paper route you and i

Sometimes hope is a thing with feathers
And sometimes hope is a thing with a snow covered snoot

Imagine El lying on her back in perfectly warm green grass, watching the clouds. There is a slight breeze blowing through her hair, and she is smiling.

Slowly, she reaches up and, as gently as possible, shapes a cloud into a heart.

Mike stops in the middle of his paper route about two blocks away and grins. I love you too, he thinks, and of course she can hear him.

Spellbound (Part 7)

Story Summary: To have your crush fall in love with you, your friend proposes the idea of casting a spell on him (High school AU).

Word Count: 1156

‘Spellbound’ Masterlist

A/N: Sorry about the long wait! 

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“What are you doing here?” were the next few words that fell from your lips as Steve nervously shuffled in his stance, failing to say anything in return. “I mean I didn’t expect you to come here and…you know where I live?” you rambled on unknowingly and you immediately sealed your mouth shut to stop yourself from talking. If this were any other day, you would’ve been speechless, but not now.

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When you like a musician:

Man what a good song! I’m gonna convert that youtube video so I can listen to it on my phone all the time.

When you love a musician:


anonymous asked:

I'm going to be traveling a lot soon. Do you have any spells or tips to help make sure things go smoothly?

Throw an enchanting voice into the GPS navigation, if you’re going the technical route. Or use the map borders for glyphs of protection and guidance, if you prefer the paper route. And if you are choosing between the two, think, “do I want to get where I am going” or “do I want an adventure?”

Bring a notebook and some trail mix, wear comfortable socks, and gaze to where the road meets the unknown. Tell a joke, bring an orange, tie your shoes (even if they are velcro). Ah, yes, travel. May your journey be long, entertaining, and a bit odd.

Getting To Know You

A/N: This is for my babe @cosmicannibalism who suggested a ‘fake relationship for a college study au.’ I’m posting it here because I know she is saddened by recent events and I hope you can be distracted by this fluff for a while.

Remember, my precious buttercups,stay strong and stay gay.

Dean’s brow furrowed with concern as he scanned the final cupboard in the kitchen and found nothing but a jar of pickles and a can of tuna.

He sighed and his grip on the handle tightened as his anger at his father increased. He tended to disappear for long periods of time for ‘business’ he didn’t wish to disclose to his sons. This left Dean to take care of his little brother, Sam, and if that meant the older Winchester himself had to starve then so be it.

On top of studying history at college full time Dean has been forced to get himself a part-time job to be able to provide for himself and Sam. He helped out at a mechanic’s yard a few blocks away but it was nowhere near enough to cover all of the expenses he was usually forced to pay.

Dean grabbed the tin of tuna and a couple of slices of bread which were just about on the good side.

He heard the front door open as Sam returned from Jessica’s house; he liked to claim that they were just studying after school but Dean had serious suspicions about that.

“Hey, man” Sam said as he walked into the kitchen and placed his satchel on the floor. “What’s for dinner?”

“Sandwich” Dean said glumly. “It’s all I could put together.”

“That’s okay” Sam said with a reassuring smile as he sat down at the table. He knew that his brother did his best and he hated seeing Dean beat himself down. 

“Bon appetite” Dean said mockingly as he placed the plate down in front of his brother.

“What are you going to have?” Sam asked concernedly. 

“I had a big lunch at school” Dean lied, but soon after his stomach betrayed him by letting out a low growl.

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