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Paper Stars

Summary: Dan starts to get love notes in his locker in the form of origami stars, so he gets the help of his best friend, Phil, to figure out who it is.
Word Count: 2,398
Warnings: cussing
A/N: Thanks to @insanityplaysfics as always for giving me ideas. I’m a fucking sap recently because my boyfriend proposed to me and I just wanna write a crapton of fluff and puke rainbows everywhere. This is short and sweet, which is very rare for me! I hope you like it anyways!
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The day Dan opened his locker to a strange slip of paper folded into an origami star was one of the strangest moments of his life.

“What,” Dan said simply, giving the offending paper a strange look. He bent down and retrieved it, staring at it long and hard. It was thin, made with a flowery paper, and he could just make out words written in very small print on it. “What,” Dan said again.

With a small amount of struggle, Dan managed to unwrap the star, revealing the writing inside. The script was sloppy to the point where Dan thinks it was written with the wrong hand. Dan said “what” again and the word didn’t even sound like it was real anymore. It took him a few minutes to read what it said due to the scribble, but he eventually managed.

‘i used to stare out the window because i thought the scenery was beautiful. Then i saw you and suddenly the world didnt seem nearly as captivating as before.

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the one thing that frustrates me most about U4 is when Nate and Sam are about to have a real conversation about what they’re thinking or feeling but then some ex machina shit happens so the conversation gets completely dropped?????

example 1: at the end of chapter 12: At Sea, when Nate and Sam have a moment where Nate is focusing more on getting the treasure for Sam’s freedom instead of being excited about finding it with him. Sam is obviously annoyed and Nate notices and wants to know what’s up even though Sam said it was okay but as Nate said, “Your “okays” are never just okay. It usually means the opposite of okay.”
Boom. Here comes Shoreline to cut the conversation very short and abruptly so that they have to abandon it and leave the island.

example 2: near the end of chapter 13: Marooned, when Nate and Sam reunite with each other after the boat accident. Sam is all ready to keep going and find the treasure while Nate is starting to develop doubts about the whole thing, trying to be more rational about their situation by wanting to secure a boat so they have another escape plan. Sam, of course, is deadset on finding the treasure and tells Nate that, “if you’re confused about what you’re doing here, then you can go home.” Which causes Nate to feel rightfully insulted, they start to express more and more how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking, looks like it might go somewhere, BUT NOPE. Nate just decides to stop for some reason because somehow he notices behind all of this foliage, the pirate sigil so I guess it’s time to continue this treasure hunt and forget what yall were just talking about. Sigh.

example 3: at the end of chapter 20: No Escape. The crew groups up and Sam and Nate reunite once again. Sam makes an attempt to try and talk about the Alcazar thing, Nate tells him to save it for later. Ok. Understandable, yall can talk about it when you get off the island and it’s less dangerous. I can wait.

Here we are at the end of the game and the last cutscene of chapter 22. Here comes that chat about why Sam lied and how fucked up it was of him and I expect to hear an apology for Nate cause he didn’t deserve that shit, Sam. Wait… where is it? Why are they just hugging and acting like nothing happened?

can we just have like…one moment where they actually hash their shit out and come to a resolution? instead of having all this ex machina shit happen so that they have to drop it and forget it or “save it”. Idk maybe it’s just me, but this shit bugged me a lot and I felt like it was important for a conversation like that to happen where they address the conflict between them and come to a resolution. Maybe it’s just cause they’re dudes and most dudes are taught to not talk about their feelings and emotions (hence Nate being too pussy to face Elena when so much of the strain on their marriage would’ve been avoided had he actually just talked to her.) It was obvious that Nate was the more level-headed brother but even still, it would’ve been nice if Sam tried a bit harder to not be a douche to his brother and own up to what he did instead of weakly trying to apologize. That’s just my two cents on this. I’d love to hear what you guys think or if you agree, disagree, all that.


note:  i’ve decided to redo my fic-rec list because I wasn’t pleased with the previous one, meaning many of you who were tagged - will be tagged again. i hope it doesn’t bother you too much. 

this is an older fic-rec, but I will be posting a new one soon!

please support each and every writer below the cut and remember to send me recommendations (for any member of bangtan!) happy reading!

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Words and Paper

Originally posted by rohgers

Summary: Y/N is a brilliant young lawyer who was hired by Tony Stark himself. She didn’t expect half of the things that would happened, but she was sure glad Bucky happened.

A/N: Hey all :) I have not written anything in sooooo long. This idea sort of came to me the other day, and I decided to roll with it. By no means brilliant, but it could be the start of a series? TBD! But, I’m complete Marvel (especially Bucky) trash, so here ya go!

