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Last night while the kids were asleep in our bed, Ashtyn awoke in the middle of the night screaming from a nightmare. Lindy and I were playing rock, paper, scissors to see who was going to get her back down. Suddenly, Riley awakes, sits up, and gently says “it’s okay momma” while simultaneously stroking Ashtyn’s tendrils of hair and holding her hand. Ashtyn and Riley immediately both fell back asleep while holding hands and I cried tears of joy until I fell back asleep ❤😭

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Hi! I'm looking for a fic, in which Victor and Yuuri were arguing about that who's going to be on the bottom, and they played rock-paper-scissors to decide it. Can you help me out please?

I don’t have access to ao3 right now but maybe my followers could find it for you!

Rainy Coffee Runs (2/2) [Lee Jihoon]

dates with jihoon were supposed to be peaceful… and they were.

Read Part ½ [here]~

  • nowadays jihoon seems to be leaving the studio a lot more
  • and seventeen is pretty confused bc that’s a new thing
  • especially late at night???
  • woozi’s a night owl, but he lurks in the studio
  • like that’s his domain
  • he says its because he’s “trying to enjoy fresh air and clear his mind”
  • which most of the boys are lowkey buying
  • but some of them are like “who are you and what have you done with woozi”
  • “guys im fine really i’m just trying to relax”
  • “who are you, woozi doesn’t know ‘relax’“
  • he just kind of gives them a judging look and goes on his merry way
  • and of course, your roommates are kind of like ?????? as well
  • now you guys rarely play rock paper scissors to pick who has to go get coffee
  • hell, you even leave earlier than normal on some nights
  • of course you make sure to wear a face mask whenever you go out to meet woozi
  • but you always come back with coffee so your roommates arent gonna question it
  • the first night the two of you met back up was really awkward
  • because you still had his jacket and he wasnt sure how to approach you again
  • when you went back to the cafe the next night, you had his jacket folded over your arm
  • when you got there, the barista on shift greeted you but you kind of payed them no mind
  • because you were too busy looking for his white-ish hair
  • of course you’re not surprised when you find him in the same corner as yesterday but he’s really deep into whatever it is he’s working on so you really dont want to bother him yet
  • so after awkwardly looking between him and the barista (who wasn’t the same one from yesterday, but you have a feeling you’ll be getting to know who works at night) you decide you’re gonna slowly make your way over there
  • but it doesnt take jihoon too long to notice someone is approaching
  • so pausing his track, he takes a glance up and sees you standing there shyly
  • and you’re dressed in like, a light sweater and shorts, trying not to make eye contact
  • and jihoon’s like “well shit they’re cute”
  • and boy is he glad that mask is covering his face because he’s starting to blush
  • he’s not good around cute people shhhhhh dont tell anyone
  • so he very carefully slides his headphones out and makes eye contact with you
  • “Ah… (Y/N)… you really came back.”
  • “of course i did you need this back.” so first off you hand the jacket over to him
  • which he takes carefully
  • as if itd break if he held it the wrong way
  • over all its just tense and awkward
  • “So, Jihoon, what kind of coffee…?” 
  • and you half expect like, a half assed answer
  • like, maybe he drinks it straight black or something
  • maybe he thinks hes a tough guy
  • but no, he gives you something, like, I dunno
  • “…a caramel macchiato”
  • (authors note: im not a coffee person someone teach me about it)
  • “Alright!” so you happily make your way over to the barista and get both of your orders
  • all the while you keep making, well, its still awkward, eye contact with jihoon, but by now the two of you are quietly talking about how your days went and what not
