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i'm giggling to myself bc i keep imagining that sasuke's and naruto's friendship starts bc sasuke learns that naruto has massive chakra reserves and he's just like "well /hello destruction/" and they probably become everyone's worst nightmare.

The first time Sasuke really notices Naruto is during their Academy class’s unit on sealing.

To be fair, it would be kind of hard to miss him after the way he shoves so much chakra into the exploding tag he’s supposed to be making that he blows up the back half of the classroom and launches himself about twenty feet into the air. A couple of the other kids are a bit singed, and they end up having to share a room with another class until the terminally overworked Mokuton user can fix the wall and ceiling, but Naruto wanders back in the next day looking sheepish and entirely unharmed.

Since Sasuke saw him take the brunt of the explosion, this is worthy of note. So is the fact that he managed to shove enough chakra into the tag to burn out the safety seal that was supposed to keep things like that from happening.

Under the cover of Iruka-sensei’s yelling, Sasuke looks down at the diagram on his paper, a jutsu that his father dismissed as unreasonable and unusable given normal human limits, and thinks, Huh.

“All your old designs?” Shisui says with some confusion when Sasuke tracks him down after class. He rocks back on his heels, eyeing Sasuke a little warily, and swipes ineffectually at an ink-stain on his cheek. “Yeah, I still have them—I wouldn’t throw them out after you gave them to me for safekeeping, brat.”

“I need them,” Sasuke says with determination. “All of them.”

Shisui blinks, then tilts his head, studying him for a moment. “You know the amount of chakra they need would kill most jounin,” he says, though it’s too curious to be an accusation. “I think even Sarutobi-sama might have trouble with some of them. You’ve got a habit of thinking big, kid.”

“Are you going to give them to me or not?” Sasuke demands crankily, because he’s got curfew in three hours and he still has to pick through his plans to find the easiest one and find Naruto.

“Of course.” Shisui sounds offended that he’d think otherwise. “They’re your designs, Sasuke. Check the hall closet, top shelf—Tenzō!”

Shisui’s boyfriend takes one look at the manic light in his eyes, the scrolls scattered over the breakfast table, and the ink smeared across his face, then blanches and turns right back around.

“No no no!” Shisui lunges after him, grabbing up his scrolls and vaulting clear over the table. “Tenzō, no, come back, I swear this one isn’t like last time, this is a brilliant idea, you will be blown away!”

“Urgent mission, ANBU called, I have to go!” Tenzō calls over his shoulder as he bolts.

Tenzō! That wasn’t even a convincing lie! Come on, you’re the only one in the village with Mokuton, you have to try this or my brilliance is wasted, it’s a gorgeous jutsu! Tenzō!”

Sasuke rolls his eyes as the yelling fades behind him and heads for the closet. The box with the jutsus his father rejected is right where Shisui said it would be, and Sasuke clutches it and thinks a little gleefully about the potential of even one of these jutsus, provided he can get Naruto to agree. The destructive power. The awesome might. The possible explosions.

(Somewhere deep in R&D’s basement Mikoto pauses in the middle of creating a devastating combination jutsu, and turns to smile fondly at the picture of her youngest son on the wall. She’s so glad he got more of her proclivities than Fugaku’s, even if her husband does tend to complain about the property damage more frequently since she introduced him to the wonders of explosive chakra techniques.)

Naruto is just heating up water for his nightly cup of ramen, halfway through trying to factor a new jumpsuit into his monthly budget while still having money for Ichiraku’s, when there’s a knock on his door. A little wary—because Hokage-jiji usually warns him when he’s going to drop by, and there’s no one else who visits Naruto—he pulls it open, and finds himself face-to-face with the weird nerd who spends pretty much all of their time in class drawing on big scrolls. Iruka-sensei yells at him to pay attention almost as much as he does Naruto, which automatically makes Naruto like him.

But he and Naruto have never even spoken before, so Naruto has no earthly idea what he’s doing here.

“Hello?” he asks.

The boy thrusts the shoebox he’s carrying at Naruto and says, “Your chakra reserves are amazing will you try my jutsus?”

This is, Naruto learns much, much later, the Uchiha equivalent of a marriage proposal.

Even if he’d known, he probably still would have lit up with glee and cried, “Yes!”

“Not a word,” Mikoto tells her husband as she ladles miso soup into five bowls instead of the usual four.

Fugaku rolls his eyes at her, ignoring her warning to offer, “I don’t think Kushina would have liked anything more than for you to take in her son.”

“And now we have an excuse,” Mikoto says triumphantly, waving the ladle like it’s a weapon to stab Danzō and the other Elders with. “We couldn’t approach him but they didn’t say anything about Sasuke now did they? Hah!”

