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Mutant...Part 1

Here is the first part of the series!  I hope you all enjoy what’s to come, ad don’t forget to let me know how you guys are feeling about it throughout the reading!  Here is the synopsis:

In a world where mutants are not only few, but revered, there exists a law that states that every law enforcement team in the upper echelon community is required to have one on their payroll.  Enter the reader: isolated, pointed, and the only mutant ever born to two non-mutant parents.  How will the BAU cope with getting this shut-out, stand-off-ish “creature” to open up to the team?  How will they get the reader to trust them?  But more importantly…how will the team react when they realize that the reader isn’t the only mutant at their disposal?

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21)

As a large gust of wind swirls papers in every single direction, SSA Aaron Hotchner sighs as he tosses yet another file into the trash bin.

But it was then that he realized he only had one last file sitting on his desk.

“Knock knock,” J.J. coos, her knuckles lightly rapping against his thick wooden door as he flips open the last mutant application sitting on his desk.

“No luck with the speedster?” J.J. remarks as she leans up against the door-frame.

But all Hotch continued to do was scan the papers with his eyes.

“J.J., can you send the last applicant in?” he murmurs.

“There’s no one out here,” she says as she furrows her brow, “you sure you called everyone?”

“I’m almost positive…” Hotch trails off as he grasps his cell phone in between his hands.

But just as he went to dial your number, you suddenly appeared behind J.J.

“Agent Hotchner,” you lull lowly.

Watching J.J. jump as she puts her hand over her heart, she rakes her eyes quickly up and down your form as she takes in your surprisingly normal state.

“Y/N?” Hotch asks as he stands to his feet and buttons his coat.

But your eyes slowly drift to his desk, your file wide open against the dark, bare desktop of his office.

“Come in.  Sit,” Hotch beckons as he holds out his arm to the chair.

Slowly stepping in as you step in front of his desk, you gingerly sit into the chair as you keep your eyes locked on him.

“It says here you can…fly?” he asks as he hears his office door shut.

But all you did was blink at him.

“And…manipulate the elements?”

“Is that a question?” you murmur as you lightly quirk an eyebrow.

“Should it be?” Hotch asks in a stern voice as he tosses his hardened gaze up to you.

But it didn’t seem to phase you, and Hotch found that oddly refreshing.

“You can also…create telepathic links?” Hotch says as he furrows his brow.

“Funny.  It also says in there that I graduated top of my class, have a Doctorate in Psychology, 5 years of experience in the local DC police force, and have top honors in all of my physical and tactical examinations.”

You watch as Hotch slowly raises his gaze to you, his eyes locking hard as your deadpan face continues to analyze him.

“But I suppose none of that is important, given that I’m the last mutant application you have to interview.”

Hotch was backed into a corner.

And he didn’t like being backed into corners.

Closing your file as he tosses it to the side, he folds his hands on top of his desk before sighing lightly to himself.

“You’re incredibly qualified for this job,” he begins.

“…but you can’t risk the safety of your team to someone you fear is reckless,” you finish.

If Hotch wasn’t so tired of the interviews, he would’ve been taken aback.

“Are you currently reading my mind?” he asks.

“You would know if I was,” you lull.

“How so?” he questions.

“It tingles,” you state matter-of-factly.

As a fervent knock comes at the door, you whip your head around as the door swings open, revealing an older man with a nicely trimmed goatee standing at the doorway.

“Got a case, Hotch.  Three different victims in 10 hours.”

Nodding as he stands from his seat, Aaron holds out his hand as you rise to your feet and turn your body towards the older gentleman at the door.

“Rossi.  This is our newest recruit.  Y/N Y/L/N,” Hotch introduces.

It didn’t shock you that he hired you.  He was backed into a corner and desperate.

“David Rossi,” he smirks as he holds out his hand for you to shake, “pleasure to meet you.”

But you shook his hand in silence before quickly skirting past him as David shoots Hotch a questioning look.

“Not one for talking?” he asks.

“We need her for this team to be in regulation.  If anything, it buys me more time to find a more suitable team member for us.”

“You don’t think she’s suitable?” Rossi asks as they both watch you round your way into the meeting room.

“I think she’s intentionally closed off, and on a team like this we need to be able to trust each other at the drop of a hat,” Hotch states.

“Then lets drop this hat and see what happens,” Rossi says.

Oblivious pt. 2

You guys asked… and here it is!!

word count: 1905

“You okay, Y/N?” Bucky came up behind you after he heard a frustrated groan at the kitchen counter. In your hands was an invitation to your sister’s engagement party. It was on heavy stock paper and was swirled in grey and mint green. Bucky rested his metal hand on your waist as he peeked over your shoulder. “What’s that?”
“My invite for my sister’s party.” You held it up for him to read. “Look at the handwritten note at the bottom.

       Try to bring a plus one, Y/N!

