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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to get your loved ones this holiday season? 'It’s Like They Know Us’ has you covered!

For the new mom in the trenches:

“I love changing diapers, but I JUST WASN’T GETTING KICKED IN THE BOOBS ENOUGH! Now, thanks to the new “Kick-in-the-Cans Harness,” my girls will be pummeled into flappy bags of pudding forever!

For the tech-savy mama:

“Oh yeah, it hooks right into the computer! I just upload my milk directly into the cloud, and then the baby can access it from anywhere with WiFi. Technology is amazing.“

For the toddler who loves paper mache animal heads and Bon Iver:

“If you’re wondering who got his diaper in a wad because his organic, fair-trade, sustainably harvested kombucha was two seconds late, it would be this guy right here.”

For your sculpted, rippling Adonis of a husband:

“I work hard for my body and my baby, but standard infant carriers often hid my relentlessly chiseled midsection, or worse, put my baby at risk of being cut by my sweet, sweet abs.”

Introducing the all new “V-Cut Carrier.” Finally, a babywearing solution for people who look like 16th-century marble sculptures.

For the Tooth Fairy/CSI enthusiast:

It’s ‘Box o’ Teeth!” Also great for serial killers!

Don’t forget a gift for baby!

Sit back and enjoy a hot cup of coffee as you casually observe your child in her brand new Baby Containment Module!

Baby Containment Module fits seamlessly into any decor, and baby will be happy to play for hours without hanging white-knuckled from the sides, wailing like a wild snot-covered banshee whose only goal is to keep you from going to the bathroom.

Baby Containment Module, it’s everywhere you want them to be.

And as always, the perfect gift for every parent:

A Very Merry Beigemas from ILTKU

sylphrena-stormblessed  asked:

Hi!! I want to make a hollow Yubaba head for my cosplay and i was wondering if you could recommend any other materials to work (*>_<*)ノ Im thinking of making a solid shape covered in duct tape and the paper mache and then removing the shape.....but

I’m think you’re referring to Yubaba from Spirited Away, but in case I’m wrong, I’ll try to keep the advice general.

In the case of something this big, you need two kinds of structures for support; one support structure to keep the head together and the other support structure being the thing that allows you to wear the head.

Paper mache can be a bit fragile, so make sure you have enough layers built up. For the support structure underneath, you could use wire. Look up how people make armature wire frames. Plastic mesh is also an option as is crumpled aluminum foil for smaller areas. 

You could also use foam, EVA or polyurethane foam (upholstery foam). This will allow you to build up big areas (like her hair) while keeping things light.

Tested made a pair of giant pepakura heads and documented the entire process.

The second question is how to wear it.

Go to around 31:07 and listen to Adam Savage talk about how to support a large costume.

Another thing to consider is cooling because it’s going to get warm in there. Look up how people do cooling for helmets or large face-covering costumes. 

Good luck!

massivelyunlikelyexpert  asked:

What is Frank

How to describe Frank.


Well, the movie Frank focuses on a mentally ill man named Frank. He’s an incredibly character who always always always has on this huge paper mache head. He’s the lead singer in his band The Soronpfrbs, and he’s seen eating/drinking grownut (powdered peanut butter). The whole movie is about music and mental illness and it’s definitely a favorite of mine. In my opinion it’s a great portrayal of mental illness, not watered down.

Frank is like a little comforting blanket for me and he’s just wonderful. Deserves so much love and hugs. Definition of a pure cinnamon roll.

Cute things to think about:

  • Kid reyes into cosplayin
  • Kid reyes not being very good at it but still pouring all his heart and soul into his costume
  • Kid reyes having a similar Halloween costume with a paper mache pumpkin head and him being so proud of it bc it’s the most ambitious thing he’d done up to that point

Thank you for your consideration.


Guess what I just finished in art class! This is my Bec Blanche mask, from Homestuck! I even made a flower crown for it (not shown). When I actually get to take this home, I might add fur or something to make it soft. Don’t know if I’ll wear it to Cons or anything yet. If you have an questions on how this was made just ask! And PLEASE tell me if I should leave it the way it is or not!!!!!



TRUMP. The finished painting. Based on a Trump Nightmare I had. 

The Trump Nightmare: It was just after Trump had announced he was running for President and he was scheduled to visit a nearby Chinese souvenir shop (?) so I’d turned up to take videos and laugh at Trump. When he got out of the limo I was shocked to see an oversized (like 2.5m tall), grotesque, paper mache bobble head Trump. I was videoing and laughing, and silently questioning this world but he spotted me in the crowd and saw into my soul and, with frightening speed, started to chase me through wheat fields and cities, shaky cam style, accompanied by henchmen. Probably my brain telling me that although he’s ridiculous and hilarious to behold, he’s actually a horrifying reality.