I’m working on a new project over on the Paper Bicycle blog. I’m going to be taking pictures of bikes that I see and illustrating the people that (I imagine) ride them. Tune in on Tuesdays for a new character illustration!

EDIT: Chris helped me out with some scanning/color adjusting/photo work. MUCH better! Scanning watercolors is my mortal enemy, guys.

Light Grey Art Lab Workshop

Hello followers! I wanted to tell you a bit about an amazing workshop that was taught by local Minneapolis illustrator Teagan White. It was hosted by Light Grey Art Lab, who made the over all experience amazing. 

We started off the workshop on Saturday, traveling to Lake Maria State Park to take some time to explore and interact with nature. The park was a really amazing ecosystem of forest, bogs and lakes and it was a really nice time to get out of the city and be able to enjoy nature. The lake itself was amazing too, with tons of cattails and waterlilies supporting animals like turtles and great blue herons. The evening back at the gallery was pretty relaxing too as we ate and got to get to know one another better. 

On Sunday, we learned a bit more about the business side of Teagan’s practice, exploring different industries such as children’s book illustration, or band poster illustration. She also taught us her way of combining digital and traditional mediums, which was super helpful. In the afternoon we focused on stretching our creative brains, as well as some really helpful tips about planning goals for the future. 

Overall, this workshop was a really incredible experience and I’m really happy that I ended up meeting a lot of new creatives both locally and across the country. It gave me a lot of new information to incorporate into my practice as well as bringing a new light to the idea of collaboration. 

None of this could’ve been possible without Lindsay Nohl, Jenny Bookler, Chris Hajny and Teagan White (honorary shout out to Francesca Buchko too). I’m so excited to see what sort of workshops Light Grey Art Lab hosts in the future!


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