more paper beta kids shenanigans-  

EDIT: Hey its 2017 AND WOW for whatever reason this has come up again? No clue why. But hey! I juuuust finished my big 4/13 HS project, and its a NEW SET of BETTER IN EVERY WAY BETA KIDS PAPER DOLLS! So hey! They will be up on the 13th, please please check them out! Lotsa work went into those babies and they are pretty damn sweet. Okay bye

your-lovely-bird  asked:

00Q: day care workers. (My sister just got her ECE lisence renewed and this popped into my head)

Oh gosh, this one.  I struggled a little bit again because Bond with kids, but I realised that could be a big part of it, so:

  1. Eve’s the primary carer, of course.  She’s warm and friendly and bubbly, and at least half her job is making sure none of the parents ever meet Bond ever.  
  2. Q is the arts teacher.  He supervises fingerpainting and paper crafts, and the kids often come home with macaroni-studded daleks.  The mums all adore him and try to hit on him, so he spends a lot of time hiding in his office.
  3. Bond leads outdoor play time/PE.  He’s a bit like a unicorn–one of the mums swears she saw a really fit guy working at the daycare, so they all come to parents’ nights dolled up in the hopes that they’ll meet him.  
  4. The one time Bond is spied during a parents’ night, he has an enormous blue handprint on his arse.  Q spends the rest of his parent-teacher meetings trying to scrub dried paint from under his nails.
  5. Bond and Q are excused from parents’ nights from then on.