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What is Zealandia? Here’s the evidence for an eighth “lost continent” under New Zealand

  • Just when you thought you had your geography down pat, scientists start pushing to recognize an elusive eighth continent.
  • According to a paper published in the Geological Society of America’s Journal, the submerged land mass resides in the southwest Pacific Ocean next to Australia — and New Zealand is a part of it.
  • At five million square kilometers, or nearly two million square miles, it meets the elevation and geology criteria to be considered a continent.
  • Ninety-four percent of the landmass, known as Zealandia, is tucked beneath the water, with mountains breaching the ocean’s surface to form what we recognize as the island of New Zealand and New Caledonia.
  • According to the BBC, scientists have been advocating for Zealandia’s legitimacy for more than 20 years.
  • The GSA paper argues that labeling Zealandia a continent has significance for the way the scientific community will conduct its research in the future. Read more (2/17/17 10:31 AM)

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‪"Last Christmas I decided it would be more memorable if I wrapped gifts to my family, unlike previous years where I had just used the usual christmas paper and sticker labels. I fell in love with minimalist style, so I wanted to reflect that. I designed the tags myself, and the little pine pieces were cut off a bush in my front yard. It felt a lot more memorable to me, and my family loved it.“ - Christine Katlyn‬

Prince! Jaehyun

hiiii! could you make a prince!jaehyun like the one you did for mark ^^

A/N: it’s a little different compared to mark’s, and this is really bad tbh ahh

  • it’s been long since i did a prince! au so here it is ~
  • and jeffrey has been climbing up my bias list lately it’s crazy
  • who can resist him tbh
  • and a heads up before you continue , im really bad at writing prince!au’s because im not that familiar with the system so im sorry if it’s really bad omg
  • let’s start

  • you probably didn’t know he was the prince until he appeared on the news one day,

  • even though y'all were pretty close friends
  • and you had always wondered why you never saw him around
  • on the news, he was in a serious mood and he was doing all the paper work, being labelled as the “jaehyun the prince”
  • you’d never seen that side of him because he would always visit the small town and wear very casual clothes, joking and laughing with you
  • with no one protecting or guarding him
  • he’s such a chill prince tbh
  • he laughs and smiles a lot
  • he’s more like a friend to the country rather than a politician/prince
  • but when he gets serious he isn’t afraid to point out the flaws of the country’s system to the king
  • and he’d work really hard to change it
  • he’s like bestfriends with the other royal families’ sons
  • aka the other members
  • they often meet up even when there’s no special occasions and conversations could last from reminiscing childhood memories together to planning on working to make the country together in the future  - such handsome and goodlooking princes, it’s as though they’re like idols
  • probably escaped the palace so many times as a kid (even up till now) the palace guards and servants are used to it
  • when he was younger he used to escape to go play with the animals he saw in the garden, as he’d laugh innocently to himself, until one of his servants frantically ran up to him and asked him to go back because everyone was worried and though that he had gone missing
  • in his teen years, he’d leave the palace just to explore the town
  • that’s where he met you
  • you were just wandering alone after school, praying that you did well for your exams
  • curious prince jaehyun would come up to you, starting a conversation and asking why you were alone
  • thinking that he was just one of the people near the area, you just casually started talking to him
  • and both of you would always meet up in the same area with not many people around, so jaehyun did not have to be afraid of his identity being revealed
  • all he told you was that he lived far away from the area and could only meet up at specific timings
  • he didn’t want you to treat him differently after you knew
  • but you found out eventually and jaehyun was still talking casually with you, but flustered you was already bowing your head down, calling him by “sir” and “your majesty”, instead of your usual “jae/jeffrey
  • but being jaehyun, he asked you to treat him like a friend, and you had no choice but to listen to him
  • the next day he invited you to the palace
  • you still remember yourself getting nervous the night before, choosing your prettiest and most elegant looking dress you could find in your closet
  • morning arrived and you found yourself on the back of a horse, with jaehyun sitting in front of you, your arms around you, as jaehyun had requested his servants to come fetch you-with him
  • “you look good today, for once hehe”
  • “you did not just say that-”
  • servant glares at you
  • “i-i’m sorry, uh thanks..”
  • sighs it’s fine, ignore them, act like we always do!”
  • once you reached the palace you were fascinated by everything
  • from how big everything was, how the walls and floors were all polished nicely and shiny
  • to how almost at every door to a room, there would be guards there
  • you entered the dining room and to your surprise, you were greeted by two other goodlooking young men,
  • “this is johnny, prince of the seo family”
  • “and mark, my best friend, lee family”
  • the two greeted you with a small smile and flustered you did an over exaggerated 90° bow, causing the two to giggle
  • jaehyun would keep looking out for you and smile at you, and had even asked a servant to serve food to you
  • he likes sharing stories with you about being a prince, and also loves listening to your stories too, curious about how everything is outside the palace
  • probably shows small signs of liking you but you try not to be too high if yourself because he’s the prince and you, only one of the people of the country
  • but you couldn’t lie though, you found yourself falling for him too
  • he had invited you to the palace so many times now it’s almost as though it’s your second home
  • it was not until you found yourself in jaehyun’s big room without his servant, and his small confession and kiss that woke you up,
  • you were dating a prince
  • surprisingly though, his parents had agreed to your relationship, as they loved how you managed to make jaehyun happy, making him work even harder as a prince
  • i’ll stop here because my mind’s really blocked im so sorry,
  • but if you want a part 2 or something, do request!!
  • hope you enjoyed reading this though ;-;