“I’ll go with you.” Bucky froze after realizing what he just said, hoping he wasn’t too forward.
“You would do that?” You spun around quickly and your shoulders dropped in relief.
“Of course I would,” he hugged you around your neck and you giggled as you wrapped yourself around his ribs. “I’d do anything for you, doll.” You just giggled again, but he let go of you and tilted your chin to look up at him. “I mean it, Y/N. Anything you need, and I’ll be there.”
“Thanks, Buck.” You could see the ache in his eyes, but you didn’t really know why it lingered.

The day of the party came and you made your way downstairs to meet Bucky before you guys headed out. The invitation indicated that this was a formal party, so you had to wear a dress according to the dress code. You wore a dark green cocktail dress. It dropped downing the neckline and the thin lace of the sleeves stopped halfway up your forearm. It hugged every curve of you, but it wasn’t too tight to stop you from breathing. Your hair was curled and it rippled down your back. The black heels with the pointed toes created an echo in the tower with each step.  Bucky stood at the bar with Steve. His hair was pulled into a bun, and his lean body was well shown in an all black suit. His jacket was sitting on the bar, so he was only in the shirt, the, and vest. His muscles could be seen in his sleeves and the silver of his metal hand looked smooth against the dark fabric. He had his back to you while talking with Steve, but when hearing you walk across the main floor, he turned to see you. His eyes grew wide and he stood with his jaw dropped slightly.
“You ready to go, Buck?”
“Uh-“ he shook off the look on his face and smiled, “Yeah, of course!”
“See you later, Steve!” you called over your shoulder as you grabbed Bucky’s arm and headed to the elevator.
“Bye guys; have a good time.”

The elevator door closed and began to descend. You still had a hold of Bucky’s natural arm and mindlessly stroked patterns with your thumb along the fabric of the jacket. His metal hand came up and stroked your cheek. You looked up at him giggling.
“You look beautiful, Miss Y/N.”
“Well thank you, Mr. Barnes. You clean up pretty good yourself.” You both laughed at yourselves as you walked into the parking garage. Bucky’s grey Audi was waiting for the two of you.
“After you, my lady.” He opened you door and helped you inside. You answered with a smile and another giggle. He was adorable when he was joking around.
You gave the directions to the hotel that the party was at the city passed by outside of the window. You kept your hands in your lap, but nerves were starting to get to you and Bucky could notice from the constant twisting of your fingers.
“Y/N,” he set a hand over your own, “just relax. This is going to be fine.”
“I just don’t want to deal with my sisters. They’re gonna be all ‘Oh my God! Who’s the guy you brought? Are you a thing? Blah, blah, blahhhh!’ It’s just going to be stupid. They have no control over themselves.”
“Well then we’ll go in and have a drink or two, congratulate your sister, and then leave.”
“You sure? I’ll feel bad for dragging you out here, let alone to drag you out for only an hour of misery.”
“I told you that I would go with you. You aren’t dragging me anywhere. I like getting done up more than my uniform. It’s a nice change.” He kept his hand over yours and gave you a wink.
“Oh, here it is! It’s there on the left.” Bucky parked the car and the two of you walked into a room full of well dressed couples. The women mainly were in black, and the men had on tuxes or traditional black and white suits. You two didn’t completely stand out, but most people watched as you walked in together. You knew that he would probably be dealing with the anxiety of others seeing his metal arm on the inside, but he never let on to you. The server brought you both champagne and you stayed tight to his side as you scanned the room for any of your sisters.

“Y/N!” The shrill voice sent a chill down your spine. Your youngest sister came running through the crowd, pulling the man, you assume to be her fiancé. “Y/N! I’m so glad you made it!” She squealed again and pulled you in to close her arms around your neck.
“Good to see you too, Julie.”
“This is Tyler, by the way, my fiancé.”
“It’s good to meet you, Tyler. Congrats to both of you.” They both gave a response of ‘thank you’ and you grabbed Bucky’s arm and kept yourself stable. “This is my friend James from New York.”
Both Julie and Tyler shook hands with Bucky and for about 30 minutes there was nothing but small talk: where was Tyler from? What did he do for a living? How did they meet? The attention turned when Julie noticed Bucky’s metal fingers that held his glass.
“Is that some kind of prosthetic?” She gave you a look of concern and raised her eyebrow.
“Julie-“ you hissed in a lower voice, “don’t -“
“It is actually.” Bucky downed his last bit of champagne and set it on the serving tray. “A good friend is an engineer of sorts and helped to develop this prosthetic. It’s able to read the signals n the nerves in the upper part of my arm, allowing free movement in the metal prosthetic.” Bucky gave you a quick smile, proud of his explanation.
“That sounds revolutionary, man.” Tyler seemed impressed, but you could feel the tension rolling off of your sister. Eventually she pulled you away to the restroom while the two men spoke.