“I think,” Fugaku says dryly, casting a glance at where Sasuke is looking halfway to manic as he explains one of his jutsus to a beaming Naruto, “that the Elders are very shortly going to have much bigger things to worry about.”

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What did you discover tonight that prompted that last post? Also, I hope this isn't too personal, but where do you live? Like which continent? Your always awake when I'm going to bed!

Oooh? ooh?  Nothing really. It’s just that Konan is amazingly complex and I discover new things about her every day.

(I one day plan to do a master post of things that Hidan and Konan have in common. You’d be surprised by the sheer number of things.)

But for now, Konan appreciation post on why she is so badass and amazing…

1. Konan has a massive ego.

External image

She calls herself “God’s Angel” really. And Jiryaha even asks her “You really believe you are an angel don’t you?” Konan believes that she is an angel just as much as Pein believes he’s god. And Pein believes that he is god 100% man.

2. Konan is a deep thinker as well as a dreamer. She’s always living in her fantasy dream world. It’s hard to tell what she’s thinking at any given moment, because like a true shinobi, she’s subtle about her emotions.

External image

A lot of people think Konan is a serious woman. Serious? Cruel, cold and practical yes she is… But you can never tell what she’s thinking at any given moment. She is idealistic like Yahiko, and I think she never stopped believing in her fairy tale world. The world that Yahiko wished for. To get Amegakure to stop crying and help Yahiko become a god. (this is why she believed in Naruto after it stopped raining in Amegakure. She saw miracles can happen. She didn’t believe in Naruto until then.) She calls herself angel. She called Madara Literal darkness. Comparing him to flowers that wither and die. Flowers of Hope, Hope Hope Hope. A lot of people ignore this cheesy part of her and say “It was Naruto’s plot armor talking”

But Konan is really like this…

In this scene, Konan had to fetch some water for Nagato, who is recovering from his latest Rinnengan “attack.” She notices some lilipads in the water… and she gets one…  Like there is no reason for her to do this. She did it simply on a whim and she liked the flower and thought it looked pretty.

External image

Naruto SD understands this. Everyone thought Konan was going to attack Lee, but she hands him a welcoming flower bouquet instead.

While I’m at it, let me talk about Naruto SD for a bit..

Yes, this is a spin-off and not related to cannon and written by one of Kishi’s assistants… Buuttt.

I’ve always been inclined as a comedy writer, and I know what good parody is. Parody is taking the character traits of an already existing character, and exaggerating the personalities a bit, just enough to be funny without insulting the source material. A lot of parody these days forgets this.

Naruto SD is 100% correct with it’s characterization. There are just a few things thrown in here and there for the sake of a dumb joke… other then that, everyone’s most prominent traits are exaggerated for the sake of comedy. (Like they even managed to exaggerate Orochimaru’s creepy gayness to the max in this and it’s amazing)  And this is the correct thing to do. To showcase personalities this way. (all of the Akatsuki were perfect in it.)

Like Konan being a big dreamer is something I discovered fairly recently because I thought Konan was so serious all the time but she’s really still just a child inside just as much as she was back then, just in a different way. She believes in the world of Gods and Angels. They are the holy ones who will purge this country and absolute peace can be achieved.

3. Konan enjoys attention and likes teasing games.

There is a scene when Konan is a teenager, before Yahiko dies… She receives a love letter from one of the original (whocares these guys) Akatsuki members. What does she do with this love letter?

She sends it to Yahiko.

YAHIKO. The boy of her affection and her obvious crush. She sends him the love letter that was made only specifically for her eyes.

Like there is no misinterpretation. She sent this to him. Her paper butterflies specifically landed this at his feet.

Why would she do this? To test Yahiko, and to tease him. She already knew that she would reject this guy’s affections towards her. She wanted Yahiko and Nagato to evesdrop on her.

“I know you’re there, Yahiko, Nagato”

*also I just re watched that scene, and her delivery of her words is so cheeky. Very overenthusiastic about Yahiko’s pouting reaction*

She was teasing Yahiko. She knew he would get all over-protective and sweat over this.

It’s why she sent him the letter in the first place.

And when they both fight and clash kuni, they’re obviously flirting. With a DOUBLE MEANING in their words.

Konan: If you hesitate, I’ll leave you behind.

Yahiko: Like I’d let you~!

Sure, they are talking about her perfecting her paper jutsu, but it’s obvious to me, Konan was talking about Yahiko hesitating in love. She was teasing him, testing him. And I think Yahiko gets this and is like “you can’t leave me behind, I won’t let you!” 

