paper wario

I added a Waluigi gif to my group’s history presentation. I hope they don’t mind.

What'sa dis book? Eets'a got a whole bunch of'a stickers in eet. Hmmmm, maybe I can'a use dese stickers to beat up dese doomb'a bozos dat'a try to get in'a de way of me and'a precious treasoore! Wah Ha Ha, dey won'ta know what'a hit dem!

((A little pic I did for Paper Mario: Sticker Star……. it was originally intended to be finished by the european release…….then Christmas when I got the game……..then a few days back when I completed the game…….. So it’s been in the works for a while now at least :V))

ky-guy  asked:

What would happen if there was a game called "Paper Wario"?

Funny you should’a ask dis, dere’s something related instore~…

But’a to answer de question, natoorally de game woulda outsell everythin’ on’a de market by’a at least 20 times, all because eets’a my face on’a de cover instead of Mario’s stoopid oogly mug. but’a alas, Nintendo have’a picked Mario as’a their main guy and’a are dead set on’a tryin’ to make him as’a profitable as’a Wario… Eets’a a troo shame joost’a how hard de try…

As’a for de plot, eet would be a magnificent tale of darin’a exploits, filled to de brim with’a action, suspence, romance, maybe even’a a death scene or’a somethin’. You know, all of’a de razzle dazzle! Eet would all take’a place durin’ a thrillin’ quest to uncover and loot some of’a de greatest riches in’a the world, guarded by’a some of’a de fiercest and’a most’a terrifyin’ monsters in’a de history of’a de entire Mushroom’a World! Why’a dese monsters would’a be so terrible, de would’a even make’a me sweat (though I would’a still beat’a dem all and’a win at’a de end, since dats the only way to have’a a good endin’ for’a dis game!).

As’a for how Wario would’a look in’a one of de “Paper” games, Behold;

Joost as’a awesome as ever right? Of course I’a am! Eef anyone thought I’a wouldn’t be, den go hang’a your head in’a shame!