paper plane

The Land of Scanning

The Land of Scanning is a black and white place
Uncharted on maps, this secretive space
Can never be inked, it leaves no trace
And photographs taken will just fade away

With careful planning, there is only way
Of finding this place, the stories will say
During the last few days of May
The Land of Scanning will open its gates

Time is demanding a traveller’s race
If you wish to visit, find a bookcase
Pick a novel from random and rip out a page
Feed through the scanner and print off your face

The Land of Scanning is a wonderful place
I’ve saved you a spot if you get here okay
It’s a place to start over, be free, recreate
Where your fears and faults may be erased

The Land of Scanning will appear in the rain
You will have to fly here by paper airplane
On the paper, neatly write down your name
Then cast it in the sky, in hopes of reaching this place