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Got an Essay to Write?

Here’s how to use up space when you are just absolutely done with life

-make all periods a font size or two up from the one you’ve been directed to use

-put two spaces after every period

-WATCH YO COMMAS you’re prob missing fifty of them

-2.15 space it

-MLA format the header

-use “such as” instead of “like”

-use “therefore” or “as a result of” instead of “so”

-add a space after every indent

-make the margins on your paper a TINY bit bigger

-get rid of all contractions

-see that word that’s so close to being on the next line? put it on the next line

*keep in mind that one or two of these may conflict with the essay’s instructions

*don’t forget to take a break and breathe some non-recycled air and close your eyes and love yoself <3

this has gotten me through several papers so i hope this helps. reblog this please, save a grade and some sanity


Paper Sissel! Both in corporeal and ghost color schemes! Created by me in 3 to 4 hours.

For a while I had forgotten that Sissel had a ghost color palette. I don’t think we see it in game. It is only on the box art, I think.

And I was also playing around with a design that could be potentially used on a playing card. I really love how it turned out! :D

Bad new: I had to deal with my creepy coworker all day so I’m super stressed Good News:I’m channeling all that stress into writing my favorite salty cashier duo from @keithvkogane​ ‘s au

  • Pidge is good with numbers and has memorized the prices of basically everything in the store.
  • Kieth is the exact opposite
  • “Hey Keith, how much does this $5 candy cost?“//”Fuck if I know“
  • Neither of them can do math under pressure though
  • *punches in cash amount*//”“Oh wait I have change!“//*internally*”FUCK“
  • The registers are old and never work properly
  • The card scanner doesn’t work half the time-even the old receipt paper trick fails- and the general scanners need to be reset every few hours and the printer is always jammed
  • Pidge has tried everything in their power to fix the computers, but alas they are all still old rust buckets
  • On a happier note, they all have nicknames
  • The names are Betsy,Cheryl, Sharon, and Peggy
  • Pidge always refers to them by name, confusing many customers
  • “Come on Betsy, work with me old girl!“//”What did you just say to me?”//”Oh I wasn’t talking to you”
  • “Don’t speak to me or my registers ever again“
  • The store is empty 95% of the time but the very second one of them leaves the register there is suddenly a huge line.
  • “Keith I need you on Sharon“//”I was just there!“
  • Totally talk about customers once they leave
  • “Why did that lady buy 10 bottle openers? Who needs 10 bottle openers!“
  • They have the most inside jokes out of anyone in the store
  • Whenever they hear a weird noise*Both lock eyes and whisper* Mothman
  • *humming the X-Files theme over the PA*
  • *Lance does something stupid*//”It’s your turn to deal with him“//”No I think its yours“//*loud sigh*
  • *Computer breaks down*//”This is homophobic“//”How?“//”I’m gay and it inconveniences me“
  • “Keith if i die tell Peggy, Sharon, and Cheryl that I love them“//”What about Betsy?“//”Not her, she was being a little shit today“
  • They have competitions over who can make the most money in a day
  •  Sometimes till report time is the most exciting part of the day
  • “Yo I made $516 today“//”HA! I made $524! SUCK IT“

“My original plan was to write a paper about trick riding. I figured my most memorable moment was the time I was Roman riding at a rodeo. At the last minute I decided to take a difficult jump, and I totally nailed it. But then I realized that it wasn’t the Roman riding or the jump that made that moment memorable. It was the people watching. And I’m not talking about the random people sitting in the crowd. I’m talking about my people. My mom, dad, sister, uncle, grandparents, and great-grandparents. So my most memorable moment was in fact the day I was adopted. The day I got my people. The people who nag me to do my homework and clean my room. The people who are always there for me, even when we’re miles apart. The people whose hearts are always in the right place.The people who never seem to give up, no matter what. I guess it’s true what they say. You don’t get to pick your family. But when you’re adopted the opposite is also true. Your family gets to pick you. Maybe it was meant to be, or maybe it just sort of happened. But one thing I’m certain of is that my most memorable moment was when these people became my people.”

anonymous asked:

How do you write with pen without it bleeding through? I can't write on both sides because of that :/.

Hi there, you can either change your pen or change your paper. Paper that won’t bleed through much is really expensive, think Rhodia notepads or 140gsm paper. The other thing is that you can use a ballpoint pen, either 0.7mm or preferably less if you don’t want the ink showing up on the other side of the paper. There’s no “trick” that studyblrs use to not bleed through paper. 


🌟 🌌  check out my magic paper trick  🌌 🌟 🎩

I took a little “doodle break” from coloring in my MSA comic.  I doodled a bunch of neato characters from games I’m replaying/watching my brother play.  Now back to work! :)

( games>>> Pokemon Ranger, Paper Mario, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Animal Crossing: City Folk [ my character that I dressed up…. my mom HATES my gas mask XD )


Awesome New Uses For Paper Towels by HouseholdHacker

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