paper piecing quilt


I’ve been making little green hexies for what seems like forever, and I’m finally ready to turn them into a small wallhanging.

I spent all morning moving my pieces around until I’d constructed my flower garden. Then I broke it into four “blocks” and organized each row so I can stitch them together in the right order.

Now the real fun begins. It seems fitting since I’ve done most of the sewing for this project at work that I join my rows at work. That way, when I’m home I can save my concentration for my two Van Gato quilts.

Tonight, I start with row 1 of the bottom right block.

Vashta Nerada Doctor Who Block Finished :)

I Love him ! Think he will look awesome on the final quilt with the other blocks. I think I like the baddie blocks the most and haven’t bothered with River’s journal or the Galifrey writing of “Hello Sweetie”.  I don’t find those quite as exciting. Maybe if I get time I will make them.

If you want to see all of the Doctor Who Blocks people are making you can go to the flickr page here

Xmas Eve yay! Kids r going a little crazy in anticipation especially my 11 year old…… Actually have no idea where my 20 year old is…… I’m sure she will be home in time for Santa ! My 17 year old greeting her boyfriend at airport as he has been in Cambodia doing aid work for few weeks so she is happy to have him back. Aw young love:) Have three home at the moment:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful christmas xxx