paper faces on parade!

Hey, Zootopia Fans! I have some old sketches I’m clearing out… I figured they’d be better off in a loving home than sitting in a box. <3

Numbers with prices below the cut, message/ask me if interested!

[EDIT] If there’s one you saw from me in the past that is not listed, send me a note and I’ll see if i still have it!

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Akande: I’m going to need you to get to work on our outfits for the upcoming masquerade–

Gabe *with perked up ears* : Masquerade?

Akande: Yes. I need you to –

Gabe: Masquerade! Paper faces on parade!

Akande: Please stop–

Gabe *starting to dramatically put on a Phantom of the Opera mask*: Masquerade! Hide your face so the world will never find you!

Akande: Are you done yet?

Gabe: No. I’ll get to work on the outfits but I’ll be blasting the entire soundtrack while I work on them. Also, I get to look like the Phantom of the Opera.

Akande: If it gets you to stop singing.

Gabe: No promises.

Life Lessons Musical Theater has taught me
  • No one is alone – Into the Woods
  • If nobody loves me now, someday somebody will – The Heathers
  • If you won’t grieve me, you won’t leave me behind – Next to Normal
  • If I’m flying solo, at least I’m flying free – Wicked
  • Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise – Les Miserables
  • Dreams are not enough to win a war, out here they’re always keeping score – Sunset Boulevard
  • Let’s give them hell, Bryce, we’ll cry a little later, well, Bryce, that’s life in the theatre – Funny Girl
  • Masquerade, paper faces on parade, masquerade, hide your face so the world will never find you – Phantom of the Opera
  • We love, we live, we give what we can give, and take what little we deserve – Love Never Dies
  • Measure your life in love – Rent
  • Don’t you know, silly man, half the fun is to plan the plan? – Sweeney Todd
  • For I know I shall find my own peace of mind, for I have been promised a land of my own – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat
  • Nothing can break us, no one can make us give our rights away – Newsies
  • I’m not afraid of stopping, this end could be my start. I wanna live a life and not just play a part. – Catch Me If You Can
  • I won’t recall the names and places of each sad occasion, but that’s no consolation, here and now – Evita
A Monster for a Mate -  Chapter 1


Table of Contents (in progress)

A/N:  Let’s find out a little about our OC, shall we?  



May, 2016

So, where does this story begin?

Some would say in September of 1989, when a wounded It went deep into the earth to heal, sleep… and to plot.  Some would say it begins when It awoke once more, in the summer of 2015 to feed upon Its game.  There are those who say it begins upon my own awakening, nine years prior in the fall of 2008.  Others would argue that it begins on the day I met Pennywise the Clown.  And then there are those who go off the deep end, who begin to rant about how Pennywise was doomed the moment Its opposing force, some great big Turtle floating in space, choked on a couple of galaxies.  But all I know, all I remember, are the ramblings of some madman dressed in a crisp black suit.  He spoke as if from far away, spinning a tall tale of how the balance of some cosmic, mythological structure in the blackness behind the universe hung by the guardians of the beams.  He talked of how they all needed to come down. It all seemed ludicrous then, but now I know that he spoke as though I would somehow come to play a part in it all. Perhaps his words held no real meaning, perhaps they were simply the disjointed, incoherent, and angry mumbo jumbo of some space lunatic.  

But now I know he spoke of It, and the one certainty which came to pass years later.  And now, in these short, few months in which I fell under the spell of Pennywise’s guises and floated in the deadlights that danced in his eyes, I grew to understand him.  To like him, need him.  Love him?  Maybe.  Yes, maybe that too.

“Shh, there there,” I whisper as I place the small, warm bundle in the nest.  A sound that is both a sigh and a chuckle escapes my lips as the bundle stirs and begins to whine, then quiets and goes still.  Part of me wants her to wake just so I can look into her eyes and fall in love all over again with those two, shining yellow embers.  Instead, my hand reaches out and I smooth back the red wisps of hair that stubbornly stick out around her head.

Just then, the fear strikes me.  It is a primeval cold that seeps into my bones and makes me stiff with dread.  The fear is not my own, and I cannot truly rationalize it, but it still leaves me paralyzed, and against my nature, I fear my own mortality.

“They’re coming” the voice behind me says.  I turn to find Pennywise entering the nest.  He collapses in my arms, and I try my best to soothe that fear, that white silver pain that leaves him blind and terrified.  

“They can’t kill you” I say, wrapping my entire body around him.  “You can be hurt, threatened, cornered.  But never killed.  You’re the Eternal, the Eater of Worlds”

He shudders, and my embrace tightens.  

“Do you hear me?” I say forcefully, pulling back to look him in the face.  He nods frantically, trying his best to smile and look composed, but I see the desperation in his eyes.  They’re bloodshot, and the black kohl around his eyes is glistening with tears.

