paper farms

The Farm

Cynn had finally done it. She was now the owner of a farm. Something
of a dream she had since she was a little girl. Cynn always loved
farms. She could recall the summer vacations of her youth at her aunt
and uncle’s farm. She loved feeding the chickens, pigs, and the other
farm animals. The trips stopped in Cynn’s high school years when her
aunt passed away a few months after her uncle. Cynn’s parents had no
intention of keeping the farm. Didn’t have the time or the desire. But
now with Cynn in her mid 20’s, she could change that.

She found a farm that was going bust. A farm owned by a corporation
was up for sale. Due to a recent merger, the company’s new philosophy
had no room for such interests. The neglected farms they owned started
to lose money. A prime reason to bleed them dry and sell them off.
The assets were mostly liquidated and the properties sold to whoever
wanted them at next to nothing. Cynn seized the opportunity. She was
able to get enough money together to buy a 40-acre farm with a house,
barn with stables, and some small assorted buildings and sheds for
various uses.

As the farm she purchased was abandoned for some months, it was void
of any animals. They were sold off to recoup the losses of a company
that knew little to nothing about farms. Why did a company buy farms
if they knew nothing about farming? Maybe the corporation bought a
company that had many interests and one of them was farming which they
didn’t want anything to do with? Maybe the shakedown in management
left them with no skills to properly run the farms? Whatever the
reason, Cynn didn’t care. Their loss was her gain.

There was some equipment left behind, mostly for maintenance, but
little else. The one thing Cynn always wanted to do was raise
animals, horses in particular. She couldn’t care less about growing
corn or wheat or whatever, she wanted to concentrate on livestock.
Cynn loved riding the horses on her aunt and uncle’s farm. Riding
gave her a feeling of power and independence. She wanted to feel that

In her teen’s, Cynn worked for a horse breeder for a few years. She
became quite good at her job and moved up to management. That career
ended when her boss tried to make a pass at her one night when working
late. This just happened to coincide with her coming across the ad in
the paper for these farms going up for sale. She decided to take a
chance and go for it. Cynn got a business loan, received grant money,
and started her farm. Now all she needed was horses.

Cynn with her connections in the breeding sector was able to get
three fine young stallions and five mares. She even had enough money
left over to stock up on supplies for her and the business for a
few months. And with a year deferment on the bank loan, this left her
with nothing to worry about except run the farm.

Two of the mares Cynn had come into heat soon after arriving on the
property. The other three soon after. This was better luck than she
could have hoped for! Now Cynn was a big woman. In high school, she
could go toe to toe with any girl, and half the guys, and win. What
was also amazing about her was that she was one of the prettiest
girls in the school. She stood six feet four with a voluptuous figure.
Strong as an ox with the beauty of a Miss America. She ran
the farm alone, needing little help. The only time she saw anyone is
when supplies was dropped off. And now that she was stocked up for a
while, no one would be coming by anytime soon. That’s how she liked it,
by herself with no one to bother her.

When the mares were in heat, the young stallions were going crazy.
They were fidgeting around to the point where they were even difficult
for Cynn to handle. One day she forgot to lock the door that
separated them. To Cynn’s surprise, when the stallions started to
mingle with the mares, they had no resistance. The mares allowed the
stallions to mount them over and over again. This is something that
Cynn always like to watch. It would get her horny, watching those
beasts have sex. At times she wishes it was her that the stallions
were mounting. When Cynn would get real horny, she would pull out
this huge dildo that was near the size of a 2 liter pop bottle and
ride it into ecstasy. She worked her way up to that size over time.
Cynn started off with a regular sized one, but quickly got used to it
and needed something bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Now she needed a
new size.

One day when she was watching the horses have sex, she caught a
glimpse of one of the stallion’s penis. It was huge. Thick and long.
Not as long as most horses, but much thicker, a little thicker than
that dildo Cynn has. This horse was having trouble mating due to its
reduced length, but would hit the mark after a few minute of trying.
Cynn thought that even a cock that thick would be uncomfortable for
the mares, but he eased it in and out with no problems. The mare even
seemed to enjoy it by pushing backwards in attempt to meet his
thrusts. Cynn had never seen that before.

