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A morning with Jimin

My Jin peasant @lovelast95 went crazy and requested Jimin fluff this time!


“Jiminnie! Get up! We have a lot to do!”

Your voice reached his ears, but the guy just wrapped the blanket tighter around himself and rolled to his side, turning his back at you.

You sighed. He was always like this when you needed him to do something for you in the early morning.

“JAAAA-GIIIIII, get up! Do you know how long it will take us to drive to the farm?” you tried again, this time hearing him grunt and then he put a pillow over his head.

You had seen an ad in the paper about a farm market and you were after the goodies since your parents were coming over in a few days. You wanted to cook something delicious, but now thanks to Jimin you weren’t going to get any of the things on your list - so you did what any reasonable girl friend would: kick him off the bed.

“YAH!!” Jimin shouted when you saw his sleepy and annoyed face again. He narrowed his eyes as you laid lazily on the bed, one eyebrow up. “You deserved it” you told him and Jimin tried to express his extreme hate, but he looked like a little pouty kid with his messy and fluffy hair.

Without a warning Jimin got up and jumped to the bed, trapping you under him.

He held you there for a while, looking as if he was planning a revenge, but then the sleepiness took over and he just collapsed on you.

“Jimin, uhg, you’re, ugh, heavy!” you told him, trying to push him away, but he just let out the cutest squeal ever and wrapped his limbs tight around you. His killer thighs, each on one side of you, were squeezing you to stay in place.

You sighed again. “Jimin, I’m not your teddy bear. Let’s go, big boy” you said and struggled to reach to pat his back like he was a baby.

He rubbed himself against you when he took a better hold of you. “You’re wrong” he said cutely, “you’re my teddy now.” Then he loosened his hold for a moment to take a look at your face. He was all smiles, making his eyes turn into adorable lines.

Jimin chuckled and pinched your nose. “Cute” was all he said before he gently put his head next to yours. When you didn’t react he squeezed you tight again.

“Hey” he got pouty again when you still pretended not to be excited. In reality you were starting to feel dangerously playful - if you had let go in that moment you two would have ended up teasing each other all morning and chasing one another around the flat.

“Heeeeeey” Jimin said louder and shook you, “show me some love, jagi.”

You had to count to ten to keep your calm. Jimin was getting cuter every second. There was only one way to survive and it was to escape so you changed your tactic.

You surprised Jimin by leaning onto him, rolling him on his back. He put his hands slightly on your waist by instinct and there was a confused look to his eyes when you bit your lip and got closer.

“Do you want to hold me that much?” you asked him seductively, getting a response immediately. Jimin grinned and got a bit shy. “Maybe…” he said.

You caressed his chest and arms, pulling his hands into yours.

“You’re so sexy these days. Lean muscles and your skin is super soft…” you said and you could feel Jimin’s body tense up.

“Yeah?” he asked, his voice showing signs of arousal.

“There’s so much what you could do with all this energy in you…” you said with a wink.

Jimin’s expression changed for good into a sly smile. “Ah, jagi, what would you like me to do with my strong body?” he asked you and licked his lips.

You leaned to whisper into his ear:

“Carry 10 kilos of fresh vegetables I’m gonna buy at the farm market after you first drive me there.”

“YAAAH!” Jimin moaned with a very unsatisfied tone when you got up, leaving him laying alone on the bed.

“You promised, Jimin!” you told him and angrily started to tug his blanket.

Hurriedly Jimin grabbed it. “NO! Not the blanket!” he shouted, but you pulled harder and harder. Jimin was stronger to you had to use your whole body and then suddenly the blanket slipped in Jimin’s hands and you fell on the floor with a loud thud.

Jimin got up in seconds and rushed to you. You were holding your head and muttering curses.

“Oh my god, jagi, are you okay?” Jimin asked you and helped you sit up.

That’s when you cut the act and smiled: “HA! At least you got up!”

Jimin was confused.

“You’re not hurt?”


“But you fell pretty hard…” he worried, but your victorious smile convinced him.

“Fine, I’ll go to the stupid market with you…” Jimin pouted  and you two got on your feet.

You clung onto his arm and ran your finger on the muscles. “Oppa is so strong I need him to come with me to help me carry things” you said with a lot of aegyo.

Jimin’s heart melted and he blushed.

“Ah, jagi, stop that” he said even though you could tell he secretly loved the way you cutely blinked back at him.

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