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Side note, If you’re in the Philippines I really hope that you’re okay! I know that there’s a lot of filipino nerdfighters and some of them follow this blog. I’m half filipina and I love this country, so I’m deeply worried and saddened by what’s happening. 

By the way, the amazing Deducktion sales beautiful nerdfighters/fandoms related prints and posters, all proceeds will go to the Philippines Red Cross, check it out! (I wasn’t asked to promote it or anything, I just thought it was awesome and I had to share it)

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Paper Towns came out when I was in high school, and it was my favorite book at the time. It was just so refreshing to see characters I could relate to: pretentious dorks who discuss the complexity of metaphor for fun.

The point is: this book is kinda important to me, so I wanted to make this little comic adaption before the movie comes out and INADVERTENTLY ERASES ANY VISUAL IMAGERY I HAD CREATED WHILE READING THE BOOK SEVERAL YEARS AGO.

Hope you like it!

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