Wooooo ok so @sweetiron, @ponykind, @pelenor and I had an Undertale themed party last saturday! 

1. Flowey made by me, vines hung by @sweetiron I enjoyed making this a lot it’s probably going to stay up in our house forever (or until the next house inspection or party)

2. A useless pile of snow! Yeah ok this makes me feel… a little bad but we needed somewhere to put drinks! There’s an ice wolf stuck a little higher up the wall. 

3. Spider bake sale!!
I designed cider labels, had them printed on sticker paper, peeled the labels off some alcoholic cider bottles and stuck these on. There’s even little Muffet faces stuck on the top of the caps. This was one of the main things I wanted to do for the party and I still have a bottle sitting on my desk that I can’t quite bring myself the drink. 
Croissants were just bought ones, but the lovely @sarahttaylor decorated the spider donuts and gave them to us even though she couldn’t stay for the party. She’s the kindest friend too pure for this world. 

4. Simple snacks! The friendliness pellets were these sugar covered marshmallows which sounded great, but they tasted really strange. After a while you got used to them but we thought it was very appropriate for a Flowey themed thing.

5. Cinnamon bunnies (I tried to ice them with bunny faces but it didn’t quite work so I gave up and just put a bunch of icing on), Snowman pieces (white chocolate rum balls) and Temmie Flakes (honey joys made by @sweetiron)

6. Dog treats (shortbread) and abandoned quiches (mini quiches that we bought)

7. Hot Dogs! Well, cocktail frankfurts with no bun… we got a little lazy but Sans would approve! Also little mini Spaghetti nests! Plus Glamburgers, which were a little rushed (at this point I had been cooking for almost 8 hours and the party was in full swing) but I’m happy with them! Rock salt for glitter!

8. Sans’ pet rock cake. It’s covered in sprinkles. And OF COURSE the obligatory Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie.

We also had a lot of characters printed out and stuck around the house, pretty sure we had every fight-able monster at least. Plus some of the bead sprites I made! 

The whole thing was so much fun even if I tired myself out by cooking so much!

things contained in the “care package” that my mother has just sent me:

  • a stack of old, battered canadian bills in small denominations, all bird-side-up, carefully wrapped in tissue paper and labeled ‘bird of the day’ (for my regular instagram feature), circa 1986-1991
  • my canadian property taxes (unrelated), circa 2017 (I hope)
  • two old metal camping bowls held closed by packing tape, containing approximately 2 lbs of cookies, circa last week
  • a toblerone, circa 2017
  • a tiny photo album that I apparently made for my grandmother, circa 1998
  • The Complete Sherlock Holmes, but only Volume II, circa 1930.
  • her notes from an ornithology seminar in college, circa 1977
  • a handmade pottery moon pendant, circa 2017 probably
  • and a dr suess themed dog toy so hard and aerodynamic that my dog broke the blinds by flinging it into the air within 5 minutes of being given it. 

