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to new beginnings - may everyone have a happy, successful, and rewarding school year. may all your hard work and efforts pay off. good luck to you all ❤️

hey guys! my last semester of high school starts tomorrow and i thought i could make a quick lil masterpost on how to take on your next semester head-on and how to start off strong.

1. start off organized (whatever organized means to you)

  • one thing i tried this year was keeping a folder for all of my school papers and it helped me a lot instead of just putting my papers in one designated spot like previous years. keeping one folder (or one folder per subject) can help you keep track of all of your papers. 
  • if you need tips on how to stay organized, check out my masterpost here :)

2. try to have a positive mindset

  • although i’m kind of loathing going back to school, you have to try and find the positives in going back! and it doesn’t have to be academic, my positive thought about school is that i’ll get to see my friends and read more cool books for Literature class. if you go into it with a negative mindset, school will be a drag and you won’t do your best.

3. make small progress on any long term assignments at the beginning

  • following this step should help relieve any stress about a long term project, especially one that you know is coming (ex. me with my quarter assignments for literature). making progress can range from starting to read the book early to just writing a sentence a day or somethin’. but you don’t want to get too caught up in this step that you forget about the work that is due the next day, or something of the sort. 

4. *mainly for seniors* if you have anything application related, do it asap.

  • i know that i have my CSF application due some time throughout the second semester and a couple scholarship items to complete, so i’m going to do them either during the break before the next semester or as early as possible in the next semester. doing this is very helpful and will help relieve any anticipation or stress. 

5. detox the weekend before you go back to school

  • personally, i try to refrain from doing anything school-related the weekend before school because you should just relax and prepare by being relaxed. take a bubble bath, watch a movie, hang with some friends, sleep, anything that makes you happy and relaxed. dunno what to do? i have some cute things here in my self care tag.

6. Have fun.

  • have a great time, don’t let school run your whole life.

i know this isn’t much but these are just my own little tips that i thought might help someone else. it sounds a lot like my Staying Organized masterpost, but most of that does overlap here. any masterpost recommendations? let me know and I will definitely take it into consideration. 

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how to write a research paper with 0 stress

Papers where you have to have citations are the worst, but if you have to do them here’s a tip from me because I’ve been writing them the same way for a year and it’s way easier.

1) figure out what you want to “prove” with your paper. basically your thesis statement, but you don’t need to write it out as such yet

2) figure out the different ways in which you’re going to prove it. these are your topic sentences, but again, you don’t need to write them out yet

3) gather your sources that you will cite. find any relevant citations and write them out in proper citation format (MLA, APA, etc). 

4) organize your citations into categories based on your topic sentences. this cite proves my point in this way, and this other one proves it in this way.

5) type your paragraphs around the citations. have them in the same place and figure out how to connect them, and there’s your paper

doing it this way, I can write a 7 page research paper in about 2 hours total. seeing all your proof and writing about why it proves what you want to prove is WAY easier than writing why something might prove your point and then finding out that it actually doesn’t

Book Magic Tip

Charge paper for a specific purpose by closing it inside a book for awhile, then use the paper for sigils, writing spells on, or any magical purpose paper can be used for. Variations to try:

- Powerful books like grimoires
- Books on special topics relating to the magic
- Charging under the moonlight
- Charging on an auspicious day
- Charging for a specific number of days

Experiment, magical bookworms!

Got an Essay to Write?

Here’s how to use up space when you are just absolutely done with life

-make all periods a font size or two up from the one you’ve been directed to use

-put two spaces after every period

-WATCH YO COMMAS you’re prob missing fifty of them

-2.15 space it

-MLA format the header

-use “such as” instead of “like”

-use “therefore” or “as a result of” instead of “so”

-add a space after every indent

-make the margins on your paper a TINY bit bigger

-get rid of all contractions

-see that word that’s so close to being on the next line? put it on the next line

*keep in mind that one or two of these may conflict with the essay’s instructions

*don’t forget to take a break and breathe some non-recycled air and close your eyes and love yoself <3

this has gotten me through several papers so i hope this helps. reblog this please, save a grade and some sanity

research paper tip:

Your teachers lie when they say Wikipedia is not a reliable source. 