Warnings: some slight language.




Y/N L/N leaned back in shock  in her office chair as she listened to her receptionist, Rob, go on in her ear about Tony Stark sending some emissaries coming to bring her some “important documents.” Tony Stark was sending her important documents. The Tony Stark. What could he possibly want with her?! Her eyes widened as a million thoughts flew around in her mind at once.

“Y/N? Hellooo, earth to Y/N?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, I’m here,” she swallowed the lump in her throat, “go on.”

“I was just saying that Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes are on their way to deliver some documents to you - from Mr. Stark,” Rob continued. There was a note of confusion in his voice. He seemed just as bewildered as she was.

“Right,” Y/N sighed lightly, “Rob, I have literally no idea what he could want with me. Do you think he’s angry about something?”

Rob burst out laughing, “Seriously? What would he be mad about? Have you done anything? Have you insulted the Avengers?”


“Then perhaps he wants to hire you?”

“Me? Yeah, right! He’s rich, like really fucking rich, he could hire any lawyer in the world,”

“Yeahhhhhh, or he could want you. A brilliant young one,”

“I’ve only been practicing a year, it’s not like there’s not expertise I could bring to the table,”

“But you’re still brilliant,” she could hear the smile in his warm voice which calmed her down a little bit.

“I respectfully dissent,” she laughed, “but please, let me know the moment they enter the building.”

“Will do,”

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MASTERPOST: Studying Methods

hey guys! I thought I’d put together a detailed list of the studying methods I use for my different classes :) Hopefully this will help some of you out!

  • Know what you don’t know. This first one is probably the most important! Look through your notes or textbook and keep a list of questions you have as you go through. Look at the explanations and questions in the textbook and think about how you would solve the question. Doing every single question can be really time consuming. If you can’t answer some questions on your list, email your teacher or go see them before class!
  • Flashcards! I swear by flashcards for subjects like biology, social studies, english and french. Flash cards are perfect for memorizing terms! For biology, if I have to remember a sequence of events or terms, I will put them on flashcards and mix them up and put them back in the correct order. Don’t be afraid to put drawings or sketches on flashcards too! It can be really useful if you’re a visual learner.
  • Quizlet Ah yes the wonders of Quizlet! Quizlet is an online flashcard maker where you can have decks of flashcards for all your different classes. I keep my classes on “private” mode and if I see a friend struggling to learn the material before a test, I just tell them to make an account and request to join my class so they can have access too :) Quizlet is also super handy because you can do things like matching games and they also have a mobile app!
  • Beautifying notes Okay so this is a big thing in studyblr and you don’t have to have pretty pens and tiny neat handwriting to make it work. Redoing your rough notes to make them “pretty” is really just another form of revision! You spend more time looking at the material taking time to make it look nice, and you’re also much more likely to want to look back at your notes at the end of the year to revise. To me, looking at a bunch of pencil scribbles from class really doesn’t cut it for me to learn properly.
  • Summarizing My FAVE thing ever. Summarizing is the god send of all studying methods. If you know the details but not the backbone of the material, it’s a given that you won’t be able to ace a test. Make a one sided piece of paper into a summary per chapter. Write your summary page as if you’re teaching it to someone else. Include key words, pictures and diagrams. These are also really handy for studying for a final exam!
  • Trouble spots Look back at your quizzes or worksheets and don’t just look for right or wrong answers. Trace back exactly what you did and exactly where you went wrong. You will remember looking back at your mistakes and hopefully you won’t make the same one again! Making mistakes can be good but only if you learn from them! Make sure to include your trouble spots in flash cards or summary pages you make!
Rock, Paper, Scissors - Jim Kirk

Summary: Leonard has a date, you have a date, one of you needs to work. The most fair game Jim could think of ensues.

Warnings: language

A/N: a silly little fic about friends.

You were hoping Leonard had changed his mind by now. But, just in case he hadn’t, you took a deep breath— deep enough to allow every corner of your lungs to sting with the most sterile of scents— and smiled in the brightest way you knew how as you stepped into his favorite exam room.

He glanced at you, raising an eyebrow before he looked back down at his PADD. Wordlessly.

You cleared your throat, flashing him that attempt at a brilliant smile once more. Wordlessly.

Finally, he snorted. He set his hands against the edge of the counter he stood at and narrowed tired hazel eyes at you. “There a reason I can see all thirty-two of your teeth, sugar?”

Your cheeks grew more sore with each passing second, but you kept that smile intact like your life depended on it. “How are you doing today, Len? Did those beautiful hazels cure all my patients with just a glance in their direction?”