External image

Konan enjoys the attention and appreciation and praise. Not to mention as an adult, Nagato always tells her “Silence Konan” This wears on her esteem greatly. When all she ever does is worry for Nagato’s health. It’s a complicated relationship between caretaker and patient. But Nagato is also “God” and fully capable of taking care of himself. Nagato and Konan both treat eachother like children who can’t handle themselves. (they are both guilty of this. I can act like Nagato is the badguy so easily but Konan does this with Nagato as well)

Any positive attention or praise Konan would receive would be highly appreciated.

4. Konan is the observer. She hated Madara/Tobi the instant he gained control of the Akatsuki. He wants world peace too, but she doesn’t agree with his goals. A world placed under endless genjutsu she doesn’t agree with. She does agree that sacrifices must be made to achieve peace but she does not believe in fake peace. She doesn’t like how he uses people, and how he used Nagato for his own selfish desires. She was watching him all that time, observing him meticulously and researching his jutsu. She knew enough about Madara to go and prepare this:

External image

600 billion bombs that will consecutively explode for ten full minutes.

This is the shit and if this Uchiha didn’t have plot armor no-jutsu he would of died. Really, that jutsu whatever he pulled came right out of his ass.

5. Konan holds major grudges.

External image

My quote on an earlier post: “And Konan being God’s messenger didn’t protest this act of vengeance. She followed through with this because she believed this is right. This was their ultimate vengeance for Yahiko’s death.This was shown, and she was there when Pein destroyed Hanzo’s entire family. Meaning that Konan never hesitated to kill women or children either..”

Konan was willing to kill her own Sensei because he stood in the way of absoulte peace.

She wasn’t even fighting Jiryaha seriously. She told Pein: “I will hold him until you get there.”

But it’s not that she regrets attacking Jiryaha or does this with a heavy heart. She expresses no sadness about having to kill her former teacher. She tells him, “You have no idea what happened to us after you left Sensei.”

She was angry at him for leaving. For leaving Yahiko, Nagato and Konan alone in the world…knowing only basic jutsu.. for letting Yahiko die. Sure, that wasn’t Jiryaha’s fault. But knowing Konan and her intelligence, she has probably played the “What if” scenario about that situation so many times. And I have a major headcannon regarding Yahiko’s death and her development with it.

*also this face when a Konoha shinobi tells her to “Go to hell” *

Konan does not stand for any disrespect and holds grudges to the ones that hurt her deeply. She stayed angry and hated Obito all this time…

I’m sure, you remember Pein’s famous quote about the Akatsuki?

Religion, ideology, resources, land, grudges, love, or just because… No matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start a war.

A long time ago, everyone thought Konan’s reason was love. Because she was a woman.

I now realize how ridiculous and sexist that whole thought is and we must wipe this idea clear from the fandom. Because… In reality… here are Akatsuki’s reasons for joining…

Hidan = Religion.

Kisame = Ideology

Kakuzu = Resources

Zetsu= Land

Grudges = Konan.

Love = Obito.

Just Because = Deidara

And I will end this here with those 5.

Like there is sooo much more about Konan. And Like Hidan, I analyze her a whole lot.

Konan is harder, because she is subtle and has to be interpreted mostly though body language. This is saddening to me, because it shouldn’t be this way. Konan shouldn’t be a character in the background. I understand the fans who say they just don’t “GET” Konan, or call her a background character or a prop…

Because sadly… she was…. But she is the most interesting female in Naruto and I feel bad that her characterization has to be analyzed deeply to fully appreciate her. Like her character should be more obvious.

But that is Konan. Queen Subtle. Sticking to the background, in the shadows, silently observing or daydreaming and contimplating her next move…


(in actuality I live in the USA, but I have the weirdest sleeping schedule )

time ticks away

Konoha is quiet in the pre-dawn hours. Somehow it doesn’t look like a village that is fighting its way out of the dregs of a world war - it’s a beautiful sort of brittleness, the village breathing collective in sleep, slow and easy. Resting. Waiting.

Sasuke wants to burn it. He’s standing at one of the massive windows, and for a moment, the urge to set the building on fire, to destroy it, rails at his self-control.

The Hokage’s office is as papered with protective jutsu as he remembers, even more so now, than it was the last time he saw Naruto in it, three months ago. Or nearly thirty years into the future, depending from what angle you looked. It didn’t really matter, he supposes. The air is the same. Nitrogen, argon, oxygen. Inflammable. The wards do evaporate rather quickly when one knows how to dispel them - and Sasuke knew a lot of things.

Like how the Yondaime’s security detail rotated into place one hour after he came in. Nobody would check. (Not even after, the ANBU having been taken care of.) They could have a nice little chat, and maybe all the black, bitter things boiling at the back of Sasuke’s throat would still, even just for a little while.