A couple of weeks had passed and the mares went out of heat. One of
the stallions calmed down, but the other was still horny, the one with
the thick cock. With the mares separated, he must have been going
crazy. He didn’t jump around too much, but his cock was always semi
erect. Cynn was concerned about his penis getting infected, sticking
out of its sheath nearly all the time. So she thought the best thing
to do was check it out every day to make sure it was okay, after all he
is a vital part of her new enterprise.

It was middle of summer now, the mares are pregnant, and it is hotter
than a half fucked fox in a forest fire. With the farm being secluded,
Cynn usually wore nothing more than a bathing suit. At times she would
turn on a sprinkler for the horses to cool themselves. Sometime she
would join in. Keeping the horses separated, she would spray the mares
down first, then the stallions. When Cynn went to water down the
stallions, one of them was happy enough to lay down in the shade under
the stable awning, something she noticed he liked to do. The other
always came over. The other horses she liked and got along with, but
this one was special, this one she had a bond with. Cynn named this
one Whispers, because he was quiet and hardly ever made a noise of any
kind other than grunt or neigh once in a blue moon.

On one hot day, Cynn was brushing Whispers. When she moved around to
the underside of him, she noticed his sheath. It looked like it was
going to burst. Wondering if something was wrong, Cynn touched it.
Slowly the penis slid out of its rubbery covering. This was the first
time that she was this close to a horses cock out of its sheath,
inches from her face. This made her flash back to when the horses were

Thinking about that made Cynn horny. Wicked thoughts started to race
through Cynn’s mind. When she looked back at the horse, she realized
that she was slowly stroking his penis. Cynn couldn’t get her hand
around it. The size made her think of that dildo she has back in the
house. Cynn was getting too horny, didn’t feel like going back into
the house. “What the heck”, Cynn thought, and started licking the
horses cock. She would lick along his shaft and end up at the head.
With her mouth over tip, she would stick her tongue in his piss hole.
Cynn would pull her mouth off and a long thick string of pre-cum
would run to her tongue, which she suck up and swallowed. Cynn’s
tongue made its way to his balls. They were big as watermelons. They
felt spongy with two hard centers. Cynn would lick from one to the
other from behind the horse. Then she started licking upwards towards
the horse’s anus. Cynn would lick around the hole then slowly stick
her tongue inside seeing what his reaction would be. Whispers
responded by lifting his tail out of the way, inviting her to do more.
Cynn couldn’t believe what she was doing, but kept on doing it
nonetheless. She tongued his hole for a long time. At first his ass
was a little bitter, but that soon gave way to bland, slightly salty
tasting goo. Cynn loved it. When her tongue couldn’t reach in any
further, she stuck in two of her fingers. The response from the horse
was to push back slightly. Cynn sensing that Whispers wanted more,
added another finger, and another, until her hand had disappeared into
her horses anus. Whispers made an unexpected move backwards, sinking
Cynn hand in almost up to her shoulder. And he still wanted more.

There was a cart that had a platform on it that came up to about ass
level with the horse that was a few feet from where they were
standing. Cynn had an idea. If the horse wanted more, then he would
get more, all he could take. Cynn secured the cart so it wouldn’t
move. She brought Whispers over to the cart and backed him up to it.
Cynn was very horny, hot, and sweaty by now. She pulled off her
bathing suit and flung it off to the side. She grabbed a blanket that
was near the door to the stall and hopped up on the cart. She spread
the blanket out on the edge of the cart near the horse and sat down on

Cynn then started to massage the butt crack of the horse with her
foot. Whispers responded by raising his tail. She then found his anus
with her big toe and was rubbing along the opening. From having her
arm inside a short time earlier, the horse’s anus was very slippery.
Whispers was enjoying this feeling and started to push backward as
before. Cynn continued to rub her feet in his ass until she felt her
foot slip inside his anus. The feeling was incredible…for both of
them. Inside his ass it felt hot and soft. This set Cynn on her first
orgasm, on sight alone of her foot in her horses anus. Whispers kept
pushing back until he had her leg in past the knee joint. Cynn
started to move her leg in and out, but Whispers wanted more and
continued to push backwards.

