paper fortune

So this little paper game Charlie is playing with Cas? Remember what these are? They are fortune telling games. You put things in there like who you will marry and what your career will be. I just love the symbolism of Cas peering curiously into the fortune telling paper after after an episode full of Metatron making him question everything about his life. 

Does he want to be an angel? Why? What is his mission? Does he miss human feelings? Does he want to experience everything from whipped cream covered waffles to goosebumps? And Cas doesn’t return to heaven with his grace restored. He returns to the Winchesters, to the bunker. To family and hugs and new friends and pizza and beer. 

 So tell me Cas, what is your fortune?

“Dean, but I don’t understand, why a piece of paper can do fortune telling? Like, how does it know we are going to get pizza for dinner tonight? Is it blessed? Dean?”

It’s me again :D Actually I haven’t watched 1018 yet, but my dash tell me many thingsXD Seeing them so happy together and thinking of the things they are going to face, I just… ; w ;

Hey Oncers!!

I made a paper fortune thingy, you know? The thing where you pick a colour and you flip the paper and tells you your fortune? I don’t know how to explain it very well.

These things:

But I made mine Once Upon A Time themed and I was wondering if anyone wanted their fortunes told? :D

All you’ll have to do is pick one of these colours:

  • Heart Red
  • Magic Purple
  • Straw Gold
  • Fairy Blue

And I’ll tell you what you have to choose, then you choose and then I’ll tell you your fortune!!

I’m sorry. It’s after midnight and I’m bored

So I found this fortune that I got on June 15th. After a few months of pretty much dating my boyfriend finally decided to ask me out on September 15th making this fortune scary accurate. Also the fact that 15 is a lucky number on the back makes it that much better! I really can say it had to have been pure luck that brought us together because I don’t know how things could be this perfect otherwise. Which is quite funny seeing as we both have horrible luck. I have never felt this way about anyone before. He completes me in a way no one else can. I just love him so much! ♥


“Paper Fortune” by Le Stack, live at 26 Walnut (St. Catharines, ON)
Filmed & edited by Brendan McCarney (Last Frame Pictures)