I feel cared for, I do, but mostly confused and fond. 

La Cucaracha

La cucaracha on the table,
Ambling aimlessly about,
Ever agile, ever stable,
Like a creepy-crawly scout!
La cucaracha on the table,
Craving crumbs on which to dine,
Treads through papers, past a label,
Finds but water and some wine.
A hand comes swooping through the table,
Hurling it onto the floor.
La cucaracha then proves able
To be on the prowl once more.

La cucaracha on the table
Can’t be made to disappear!
And a voice cites a Chinese fable:
No food thus is poisoned here!


10th august 2015 // my pencil case that i bought last year was completely beaten up so i had to get a new one. i may have gone a little crazy in the shop and bought a ton of bear themed things too… and labels for my school books… and washi tape… 💦

Winter Warmth: A Spell For Warming Cold Emotions During The Winter

You Need:

  • A stovetop, or other heat source
  • A pot (any size)
  • Something to stir with
  • A bowl
  • Snow or Ice
  • Something to represent your heart/soul/inner self (A picture of yourself, a poppet of your heart made from paper or felt or something similar, anything you have that you feel has your energy and symbolized yourself emotionally.)

Step 1: Get your snow or ice and put it into the bowl. Put it aside, leave it in the cold or the freezer so it doesn’t melt prematurely.

Step 2: Create the poppet of your emotional self. If you don’t know how to make poppets or representations of yourself, take a paper heart labeled as your own, and pour your cold emotional energies and emotions into it. If you already have a poppet for this or already know how to make one, go ahead and do it however you feel most comfortable, but be sure to put in that energy and emotion.

Step 3: Put the poppet on top of the snow or ice, in the bowl, and put your hands on the bottom of the bowl. Using energy work, pull the energy from the poppet towards your hands, but leave it halfway, leaving it in the snow/ice. The poppet should be removed after this, and later cleansed of any leftover energy or attachment left in it. The energy of the poppet is now in the snow/ice.

Step 4: Transfer the snow/ice to the pot. Put it onto a low heat. Stir it slowly and visualize the snow/ice melting as your heart and emotions melting more and more. First on the outer layers, and then slowly melting deeper and deeper until it all has melted. Do this slowly, and do not let it steam or boil: You don’t want to make your emotional self too hot: angry, temperamental, or upset. You want to be warm inside, not too hot, not too cold. The snow/ice melting into water is your emotions melting from cold emotions like sadness, depression, hopelessness, and ruthlessness, with warm emotions like love, calmness, and contention, like winter melting into a warm spring.

Step 5: Once all the ice/snow is melted into water, while its warm but before it can boil, remove it from the heat and return the water to the bowl. Be careful when checking the water temperature, don’t just stick your hand in the pot.

Step 6: Hold the bowl, and pull the energy from the water and the bowl and into yourself again through your hands. Pull in the warmth of the warm water, both physically and energetically. Feel the warmth heating your emotions and your soul. Let the energy from that water sit within your chest, like a heater, warming you from the inside out.

Step 7: Pour out the water, perhaps use it to write applicable sigils on your skin beforehand as well if you work with sigils. Cleanse the poppet used earlier, which you can do by leaving it in salt or clean soil for a day, and then burning it after if its flammable and you don’t wish to use it again.

A box of crayons should be radiant
I think
The most rainbow a rainbow could be

As a crayon, I have friends
Like sun-kissed skins of cherries and the brightest sunset orange,
Like the candlelight shine off polished silver
and translucence that looks turquoise in light

You see, when I drag myself across paper
It leaves colors like pine-needles and ferns in my wake
Like the path through a thicket
and the thicket itself

But when I bleed out my name in evergreen wax
I hear, “Oh,
What a beautiful pink.”

