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What a character!

Eddie Redmayne’s roles in iconic stories have seen him become the subject of off-screen imagery and merchandising — from fan-made creations to major image licensing.

1. “Unofficial colouring book,” part of a series of celebrity booklets, by Mel Elliott.

2. Balem Abrasax and Marius paper dolls by Cory Jensen.

3. Marius Muppet on Les Mis parody, “Les Mousserables” on Sesame Street.

4. Fan-made Marius and Newt Scamander dolls sold on Etsy.

5. Eddie portrait as Lili Elbe, in the style of Gerda Wegener, commissioned for use in The Danish Girl.

6. Funko Pop figurines of Newt Scamander.

7. Star Ace Toys Ltd. scale size replica doll of Newt Scamander. 

8. Newt Scamander emoji for Twitter from Warner Bros.

9. Lego Dimensions Newt Scamander for Fantastic Beasts.

10. Eddie Redmayne 2016 calendar, sold on eBay (until photographers challenged unauthorized use of their work for profit).

11. Eddie as Jack Jackson in Pillars of the Earth video game from Daedalic Entertainment.

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Home economics is a different story.

They’re chosen at random for that—that’s the fun of it, Mr. Matthews articulates. There are two hats, both containing a ripped assortment of student names that are separated by gender. This experiment involves a husband, a wife, and one of those creepy-looking baby dolls you can get at a local toy store. (the ones with the bug-like eyes and a diaper and stringy hair) The doll is wired to cry, to release gases, drool, and leak, and Maya would rather take a biology exam than have to take care of this thing for a week.

They’re paired up together, and she only feels a little guilty for thinking Lucas rigged it. When Mr. Matthews had read his name right after hers, she instantly groans aloud, whining a long why, dreadfully.

“Is there a problem, Miss Hart?” her teacher asks.


“Would you like to file for a divorce?” he proceeds.

“Yes,” Maya repeats. Lucas Friar would make her take care of the fake baby for an equal amount of days and would have her do half the work and treat her as an equal and most importantly—he was uncontrollable and she needed someone she could walk all over and who’d be willing to do all the work for her, yet still write her name down beside theirs to get the same amount of credit. She needed a boy version of Riley. Maybe Farkle.

“Mister Friar, do you give your consent for this separation?”

And she prays that he’ll just acquiesce and let it go since Riley’s still available for a mate, anyway. Mr. Matthews was giving him a free-card out of this situation, too. He should take it since he can. But of course, he totally doesn’t.

But baby,” he coos, all pretend-like and husbandly behind her and she wants to crush his smug face. “I think we can save our marriage, as long as we try. You can’t run out on me now, we have a child!”

Asshole. He’s Lucas Friar and he catches her off guard just as much as she does him. He plays the game she’d invented so well, and she absolutely hates him for it.

“It seems like your husband refuses to sign the papers, Mrs. Friar,” Cory Matthews concludes before thrusting a doll into her hands. “So congratulations, it’s a boy!”

She pivots her head afterward, slowly and menacingly toward the boy behind her. Her eyes are sharp against his and his shit-eating grin is too, too infuriating. She’s going to lose it. Her tone is venomous and quiet when she talks, “I’m going to make this marriage a living hell for you.”

“Let’s see you try,” he shoots back, and he does that infamous cowboy nod with that infamous douchebag wink and she decides she’s aiming for his face the next time she has a softball in her hand.

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HAPPY VILLAINTINE’S DAY!!! This year on February 14, show your Disney loving friends and family how much you care with their favorite Disney Villain! They may look cute but they still have some not so sweet things to say! This is the first set, the second will be posted very soon! I hope you will enjoy them and share them with your friends! <3

Yesterday was the first day of fall which means…Pumpkin Spice…Pumpkin Spice everywhere!!! So Elsa and Anna wanted to join in the fun! Haha This is just a rough concept for outfits I am making for my Elsa and Anna paper dolls. Along the lines of the spring outfits in Frozen Fever!

Please check out my  new RedBubble shop! I have my Designer Mersister artwork avaliable on shirts and stickers! A portion of the proceeds in the month of June will be donated to the American Red Cross in Orlando! The recent events in Orlando are hertbreaking and my heart breaks for all those affected! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love will always win!