paper plane


Spanish street artist Pejac (previously featured here) recently paid a visit to Seoul where he hit decorated the city walls with more of his trademark trompe l’oeil murals, including a paper plane that’s been shot down, leaving a trail of smoke as it descends, and a stone dragon using its fiery breath to scorch the shape of a heart on a nearby wall.

He also painted a partially open curtain on a locked iron door, playfully using the locking mechanism as the curtain’s tie-back:

In addition to his murals, Pejac created a few of his beautiful painted window silhouettes in his hotel room which, when viewed from the proper angle, appear to be interacting with the outside world, including a helicopter that appears to be carrying the morning sun:

Visit Pejac’s website or follow him on Instagram or Facebook to check out more of his wonderful artwork.

[via Arrested Motion]