This post is basically for me to refer to, but yeah. So I gerenally want to loose a bit of weight for the summer and tone up my lovely muffin top. Therefore over the next three weeks I’m setting out to be about 7 stone 12lbs, so I’ve got about 3 or 4 pounds to loose over those weeks. I’m gonna be majorly healthy and I’ve found a website where I can track what I eat and all the calories and fat and how many calories I can have a day to reach my goal weight lala. I’m gonna start walking more than I do, I’m gonna do workout videos (lol) as my mum goes out most evenings and I’ll start doing sit ups and that shit. 

I’m gonna allow myself to have a “bad” day on Wednesday and Saturday so I don’t snap and start binging on loads of stuff, although it’s not gonna be bad enough for me not to loose them weight. What I’m gonna do as well, if that say I have a big meal, I’m going to drink half a litre of water until I allow myself to eat something else if I need it. Hopefully that will kill of the wanting of more good, so if I have a smaller snack I’ll drink 250ml before eating again etc. Urm yeah. Cool.