  • so when you get your orders he moves the laptop out of the way and sets the coffee on the table
  • “so, (Y/N)”
  • and you’re a little confused because the conversation is dying out and he seems a bit… conflicted
  • “hmm?”
  • “tell me…” he wants to ask if you really dont know who he is or if you’re just really strong at hiding things
  • but, even though you do recognize him as an idol, you’re not planning on intruding on anything he does
  • hell, he was just a genuinely, sweet, nice, quiet guy
  • who happened to be super talented and famous worldwide
  • but for once, jihoon’s just generally shocked
  • its been a while since someone who isn’t an idol has treated him so… dare he say normally…?
  • and the cute smile and laugh you have certainly isnt helping what he’s feeling
  • so slowly, he slips a few things into the conversation about his group and things like that
  • he doesn’t jump right into it, he just talks about it bc it is his life, after all
  • and the smile that crosses your face when he tells you a funny story about his group members just takes the cake for him
  • so even though it gets late that first night, he makes sure you get home safely, and does get your number like he promised
  • nights after that first one are infrequent, but he always makes sure to text you before hand
  • it gets to the point where he’s already got your favorite drink and snack ready for you at that cafe
  • and the baristas there know you two and the rest of seventeen well, so if the boys ever ask if they’ve seen woozi hanging around they wont rat you two out
  • it takes quite a while for someone to ever see you two in the shop, especially considering how late you two go
  • weeks of meeting jihoon have passed by, and on this particular night you’re exhausted from everything you’ve had to do that day
  • so even with your favorite coffee, you find yourself dozing as jihoon talks about a new track he’s thinking of
  • “and i was thinking it could have a really nice, heavy bass, but not really dark, as a back beat, and then with a few layers of—”
  • as he’s adamantly talking about this track, you’re dozing off
  • “that sounds like…. a… good good title track hoonie…”
  • and at first he blushes because of the nickname
  • but then he sees you dozing off even more as he keeps talking
  • “…ah… (Y/N)…” he pauses, leaning across the table
  • “too cute…” his hand happens to find its way across the table, claiming your own hand for a second, thumb running across your knuckles
  • if you were too tired to meet him that night he would have rather had you home asleep
  • he worries a lot, that he’s keeping you up too late
  • which you assure him its fine, but he can tell it wears you out from time to time
  • “(Y/N)…” he tries to quietly stir you awake, but it doesnt quite work
  • leaning forward some more, his face gets pretty close to yours, and of course he’s about as red as the flashing neon sign for the shop
  • he brushes a little bit of hair out of your eyes, hand hovering above your cheek
  • “Ah… don’t be like this to me…”
  • he’s not really sure why his heart is beating so wildly but he kind of likes it
  • heck
  • maybe he even kind of
  • only kind of
  • likes you
  • so he tries one more time
  • “(Y/N)-ah… I…” his voice leaves his mouth in the slightest note, ringing like a bell
  • so when your eyes flutter back open, you start stuttering an apology
  • but you’re once again mesmerized by his eyes
  • needless to say, the two of you blush up a storm
  • “Ah… Jihoon…”
  • oh gosh even you’re embarrassed
  • he didn’t quite get to tell you, but, if both of your reactions are anything to go by… these coffee shop dates are definitely going to keep happening
  • all the while, unaware that a certain leader is watching, very very very  curiously from across the street, through the glass
  • needless to say, jihoon heard some very enthusiastic talk when he went back to the building
[trans] K-BOY Paradise vol.20 (161125) - part 3: solo interviews (donghyuk, 3/7)

