed up the tunnel’s progress…!?

 We don’t want to show everything here today, but we’re hoping that even the fast travel area will be a memorable place with characters you care about a tiny bee bit.

 Happy exploring!

if you're nice i'll write another fic im not sorrry its just padlock is a thing for me ok
  • At a random hour, every day, Tony starts making alarm noises. Noon, midnight, 3 pm, etc. Paige usually taps his nose to ‘snooze’ him, but if the alarm is early, she’ll just slap him in the face
  • Tony cooks, cleans, and generally takes care of the house, because Paige gets distracted and 'creative’, which usually ends in a massive mess.
  • Tony and Paige’s relationship goes between love and hate, similar to the Homestuck concept of fluxuating between ‘matesprite’ and ‘kissmesis’
  • To upset Paige, Tony will make any possible surface of her room green when she leaves the house. Bed sheets, knick-knacks, craft supplies, and lampshades are frequently ‘greened’, although he’ll occasionally raid her underwear drawer and dump green panties and bras in there.
  • They each have separate showers, so to get back at Tony for green, Paige will cram his shower with craft fish, made of cloth, paper, and other stuff.
  • Paige wears white dresses so she can make them more ‘creative’
  • Paige tries to avoid washing her hair as long as possible, because it takes a long time to dye it multi-colored.
  • Paige’s eyes look like a color spectrum.
  • If Paige is going to sleep in Tony’s room, she demands he use bed sheets without green in them.
  • Due to not sleeping for several hours because of crafting, Paige has fallen asleep on: the  coffee table, the kitchen table, all the beds and sofas, the kitchen counter, the hall, the stairs, and, once, in Tony’s closet.
  • Because of his blue skin, Tony blushes purple instead of red.
  • Tony is most easily aroused at noon and midnight.
  • Tony has learned the hard way that Paige can and will spend an hour on eye shadow, so he only lets her buy three items of makeup a year.
  • Tony can imitate up to twenty kinds of alarms, including car alarms and police sirens. Paige occasionally pesters him until he makes the alarm sounds. All twenty of them.
  • Paige is afraid of paperbugs.

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We’re proud to show off a lot of battle system changes!

This update has been a long time coming, and we’ll be spreading it out across the next few weeks going more in depth about all things added.

This week, we want to talk about Turn Relay.

Enemies in Paper Bugs have different weaknesses and attributes, and some party members perform better against them. For example, Bee can hit airborne enemies!

The turn relay option allows you to pass a turn from one party member to the other in order to chain weaknesses! There’s some limits to this…but we’ll discuss them later.

For now, enjoy Bee’s new normal attack (with a revamped prompt) and the new battle map for Bugaria’s outskirts!

Introducing the Lost Sands!

An arid land filled with thorny cactuses, sand, and extremely ancient artifacts left by our antcestors! 

Beetle’s good friend, Neo, is always roaming around the desert - trying to find the origin and purpose of these perplexing and complex monuments left behind.

Make sure to say hello! He’s sure to have a few quests, and discoveries to hand out!

We’ve gone past 650 followers across social media!

We’re not going to lie, it’s been really rough IRL lately. So progress is quite slow right now, but we’re committed to keep working on this project and to make it the best we can.

Hopefully we’ll have more to show sooner, rather than later. When we do, expect to witness the new sprites, courtesy of the poll we’re grateful you all participated in! 


During battle, every party member has an option to analyze the enemy. No matter who uses it, it will display the enemy’s HP, Attack, Defense, and weaknesses.

But afterwards, each bug has some unique dialogue to go with it!

Only one analysis is enough to get the enemy into the records - will you have a designated analysis bug or try to read all of them?

We’ve begun setting up the framework for cooking things! Every recipe you discover is stored in the logs, so don’t be scared of forgetting any awesome things you came up with.

This fly you see here is one of the top culinary experts in the world! The Ant Queen couldn’t help herself, and paid a lot of berries to have him stay around.

His hygiene standards are actually pretty high, so don’t worry too much about that.