This pen by Tokyo-based startup AgIC can transmit electricity with its silver ink. You can see it in action in this inexplicably soothing video by a Japanese infrastructure company named Kandenko. A tiny 3D miniature paper town comes to life as the pen simultaneously conducts electricity as a person draws lines. The pen can be bought on Amazon for 1,296 yen (about $12). (Source)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to know where I can pimp this out.

Because dudes, I wanna make you some cool custom stuff for DND. None of these boring manpain generic fighters and junk I’m seeing all over the internet. You want a hot, overweight beardy dwarf lady bard? I can draw that. You want a waifish gender neutral halfling thief? I can draw that too.

But seriously I need to know where the resources are to whore this out because I really need to turn over some quick income.