During battle, every party member has an option to analyze the enemy. No matter who uses it, it will display the enemy’s HP, Attack, Defense, and weaknesses.

But afterwards, each bug has some unique dialogue to go with it!

Only one analysis is enough to get the enemy into the records - will you have a designated analysis bug or try to read all of them?


We’ll be taking some time off from posting screenshot saturdays this week, and next week.

As Paper Bugs grows, the amount of data we have to manage and organize keeps growing, and it can be very tedious to add, modify and test the values we add into our game (aside from remembering what all the numbers are linked to!)

So we’re taking a step back and using these weeks to develop a set of tools to assist us in editing enemies, recipes, items, dialogue, and all that juicy stuff!

It’s a long term investment, but it’ll definitely pay off.

We’ll see you around!