But… I am not a pink crayon

I am not a pink crayon
But still, they call me “Primrose,”
Call me: “Carnation,” and “Salmon,” and “Blush”
I hate being wrapped
In pink paper straight jackets -
The hue of sore gums beginning to bleed -
See, I never could color in lines

“Oh,” they say “you’re one of those blues,
Who got stuck with pink paper labels.”
“I see now,” they say like it’s one or the other
Like colors are a matter of one or the other
Like when you open that box
There are two crayons to choose
You don’t see me at all

“But green’s not a color you can be, silly girl,
Green’s not a color at all.”

Here I am
Made of wax the most breathtaking shade of pine trees in spring,
The splendor of moss cascading down bark,
Of fluttering leaves and of lily-pad stems and the way
Sunlight hits seaweed through water

Let me spruce up our drab cardboard box of a home
Let me add my most marvelous hues
And make space for the violets that lay beside me
For the crimsons and peaches and beige
This box contains more than just blue and pink
Add my shades to the list on the back

I’m not pink
I’m not blue
Nor blue-labeled pink‑-­
I write in such vibrant
Shades of myself

I am the color of growing things reaching toward light
But nobody sees it at all

I’m a lonely green crayon in a cardboard box
Full of color-blind pinks and blues

—  Confessions of a Crayon (On the Box That They Live In)
hong kong gothic
  • You make the weekly drive to the supermarket. As you debate which packet of dumplings to purchase you can’t help but notice the nutritional label has been covered up again by a modified label. On closer inspection, the labels of all your groceries have been covered, even down to the toilet paper. The labels are in a script you will not understand. You dare not look beneath them.
  • Another residential project starts work in the area. They were sparse at first, but towers now loom over your small apartment complex. You can’t help but feel as if they are getting closer every night. At night, red lights appear in random windows in strange patterns.
  • The harbour is getting narrower. You can feel the ocean getting restless as trucks pour sand into the depths. Soon the seas will be the ones to reclaim.
  • You wake up to the sound of typhonic rain. The roads are barren of pedestrians. The unrelenting torrent of water fills the drains, forcing leaves, garbage, sodden photographs of your birth up from beneath the ground. The earth swallows them back up as the rain subsides, letting people roam the streets once more.
  • The Observatory’s air pollution index reads a negative number today. You stay inside and wait for the air to return.
  • Some people name their children strange things. Apple Chan. Candy Wong. Fanny Pang. Your new coworker raises no suspicion when they begin to refer to themselves by your name. You cannot remember yours.
  • The family of expatriates your grand-aunt always calls gwailo are looking more transparent today than usual.
  • You take the minibus from Mong Kok. The Octopus meter beeps as passengers board, rhythmically and without stopping. You look up as the bus remains at the stop for far longer than it should. You see yourself holding your Octopus and standing at the meter, which has been replaced with a heart rate monitor. You cannot remember the last time you refilled your card.
  • The crowds in Lo Wu have subsided but claims of parallel trading remain strong. The residents report that people enter buildings with suitcases of goods but never emerge. The term ‘parallel’ is more apt than many suspect.
A reminder to people buying from artists online -

Per transaction:

Paypal takes 2.9% + 30 cents
Etsy takes 3.5% + 20 cents

(These are paypal alternatives -)

Etsy Direct checkout takes 3% + 25 cents
Storenvy checkout takes 2.9% + 30 cents

Online is a venue like anywhere else and that requires services like these. Next time you look at the price of that item, remember the artist is getting less than that by these amounts. Many add these fees to the price of their item ( which is worth their time per hour x number of hours + materials) or to the shipping cost if it is a physical item.

Speaking of shipping, remember the artist also must take the time to carefully pack your item and get it to the post office, and pay for stuff like tissue paper, tape, label paper, cards, etc. If it is not a free priority box or a recycled box, they paid for the box or padded envelope too. If you see that you paid a little more for shipping than is on the label the artist is not ripping you off, that is handling charge for these things ( or to help recoup fees).

Thank you!