As this continued, it seemed as if Whisper’s anus was getting bigger.
Cynn pulled her leg out and inserted the other one. Her one leg was
coated with a milky colored slippery slime. She scooped some off with
a finger and ate some of it. It tasted good. She wanted to lick her
leg clean, but that would have to come later. Cynn then pulled her
leg out of her horse. She then put both her feet together overlapping
each other and placed them at the entrance to Whispers insides. Moving
her feet slowly up and down, Whispers pushed back. With little effort,
Cynn’s feet slid in. As the horse was getting use to the change in
size, he would push back. Then Whispers started to rock on and off
Cynn’s legs, taking a little more each time he went back. Before
long, both of Cynn’s legs were in up to her knees. All this activity
going on was causing Cynn to have orgasm after orgasm. To Cynn’s
surprise, Whispers kept pushing backwards. Cynn was sitting on the
edge of the cart, but then she picked her ass off the end and pushed
towards the horse. Whispers moved forward slightly which caused Cynn
to be supported by the horse at one end and her shoulders on the edge
on the cart. Cynn was about to pull herself out, thinking that
Whispers had enough. That’s when he started to move backwards again.
All Cynn could do at this point was to hold to the edge of the cart.
Whispers slowly kept pushing backwards. His anus was now stretched up
to her knees. As he continued to push he had her in to her thighs.
Cynn’s body being sweaty made it slippery. Whispers started to push
back in a series of small jerks. Each time he jerked, a little more of
Cynn inched in. After a few minutes, Cynn was in to the bottom of
her butt. She rocketed through another orgasm, more powerful that the
last. Cynn moved her legs a little inside her four legged lover, this
cause him to make a final lunge backward which put Cynn in her horse’s
anus up to her waist. Whispers then moved forward pulling Cynn off
the platform. She was now supported entirely by her horse’s ass. The
hour glass curve and size of her ass kept her from slipping out of her
lovers gripping anus. After what seemed like hours, Cynn felt a
pushing from inside her horse. She could feel his anus clenching and
releasing around her, nearly making her loose her breath. Whispers was
having his first anal orgasm. As the spasms increased, so did the
pressure that was pushing on Cynn. With a loud snort and a short
neigh, Whispers push Cynn from his ass.

Cynn lay on the ground amazed at what happened. Being in the horses
ass for so long make her skin wrinkle a little, like laying in a tub
of water for a while. This make her so horny, she had to have more.
Cynn quickly rinsed herself off and crawled under Whispers. She
started licking his cock as before. Soon it was hard. She wanted to
impale herself on that monster. He had fit her in; she could at least
do the same for him. She grabbed the blanket off the cart and placed
it on a bale of hay. She positioned Whispers over the hay. Cynn then
lay on the hay bale face down and positioned vagina against his
penis. Her cunt was already sopping wet. She just rubbed the head up
and down her opening a few strokes, and then slowly pushed back. Slowly
the huge head of that cock, made it was inside. Cynn decided she
wanted to see the action. She slid forward off his penis, flipped on
her back, and pushed the head back it.

Whispers enjoying this started to push forward. Her own lubrication
and Whisper’s pre-cum was making her entire pelvic region very
slippery. Cynn pulled on one of her butt cheeks far enough to push
two fingers into her anus while guiding Whispers cock into her cunt
with the other. Cynn was now racked with one orgasm after another.

