Hey everyone, work on the engine is progressing slowly but surely. We want to take some time to talk about some other characters every now and then though.

Left to right, these are Maki, Kina and Yin.

Maki is the ancient bug tongue for “Courage”, and it is a name he bestowed upon himself after many expeditions in dangerous ruins. With his ages of experience, he tries to guide new explorers so that they may return safely. Every now and then, he may even have an errand or two - if you feel up to the task.

Kina, on the other hand, means “Shield”. Although Maki is reknown as one of the great explorers of his time, many have been witness to the amazing feats of strength Kina is capable of to protect her brother. Some would even say she could rip him in half…with a hug.

And then there’s Yin. It’s the only thing it knows how to say, and it is kind of useless. Maki and Kina felt sorry for it, and are making sure it stays safe. Could it be hiding a secret? Or is it just…well…Yin?

We’re working hard to fill the world with many NPCs that have their own reasons for wandering about to make the world feel genuine. We hope everyone will find at least one character to root for!