paper telescope

house aesthetics

hufflepuff: big warm cups of tea or coffee, sucking on a piece of candy and savoring the sweetness, eating s’mores and feeling the stickiness of marshmallows on your fingers, freshly picked flowers, the warmth of a tight hug, long train rides, a home-cooked meal, bright and clear eyes, birds singing in the morning, girls braiding each other’s hair, candles, dancing the night away, cushy armchairs, warm colors, linking pinkies, freckles, cats purring, strawberries and peaches, handmade quilts, baking with an apron on and flour everywhere, sunshine all around you

ravenclaw: marble statues, stars shining in the night sky, the rustle of parchment paper, brass telescopes, curling up with a new book, the ache in your hands after writing for a long stretch of time, steady rain, paris, mirrors, spending the afternoon in an art museum, strange trinkets and tools splayed across a room, winding staircases, puzzles, period films, tapping a pen impatiently, old books on odd subjects, licking an envelope before sending it, ancient mythology, long baths, messy buns, classical music, humming while you work, creating something the world has never seen before

slytherin: the sweet and biting scent of lemons, hair pulled into a tight ponytail, the shine of a black high heel, red edits marked on black ink, the knowing look between two people who share an inside joke, winter, greenhouses filled with plants, lightning illuminated against the sky, Adidas sneakers, the feeling when you finish a difficult task, red lipstick, dark fairy tales, the scent of freshly mowed grass, standing up for those you care about, mint, sweeping film scores, big cities, black coffee, craggy rocks overlooking the sea, the satisfying first bite of a crisp apple, the deep yearning to do something great 

gryffindor: the crackle of a warm fire, imaginations filled with dragons and knights and glory, the scent of fresh popcorn, laughing so hard your sides hurt, worn baseball caps, chocolate, snow ball fights that turn from fun to competitive quicker than you can blink, labrador retrievers, high fives and fist bumps and pats of congratulation, flushed faces, knit sweaters, the roar of a lion, flannel pajamas, cheering loudly for your favorite sports team, holding the door for someone, apple pie, the drop on a roller coaster, fall leaves crunching beneath your feet, large breakfasts, mischievous smiles, 80s music, rumbling stomachs, falling asleep with a smile on your face