No I’m not telling you to cite Wikipedia for your research papers, BUT if you scroll to the bottom of the article, you’ll find a “References” section. In this section, there are links to online articles and documents that can cite in your papers. 

This just saved my life today so I hope it can save yours.

☀️Magical Smoking 🌙

The creation and use of herbal cigarettes in magic and the mundane. By. The Darkest of Lights ( Samantha Piña)

An introduction to the use of herbal cigarettes (HC) ; the HC are great for travail , you can smoke these when you wish to relax, before trance work, to create spiritual wards. These are safe to smoke ; caution they may cause you to have visions or feel light headed almost a heightened sense of magic. 

**pregnant women shouldn’t be smoking, and I would assume it’s common sense to not smoke around them as some of these herbs can be harmful to them.
- make sure any herb wont effect any medicines so ask your doctor if you are un sure.

Instruments needed -

- rolling machine 
- rolling papers
- paper rolling tips
- mortar / pestle
-you can use a pip / hookah/ or vaporizer
_you can even drink the mixtures in tea

~ Herbs suggested ~
. ~Coltsfoot (medicine: cold & cough / magic: hedgecrossing & spirit-sight),

~;Spearmint (medicine: stimulant / magic: healing & psychic powers), ~

Skullcap: medicine; calming , antispasmodic , relieve cramps, muscle pain from stress, good for insomnia Magical: love, fidelity,peace, used in spells of relaxation)

~Wild Lettuce (medicine: sedative magic: hedgecrossing), and ~Wormwood (medicine: euphoric & stimulant / magic: hedgecrossing & necromancy).

~mugwort : euphoric, stimulant , hedge crossing, divination

~damiana(Medicine Influences: Aperient, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Aromatic, Bitter, Diuretic, Hormonal, Laxative, Nervine, Stimulant, Tonic. )(magical : burned to produce visions, promote psychic dreams). ·

~Catnip adds a relaxing note to the smoking mixture. It is gentle and can be effective to take the edge off .magic: divination & psychic powers · ~

Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) leaves are the classic herbal smoke. They quickly clear the bronchia, open the airways, and jump-start breathing during asthma attacks magic: hedgecrossing & necromancy), ·
Mints: (peppermint, spearmint, horehound, catnip, etc.): either use as tea or smoke for menthol flavor; expectorant properties; reduces stress; helps withdrawal

· ~ Licorice root: for flavor and expectorant properties; helps coughing. CAUTION: may increase blood pressure ·

~Oregon Grape Root. A liver stimulant 
Goldenseal may help your body ( on the endangered list) Salicylate herbs, like Willow and Oak, can help with headaches.

~Green Tea aids in alleviating depression to soothing aches and pains.

~Chamomile aids in the relief of stress, indigestion, headaches, anxiety, and depression * don’t use if your allergic to ragweed

~ Lavender relaxation, pain relief (especially for headaches and muscle aches), anxiety relief, and a general sense well being

~Steps ~
Step 1:
Choose your herb blend then grind the herbs together thoroughly mixing them together.
Step 2: 
Use the paper rolling tips that will serve as a filter and will help steady air flow and create a smooth burning cigarette.
Step 3:
Use the cigarette machine and firmly place the filter into one side of the machine then fill the extra space with your herbal mixture.
Step 4:
Close the now filled machine and roll it twice to pack in the herbal mix. Then introduce the rolling paper into the machine with the glue edge out. Then roll the machine towards yourself.
Step 5:
Once the paper is almost fully inside lick the glue edge then finish rolling the machine.
Step 6: 
Congratulations! You’ve made an herbal cigaret!

— suggestions —
You can draw sigils and spells on the rolling paper to add power, make cigarets with certain magical intentions.

~ 🍃🍂if there’s any further questions feel free to ask me.
Source: {Earl Mindells Herb Bible} , [cunninghams encyclopedia of Magical Herbs],( the rodale herb book) [ green Witchcraft by Ann moura]
For additional magic, you can wright sigils on the inside of the rolling papers to activate them. You can make a protection mix, a divination mix, and many more.