Whispers continued to push his cock into his human lover. Then he
started to stroke, each time getting a little more inside. Whispers
was only about 15 inches long or so, but very thick. As Cynn looked
down at their union, she saw her belly go up and down every time
Whispers stroked. As his pace increased, Cynn knew that he would be
coming soon. Whispers was moving now back and forth quickly, but his
cock didn’t move in and out much. It was at this time his head flared
out. With a cock that big, it must have flared out to the size of a
cantaloupe. As she looked down, her belly looked as if it was 3-4
months pregnant. A few seconds later Whispers released his load into
Cynn’s womb. With his head flared out so much, very little semen
escaped. He pumped his load for at least five minutes. When he was
done, he just stood there for a while. He had pumped so much into her,
she looked like she was 8 months pregnant. With the head still quite
large, but not as large as when he came, Whispers pulled his cock out
of his lover.

Cynn had expected the cum to come rushing out, but instead it came
out very thick and slowly. It was about as thick as toothpaste. When
she bend over to stand up, it squirted out a little faster until she
stood upright. She stood with her legs apart and pushed on her belly.
The thickened goo came out which she caught some in her hand. She held
her hand above her tilted back head. She opened her mouth and poured
the thick semen on to her tongue. Cynn loved the way it tasted. She
did this for at least another ten minutes. When she was done, her
stomach still look pudgy. Oh well she though. It will run out when it
get ready. Whispers laid down on a pile of hay, tuckered out from the
days activities. Cynn washed off and went into the house where she
slept until the next morning.

Cynn awoke the next morning to find that the rest of the semen had
worked it way out during the night and coated her bed sheets. This
made her very horny and she started licking at the sheets. She grabbed
her dildo and slid it in to her cunt and started working it back and
forth in a frenzy. The horse cock was too good. She could never go
back to the dildo now.

It was another hot morning which would turn into another hot day.
Cynn went to check on and take care of the horses as usual. She
noticed that she had started the day without eating breakfast. Guess
it was all that semen, she didn’t need to eat. When Cynn approached
Whispers in the yard, he got a hard on right away. “You’re thinking
the same thing I am”, she thought. She stripped right there. She was
under Whispers sucking away on his cock. This time she managed to get
the head in her mouth. Cynn was concerned that her teeth may hurt his
cock, but it was tough enough to withstand it. She worked her tongue
in and out of his piss slit. Before long Whispers started to make
little bucking motions. The next thing Cynn knew was that his cock
head inflated in her mouth. It felt like it was going to dislocate her
jaw. In a few seconds, Whispers released his load into his mistress’s
mouth. With the inflamed head preventing her from removing his penis
from her mouth, she was forced to drink down at least a quart of horse
sperm without spilling a drop.

After a few minutes the head shrunk down enough for her to pull his
cock from her mouth. She loved the taste and was licking up what was
dribbling from Whisper’s penis. Cynn has some chores to do, so she
cleaned up and finished her duties. After all, Whisper needed time to
build up another load.

The next day was much like the last two, Cynn having sex with her
boyfriend, or should I say horsefriend. The both of them were hot for
each other again. Cynn began by stroking his anus with her tongue.
Whisper wanted to push back, perhaps get her head in his ass. If it
wasn’t for her hair in the way, he could have. She could always wear a
shower cap, but that would be for another day. Cynn had lubed her
anus up real good. She wanted to feel Whisper in her ass. This time
she stood bent over under him after getting him hard, which was easy
now. She took him into her pussy and worked him there for a short
time. Then she pulled him out and placed the head at her anus. Cynn
pushed back, Whisper pushed forward. The head popped inside. Never
before had Cynn’s ass felt so full, and this was just the beginning.
With each thrust his cock went in a little further. When the sheath
was nuzzling against her anus, she started into a string a mind
shattering orgasms. After a little bit longer, she could feel his
balls slapping her cunt. This nearly made Cynn pass out with ecstasy.
Then she felt that now familiar feeling of Whisper’s head swelling up.
Soon he was shooting wad after wad deep into her bowels.

When they were able to separate, she crapped the horse goo into a
small bucket. She then got him hard again and fucked him in her pussy.
After a little longer, he came and filled up her birth canal with
horse jizm. She squatted over the same small bucket and pushed out the
cum. Whisper, now exhausted laid down. Cynn, still very horny, poured
the bucked of thick horse slime in her mouth. She would swish it
around her mouth before swallowing it.

