paper parlor

Imagine older!MidoSaka going to a tattoo parlor and Onoda helping Midousuji pick out a tattoo to get in memory of his mom. The man there insists on helping and suggests a butterfly– “No.” Her name? “No.” The years she lived? “No." 

Midousuji isn’t having any of his suggestions, and this frustrates the man, who seems too cocky and arrogant about his skills and abilities as a tattoo artist, anyway. Finally, with some quiet words from Onoda, he leaves them with a pencil and some paper out in the parlor at a small table in the corner.

"Tell me what to draw, Midousuji-kun. I’ve been practicing drawing manga.” Onoda smiles very softly, his words a small attempt at a joke. He really does have the pencil in hand, though, ready to try and sketch whatever he’s told.

Onoda’s drawing ability isn’t actually that good, even though he has been practicing drawing manga panels, but he’s willing to try anyway. And it takes time, but after a few minutes Midousuji slowly reaches out, pointing at the paper, and his lips began to allow words to spill out.

When they leave the parlor a couple of hours later, Midousuji has his new tattoo. It’s right between his shoulder blades on his back, and it’s a sunflower. His skin is pale, so the bright yellow pops, and the green of the stem is rich in color. There are two large bodies stemming from the lines of green, and instead of big, full leaves, they’re angel wings– ones that curve upwards, their tips just barely brushing the petals of the sunflower. Different shades and tones of blue make them look almost life-like, and there’s surely a bit of purple thrown in, and some yellow.

And at the very bottom, directly under the base of the flower’s stem, there’s a small, flat and non-detailed bicycle inked in black. Only the tires are distinguishable from the rest of the black form, Midousuji’s pale skin visible between the small sections their spokes make.

It’s different and means something, every bit of it, and Onoda thinks it’s perfect. He’s never had the pleasure of meeting Midousuji’s mother, obviously, but…

But on the way home, Midousuji leans over to thank Onoda for helping him, and he quietly tells him that he thinks it’s perfect, too.

So it must be  (´;ω;`)

//if someone wants to draw this I would be VERY appreciative. I have no artistic talent AT ALL, but I can see it so clearly in my head ;A;

for every person who reblogs this i will write their url on a tiny piece of paper and put it in a jar. after that i will take the jar with each paper to the tattoo parlor and tattoo every single one on my ass cheek