He crossed his arms over his chest and turned so he could face you entirely, he leant his side against the counter and raised his dark eyebrows. “What do you want?”

“Why is it that whenever I’m nice to you, you think it means I want something?” you asked, crossing your own arms over your chest and raising your own eyebrows. You nodded upwards. “You really that insecure, Len? Are you really that sus—”

“What do you want?” he pressed, his Southern accented voice louder than before while a smile contradictorily played at his lips. “Make it quick.”

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hey everyone! I recently finished GCSEs and now I am moving onto A-levels. I thought I’d write up some tips that I followed that may help other students! :))

1. Start your revision as early as possible, even if it’s only simple revision

I started my revision in September and I’m so glad i did whereas a lot of people in my year didn’t start until Christmas/Easter. 

2. Following on from the last point, create a revision/study schedule. 

There are plenty on tumblr but I made my own (im pretty sure i posted a pic about it). I didn’t strictly stick to my schedule but I used it mainly to keep on track and to make sure I worked on every subject. 

3. Past papers

They are going to be your best friend and they are one of the most valuable sources of revision. Try to answer the paper without any help (and try to stick to the time limit) and correct it using the mark scheme and a different pen afterwards. It also helps if you do the same paper a couple of times throughout the school year because you can see how you improve! 

4. If your teacher offers you extra work or revision sessions, take the chance!

It always helps to do some targeted revision with your teachers. 

5. Vary your revision. 

Personally, I liked to do flashcards, answering questions/past papers and summary post it notes (try to summarise a topic into a few bullet points onto a post it note). Try different techniques to find out what works for you. 

6. Also, plan your revision

I used my planner to write down what I needed to do e.g. Monday: 2014 past paper for french & mark it etc 

7. Make it colourful. 

Use different colour highlighters and pens to make your revision more memorable or even to colour code each topic. 

8. Drink lots of water and eat lots of protein

You need to stay hydrated if you’re going to be working all day and (a very good tip from @reviseordie) eat something like scrambled eggs on toast (which I did) so you have lots of protein. 

9. Take regular breaks. 

It’s better to do 25 minutes work with a 5 minutes break instead of 2 hours straight work. 

10. Finally, try your best. 

If you know you have worked hard and put the effort in, then you deserve too results. However, if you don’t achieve what you expect, please don’t be disheartened because you couldn’t have done anything else.

If you have any more tips, reblog and add them below! Thank you for reading and good luck on your GCSEs!!

Words and Paper - Part IV

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

Summary: Y/N is a brilliant young lawyer who was hired by Tony Stark himself. She didn’t expect half of the things that would happened, but she was sure glad Bucky happened.

A/N: Thanks for all your continued support! I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in this!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: None


Y/N had been eager to get started working since her big move to New York. Now that the day was finally upon her, she wasn’t feeling so sure. Her nerves were getting the better of her, and she was suddenly rethinking her decisions. The only decision she wasn’t rethinking was Bucky. Ever since he had finally kissed her, the two of them had been as giddy as two teenagers experiencing their first crushes.

She let out a sigh of exasperation as threw the dress in her hands onto the her bed, making it join the other ones she had already rejected. She didn’t want to be over dressed, but most definitely did not want to be under dressed. Nothing was calling out to her. She reached back and settled on a mid length dark blue dress with a lace overall that she could easily pair with a blazer. She deemed it professional, but still showed off her personality.

She glanced at her phone and saw that she had wasted more time than she had wanted on picking an outfit. She quickly pinned back the sides of her hair and threw on some makeup. Her phone lit up as she slippe on her shoes and grabbed her jacket. She picked it up without looking at who it was, “Hello?”

“Good Morning, Princess,” Bucky’s warm voice brought an instant smile to her face.

“Hiya Buckaroo,” she grabbed her saddle back and headed into the kitchen, “I’m so not ready for today! I think I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.”

“Hey, you’re going to be fine. They wanted you for a reason after all,” he reassured and hear her taking  a few deep breaths, “have you had coffee or breakfast yet?”

“No, I’ve been trying to figure out what to wear,” she sheepishly admitted.

“Open the door,” her brows knitted together for a moment as she realized he was going to be waiting for. She hung up the phone and swung the door open to reveal Bucky standing there, two coffees in his hand and some breakfast tucked under his arm.

“Oh yes! You are the best,” she stepped aside and let him. He set the items down on the counter. He gave her a smile in return and kissed her cheek.

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prettypunkprincess  asked:

Hey, I have to write an essay where I have to state my position either supporting Federalists or Anti-Federalists (I chose Federalist), I have to describe the differences between the two parties viewpoints, explain why I disagree with the opposing party, and conclude. I can handle the obvious basics, but I'm not the best with essays like this, it's requiring a lot of evidence, and there are a LOT of pages to the Federalist Papers. Do you think you can help?

