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A rough animation I did of Osmosis Jones breakdancing to Rappers Delight! This was really difficult to animate but so much fun! I’m going to revisit it some time in the future and actually draw in his features. 



I’ve been having mixed feelings about grad school recently. On the one hand, having a reduced teaching load means I’ve finally had more time to focus on academic things I actually enjoy doing - I’m working on a creative essay to submit to a magazine, I’m designing a syllabus for fun, I’m compiling bibliographies for my dissertation, organizing events for a workshop I set up, etc.

On the other hand, I find myself more and more weary with the fact that it’s a 24/7 sort of a deal. Today is Sunday and I spent it baking food for said workshop, reading & annotating circulated papers for other workshops, writing a lesson plan, and sending or replying to emails. And the torturous game of waiting for grants hangs in a pall over everything. I’m going to be commuting in and out of NYC (four-hour round trip) for the next 10 - or possibly 13 - days straight, and it’s going to wreck me.

I still don’t miss having a 9-5 job; but I do find myself wishing it would all stop, once in a while.

@gradblrchallenge day 18: march 24, 2017

okay, so first, i’m not entirely sure it actually is day 18 of the gradblr challenge, or if it’s day 19? i saw a bunch of day 18s and am making an assumption. either way, i’m very behind on my gradblrchallenge goals.

i’ve been sick since monday and today’s the first day where i feel a little less foggy and more capable. i just vacuumed my bedroom and the basement carpet and stares, threw a load of laundry in, and threw out a massive amount of kleenex that had been accumulating around my bed. 

other goals for today? i either need to read a colleague’s paper for a workshop next week, or i need to write a response paper for econ soc. i don’t want to jump into anything bigger than that, since i had a pretty “big” morning and i’m still super tired. hopefully tomorrow i’ll be a lot clearer.

the downside is that i’m definitely not going to be well enough to go out tonight, as per my original plan. 

vmorq  asked:

Hey, i'm looking for some inspiration in lighting design, to be more specific in houses or apartments, hope you can help me with some examples. Ps. Big fan and one of my favorite blogs! 🙏🏽


It’s tough to find examples of houses or apartments that I really like. They typically centered around exterior lights for the facade and a plethora of downlights in the interior.

Here are some recent interesting lighting projects where artificial lights create space.

Art Collector’s Loft by Renfro Design Group Image by Iwan Baan

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Christmas DIY!

Click to view the instructions for making the traditional Christmas stars from my paper craft workshops out of any spare book, junk mail or magazine pages. You will need 6 pages from the same book, and if the paper is thin, just make them smaller so they hold their shape.

They are really easy to make, just remember to fold the triangle shape twice at step 2 so there are 4 layers before cutting!!


Little known fact about Nemfrog: I teach writing workshops. At today’s daylong workshop I asked the participants to TP my apartment. It went well. 

It’s really a lot of fun to TP the inside of a living space. The rooms filled up with white ribbons. For the rest of the day I had to duck and step over the installation. That made me more conscious of space, things, surfaces. And of light, especially late afternoon. 


Photos from 2 museums i visited in Hamburg (had a lot of rain (^-^;)

I liked this car for children a lot ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ

The next car uses the same motor as my motorbike (^o^)

The Mathés cars were quite interesting :o
Very compact and very nice ideas :)

This car might be known to some people :D
It was featured in some movies and goes by the name Herbie (^o^)
It was painted to look old and used but it is in a good condition :)

Next i went to the Maritime museum :3
It is huge and features many different things related to ships and the sea :3
The building itself is worth seeing as well as the internal structure is mostly made of wood and some steel beams :3 It looks very nice and it is quite impressive that this building has 10 floors :o
This kind of German joinery is much much less refined than Japanese joinery :D
I was fascinated by the whale bones that were on display :o
To be honest I think whale bone is a great material. I’ve seen many works of art and household implements made from whale bone and they do  look and feel great (^-^;)
I use a buffalo bone folding leg for my origami stuff and it has similar properties but whale bone has this smooth feel and whiteness that makes it hard to beat as a natural material.

This in addition to whales being an important part of the ecosystem makes me wish to conserve them for future generations and to appreciate them more.
They are amongst the most unhealthy things you can eat anyway (°_°;) 
It makes me sad to think that one day whales will be gone (-_-) they inspired many things in Japanese culture and without them there is nothing to relate to these aspects of Japanese culture anymore which would mean loosing this part and letting it become a dead branch on the tree that forms Japan as a whole.

Sorry for writing so much about it (>_<;)
I just like nature and things and life that come from it and I think a lot about these things :)

The museum features many awesome models as well and I had the pleasure to talk to one of the guys who is making these :3
They do a very good job and the models feature many many details :o
They are volunteers and do this work in their spare time :o
He was kind enough to show me the workshop and to explain how he makes the paper models :) He specialised in paper models :) The workshop is open for people to visit and he encouraged me to take a look at everything :3

If I get the chance to go to Hamburg again I want to see this museum again :3

I didn’t do too much work in my workshop last week as I needed to prepare for the job interview :)
Today I changed the throttle cables of my motorbike and cleaned the contacts of the light switches :)
I noticed that one of the throttle cables had lengthened considerably over the past month so I decided to replace both :)
I will change the cylinder head gasket tomorrow and maybe to an oil change as well (^-^)
I’m not sure how the interview worked out as I do have trouble knowing and understanding other people (^-^;)

Anyway it was a great day and I like Hamburg :)

I wish everyone a great time and sweet dreams (^-^)/