paper mario: original


Guess who did some shading as is now dead? Though seriously if I learned one thing in Elementary and Middle school was how to shade decently.

I was listening to Melanie Martinez’s “Tag, You’re it“ and couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry
I just realized that I often forget hands when no arms are to be drawn, and that the closet Sitch is in, is just as tall as he is (look at the door, holy shit)
Sitch by @ask-castle-bleck / @flipsidesworst
Acollous by @bugaboo-darling
Art by me

I finally did it. I made my Super Paper Mario OC. (Melancholy my little pissbaby.) I’m not completely done with his twin brother, Purgatory yet, but when I am I’ll post him. I’ll also post a bit more backstory for Mel (or Cicero which is his real name) later, but for now all I know is that he was a pretty bad guy before the events of SPM, and he was Count Bleck’s ever faithful court jester until Dimentio came along. Then he got bitter and angry and vowed to never aid Count Bleck again. (My cute little Dim awwww!) That’s all I have right now, aside from him having a love interest (I don’t know who or what they’ll be yet) that took all that bitterness and resentment and turned it into compassion and goodness and all that sweet fluffy stuff. (Also I’m sorry for the bad drawing/picture quality because I’m very new to art.)

(Thanks to @bugaboo-darling for helping me with a little tiny bit the character design, for getting me into this -trashy but good- fandom, and for the continuous support and love. ❤️)