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Believe it or not, it is holiday-selling season at The Paper Poppy Store!!

We make every piece by hand, and therefore have a standard 2-3 week processing time– which means you better get to browsing! ;) 

It is especially important to order as soon as possible if you live outside of the US or if you plan to request a custom order. 

Starting today, through November 10th, we will be doing an early bird FREE-GIFT PROMOTION with every purchase. 

These gifts will correlate in value with your order ($4 gift for an $8 sale, $20 gift for a $24 sale, etc- up to a $30 value) and will be chosen at random, although you can offer a suggestion of the type of item you would like! One per customer, please. This is a Tumblr-ONLY offer, so you MUST LEAVE A NOTE letting us know that you saw it here and would like your gift. 

Check out our huge selection: feminism, eating disorder recovery, body positivity, neurodiversity pride, fandom, politics, mermaids, animals, LGBTQ, pronoun-themed pieces– and of course- spoons, disability, and chronic illness awareness. 

There is bound to be something for someone you love- or a treat for yourself. 

Happy shopping!!


LOTS of items being listed today!!
Including a new collection of adorably dainty single-charm bracelets/anklets with adjustable chains so you get two pieces in one.

Tomorrow I’m announcing a BIG SALE to celebrate the end of the semester. Check the shop to see all the new pieces, and watch here in the morning for the details :)



Take advantage of our Sassy Summertime Confidence Sale, and help this sick girl survive! 

Visit our shop, and search “mini sale” or “body positive” to find selected discounted items:

My service dog died suddenly in April, and the emergency vet/euthanasia bills really threw us for a loop– leaving us a month behind on rent and the car payment, and facing phone disconnection. 

On top of that, my mysterious chronic illness is progressing, and I desperately need to get into a doctor. My vision and upper body strength are quickly declining, and I am having increasing trouble breathing. Since I am uninsured, just getting in the door is over $100– without any lab work/diagnostic tests/etc.

Please signal boost, visit the store, and buy yourself a little something if you can afford it! 

Even just looking around the shop can help, because increased views increase the amount of internal promotion Etsy gives us :) 

I also have a donate button on my blog, if you’d prefer to help without making a purchase. 

Introducing the newest addition to our Queer As In Fuck You collection:

Custom Pronouns stamped washer-style disc necklace or keychain

visit the shop:

the direct link:

or the link to the full collection:

for a limited time, enter coupon code TWENTYTWENTYTWENTY at checkout to save 20% off your total order. 

Free US shipping, and free combined international shipping, as always!


Support a disabled small business owner, and save BIG today!!

Use coupon code “WEEKENDSUPERSALE” to get 30% off your entire order through midnight Saturday night. 
Today only, also receive a FREE GIFT valued $22-32, with every purchase over $40. Just mention that you’re claiming the deal, because it’s valid via social media only.

Find all the details here:

hey, hey, hey!! Check out the new organization of our little shop, and let me know what you think!

Also, use coupon code: TWENTYTWENTYTWENTY
to save 20% off your total order, for the next 48 hours only!

Things have been real sketchy for us financially for a while, and after some hard work we’re climbing out of it now, but we’re still just over $100 negative in our account. If you’ve been wanting to buy yourself a little back-to-school present, now is a great time— save some money, and help us survive this last little bit until D starts his new big-kid job!!

As always, custom orders are more than welcome.

I’ve been so busy playing activist and fighting a massive flare, that I’ve neglected my poor little shop!

Now I’m getting shut off notices for my phone and internet, and I’m $200 short on rent…

There are about a dozen new items listed in store, and I’m on spring break so now is also a great time for custom orders!!

Please “treat yo’ self” to a little something, or reblog to show your friends! Thanks in advance.


It’s that time already!

Start holiday shopping now, and get 25% off your order with coupon code EARLYBIRD2015

we have something for everyone on your list:


every purchase from the paper poppy store helps D and Stacy survive! we are a queer and autistic couple, and I am physically disabled and chronically ill. D works part time, but we depend on etsy income to make ends meet. at the moment we are behind on rent and I desperately need to see my doctor. every reblog and shop view helps– thank you in advance for your support! :)


Today is a perfect example of my desperate need for any kind of healthcare coverage… I was faced with a pretty much life-or-death decision, and it is costing me on many levels :(

I woke up to a message from the hospital lab: “definite kidney infection, sensitivity tests show it as a strong, drug-resistant variety”. The ER doctor proceeded to call in prescriptions, one of which was a powerful antibiotic (Suprax) which costs almost $200 without insurance.