Tried to reply as quick as I could. 

The basics of what you need to know is that:

Federalists (led by: James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay)

  • Favored ratification of the constitution over the Articles of Confederation. 
  • Favored a powerful federal government. 
  • Believed a Bill of Rights would be nice to have but not completely necessary as federal power was limited.

Anti-Federalists (led by: Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, George Mason and Samuel Adams)

  • Opposed ratification of the constitution and generally favored modifying the Articles of Confederation.
  • Wanted a weak federal government that wouldn’t interfere with states rights. 
  • Wanted a bill of rights which would protect the rights of people.

However, there were many, such as Thomas Jefferson who were not in favor of the constitution but instead wished for ratification on the grounds that it could be amended later but for now they needed a compromise and a way to effective government. 

Another example of someone who fits into the gray area of the entire Federalists vs Anti-Federalists stance was James Monroe (I wrote about this here). 

Anti-federalists were also of the opinion that the government would interfere within the states frequently with the constitution and that states were entitled to pass and create their own laws. The Articles of Confederate somewhat divided all of the states instead of unifying them as one by creating a type of sovereignty among them. The constitution would bind all the states together into one nation instead of separate individual states relishing in their own rules. 

However, when the Constitution’s framers were constructing the constitution it was mainly meant as a mode of structuring a government strong enough to ensure the nation’s future strength and prosperity but without power to threaten the liberty of the people. This was something the anti-federalists wrongly interpreted as an infringement upon their right to fiction governments within their own state. 

Jay’s federalist papers focused more on foreign relations, Madison versed the history of republics and confederations, and Hamilton took on the three branches of government: the executive, the judiciary, and some sections of the Senate. He also handed military manners and taxation. If you believe their are too many federalist papers to skim throughout, I suggest you take a look at a key few instead of them all. There is a handy-dandy site here where you can read all the federalist papers in summary so you wouldn’t have to read them all. 

  • Federalist #1
  • Federalist #2
  • Federalist #3
  • Federalist #4
  • Federalist #6
  • Federalist #7
  • Federalist #9
  • Federalist #10
  • Federalist #14
  • Federalist #15
  • Federalist #16
  • Federalist #23
  • Federalist #27
  • Federalist #30
  • Federalist #39
  • Federalist #44
  • Federalist #45
  • Federalist #47
  • Federalist #48
  • Federalist #49
  • Federalist #51
  • Federalist #52
  • Federalist #53
  • Federalist #57
  • Federalist #62
  • Federalist #63
  • Federalist #66
  • Federalist #67
  • Federalist #68
  • Federalist #69
  • Federalist #70
  • Federalist #73
  • Federalist #76
  • Federalist #78
  • Federalist #84
  • Federalist #85

In your essay, I propose perhaps, since you are taking the federalist side, you should speak of how badly the Articles of Confederation went about its job, considering most of the anti-federalists yearned for amendment instead of abolishment. Examples of things that went wrong under the Articles of Confederation:

  • America was virtually bankrupt and federal governments and state governments found it impossible to retire debt by state inherited by the American Revolution. (Example: federalists wanted the government and nation to retain all debts by states as one; anti-federalists wanted states with debt to pay off their own debts instead of “dragging” down the rest of the states). 
  • It had a unicameral legislature to one vote per state. A 2/3 majority needed to pass legislation and vote to amend Articles. The unicameral legislature left the states with one legislative or parliamentary chamber. This left the 13 states and the central government with no separation of powers.
  • The central government had no national executive or court system and had no power to collect taxes, raise an army, or even regulate trade. 

While the Annapolis Convention was gathered there were two different plans that were brought up: The Virginia plan and the New Jersey Plan. 

The Virginia Plan:

  • Made a clean break with the Articles of Confederation. 
  • Contained basic design for the future of United States government. 
  • Provided for bicameral legislature, with both houses based on proportional representation. 
  • Concentrated extra power in the executive branch by calling for a one-person executive with a seven year term. 
  • Envisioned a national judiciary, crowned by a supreme tribunal. 
  • Left little doubt that while states would retain some sovereignty, they would be subservient to the federal government. 

The New Jersey Plan:

  • Wanted to correct the Articles of Confederation. 
  • Retains basic state sovereignty. 
  • Instead of two houses of Congress, the New Jersey Plan envisioned one chamber, with each state casting on vote. 
  • Retained voluntary system of “requisitions” that hobbled the country’s finances. 
  • In place of a prescient, the plan contemplated an executive council that would be removed by a majority of the state governors. 