These are a few ways you can use herbal cigarettes in witchcraft. :)🔮

- you can draw sigils onto the paper to release your intent/ activate the sigil.
- you can combine the magical properties of the safe to smoke herbs together and make the cigarette an instant spell, that will activate when you smoke it.
- you can use color magic by choosing a certain colored paper when rolling your cigarettes
- you can use them as smoke offerings to the gods
- you can make mixes for warding away spirits

🌞Herbal cigarette recipes🌙
Mix (ground) evenly then add as much of the mix as you like to your cigarette/ pipe/ 1 bat hitter. You can add tobacco or cannabis to any of these mixes. 
**tbsp=table spoon
* can be bad in high amounts / not for pregnant/ breastfeeding
-vision recipe
1 tbsp Golden seal 
1 tbsp Passion flower
1 tbsp Dameana
1 tbsp scull cap 
1 tbsp mugwort*
-meditation mix
1 tbsp mullen
1 tbsp mugwort
1 tbsp lavender
1 tbsp peppermint
1 tbsp lavender
1 tbsp mullien
1 tbsp osha root
1 tbsp damiana
2 tsp Devils Lettuce
-astral travel mix
1 tbsp coltsfoot 
1 tbsp wild lettuce 
1 tbsp mugwort* 
1 tbsp damiana
1 tbsp Mullein
-stress reducer mix
1 tbsp Skullcap
1 tbsp Catnip
1 tbsp Chamomile
1 tbsp lavender
-Relieve cramps mix
1 tbsp Skullcap
1 tbsp Catnip
1 tbsp Chamomile
1 tbsp green tea
Visionary Herbs
There are many visionary herbs that are safe to smoke.

Thanks for the reminder @lightinthebox. Finals week is upon us, and the only things keeping me sane are pretty school supplies, coffee, and motivational quotes 📚📝

how to write a diploma thesis or any other paper honestly

(for when you feel totally hopeless and can relate to the following 3 gifs)

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i am writing this guide because prior to my senior year I was desperately looking for hacks on how to write a diploma thesis and I wasn’t really able to find any satisfying result in the studyblr community so I decided, now that I have handed in my thesis, i’d compose this compilation of tips for all you people in need of help:

what the hell should i write about 

it is certainly helpful to collect a bunch of ideas first and then try to develop a structure for each idea to have a broader choice. also it’s really important to pick a topic you are interested in, but try to also think about the effort you will have to put into your topic and then pick the one topic which meets your expectations and interests.

e. g. if you don’t like enjoy being social and carrying out interviews over the phone or surveys, pick a topic where you will have to do more research over the internet or in books

i don’t know what the fuck i am supposed to do 

when writing a diploma thesis you’ll probably get the feeling that you have no idea what you are doing at least once, mostly before you have even started writing, so just start writing. even if you feel like the things you are (sorry, my french) total bullshit. Quality content comes when you get comfortable within your topic and that can only happen through writing.

i can’t use wikipedia as 80 % of my sources 

to be honest finding reliable sources of quality when using the internet as a resource instead of books is actually a bit difficult. however, using books can be very tiring as you will have to read several pages to find what you are looking for. the solution is to use the news section and the books section of google. with command/strg + f you can easily find the key terms you are looking for and you’ll only have to read up on a few paragraphs. also most google books offer free sample chapters, which means you won’t even have to pay for the content.

i don’t have time to write - i have other exams, too  

writing a diploma thesis requires time and effort and there’s no way to get a good grade without putting those two things into your work. however, you don’t want your performance in other classes to be suffering, because you have to work on your diploma thesis. that’s why you should make time early in the semester, on one weekend where you don’t have as much to do, lock yourself in and do nothing other than write. and if you can’t do that just set two afternoons a week aside to write a few pages and you will be done within no time.

my classmates’ works are much better than mine 

it is important to remind yourself that everyone writes about a different topic, has different talents and a different style of writing. don’t lose your courage if you feel like another person is doing better than you or receives more praise from your mentor. the key is to give your best and put in as much effort into your work as possible. and if you still are not satisfied with the result try to get feedback from people whose work you admire or just accept that you do have other talents and that the only thing that matters is that you gave everything you had.

(and with these tips you will soon end up looking like that)

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