it’s spring! so it begins, the season of birthdays, favorite blooms, & tidying up. in an effort to exit the cycle of foolish consumerism (a major cause of disarray at home), i’ve been doing my best to have more intention with my purchases, to be careful to select only items of quality & meaning.

many thanks to designer & creative director vanessa correa, who shared similar sentiments recently on her blog, very thoughtfully pointing to BRIKA (plus paper & type) as a means to that well-crafted life! friends, have a peek at BRIKA’s latest makers, their stories & crafts. shop now, & use code “paper&type” for 10% off your purchase (code is valid until june 1st & applies to one purchase per customer).

photograph by cherish chen (she posted a few bonus ones here).

how goes your last bit of spring? june gloom is in full swing over here, & there’s no stopping the hot, melty summer that’s surely on its way. a few things to keep you company:

+have you got a hold of june? july will be on us before you know it.
+this weekend, individual medley is calling all knitters to help knit blankets for a good cause.
+justina’s patio sale is tomorrow. dabito & i will be joining her in selling the culmination of our spring cleanings.
+dabito has also (at last) opened an online shop of his prints & most superb vintage finds.
+jessica comingore has debuted the last bit of her beautiful redesign: her website.
+i’ll be writing some posts for lonny magazine! over the next few weeks on their blog, they’ll be featuring wedding planning wisdom that covers the dress, food, & more. above is a little sneak peek of my post on stationery.

more soon!

addressing (and dressing) the envelope is one of my favorite parts of the letter writing process. sometimes it’s the step i start with, addressing a handful of envelopes as way to remember which stationery to send whom, and as a sort of to-write list for an on-the-go writing session. once a letter’s completed and sealed up inside, it’s like a small gift, ready to be presented.

for me there’s just a simple satisfaction that comes with addressing by hand, and i’m obsessed (i still find joy in addressing each and every package that ships out from my shop!). however, when it comes to dressing the envelope, to be honest i am quite the creature of habit (see exhibits A and B): i tend to stick with neutral-color envelopes, and i always address in the same way and spot. i do love getting creative with postage (exhibit C), but that’s a topic for another pen pal post!

so, i leave it to my pen pals to demonstrate (ad)dressing possibilities:

External image

1. alphabet stamps! for whoever’s putting mail in the boxes at my post office, i like to think that coming across anything sent from margaret will bring a smile to his or her face.

External image

2. i love the simple and classic look of a typewritten address. above, codi ann carefully traced over the typewriting on a beautifully textured envelope (handmade by share studios).

External image

3. embellished addressee! how special to see one’s name in script across the envelope.

External image

4. the back of the envelope is where i typically write my return address and get particular about which washi tape to use. i love the artful way amy shaped and placed different patterned and colored tapes across the flap, and how julia used this space to share beautiful vintage postage from hungary.

join us at our next pen pal club meeting on wednesday, july 8. we’ll be at the studio of paper pastries in downtown LA, with typewriters and other supplies to get you (ad)dressing your envelopes! more details and rsvp here.

p.s. check out craftmakesmile for additional envelope inspiration.

i’m happy to share that PAPER & TYPE stationery may now be found in a lovely shop called myrtle, located in echo park, los angeles!  the very kind whitney has curated a collection of goods by designers (hetterson, kyyote, fieldguided..) that i’ve only had a chance to eye from afar until now. she’s also designed & outfitted the shop in a most delicate & darling way (i could live in it).  P&T will be among good company over by that vintage typewriter.

do visit:
2213 sunset boulevard, with a grand opening this saturday, december 10, 5–10pm.

photograph by elizabeth daniels, via myrtle. 

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and in paper & type news:
+the final months have been printed with presshaus la. they’ll be available by year soon (here’s a look at august—october).
+my workspace was shared on apartment therapy this week! thank you to gregory han for the feature, & to jennifer ceci for the photographs (including this one above).