#35 The most impressive paper engineering that you will ever see. Artwork by Li Hongbo.


View the Making of a TED-Ed Lesson: Bringing a pop-up book to life

In ‘The Pangaea Pop-up’ Lesson, animator Biljana Labovic decided the best way to illustrate moving, shifting tectonic plates was to use a physical object that could also move and shift. Here, Labovic explains how she and her team of animators created a pop-up book to visualize Pangaea — and how you can make your own.


Quattro passi con papà

Il progetto consiste nella realizzazione di una collana di libri pop-up per bambini. Ogni volume consente una duplice lettura: inizialmente si possono sfogliare le singole pagine come un normale libro, in un secondo tempo, grazie alla costa rimovibile, è possibile l’apertura totale dello stesso su di un unico piano interattivo. In questo modo è possibile accostare tutti i libri della collana così da creare un unico grande “tappeto pop-up”.

Four steps with dad

The project consists of a series of pop-up books for children. Each volume allows a double reading: initially you can browse through the individual pages like a normal book; at a later time, thanks to the removable spine, it’s possible the full opening of each book on a single interactive floor. In this way, you can connect all the books of the series thus creating one large “pop-up carpet.”

Project made in collaboration with Arianna Zuppello

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