Many larger states gravitated towards the Virginia plan while smaller states coalesced around the New Jersey plan. 

Words and Paper - Part II

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

Summary: Y/N is a brilliant young lawyer who was hired by Tony Stark himself. She didn’t expect half of the things that would happened, but she was sure glad Bucky happened.

A/N: Hey guys! Thank you all so much for all the kind words and response! You don’t even know how much it all means. So here is part 2, and after this, I swear there will be more plot! Also, please let me know if you’d like to be added to the taglist!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: None


“And that should be that,” Y/N huffed and threw the last sweater she had found lingering in the back of her closer over her shoulder. She heard a muffled scoff and turned around to see Bucky standing behind her, sweater on top of his head, “oops.”

“Are you sure this is everything,” he rolled his bright blue eyes at her and balled up the sweater and thrust it into her arms.


“Because you’ve said that at least 10 times,” he glowered down at her and wondered how one person could have so much stuff. They had already packed up tons and tons of boxes in the last several days.

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Summary: Every relationship has its milestones. Yours wouldn’t be different or less embarrassing. 
Pairing: Castiel x Reader 
Word counting: 350 and something
Warnings: Clueless Cas. huh… Reader is on the bathroom doing… Human… Things(?). And very embarrassed. And cussing. 

Originally posted by subcas

You raised your eyes from your phone when your hand grabbed air, eyes widening at the realisation that ran your mind. 

“Oh, come on. Really?“ 

You were out of toilet paper. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have or know of any kinda how to's on writing a research paper? I found out my class' research paper 1st drafts are due monday (the others are later), and I'm having trouble figuring out how to structure it because my brain's shutting down from stress.

hey! okay the first thing is breathe. it will be okay. just focus on breathing and reassure yourself you can do this. if you need to take a mental break, do it. your mental health and safety always come first!

next, make a schedule. I suggest a 24 hour one. you can make them yourself in microsoft word, or pull a bunch off the internet. whatever works best for you. 

then get comfortable. remove all distractions, turn off your phone, hide your books, go away from the tv, go to the library if needed. just get to your happy place where you can focus comfortably.

the most important part of a research paper is a thesis statement. it’s the question you propose to answer. here’s a couple of tips:

  • keep it simple. you don’t need an enormous subject to work with.
  • make it specific. it’s much easier to do research on a narrowly selected subject than a massive idea. help yourself by sharpening it down.
  • make sure your idea will work. check with your professor (if you can) about the suitability of the thesis to the assignment. do a little research in the library to make sure there’s enough material on your topic.

the outline is a critical step in the process. your paper will only be as good as the outline you write for it. 

  • write your introduction at the top. this is essentially your thesis statement expanded to a paragraph. set up your statement carefully, and make sure it matches the material you’ve gathered.
  • underneath the intro, have your first main heading. write subheadings underneath that and list your main points in the paragraph.
  • your conclusion should be a final synopsis of the paper. a summary of the thesis statement. 

write your rough draft as freely as possible. follow your outline closely. don’t fill your paper with excessive notes, or with unimportant/irrelevant information. 

as for footnotes and citing, use the form your teacher said to use. if there is no requirement for a specific style, use whichever you’re most comfortable with.

i have also added a picture of an outline- this is not mine and i take no credit for it.

good luck on your writing! if you need anymore help please don’t hesitate to ask xo

Dim Light

Pairings: Donald Pierce x Reader
Words: 1479
Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (only cool on paper kids)
Summary: The boring party can turn out to be bearable when you’re in the hotel room with Donald Pierce.
A/N: I’d like to start off by apologizing to @crazyfreckledginger because I promised to post more Donnie Pierce much earlier but due to some minor problems with internet connection and my aversion towards the tumblr app I was unable to. 
It’s my first proper smut so please be gentle with me. I had troubles writing the oral sex scene a while back let alone this one.

Originally posted by sikanapanele

You shut the door and leant against it, giving yourself a moment to finally catch a breath and try to get rid of the fake smile you’ve been wearing the whole damn evening. It was beginning to physically hurt you.

All the lights in the room were turned off, the only thing illuminating the place was a lamppost just outside the window. Your stomach dropped and the guilt settled in. You were supposed to be back in a few minutes, but your stay at the party had to be prolonged, whether you liked it or not. You were there for business after all.

Suddenly you heard clattering coming from the bathroom and thought that maybe not all hope for a nice shower together was lost. You made a beeline to the door but just as your hand hovered over the handle, the door opened. Donald was casually leaning against the frame, silhouetted against the bright light behind his back. His skin was still wet and his blonde hair was a soaked mess begging to run your fingers through it. Not to mention the towel carelessly wrapped around his waist, threatening to fall down at any moment.