I tried to negotiate and see if I really need them, or if I could do without, or get a different drug, but my primary care doctor isn’t messing around. She is already worried about my typical kidney-shutdown routine, and the ER doc said that they both agree that going without this antibiotic could be life-threatening. So, I forked over the cash.

We had just enough in the bank to cover rent, so I text our landlord and told her the situation, and asked her to hold our check for a bit until we earned some more money. 

Well, either she didn’t get my message, or didn’t care, because shortly after, she cashed the check.
The check bounced, draining my account, and costing me overdraft fees for the lab payment, prescriptions, and rent.

I have almost $250 in PayPal (which I’d saved for our car payment due on Monday…), but I’ll still be more than 200 in the hole after that transfer comes through.
I still need regular meds, we have very little food, other bills are coming due, and I have no idea how I’m going to climb out of this nightmare.

For once in my life, I took care of myself first, and now I’m literally paying for it.

I have a donate button on my blog, but even better for you- I’m offering a buy-one get-one free promo in the shop, and we’re lowering the purchase limit to just $20!! Check out this post for details:

There are lots of new items in stock, we’re always happy to take custom orders, and coupon codes are available if you need a little help affording a piece.

No pressure, feel free to ignore, I just thought I’d let you guys know what is going on, and lower the promo limit to provide extra incentive to go shopping.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, from your new mod

I just want to write a quick note to introduce myself again, and to thank all of you for the warm welcome I have received! 

You have been so kind, and have made my first few weeks on the “job” a breeze. :) 

For those of you who missed Amber’s lovely introduction, my name is Stacy. Here on Tumblr I am known as WheelieWifee

(my primary blog, which I never use, is WheelieintheKitchen, so any likes, replies, or follows show up under that name, FYI)

I am a full time student, majoring in social work and political science, and my husband and I run a little Etsy shop, The Paper Poppy Store

I live in Utah with my husband of almost 2 years, my service dog, Cash puppy, a chihuahua, and 3 cats! 

I have been disabled since July of 2010, and started WheelieWifee one year ago in an attempt to find some support in dealing with the major life changes that followed my injury. 

StopHatingYourBody was the FIRST blog I followed, and Amber was the first person who followed me. This site has helped me SO much in my journey, I am absolutely delighted to be a part of it now! 

Please let me know if you have any questions, or just stop by to introduce yourself! I am excited to get to know each of you:

This is now a Paper Poppy Store blog!

Formerly “wheelieinthekitchen”, I’ve decided to change the old food blog (which I never use anymore) to a blog where I can post new items, sale info, and more from our Etsy shop! 

Feel free to unfollow if you are not interested, but I hope you’ll stick around and see what we have to offer. 

Tell your friends, WheelieWifee’s store has it’s own Tumblr now! :)


I actually got these in the mail last week, but I’m only posting them today because I honestly haven’t even had time to take the pictures.

After Stacy (aka wheeliewifee) did such an awesome job making a perfect anniversary gift for my boyfriend, I knew I wanted one of her spoonie pieces for myself too. These spoonie charm necklaces immediately grabbed me and I asked her to make me one in my favourite shade of purple. Obviously, she nailed it, because she is a crafty genius like that.

I was so excited when I got the envelope in the mail at work last week that I opened it right there in front of my team. I actually squealed with glee when I realized that she had thrown in a bonus spoonie magnet - in green! The boyfriend and I are starting to deck out our new kitchen and it’s taking on a decidedly green theme (dish towels, pot holders, curtains for the window) so it goes with everything perfectly. Right now, it’s on the fridge holding up a cheesy prom-style picture of the two of us from my company holiday party.

Thank you, Stacy!! You’re the best.

If you like the look of these pieces or just want to support a wonderful person, check out The Paper Poppy Store on etsy!!

Last minute shoppers, this is your LAST CALL! save 25% off your entire order using coupon code: “2013HOLIDAYDEAL”

During the holiday season our normal 3 week processing time is waived, and we try to ship everything within 3-5 days. If you order NOW you should receive it in time for Christmas, barring post office complications. The last day for USPS shipping is the 19th.

We provide packaging in a gift box or pretty organza bag, free of charge, upon request!