The next month went by. Every day it was the same thing. Cynn would
make sure all the chores were done, and then she would have fun with her
lover, Whisper. Cynn rarely ate since she drank so much horse semen.
After about six weeks into her love affair, she noticed she was
putting on some weight. “Gotta kick back on the extra protein”, she
chuckled to herself. Next thing she knew she was eating like it was
going out of style. She was always hungry, and couldn’t figure out

Another month when by and she gained sixty pounds. It looked as if her
weight was contained to her stomach. Then she realize something,
something that gave her the chills. She hadn’t had her period in two
months. Cynn periods were always quick, only lasting a day or two,
but even then, she should have caught it. “I can’t be pregnant. It
just can’t happen!”, she said out loud. “How will I deliver it if I
am?” she wondered.

Over the next several weeks her appetite was out of control. Cynn ate
from sun up to sun down. Her belly was the size of a large bean bag
chair. She had moved in to one of the sheds because she could no
longer fit through the doorway of the house. She found it difficult to
move around with the load growing in her. Even with this problem, it
didn’t stop her from getting fuck at least once a day. But she had to
restrict it to anal and blowjobs. Cynn’s breasts were huge, filling
up with milk. Each breast had to be the size of ten gallon bucket.
Cynn weighed in at four hundred thirty five pounds.

Cynn thought that maybe the birth won’t be so bad. Her vagina had
dilated like crazy. It was even bigger than it normally was. Sometime
she would try to walk from place to place and the “baby” would kick
and through her off balance. Sometime the feeling of something that
big growing inside her make her horny. It was one of these times she
felt a contraction. A little while later she felt another one, but
stronger. Another one came and her water broke.

This was it, Cynn was in labor.

The only thing Cynn was wearing was a pair of cotton panties; it was
the only thing that still fit. With the contractions hitting, she
couldn’t reach them to pull them off. All she could do was lay on her
back and hope it would all be over soon. After about an hour of
contractions, Cynn felt the urge to push. She pushed hard from her
insides as well as on her belly with her hands. She felt the “baby”
enter her birth canal and start to poke out her vagina. She pushed
again and again, each time the load delivered a little further. As it
started to come out the “baby” started wiggling around a little. This
helped it to ease out. She pushed again as she heard the panties rip
that she couldn’t get at earlier. This wiggle was arousing her. Cynn
actually thought about doing this all over again. That may depend on
what comes out. She had no idea what the child may look like. Would it
be horse, or a mix of the two? She would soon find out. After about a
half hour of pushing, she gave one final big push…

…and it was born.

It was a perfectly formed baby horse, a boy. Cynn grabbed some
scissors nearby and cut the umbilical cord that connected them. In a
few minutes, the placenta oozed out. Just the placenta alone was twice
the size of a human baby. The young newborn horse, have already taken
its first breaths of air was looking for the teat.

In the month that followed, Cynn weaned the young horse. Since then
Cynn has had six horse births. These horses were champions and sold
for hundred thousand each. The way they knew what their owners wanted
and there intelligence was unmatched. This rare possible union produce
offspring that make Cynn rich beyond her wildest dreams, monetarily
speaking of course.

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  1. I’m a neat freak. I guess most of the Virgo does.   
  2. I can’t drink milk but I love all the dairy.
  3. I always try to be positive so I stay away from negative stuff for exp: newspaper
  4. I hope I can have eggs in every meal.
  5. I love connecting with people but not with the phone call.
  6. I hv a weak stomach. Diet mode forever.
  7. Love coffee & tea, love flowers and plants, love the atmosphere while raining. 
  8. I learned English with playing Harvest Moon. My exam paper is all about farm life. (I can relate every title into farm life I feel I’m too pro for this hahaha)
  9. My family is poor when I still was a kid, we’re getting stable when I grow up. I only capable to started learning piano when I was in high school. I cross grade starting from 2nd grade, only attended exam once to 3rd grade. I was in college while preparing for the 4th Grade exam, but assignments forced me to stop everything and focus on my study. Until now, I’m still finding a chance to get back to my piano lesson.
  10. I was working on my OC/story website hopefully everything can be done b4 2018.

askpipsqueek  asked:

The Magician (for Tower)

The Magician: What would your muse draw if given paper and markers?