You should feel disappointed that he’d finished the bath without you but his appearance definitely made it easier to bear.

“Took you long enough,” he raised his eyebrow with a smirk dancing at the corner of his lips, “I was beginning to think you’d found yourself a better company.”

“Better than yours?” you laughed.

You should have known better than to feed his ego but you couldn’t think straight with his bare body close enough for you to breathe in the scent you adored so much.

“Unlikely, but not impossible,” he shrugged and looked down at the high heels that you were holding in your hands, “You must be exhausted.”

“I was,” you admitted. The party drained you but apparently, the sight of Donald was enough to let you get back on your feet.

He beamed, knowing damn well what was going through your mind. You couldn’t help but notice that his hand was gripping the fabric of the towel, supposedly the only thing keeping it in place.

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Words and Paper - Part III

Summary: Y/N is a brilliant young lawyer who was hired by Tony Stark himself. She didn’t expect half of the things that would happened, but she was sure glad Bucky happened.

A/N: Here is part 3, finally! I know this is a fluff fest, but plot will come in the next part. Thank you guys for all the support as usual! If you would like to be added to the taglist, just let me know! :)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: just lots of fluff!

Originally posted by little--batman


It had been a few hectic weeks since Y/N’s big move to New York, and she couldn’t have been more happy with her decision - or her new friends. Tony had been nice enough to give a month off, paid of course, to get adjusted and settle down. She found that life in New York suited her: it was fast paced and crazy, much like California, but in a different way, which she enjoyed tremendously. Plus, the chillier weather and more diverse seasons was something she had been looking forward.

Tony had introduced her to the various members of the Avengers team, she had liked them all. She could already tell Natasha was going to be a good friend, and everyone else was extremely helpful as will, offering help however they could. Although she wouldn’t be directly working with them or probably even seeing them on a daily basis, she liked her new circle of friends. But much to no one’s surprise, Bucky had become her closest companion.

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#2016 HP/LV fic rec hub — Part 1 #1—15

So, a list for HPLV! I just put a brief description for each, so click the link of the story you want for more details! As I’m creating this at the behest of @ghurahm, there will be no noncon/dubcon, rape, or underage*. There’s absolutely no rhyme nor reason to the listing of each fic, but I’ve numbered them to make it easier to search through. I’m sorting through all my archives— which has 2000+ stories!— so I apologize for any inconsistencies in regards to the limitations set. Just please also read the author’s warning beforehand. Enjoy!
Also: Reysistantis on antis— in case you’re ever attacked for a ship or kink.

*Underage— since there is at least a 2 generation age gap between them in canon, underage will be perceived as their mindset. Since Time-traveling is also a major trope in the Harrymort/Tomarry fandom, both of them may be underage. But nothing so far apart where it might be considered statutory rape. Everyone will be mature enough to consent.
1. The Dark Lion by HecatesKiss

•Oneshot: Harry is the Dark Lord’s Assasin / Complete
* Rated E for Explicit content at the end. Can skip the ending if you prefer not to read the sex.
2. 47 Days to Change (a translation) by snow_owl

* Multi-Chaptered (ch. 48 when posting this) / WIP (work in progress)
* Rated E, but as of now there is no sexual content. The author of the fic advised that should you not want the explicit content, you can read it on under the same name/author.

“This is a ‘Harry travels back in time to raise Tom’ story. An unfortunate tale of one man’s failed attempt to mold young Tom into a decent, law-abiding citizen. Instead, as Fate will have it, young Tom grows up to become the same twisted psychopath, who is hell-bent on winning the love of his adoptive father. Harry’s consent be damned.”
3. For Voldemort and Valor by Acnara

•Oneshot— Completed.

I found it really interesting, so here it is! Cursed Child spoilers warning.
4. Republic by eldritcher

“Summary: In which the Wizarding World has been exposed to the Muggles, in which they fight a war for their existence, in which they aren’t very good at it.”