[intro & survey | group interview 1 2 | solo interviews bobby b.i donghyuk yunhyeong chanwoo]

“When I come to Japan I feel relaxed and relieved”

Birthdate: 1997/1/3
Role: Vocal
Fans love his clear singing and sharp dancing. He’s well-loved and called Candy-chan because he’s so cute.


Q. Please write your promise to fans in Japanese.

If you come to our concerts and beat me in rock-paper-scissors, I’ll grant your wish!! ♥

What do you think has changed about you compared with how you were at debut?

As you might expect, I think I’ve changed the most when on stage. There were so, so many things to show that had been prepared, but now I can be a bit more relaxed so now I feel like I can try out new things. Like now I can dance the way I want or add adlibs the way I want!

And what about the member who’s changed the most?

If I have to pick one person, then Chanwoo! He didn’t talk much before, but now when he’s with the members he takes the initiative to talk, he tells jokes–he’s really changed a lot.

He still has a quiet image when on stage though……

(while tilting his head to the side as if he wants to say he isn’t quite sure about that) No, no. That’s just because he isn’t good at Japanese yet. When he gets better at Japanese, (emphatically) I think he’ll be really funny. He has a good talk sense, and he always makes the members laugh too. All seven of you live together, but do you like to keep things neat and tidy?

Me, not really…… Well, really, for me, I have too many clothes and the members are like “you have too many clothes, man, clean out your closet!”…… I have mostly hoodies. At one point I kept collecting hoodies from a brand I liked. But nowadays I’ve bought…… Ah! I love them so much, eventually I was like “I want a hoodie that no one else in the world has!” so I bought a simple hoodie and brought it to my older cousin. She’s an artist, so she drew something by an artist I like. I cherish this original hoodie!

You have the type of personality that heals others, but what heals you?

(squinting, while once again being modest) Calling me healing, what is this! I’m often comforted when I’m around other people, so the members and fans heal me. I read every fan letter I get! Coming to Japan also relaxes me somehow. In Korea we have practice and a lot of other things so we’re always busy, but when we come to Japan, we have the time to eat together or go bowling or play soccer so it’s fun–and honestly, it’s relaxing.

Trans by Shino @ iKON GLOBAL | take out with full credits.
© K-BOY Paradise

Highlights from the Yuri!!! on Stage Drama
  • The answer to the question: “what would happen if both Yuuri and Victor got drunk at the same time”
  • Which turns out to be: “they BOTH strip and get super flirty with each other”
  • Victor loving Yuuri’s off-season katsudon tummy and squishing it happily and excitedly
  • Victor drunkenly flirting with Chris, making Yuuri jealous and prompting him to go all “look only at me” and “you aren’t looking ENOUGH” on him
  • Them playing a drinking strip game (essentially rock-paper-scissors/janken)
  • The implication that this is a COMMON OCCURRENCE for Victor and Yuuri and that they do it often (i.e. whenever they drink together, which is apparently frequently)
  • Naked stretching during which “Chihokogate” happens
  • Victor getting super jealous at this “Chihoko” and assuming its Yuuri’s ex-lover
  • Yuuri waking up like 10 hours later with a vicious hangover, wearing Victor’s underwear on his head like its a goddamn crown, and the words “OVERCOME CHIHOKO” scribbled on his back
  • Everyone wondering where the fuck Victor disappeared off to
  • People accusing Yuuri of hiding him away
  • People accusing Yurio of getting rid of him bc they found his list of edgy exhibition skate titles (including: “Yuri on DARKNESS” klfjskdfjs)
  • Them finding Victor essentially flexing on top of Hasetsu Castle, naked
  • Victor, screaming at the top of his lungs for the whole town to hear basically: “THIS PERSON IS YUURI’S PAST, BUT I AM YUURI’S NOW
  • Y: “WHO THE HELL IS CHIHOKO?????????”
  • The plot twist being Victor misheard Yuuri saying the word “shachihoko” in Japanese, and thus there IS no ex-lover lmaoooo
  • (The implication that this may mean Yuuri and Victor sometimes converse in Japanese bc Victor’s Japanese has improved to that point)
  • My soul being saved by this
  • Victor asking Yuuri to join him on top of the castle, naked
  • Them enjoying the view, while being naked and somehow not getting fucking arrested


  • Seung-gil being an affectionate drunk and kissing Nishigori LMAO
Rock, Paper, Scissors - nerdlife4eva - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Yuuri and Victor have to decide who has to vacuum (while the other walks Makkachin), resulting in Yuuri’s choice of a game he never loses. When Chris finds out about their heated rock, paper, scissors battle, he sends them charts to track their competition. As with all things Victuuri, all adorable hell breaks loose.

After tumbling down a hilarious headcanon hole with @keilattes I decided to write this mess out. Laughed way too hard while trying to translate all the jokes, at least half of the hilarity is @keilattes doing. I hope this ends up as funny as it is to me at 1:30AM.