“Why did you bring him as a plus one?” Julie stood with her arms crossed at the marble sink.
“He’s my friend, Julie. What’s the big deal?”
“I just don’t think he’s the guy for you.”
“What are you talking about? We’re friends! You wanted me to bring plus one so freaking bad, so he offered to come with me, so that maybe you wouldn’t be a jerk!”
“Oh, please, Y/N! Anyone can see the way he looks at you. And you’re so freaking comfortable with him, you might as well be dating.”
“Well, we aren’t.”
“Do you want to?”
“Do you want to date him?”
“I don’t know,” you look down at your feet and set your hands on your hips and let out a long sigh. “We’ve been good friends for a while now, and yeah, I’m comfortable with him, and I know that he would do anything for me.”
“So, you would date him?”
“Probably, but it’s a solid statement to say that we are just friends. I don’t see it going anywhere.”
“Good. Because he’s not good enough for you.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Seriously? The freaky metal arm? The way he tenses when you touch his arm? C’mon Y/N! Those have to be some kind of psychotic traits or something.”
“That is enough!” You couldn’t remember stepping towards your sister, let alone throwing a solid right hook to her jaw. Julie fell to the tile floor and you could hear her swearing under her breath as she held her cheek in her hand. “He is the best, most caring man that I know!” You stormed out of the bathroom with tears stinging your eyes. Bucky was waiting with Tyler still; he was smiling until he saw the state you were in. His brow furrowed and his eyes grew wide as you stormed passed him.
“Excuse me will you, Tyler?”
“Yeah man, of course. I’ll go find Julie.”

You made your way to the grey Audi when Bucky’s voice echoed across the lot.
“Y/N, wait!” You just kept walking. “Would you please stop for a second!” His natural hand grabbed hold of your arm, and even though you tried to pull away, his grip was too strong.
“Let me go, Buck. Just take me home.”
“Talk to me, doll. What happened in there?” You finally turned around to see his face. The tears fell from the ridges of your eyes while you did your best to steady your breathing.
“She’s just a jerk. There is nothing that I can do to make her, or any of them, happy. She had no right to say what she said, and I’m sorry she pointed your arm out like that.”
“That’s what this is about? Y/N, that didn’t bother me. I was ready to answer that question. I expected it.”
“She said other things to me when we left. Why does it matter anyway? Why won’t you just take me home?”

“Because I actually care about what happens to you, Y/N. I-“  He let go of your arm and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I really care about you. I always have. It isn’t just some best friend thing for me though. I can’t explain the way I feel around you. It’s energetic. It’s life giving for me. I never want to see you hurt, and I certainly want to be the one to take care of you.”
You stood there dumbfounded at his words. Bucky actually cared more than as a friend. Julie was right. The feeling in your chest told you that you were right too; you wanted to be with him.
You tried to speak, but instead you weaved your arms under his and around his waist. In your heels, your face was just about even with his, so you didn’t have to lean as much to press your lips to his. He brought you closer by resting his natural hand at the small of your back. He was careful, and only got stronger as you did. With a hum of content, he pulled away from you.
“Let’s get you home. I’ve got a number for a great pizza place who delivers late.”
“Sounds good to me.” You kissed him again, bringing your hands to his jaw, his evening stubble starting to be noticeable.
       Bucky drove you home with little discussion. The radio was turned low and his natural hand rested on you leg, drawing patterns of swirls and lines. You rested your head against the seat and turned your face to him. He was keeping attention on the late night traffic in front of him, but you could see the hint of a smile that remained.  


C’mere baby.

Even way back at 1x17 the way SA and EBR looked at each other is undeniable chemistry and for some strange reason even though S1 Oliver Queen had a bevy of women he takes to bed, he always had a special gaze that’s meant for Felicity alone.  There was just something about them…S1 Olicity was just a cute teeny, tiny paper boat swirling around a puddle of water.  Now at S4, Olicity is an aircraft carrier at full speed in the middle of the Pacific.

It makes me wonder if back then SA & EBR had any idea that two/three seasons later their characters will end up with each other and that they will be filming scenes like these…


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My words started curling on the lines, ink splashed on crumpled paper-
and the wild swirls lifted off the page. It’s as if I had forgotten my lines on the stage and the play was life.
—  Was wondering why I couldn’t write for quite a while. Mid June, 2015. L.Y.S.S

Rythian sitting by the little river near Cabertown sketching the landscape is a scene I really love. He’s been to so many dark places, has long been surrounded by barren rock and flat plains - why would he not be appreciative of the Brightlands?

When he first came to it he drew it all, embedding magic in the paper, piecing together swirling pictures with whatever he could get his hands on: charcoal, pastels, homemade dies and paints and pigments. Here was the red of the sun in the morning, here was the green of the wood, here were the greys on the tufted feathers of birds and the lavender shades in the frog’s green throat and the thousands of vibrant hues of orange and yellow in the light off the blues and greens and pinks of the water.

A rainbow meant a lot to a person who had only ever seen the night.