The author has a unique version of Voldemort. You’ll see what I mean. And no, this is not a crack fic. It’s actually fraught with political drama.
5. The Consort Tournament by watermelonsmellinfellon

“Summary: The Dark Lord wanted a consort and had decided to host a competition that involved nearly everyone in Britain. If they thought they were good enough, they could enter to compete in a certain amount of tasks set by the Lord of the lands himself. Only the victor would have the skills necessary to become Voldemort’s consort.
Harry unfortunately nabs the Dark Lord’s attention. Voldemort does as he pleases.
Hermione enters to win, Bellatrix takes interest in certain people, and of course there’s the villain causing trouble.
A/N: SLASH/Harrymort/AU. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me exactly how this sounds like Harry is a slave. Please do so. Nothing at all would suggest it. How about we don’t assume that because the word “consort” is involved, it must *obviously* be about slavery. Does anyone actually know what a consort is?“
6. Again and Again by Athy

"Summary: The Do-Over Fic - a chance to do things again, but this time-To Get it Right. But is it really such a blessing as it appears? A jaded, darker, bitter, and tired wizard who just wants to die; but can’t. A chance to learn how to live, from the most unexpected source. Story is high on Political intrigue. Dumbledore!bashing slytherin!harry, dark!harry, eventual slash, lv/hp”
7. Of Monsters and Men by Clarisse(transnymphtaire)

“Summary: Each child is assigned a monster from their birth until they’re at least fifteen years old. Some children gets re-assigned. Some children keeps their monsters their whole life. Some children do both.”
8. Prancing Through Time by Lytri

In which Harry is the MOD and the summary is too long to paste. I promise that it’s totally worth it— even if you just read the summary.
9. How does it feel to fall, my precious angel? By TosMichiyo

“Summary: Harry Potter is a Light Angel and also known as Dumbledore’s Golden Boy, because of the fact that he had never giving into Voldemort’s advances.
20 years ago, Tom Riddle, Harry’s partner disappeared and rumours stated that Tom Riddle had fallen, became a Dark Angel. Harry who had secretly harboured feelings for his partner is devastated, but what happens when Harry returns after 20 years? Will he finally make peace with his past? Or will the images of Tom Riddle never let him go?”

A completed series. Angel AU. Absolutely loved it!
10. Siren Song by The_Fictionist

“Summary: Siren/Merfolk AU. Harry is a sailor. Tom is a siren.”

One of many great stories from this author. Please check them all out!
11. Paper Tears by You_Light_The_Sky

“Summary: Instead of writing his name in Tom Riddle’s diary, Harry wrote a story… and the horcrux living there ate it up in fascination. “Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in a cupboard…” TMR/HP”

Be ready for some tears of your own.
12. Rebuilt by Terrific Lunacy

“Full summary: {AU!} After society as we know it collapsed, humanity struggled for survival. Following a decade of chaos and anarchy, a new society begins to establish. Lords try to assemble the best followers around them and battle other groups for territory. Young Harry Potter tries to stay out of trouble, but when a new lord with unconventional ideas sees the potential in his unique talents, his quiet life soon gets turned upside down. Armed only with his wits, Harry has to take on one catastrophe after the other, all the while trying to uncover his own past and teach a certain smug bastard the meaning of personal space. [LV/HP]”
13. Shadowed Malice by Oceanbreeze7

Summary: “11 years ago, my ‘brother’ survived the killing curse. 8 years ago I was given up for adoption. 5 years ago, my orphanage was destroyed in a bloodbath. 4 years ago I found my place at the Dark Lords side. And now, I’m going to Hogwarts, I am Harry Potter.”
14. Voldemort Goes Back to School by KisaraP

“Summary: Slash! This story replaces the Half-Blood Prince: What happens if Voldemort disguises himself as a transfer student to gain access to Hogwarts in order to kill Harry Potter? Well, I’ll give you a hint: It leads to consequences that not even Dumbledore foresaw! This story has a very original plot that has not ever been seen before. Yes, really. (Light!Harry) (Sub!Voldie) (Mpreg).”
15. A Beast’s Virtue by Arliene

“Summary: Schooled at Durmstrang, forced into political upheaval, pursued by dark and light wizards alike, Harry Potter becomes a leader and icon for his entire generation, thus turning the Dark Lord’s attention to him. HP/LV. Politician Harry.”

Pen and Paper

Summary: He first met him during the spring break, at a cafe outside the university specifically. He had been with Matthew and talking over their schedule when he saw him on his peripheral vision. Sitting alone a few tables from them and quietly reading a book.

Warnings: I advice that you look up to usukustwiceperyear’s blog due to the formatting of this one. 

He first met him during the spring break, at a cafe outside the university specifically. He had been with Matthew and talking over their schedule when he saw him on his peripheral vision. Sitting alone a few tables from them and quietly reading a book.

