Blue snake (i know it’s green) #MadeWithPaper #LearningPaper step by step tutorial on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Step by step tutorial of the blue/green snake paper 53 drawing I did.

1. Take the pen (left one), not the marker and fill in most of the screen. Move as fast as you can because then the stroke becomes huge.
2. Take the marker for the edges and missing bits.
3. Use the brush to fill in the last bits of the edges (pass 3 times slow and it is 100% filled)
4. Lay down a basic shape with the pencil in green
5. Fill that shape with green. Use the left ink pen to fill it complete (I found that out later…)
6. Lay down basic shades to form a shape
7. Fill in details
8. Add highlights
9. Keep correcting. The more time you put in a drawing, the better the details become, but know when to stop.
10. Most important: Enjoy it and feel the character, make friend with him/her, fall in love, whatever, but make that connection.

Hang in there.

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