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I need to find a ‘bat-fold’ template. It is apparently commonly used for farmer’s who had pocket almanacs. It involves a string. It opens up into a poster, also.

If this sounds like ANYTHING you know or have seen, please point me in the right direction. Its urgent as I have to make a DRASTIC change to some senior work which is due in two weeks. I need to design around this said ‘bat-fold’. 

Please, anyone? Also, could you share this if you think your followers might know a thing or to about this? All is incredibly appreciated!


The Dulce Papers

The Dulce Papers was a package comprised of 25 black and white photos, video tapes, and information papers about a jointy occupied (US and Alien) facility located in Dulce, New Mexico. Several people were given copies of this to hold for safe keeping.

Text from the papers state that the US attempted to take over the base but were unsuccessful. 66 humans were killed in the attempt. Of the few that escaped, one took notes of the base and tried to get his hands on any other material he could find.

The content of the Dulce Papers include

  • discussion of copper & molybdenum
  • discussion of magnesium & potassium (electrolytes??)
  • lots of medical terminology
  • discussion of ultraviolet light & gamma rays
  • discussion of true purpose of the EBE’s
  • discussion of usage of cow blood
  • discussion of DNA manipulation
  • discussion of “almost human beings”
  • discussion of “creation of non gender being”
  • discussion of DNA manipulation
  • discussion of “almost human beings”
  • sketches of the photos 

The last picture is supposedly one of the black and white pictures taken at the base.

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The fact that a toilet paper company putting a woman on the packaging makes someone want to buy said toilet paper is just sad. It's toilet paper. I'm all about equal representation and equality between genders but come on... if your movement influences your toilet paper brand choices you may be a little too over eager. I'm pretty sure having a woman on the toilet paper wasn't much of an achievement ...

Okay it took me like half an hour to figure out who was putting women on their toilet paper packaging but I found it with some help from Mod Aerrow. 

So apparently Brawny thought it would be a good idea to celebrate Women’s History Month (March) by changing up their advertising. (Image from linked article above)

So like, it’s cool that Brawny is advocating for women and I like #StrengthHasNoGender but also this is just an advertising gimmick also this quote: 

“The biggest, most courageous piece of it was, we are going to put a woman on these packages and make them available for everyone. I always think it’s fun when packaged goods clients are hip enough to change something and offer something special, kind of like when Coke put names on its cans,” Chuck McBride, Cutwater chief creative officer, said.

Yeah, because putting a woman on your products instead of a man is “courageous” and “hip.” (heavy sarcasm)

I mean, this bit is good:

Finally, throughout the month, Brawny will be working with Girls Inc. to encourage more young women to get involved in STEM fields by donating $75,000 to the organization.

But like, I also feel like the entire advertising thing is patronizing? I’m not sure how to feel about this, but feminism is about more than putting a woman on your product. It’s about not sexualizing the women you do use for advertising, and it’s about not favoring men over women and it’s about equality for all genders. 

Where was I going with this?

Mod Marie-Rose

I like people.
I’d like some paper people.
They’d be purple paper people,
Maybe pop-up purple paper people-
Proper pop-up purple paper people
‘How do you prop up proper pop-up purple paper people?’ I hear you cry
Well I… I’d probably prop up proper pop-up purple paper people
With a prop up pop-up purple people paperclip,
But a pre-prepare appropriate adhesive as alternative’s a cheeky pack of Blu-Tack just in case the paper slips
Cause I could build a pop up metropolis

But I wouldn’t wanna deal with all those paper people politics.
Paper politicians with their paper thin policies,
Broken promises without appropriate apologies.

There’d be a little paper me, and a little paper you
And we could watch paper TV and it would all be pay-per-view,
We’d see those poppy paper rappers rap about their paper package
Or watch paper people-carriers get stuck in paper traffic
On the A4 …paper.

There’d be a paper Princess Kate
But we’d all stare a paper Pippa,
And we’d all live in fear of killer Jack the paper-ripper.
Because the paper propaganda propagates the peoples prejudices,
Paper’s spreading pictures of the photogenic terrorists.

It’s a little paper me, and a little paper you.
And in a pop-up population people’s problems pop up too
There’d be that pompus paper parliament, who remained out of touch
And who ignored the people’s protests about all the papercuts,
And then the peaceful paper protests would get blown to paper pieces
By the confetti cannons manned by pre-emptive police.

And yes, there’d still be paper money
So there’d still be paper greed,
And the paper piggy-bankers pocketing more than they need,
Purchasing the potpourri to pepper their paper properties.
Others live in poverty and ain’t acknowledged properly
A proper poor economy where so many are proper poor,
But while their needs get ignored the money goes to big wars.
Origami armies unfold plans for paper planes
And we remain imprisoned in our own paper chains
But the greater shame
Is that it always seems to stay the same.
What changes is who’s in power choosing how to lay the blame
And naming names, forgetting these are names of people,
Cause in the end it all comes down to people.

I like people
Because even when the situation’s dire
It is only ever people are able to inspire,
And on paper it’s hard to see how we all cope.
But in the bottom of Pandora’s box there’s still hope
And I still hope because I believe in people,

People like my grandparents, who every single day since I was born
Have taken time out of their morning to pray for me,
That’s 7,892 days straight of someone checking I’m okay and that’s amazing.
People like my aunt, who puts on plays with prisoners.
People who are capable of genuine forgiveness,
People like the persecuted Palestinians,
People who’ll go out of their way to make your life better
And expect nothing in return,
You see, people have potential to be powerful.