Farm stuff!! Probably all the pretty plants and fruits and vegetables, especially fruit.

While farmdad isn’t a fruit farmer, one of the neighbors is and Tower will help them out sometimes too!  He loves fruit and thinks they’re all so pretty and colorful so why wouldn’t he draw that when given so many colors!!

anonymous asked:

hey, could I request a scenario? a sorta "just married, moving in" with Harvey? (he/him pronouns for the farmer?) <3

Of course <3 Sorry for the belated response! Been busy the past couple weeks and I just saw this. 

It started as a normal day.

The farmer woke up at 6 am that morning and went about his usual activities. At noon, as he prepared his lunch, he was suddenly awash with a feeling of horror:

Harvey was moving in today, and he had completely forgotten about it.

Luckily, the farmer had a few hours until the doctor would be coming, but in the meantime, he had a LOT of work to do.

He stood in his living room, as if paralyzed from the sudden anxiety. Boxes and papers and miscellaneous farming supplies were scattered about the house. Harvey had never been inside the house, and for good reason: the farmer was a kleptomaniac.

Still, the farmer knew what he had to do. With a swiftness and efficiency that he hadn’t thought possible, he’d managed to sweep the place of all of his embarrassing and slightly disgusting possessions. He’d just finished tucking away some old clothes when the doctor came knocking at the door.

Harvey had rented a small moving truck (which looked more like a small wagon), and he stood in the doorway proudly, with a couple helpful townspeople in tow.

“MC.” He grinned from ear-to-ear, blushing. 

“Come on in!” The farmer gave Harvey a quick hug before ushering him in. He glanced around the house with a last burst of nervousness. God, if there was anything he’d missed…

“Let’s make a game plan. What’s going where?” 

Harvey pondered the farmer’s question, assessing his surroundings. His eyes suddenly lit up.

“Hey, this will make for some nice storage!” He made a beeline for the closet just off of the main hallway.

“Harvey, no, wait!” The farmer panicked and raced towards his husband. 

It was too late. Harvey whipped the closet door open, only to get rained on by a multitude of junk. He jumped back in surprise, and the farmer flushed with shame. 

“What’s all this?” The doctor asked. He picked an old photo album off the ground. He smiled mischievously. “Is this what I think it is?”

“Harvey, no!” The farmer cried, mortified. Harvey was already flipping through the pages, oohing and aahing over the various embarrassing baby photos and family portraits. 

“Look at you!” Harvey laughed and smiled as he continued poring over the pages. He looked up at the farmer with adoration. “You were perfect from day one.” 

The farmer said nothing, but reddened furiously.

“I didn’t want anyone to see this stuff.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know…it’s just embarrassing, I guess.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about, MC.” The doctor pulled him in for a hug. “I love everything about you. I don’t want you to hide things from me. Even your tendency to hoard.” He pulled away and brushed the farmer’s cheek affectionately. “And if it makes you feel better, I’ll let you see my childhood photos, too. I was fat back then. You’d love it.”

“You were fat?!” The farmer’s mood immediately lifted. “Oh, my God.” 

“Hey! Are you going to leave us out here all day or what?” Marnie cried from the front yard.

“Our future beckons.” Harvey practically skipped out the door. The farmer stood reflectively for a moment, overcome with a warmth that even that summer’s sun could not match.

A morning with Jimin

My Jin peasant @lovelast95 went crazy and requested Jimin fluff this time!


“Jiminnie! Get up! We have a lot to do!”

Your voice reached his ears, but the guy just wrapped the blanket tighter around himself and rolled to his side, turning his back at you.

You sighed. He was always like this when you needed him to do something for you in the early morning.