Vocal team’s words to each other:


DK: Bobo! Vocal team’s boss~ you’re always troubled and worried about the vocal team, thank you woozi hyung~!! Let’s play catchball again ㅋㅋ I love you~ <33

JH: Bobo, let’s work hard for our album and make it big. The name “bobo” which I made is well-written and feels good. Paper paper paper paper paper paper scissors! (Bo sounds like rock in korean) Wow…I won, so you have to buy me a meal ㅎㅎ

SK: Woozi’s music is music I believe in anytime. It’s music from the heart. It’s new music from the mind. You had a hard time with this album too <3 (you worked hard)

JS: Woozi yah! You know I love you right? Hyung really likes you ㅎㅎㅎ let’s go and watch a movie again some time soon!!!


DK: To the jeonghan I love <33, the very warm hyung who takes care of the members well ~ ^_^  this time as well!! Let’s have fun together ㅎㅎ you know I love you right~?? I LOVE YOU ♥‿♥   – the jeonghan hyung whom I’m always thankful for

WZ: Our angel jeonghan hyung, the image of you who always have fun with us is something I really like. Thanks for making us happy everyday~

SK: Our jingjing-ie (new nickname?) jeonghan-ie hyung, who took part in the writing of lyrics is really cool. The lyrics from the last part of “Don’t wanna cry”…”우리 다시 볼때..” kyaa…very “wow” <3

JS: Jeonghan-ah the only same-aged friend in the vocal team <3 the image of you working hard is cool. My jeonghan-ie, you know I love right? I love you <3


DK: A-Yo Joshua~!! We went to LA for a lot of “healing”, I liked it all~ ㅎㅎ shua hyung, let’s always be together, for a long long time. I’ll let you lead the room’s cleaning~ ㅋㅋ always love you, hong josa

SK: Our hong josa <3 your part in “Don’t wanna cry” was very cool. Seeing you grow one step at a time is really cool <3

JH: My joshuji, let’s smile together and have fun with this album’s activities ㅎㅎ I love you Joshua-ah <33

WZ: Our josa-hyung! Let’s have fun during our promotions as if we’re playing.  I’m always thankful to hyung ㅎhwaiting!! ㅎㅎ


JH: Pretty dokyeom-ie who works hard all the time. Lean on us when it is difficult <3 don’t feel sad alone, let’s go for a good meal together ㅎㅎ

SK: Lee dokyeom, a person like you is attractive. Hwating for this round of promotions…<3

WZ: Our babo dokyeom-ie, I really like how you’re always so bright!! ㅎ always fighting. I’ll buy you something delicious.

JS: I like the dokyeom-ie who is always bright. When I’m feeling tired, I feel like you give me strength ^^ always be cheerful!! Cutie.


JH: Seungkwan who has blonde hair like me looks good, I knew you’ll look good with blonde hair. Fighting for this album’s promotions ㅎㅎ

DK: Boo seungkwan~ ㅋㅋ it’s me ㅎㅎ you who puts in the effort to keep the team’s spirit up is pretty~ don’t ever change in the future, let’s always be happy together! I love you!

WZ: SeungKWA yah, you who always thinks of the team first is great. Let’s always make great music together. Hwaiting

JS: Seungkwan-ah I always envy you. You can sing well, dance well and talk well. That’s right, there’s nothing you can’t do!! I love you <3


Summary: You and Sam leave your mark on the Impala.

Word Count: 2300

Warning: Smut, dom!Sam, dirty talk

A/N: Just something that happened. Enjoy! XOXO

“Is that a foot? Is there a footprint on the window?” Dean glares at the window through the rearview mirror, and you shift a little in the backseat to avoid his gaze.

It’s foggy and damp out, exactly the kind of weather that makes the windows fog up no matter what you do, and the three of you are piled in, ready for your next adventure.

Except there’s a footprint on Dean’s precious car.

And you know exactly where it came from.

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