Just because the people in power tend to pretend to be victims
We don’t need to succumb to that system.
And a paper population is no different
And in a pop up population people’s problems pop up too,
But even if the whole world fell apart we’d still make it through
Because we’re people.

—  Paper People by Harry Baker (x)

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when you get this, respond with five things that make you happy, then send it to the last ten people in your notifications on anon! (Hope you have a good day!!)

If I’m being honest, probably:

1. Raindrops on roses
2. Whiskers on kittens
3. Bright copper kettles
4. Warm woolen mittens
5. Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things.

Of biscuits and blessings

Based on “Imagine courting Fili and being nervous that Dis will not approve of you” from ImaginexHobbit

Requested by @gothamsiren99


The lanes and thoroughfares of Erebor were bustling with activity, and you held your head high to greet everyone who acknowledged you with a nod or a smile as you passed, despite the tingling hum of your nerves and the clamminess of the hand that Fili held in his strong, sure grasp.

“I wonder if I should have brought the biscuits after all,” you fretted suddenly, glancing to the brown paper-wrapped package in your free hand, and Fili frowned.

“Why not? She’ll love them.”

“But it’s such a simple gift, and they’ll only remind her that I’m just a baker.”

The beads that adorned his braided mustache glinted in the light when he shook his head. “You must remember, Mum’s not led the life of the pampered princess,” he assured you. “Everyone worked hard in Ered Luin. If I brought home some dwarf lord’s spoiled daughter who didn’t know flour from talcum powder, she’d box my ears.”

You giggled, though the pattering of your heart quickened as Fili saluted the guard who stood at the entrance to the royal halls and led you down the long corridor. He drew up before an ornately carved oaken door, but showed no hurry to knock, instead stopping to slip his arms around your waist and smile warmly on you.

“Don’t worry,” he said soothingly. “It’ll be fine.”

With a steadying sigh, you nodded, distractedly smoothing the collar of his coat over his chest, though you confessed, “I want so badly for her to like me.”

Fili’s kiss was soft on your forehead, and his gaze was full of encouragement. “She’ll love you…as I love you,” he promised, brushing your lips with his own before adding, low and yearning, “and when the time comes, if you’ll have me, I know she’ll be proud to call you daughter.”

A smile brightened your anxious face and your hand strayed to the coarse, golden hair of his beard as your lips sought his again, fervently this time, his arms encircling you more securely and your eyes falling closed in bliss until, with the click of a lock, the oaken door opened and the Lady Dis stood on the threshold with a surprised expression, taking in the sight of you in her son’s arms.

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Thank you for running this blog, I'm super grateful for it! I wanted to ask, the paper/card packaging people attach their acrylic charms to before slipping it into the plastic baggies, are they usually just printed from a printer at home? Because my printer doesn't print in color, so I'm not quite sure how to go about this. Do you guys have any ideas? Thank you so much in advance >_< !

Kiriska: You’re welcome! Glad you find it helpful. :)

Your options for backing cards are pretty much the same as for printing anything else. You can go to a local chain printer like FedEx Office or Office Depot or whatever to get them printed. You’ll probably want to arrange several backing cards on a page for printing and then cut them yourself. It can be really costly to get printers to cut for you, but most such places will have a paper trimmer you can use for free.

If you want to go fancier, you can get them printed at a nicer professional printer, whether local or online. As mentioned also, some acrylic charm manufacturers offer packaging at an additional cost per piece, so that’s another option.

If a BW design can be worked to suit your brand/type of work, you might be able to get away with home printing though. :o

The last stanza of My Favorite Things has been on re-play in my head all week! I don’t know why… (actually, I think I read something somewhere which imitated it and now it’s stuck in my mind.)

So I’m humming this tune to myself every other minute or so. Lol. So sad.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

Anyway, here goes (might as well sing it all):

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things2

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites, when the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

—  Composer Richard Rodgers
Lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II

If you weren’t already aware, Apple had a keynote yesterday announcing various exciting products and software advancements. But about 20% of the keynote was incredibly important but overshadowed by hype over new products, and that was Apples dedication to leaving the planet better than they found it.

2 years ago Apple made the lofty goal that they wanted to reach 100% renewable energy in 100% of their operations worldwide, and yesterday they shared their progress:

  • Currently they are at 93% renewable worldwide. 
  • They are at 100% renewable in the U.S. and China.
  • 99% of their paper packaging is used from recycled paper, or pulled from sustainably managed forests.
  • They’ve saved and reserved 36,000 acres of working forest in the U.S. and are currently working with the World Wildlife Fund to improve the management of 1,000,000 acres of forest in China.
  • They’ve also created a robotic system called LIAM to ensure as many parts of Apple products are recycled responsibly as possible.

I share this because not many companies out there are as transparent as Apple is around their responsibility to the environment. Although there is so much more progress to be made, we should be challenging more companies to be more open and more bold in their role in protecting our planet. E-mail these companies, call, make it known that change is necessary for everyone.