“I called for them.  I sent them my calling card in blood.  And when they get here I will kill them all!  I will cast them, shrieking and insane into the deadlights.  And then…”

“…we will feast” we say together “and doze for a while”

He presses his lips to mine, and as I taste the sweetness of his mouth, I feel his lips tremble.  The words of that man in black come to mind once more, and I can’t help but think that the ka-tet of six who were once seven are agents of that man.  Or perhaps… I was.

The portal must remain open” were the last words he had said before he disappeared into the bustle of Main Street, leaving me stranded in a town I did not know.

So, where does this story begin?

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Rec: Crack Reylo

The real goofy stuff that makes you feel good? I got it. Will edit as more are found/written; suggestions welcome! 

+ - fic is mature/explicit

* - fic is incomplete 


Crashing by shipatfirstsight

Undercover Adventures by orangelightsaber

* Palindrome by Nightmarish

* How to Win a Girl by Relying on my Grandfather’s Memoirs: The Vampiresque Adventures of Kyle Ron by rachel_greatest

The Scavenger and the Monster Strike up a Romance by mos

* Maskbook: a Dark Lord Social Network by Opheline

* Space and Bureaucracy by MissDorktastic

Not Your Regular Date Doctor by Artemis1000

*+ Do Not Touch by ierackus

no rest for the wicked by lilacsanonymous (orphan_account)

*+ Chivalry Isn’t Dead, It Just Joined the Dark Side by frackin_sweet and hato

*+ Bad Neighbours by kuresoto

* One Month Vacation by kuresoto

+ Desperado: The American Outlaw by ReyloRobyn2011 and Shwtlee

+ Paper Faces On Parade by DragonWhiskers

+ Master of Disguise by ladyazura

*+ Fate is a Blind Bantha by ElmiDol

* Kylo Ren needs to Chill (aka my shitty star wars au) by darknessandrageandkittens

* Bunheads by aMassiveDisappointment (BadOldWest)

* Small Tokens by Tuli_Azzameen


+ The First Order Solutions series by kuresoto

+ The Undercover series by eruanna_took

+ The Drunken Reylo series by mythbusterposey

+ The How to Train Your Supreme Leader series by LadyIce

The Basket of Fruit series by ruuutabaga

+ The Pure Unadulterated Crack series by Thelittlescrimshaw


no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep by LovelyThings

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1 - Very Unsatisfied by the-reylo-void (Anysia)

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For Official Use Only by FoxesDance

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+ On Endor, Ewoks, and How to Host a Spectacular Treehouse Sleepover by Mster70

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+ froot (i’ve been saving all my summers for you) by kuresoto

anonymous asked:

this is super random, but do you have any Jily / marauders fic recs?


  • the life and times is my absolute favorite fic and i pretty much consider it canon (36 long ass chapters, complete)
  • snaps is a oneshot that takes place in the same universe as the life and times (1 chapter, complete)
  • the shoebox project a mostly marauder era fic complete with drawings (28 chapters, complete)
  • that potter boy (1 chapter, complete)
  • redundancy revamped this one is freaking adorable & makes me very happy inside (1 chapter, complete)
  • impending doom this one takes place from sirius’ point of view and will never not make me laugh (one chapter, complete)
  • a question (one chapter, complete)
  • that elusive aha moment multiple points of view (one chapter, complete)
  • the best man’s speech sirius, remus, and peter’s speeches at james and lily’s wedding (3 chapters, complete)
  • boyfriend this first in a trilogy & a “we have to pretend we’re dating for reasons” au (17 chapters, complete)
  • the pensieve series these three will make you cry your eyes out if your sirius trash like i am (3 parts, complete?)

Paper Faces on Parade - Jon/Sansa for @valar-morekinks round 4.0

“You’re telling me you didn’t recognize me?”

Jon huffs and rolls his eyes, half turns away from her as he takes a step away, back towards the ballroom full of boozy laughter and jazz band renditions of pop songs. Her heart pounds, pulse a panic at the thought that he’s walking away again. It’s for Aegon, right?


No, it wasn’t, and she can be as defensive as she wants with him, but it doesn’t erase the fact that the second Jon slipped outside and she saw it was him, her heart leapt like a gazelle, that she very nearly ran to him as quick as one.

“Of course I recognized you,” he mutters, dress shoes scraping on the damp brick beneath their feet as he turns back towards her, though his eyes are downcast, grey shadowed to black from his mask and the late hour. “Even with that green dye in your hair, I recognized you from across the room.”

“So did I,” she murmurs without thinking, and she wishes she had accepted another glass of champagne before she came outside, not that she isn’t fizzing over as it is, half-drunk from the lightheaded way she always feels during confrontation, no matter how polite. “I think I have you memorized.”