Art Trade... maybe?

I don’t know… I-I’m not really sure….
If I do, I might take 2 or 3 (maybe even 4)
Just send me a link of what character and nothing else (they must be OC or Fan Characters) I really hate going bad and forth

My Characters to choose:
or Beatrice

If you know a character you want to draw and they’re not on the list, please ask if you can first
This isn’t a first come first serve, I will be picking (sorry)


Head of a Water Deity

Mexico. Aztec. 15th to early 16th century AD

The Aztecs carved thousands of images of their gods in stones ranging from much-valued greenstones to ordinary volcanic rock. Sculptures like the present example were probably set up in household shrines where they were worshipped in family settings rather than in public ceremonies. Frequently portrayed Aztec deities are fertility goddesses, which include the water goddess Chalchihuitlicue (“she of the jade skirt”) depicted here. Identifying elements of the water goddess are the distinctive headdress consisting of multiple (in life probably cotton) bands wound about the head, the thick tassels attached to each side of the head, and the pleated (in life bark paper) ornament (amacuexpalli) in back of the head. Male counterparts of the water goddess, including the rain god Tlaloc, are often shown wearing the pleated bow at the neck. Shell and/or obsidian inlays in the eyes would once have lent the face a lifelike expression.

The Met

here’s a post of the few solomon starbuck headcanons i have

-he’s the guy who’s in his 30s and has no kids but he has a minivan anyways because he works at the cosmos space center so he Might As Well because it’s good for lugging stuff around but also look at his coworkers

-took piano lessons as a kid but then never carried it into adulthood so he Could play something if you put him in front of a piano but he can’t sightread sheet music (but like every single person at the csc looks like that kind of person dont they)

-used to Try His Best to talk athena and clay out of putting funny signs on yuri cosmos but failed every time and also didnt try very hard to not laugh when he saw cosmos rolling around on his segway with a hastily scribbled-on sheet of printer paper taped to his back that said “kick my butt” fluttering in the wind

-probably goes out for aura with coffee all the time but he gets hot chocolate because he doesn’t even like coffee but aura Lives On It and they discuss whatever went on that week. he says she should be nicer to ponco and clonco. she tells him to Fuck Off. (it happens every time they hang out)

-on that subject, he went to high school with aura. he was a nice kid and he had a good sense of humor but he wasnt really a conversation-starter and aura was a senior at the time he was a freshman. they met in physics class and she showed him the ropes and everything and helped him get accustomed to stuff before she graduated at the end of his freshman year. she went to his graduation 3 years later but they didn’t see much of each other in college because they were both really busy with studying and training

-he went to clay’s high school graduation too and probably had a bouquet of flowers and took a million pictures and cried and everything

-he’s good at braiding hair and he does it for athena all the time. everyone calls him the Dad Friend.

this post is done because i think every single thing i just typed summed up to He’s The Dad Friend but god i fucking love sol starbuck

Weird Backs Month #03 – Ianthasaurus

The synapsids diversified rapidly following their first appearance in the geologic record, and two particular families developed large showy sailbacks completely independently of each other: the edaphosaurs and the sphenacodonts.

Ianthasaurus here was a basal edaphosaur, known from the the Late Carboniferous of Kansas, USA (~302 mya). It was smaller than many of its more famous relatives, only about 75cm long (2′5″), and seems to have been an insect-hunting predator.

Its sail featured “cross bars” sticking out from the main spines on the front two-thirds or so of its body. The purpose of these extra ornaments is unclear – but they must have been useful for something because later edaphosaurs sported them much more extensively.
paper backs campaign on Indiegogo

An artist and a scholar navigate their way through a relationship that continuously cycles back to the beginning in this new play by Brittany Willis.

We’ve got our trailer posted on the campaign page, plus lots of awesome perks JUST FOR YOU! Contribute as little as $1 and get something. Contribute as much as $1000 and get a SONG and a VIDEO made for you! Check it out, help us out, support independent theatre.

paper backs (2014)

An intimate study of love that is strikingly both new and familiar, paper backs is a phenomenal debut that delicately jumps between funny, sweet and heartbreaking, its structure mimicking the beautifully placed Fortune’s Wheel that holds it at its core. Jerome Beck and Lindsey Hall are simply perfect as The Writer and The Artist – characters who need no names because, despite their complex characters formed to the last detail, stand in for any and all of us.

Paperbacks manages to be the rare love story (and breakup story) that never takes sides – both characters truly do love each other but can not tear themselves away from their art long enough to give the effort necessary to sustain that love. 

The delicacy of that feat is truly special, because it’s not a mutual breakup, and it is certainly one of the first works I’ve seen that villainizes neither the party in a one-sided split. It’s an incredible feat by debut author Brittany Willis, and director Tashina Richardson and the entire Sundown crew do it great justice bringing it to the stage.

But it all comes back to Fortune’s Wheel, which The Artist unwittingly draws to perfection. All relationships lie on it, spinning around even faster than the structures of power (which the Wheel is originally intended to describe) do. It’s easy to feel the same moments repeating over, and over and over again – will you find it’s all worth it, or have you lost yourself in that never-ending repetition?

Rating: Five stars (out of five)

Although I am quite prejudiced: Poetry set on stage! Tashina Richardson’s direction was superb (I especially loved the movement interpretation which served as the bookends for “paper backs”). Jerome Beck & Lindsey Hall were perfect for the parts of Artist and Writer. Lindsey is a glowing light on the stage who pulls you into the depths of her emotional interpretation and Jerome is a solid performer who brings a sense of reality in this moving portrait.
—  Darryl Willis, from Sundown’s Facebook event for paper backs. Only one more chance to see the show - tonight at 8pm! 

rossbennett asked:

This is it: Opening night! Okay, so you've had opening nights before because you're no stranger to working shows. But what's different this time around—now that you're the playwright?

Less pressure when it comes to performance, definitely. But also… I still can’t believe it’s happening? Because I haven’t been there the whole time, I suppose. 

I was also talking about this to Pete last night. I think an interesting (and probably obvious) thing is the vast difference between creating a show based on someone else’s writing and watching others create based on yours. I poured myself onto paper and for some weird reason it resonated with people, people I adore, and they gathered together to bring it to life. For some reason they felt it was important enough to be seen. There’s an intense feeling of gratitude. And a small amount of pressure. I hope my writing is a strong enough foundation for their immense talent. 

I saw final dress last night and it was beautiful. Lights, directing, set. Everything. And I still can’t believe it’s happening.