He stopped and it felt like the world became just the two of them. Everything became so quiet as completely looked at the stranger. The sun lit his unruly blond hair, shining like gold. Despite the big sweater he wore that day, he looked very comfortable and warm. His slim fingers moved through the pages of the book like it was the most natural thing in the world. And when the waitress gave him a refill for his drink, Alfred saw a glimpse of him eyes. He’s pretty sure that those were green but it was stunning. He shared a small smile with the waitress and oh boy- at that moment, he decided that this man is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Alfred must have been staring because Matthew nudged him with his elbow. “Hey, are you listening to me?” The nudging on his rib did the trick and he snapped out of his daze. “Y-yeah, Matt. I’m listening.” He looked at Matthew but never passed a moment that his look did not stray on the blond beau.

“So, you okay with the meeting?” His brother popping a slice of maple pancake on his mouth as he looked at his brother stray away at their conversation. Again.

“W-what meeting?” Alfred looked at him, his face completely confused. “I didn’t hear about that.” He looked really distracted and Matthew had to look where his brother’s attention been caught.

You see, his brother’s not the most convincing liar or the best at hiding things. Observing the slight blush on his brother’s cheeks while he threw shy glances to the direction of his current attention. He looked panicky and nervous at  the moment, Alfred looked completely awkward and Matthew wished he’d been swallowed by the ground but these kind of moment is when he prided himself for being the observant on the twins.

“He’s cute.” He hummed as Alfred looked at him, his movement as awkward and dorky as ever, like he looks like a school girl with a crush which he really is right now. He looked at Matthew, “Y-yes, he is.”

“Why don’t you go and talk to him?” He grabbed his mug of hot chocolate and hid his smile. He really did enjoy watching Alfred act silly.

“Wha- No! No, no, Matt!” He shook his head and grabbed at his coffee. Why does he have to take coffee when he’s having jitters. Clumsy Alfred.

“You obviously liked him.” He looked at the man Alfred’s been looking at, oblivious to how dorky his twin’s being.

“He’ll just think that I’m a creep!” Alfred hissed at his brother.

“Are you creeping on him?” Matthew raised his brow. Seriously, what’s with a small chat? It’s not gonna hurt.

“Of course not! Matt-” Matthew finished the last of his pancakes and took a big gulp of his drink. “Great, because I’ll leave you now so you can talk to him without me seeing you go awkward.” His seat made a sound as he stood up from his chair.

“Wait- Matt, you’re leaving me here? This is one of the moments that I need some support o-or advice, something! Maybe a good conversation starter. I don’t want to make a fuss when I go there.” He looked like he’s ready to go down on his knees and plead to be saved. “Please.” He added  for good measure.

Matthew sighed. “Just start with a ‘hi’ or 'good morning’, Al. Just like a normal conversation.” He looked at Alfred but it seems that it’s not sinking to the other’s brain. He sighed again and sat down on his chair. “Okay, I’ll be here but just here.” He pointed on his chair.  You’ll go there and talk to him, like a normal person would and just let the conversation flow.“ Alfred nodded.

"Do I look okay?” He pushed his glasses higher on his nose bridge. He’s wearing a bomber jacket over a university shirt and some jeans that probably haven’t been washed for three days. What to say?

“You look good.” He said as he looked at his brother’s attempt on fixing his hair. “Just so you know, you owe me a breakfast. Now go!” He gently pushed his brother off his chair to make him start walking over the other’s table.

Alfred muttered a small 'yeah yeah’ and moved slowly to the other guy’s table. The blond was still busy reading his book while sipping on his tea that Alfred decided to clear his throat. The green eyed man slowly looked at him and Alfred felt that his hands start to sweat.

This man is much more beautiful in person. His eyes is vividly green under long lashes, he has freckles on his cheeks and his thick eyebrows had a rather cute appeal on them. He felt speechless. The other just blinked at him, waiting for him to talk.

“Uh- hey- h-hi.” He said with a wave of his hand. The stranger frowned at him. Still not saying anything.

“D-do you mind me sitting here?” The other shook his head.

“Well- thanks.” The other just nodded and looked at his book again. It became quiet between the two of them. Alfred looked at his brother from their table but all Matthew did was shrug his shoulders and mouthed an unhelpful 'what happened?’ to his direction.

When Alfred looked at the stranger again, he saw a worn out page of a plain notebook with an elegant scribble on it.

Hello. How may I help you?

The stranger offered a small shy smile.

Is he thatannoying that this stranger felt the need touse a pad to communicatewith him?

Keep reading


modern bagginshield au: sheep on the tracks

Thorin Durin is on his way to Wellington, but not even the bucolic view out his window or the prospect of visiting his sister and nephews can lift him from his mood as the train stalls for sheep on the tracks. That is, until another train pulls to a stop next to his to reveal a gorgeous stranger just across the tracks. And when the man looks up and catches his eye with a smile– Thorin’s day gets more interesting.

insp. by thorinshielding (x)