paper pendulum

songs i believe will change your life

part 1 of 3 important musical alphabets

a: a moments grace, boy and bear
another love, tom odell
australia street, sticky fingers

b: be like you, ed sheeran
buy the stars, marina and the diamonds
bright blue eyes, nina nesbitt
backseat freestyle, kendrick lamar

c: cocaine lion, ball park music
colors, halsy
cosmic love, florence and the machine

d: drop the game, flume and chet faker
dust is gone, mø
do I wanna know?, arctic monkeys

e: everybody wants to rule the world, lorde
entropy, grimes and bleachers
explosions, ellie goulding

f: forever, haim
fallingforyou, the 1975
flaws, bastille

g: greatest prize, nat and alex wolff
growing up, alex g
global concepts, robert delong
ghost, halsey

h:, the 1975
heartstrings, leighton meester
hey ya, sarah blasko

i: i wanna get better, bleachers
if I could change your mind, haim
it will all end in tears, the drums

j: joy, ellie goulding
jack and jill, katie herzig
just for you, sticky fingers

k: kicks, fka twigs
kiss me, ed sheeran
kids, mgmt

l: lolita, lana del rey
love love love, of monsters and men
lyall, san cisco

m: my dear, kina grannis
masquerade, sleeping at last
my love, sia

n: neutron star collision, muse
never think, robert pattinson
numb, marina and the diamonds
no control, one direction

o: oblivion, bastille
old money, lana del rey
over you, ingrid michaelson

p: paper hearts, tori kelly
pendulum, fka twigs
past lives, børns
proof, alex g


r: red eye, vance joy
running if you call my name, haim
rollercoaster, bleachers
reflection, fifth harmony

s: say you love me, jessie ware
someone new, hozier
shades of cool, lana del rey
sweatpants, childish gambino

t: two weeks, fka twigs
the writer, ellie goulding
tough love, jessie ware
trouble (stripped), halsey

u: u r in love, taylor swift
unwritten, natasha bedingfield
use somebody, kings of leon

v: video games, lana del rey
v. 3005, childish gambino
video girl, fka fwigs

w: white blank page, mumford and sons
waiting game, banks
wash, bon iver


y: you break me, ed sheeran
youth, daughter
youth, foxes



In this article, you will learn how you yourself can use pendulums for divination.

Pendulum Divination

Pendulum Divination, also known as radiesthesia, dowsing, rhabdomancy, or water witching, is divination by utilizing human sensitivity to the subtle energies emitted by any source living or inert. Some folks believe that their spirit guides act as the source of energy in revealing secret information. The history of this pendulum divination can be traced back over 5,000 years to the ancient Orient. The pendulum is the main instrument used for this area of divination, although wooden rods are also used. This practice became very popular in the Middle Ages and was a favored practice of divination through to the early nineteenth century. The practice lost favor after that but then there was a great renewal of interest in the twentieth century. In 1933, the British Society of Dowsers was formed.

The pendulum is a simple tool. The basic design is a weight of some sort suspended on a fine chain or a length of chain. A dowser is a person who is sensitive to hidden information and uses an indicator, like a pendulum or a rod, to intensify that sensitivity. There are a few different ways to hold your pendulum while working with it. Most dowser’s will hold the end of the chain directly between their fingers.

Just about any small weight can be used for your pendulum. Some people use a pendant necklace, or a ring on the end of a length of string. Coins, crystals, roots, or keys can also be used, as long as it is heavy enough to act as a pendulum. Quartz crystal is said to make a powerfully accurate pendulum. Some commercially produced pendulums are hollow and unscrew to give access to an inside cavity. You can place in here what is known as a “witness”- this would be a sample of what is being sought. For instance, if you were looking for water, you would put a couple of drops of water inside it. The recommended length of chain or string is approximately 20 to 30 cm.

It has been said that consistent use of your pendulum helps to forge a connection to your personal energy. It does take a bit of practice.

How to Use:

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Loki held the gun in his hand, his trainers stood behind him, waiting to judge his skill. He could see the multitude of paper targets on pendulums swinging in front of him. He took a deep breath and fired, hitting them all with accuracy, yet he kept pulling the trigger, empty clicks resounding through the firing hall. There was a twitch of anger from the young man, Loki only stopped pulling the trigger when the gun was forcefully removed from his hand, “That is enough, boy.” One of the older men growled, “If you want to be accepted into the elite echelons of HYDRA, you must learn control. This anger will not be tolerated, report to the detentions facility for your punishment. We expected more of you. You may go now.” Loki nodded, a little tremor of fear running through him knowing that he had to go to the detentions facility, he had been there before, it was a horrid place. “Yes, Sir. I’ll do better, Sir.” Loki replied, exiting the room. “As you should.” The trainer sneered. Loki walked down to the lower floors that comprised the detentions facility with looming dread, once he had entered he froze, he hang expected to see the most dangerous man on facility down here. “I was sent down here by Professor Henrik to report for punishment…” Loki admitted, the young man lowered his gaze, not even daring to look the Winter Soldier in the eyes, “Shall I wait or…”