paper module



Happy new year, everyone! I hope the year is a good one for us all. 😊 I’m currently trying to finish past papers for my programming module. In truth, I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked to have been over the Christmas holidays, and my exams start in less than 2 weeks so the pressure is mounting. Being home is really nice, but there are so many distractions! I go back to university at the end of this week though, so hopefully I will be able to get a lot more done next week. Wish me luck!

What a day! Hari pertama kuliah semester 6 dan udah menggebu-gebu aja nyari referensi referensi yang bakal jadi calon-calon modul dan paper. Wqwq.

Mungkin ini hasil dendam kesumat atas semester 5 yang menyakitkan kemarin kali ya. Huhuhu.

YaAllah Gusti, Nai udah semester 6 aja, btw. Cepetnya hidup ini. :“

Dear semangat. Jangan mudah padam. Meski angin mematikan, meski hujan membasahi…

Sediain korek do'a, kayu ikhtiar sama minyak tawakal banyak-banyak.

Tips: Banyak doain dosen yang bersangkutan (difatihahin, dihadhorohin), kerjakan semua tugas secara maksimal (jangan asal selesai dan hasilnya biasa-biasa aja), utamakan akhlak dihadapan para dosen dan admin, jangan sampai kesibukanmu (tugas beserta teman temannya) mengganggu ngajimu, banyak sholawatan dimanapun berpijak.

My University Essentials

 Here are my must haves to survive lectures and seminars; 

  • A notebook - as in, paper rather than the laptop! I can’t take notes on a laptop so I stick with handwritten notes. I personally have different notebooks for each module as I find that easier to organise, however I also write up notes from readings that I do outside of lectures so it makes more sense for me to organise things in that way. 
  • A pencil case -  In my pencil case I  have two ballpoint pens, five different coloured highlighters (based on the colour coding system I use), a ruler, a pencil and a memory stick. I also have the sticky page markers.
  • A ring binder -  with previous lecture notes and relevant papers in for that module. I like to keep things all filed by week so it is easier to refer back to things in class. 
  • A water bottle - Because you need to stay hydrated! I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t drink enough water, so I’m trying to work on that. Keep drinking that water people!

For in class stuff that is all I need - my course doesn’t require much in the way of textbooks and if we need to use computers, our lecturer provides us with them so we don’t have to carry ours around all day.

Other stuff that I always carry with me; 

  • Headphones - Because if I’m working in the library or the cafe I need to listen to music as it helps me to concentrate. Also I find it helps with my dyslexia? Not quite sure how but it does help with my reading - I find I don’t skip lines as much when I listen to music at the same time, its almost like it distracts the dyslexic part of my brain somehow…?
  • My purse - for obvious reasons. 
  • Another small pencil case - this one contains a mini hair brush, hair ties, lip balm and tampons. Because I believe you should always be prepared.
  • A snack of some kind - normally an apple or a fruit bar type of thing. 

And that’s it. That’s all I ever need for university - its got me through my undergrad and now its getting me through my MRes.