Organisation+Study Tips

My Tips for Organisation: 

By getting all of the things on your mind out of there, your memory will begin to improve as you remember things in a much clearer and simple way. I am a student, I don’t have time for complicated long DIY’s!! I just do these things…

1. Write lists.  As stupid as this may sound, make lists! This helps me a lot when I have busy week ahead of me.  I make a list of everything that I have to do over the week, whether it be an assignment or buy some printer ink.  (obviously pin the paper somewhere you can see it and where it is safe).

2. Create your own calendar.  I kept mine nice a simple, that way I didn’t get sick of using it. I simple cut an A4 paper into two and labeled the days on there.   By using sticky notes, once the event is done then the sticky note comes off!  I always find that I never have enough room on store bought calendars for all my stuff so this is a much easier way.  (Do have an actual calendar to keep track of dates for big events and how many weeks away they are etc, much easier than keeping it in your head!)

3. Keep a diary. It is always handy to carry a small diary around with you so if your phone, iPod, iPad, laptop dies, you still have all your plans with you which means making new plans even easier!  

4. Set reminders. Use the tools around you to the best of your ability.  Almost everyone I know has a phone, tablet or laptop with them or uses them everyday. It takes seconds to set reminder so you have no excuse! 

5. Listen to your body.   It’s a great idea to set time aside for studying or working or going to the gym BUT…  listen to your body!  
If you’re having late nights + early mornings, you’re going to feel like crap, no matter how much green tea you drink or how many vitamins you take!  Don’t push yourself to breaking point. Whether you feel stressed or sick, your body is trying to tell you something and you have to listen. 

My Tips for Studying!

1. Prioritise! Using the tips above, it is really easy to figure out what tasks to do in what order. Do you really need to do that essay plan for 4 weeks time when you have an assignment due in 3 days that you haven’t started yet? You may be studying but you’re still procrastinating. 

2. Experiment! There are also thousands of different subjects that require different studying ways.  In general everyone learns differently, if you prefer to draw graphs and have a clean cut black and white information do that! If you prefer to have colourful drawings and textured work then do it! Do what works best for you.

3. Sit at a desk! For years I was convinced that I didn’t like to learn at a desk and I wanted to build a fort and sit in there and emerge as a genius.. but as time would go by, my back would hurt and I would loose focus and it well, it just didn’t work. Plus it makes those exams a lot easier to deal with sitting at a desk!

4. Make Flash cards! Kind of…  cheaper version! Instead of going out and buying expensive cards, use those sticky notes!!! I use my sticky notes to cover long paragraphs in my text books instead of highlighting the pages. Plus, colourful sticky notes are much cheaper than buying all those expensive coloured pens! 

5. Get Motivated! Whether than be by having a coffee or tea or workout, whatever works for you to get in that mood to do some hard work! The worst thing you can do is to try and study when you have no motivation to do so. None of the information will go in and you will be wasting your time.  Make sure you’re eating properly and sleeping enough as mentioned before listen to your body!

I hope all these tips help! I know they are very general but I am more than happy to make suggestions to anyone who would like some advice!  Just for the record I am a full time student, I volunteer twice a week and I also have a part time job! 


Bad Habits

nail biting  |  throat clearing  |  lying |  interrupting |  chewing the ends of pens  | smoking | swearing | knuckle cracking | thumb sucking | muttering under their breath | talking to themselves  | nose picking  |  binge drinking  |  oversleeping  |  snacking between meals  | skipping meals |  picking at skin |  impulse buying |  talking with their mouth full | humming/singing to themselves | chewing gum  | leg jiggling | foot tapping | hair twirling | whistling | eye rolling |  licking lips  | sniffing  | squinting |  rubbing hands together  |  jaw clenching |  gesturing while talking | putting feet up on tables  | tucking hair behind ears | chewing lips  | crossing arms over chest  | putting hands on hips | rubbing the back of their neck |  being late  |  procrastinating  | doodling | shredding paper | peeling off bottle labels | forgetfulness | running hands through hair |  overreacting |  teeth grinding  |  nostril flaring  |  slouching  | pacing | drumming fingers  |  fist clenching  |  pinching bridge of nose | rubbing temples | rolling shoulders

bolded:  often,   italicized:  sometimes.

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