“JAAAA-GIIIIII, get up! Do you know how long it will take us to drive to the farm?” you tried again, this time hearing him grunt and then he put a pillow over his head.

You had seen an ad in the paper about a farm market and you were after the goodies since your parents were coming over in a few days. You wanted to cook something delicious, but now thanks to Jimin you weren’t going to get any of the things on your list - so you did what any reasonable girl friend would: kick him off the bed.

“YAH!!” Jimin shouted when you saw his sleepy and annoyed face again. He narrowed his eyes as you laid lazily on the bed, one eyebrow up. “You deserved it” you told him and Jimin tried to express his extreme hate, but he looked like a little pouty kid with his messy and fluffy hair.

Without a warning Jimin got up and jumped to the bed, trapping you under him.

He held you there for a while, looking as if he was planning a revenge, but then the sleepiness took over and he just collapsed on you.

“Jimin, uhg, you’re, ugh, heavy!” you told him, trying to push him away, but he just let out the cutest squeal ever and wrapped his limbs tight around you. His killer thighs, each on one side of you, were squeezing you to stay in place.

You sighed again. “Jimin, I’m not your teddy bear. Let’s go, big boy” you said and struggled to reach to pat his back like he was a baby.

He rubbed himself against you when he took a better hold of you. “You’re wrong” he said cutely, “you’re my teddy now.” Then he loosened his hold for a moment to take a look at your face. He was all smiles, making his eyes turn into adorable lines.

Jimin chuckled and pinched your nose. “Cute” was all he said before he gently put his head next to yours. When you didn’t react he squeezed you tight again.

“Hey” he got pouty again when you still pretended not to be excited. In reality you were starting to feel dangerously playful - if you had let go in that moment you two would have ended up teasing each other all morning and chasing one another around the flat.

“Heeeeeey” Jimin said louder and shook you, “show me some love, jagi.”

You had to count to ten to keep your calm. Jimin was getting cuter every second. There was only one way to survive and it was to escape so you changed your tactic.

You surprised Jimin by leaning onto him, rolling him on his back. He put his hands slightly on your waist by instinct and there was a confused look to his eyes when you bit your lip and got closer.

“Do you want to hold me that much?” you asked him seductively, getting a response immediately. Jimin grinned and got a bit shy. “Maybe…” he said.

You caressed his chest and arms, pulling his hands into yours.

“You’re so sexy these days. Lean muscles and your skin is super soft…” you said and you could feel Jimin’s body tense up.

“Yeah?” he asked, his voice showing signs of arousal.

“There’s so much what you could do with all this energy in you…” you said with a wink.

Jimin’s expression changed for good into a sly smile. “Ah, jagi, what would you like me to do with my strong body?” he asked you and licked his lips.

You leaned to whisper into his ear:

“Carry 10 kilos of fresh vegetables I’m gonna buy at the farm market after you first drive me there.”

“YAAAH!” Jimin moaned with a very unsatisfied tone when you got up, leaving him laying alone on the bed.

“You promised, Jimin!” you told him and angrily started to tug his blanket.

Hurriedly Jimin grabbed it. “NO! Not the blanket!” he shouted, but you pulled harder and harder. Jimin was stronger to you had to use your whole body and then suddenly the blanket slipped in Jimin’s hands and you fell on the floor with a loud thud.

Jimin got up in seconds and rushed to you. You were holding your head and muttering curses.

“Oh my god, jagi, are you okay?” Jimin asked you and helped you sit up.

That’s when you cut the act and smiled: “HA! At least you got up!”

Jimin was confused.

“You’re not hurt?”


“But you fell pretty hard…” he worried, but your victorious smile convinced him.

“Fine, I’ll go to the stupid market with you…” Jimin pouted  and you two got on your feet.

You clung onto his arm and ran your finger on the muscles. “Oppa is so strong I need him to come with me to help me carry things” you said with a lot of aegyo.

Jimin’s heart melted and he blushed.

“Ah, jagi, stop that” he said even though you could tell he secretly loved the way you cutely blinked back at him.

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