paper dolls


Hello everyone!! Behold!! Shirogane The black Paladin’s Paper doll kits are here!! 

I planned this to be on the sale.. but I change my mine..! 
If I’m going to draw some more paladin dress up paper dolls, I may going change my mind..later.. But NOW!!

I want yo guys to know how fun to dress up my fav Paladin in Voltron!!

Please love him and dress him as you please with love.!!

*Warning* This artworks is copyright by Moto0207, and DO NOT re-post or use it as profit without permission!!



Alright. Phew. It’s been a looooooooooong time coming but @blackindiaink and I have finally gotten the first book in our first joint series ready enough to put out there for anyone who might be interested in reading something new!

The series is called PAPER DOLLS and we’re putting the first book up for $.99 on Amazon (we’re hoping to have a paperback version as well, for gifts and things, but that’s taking us a bit longer because of formatting issues). The story will be enrolled in KDP which means anyone who has a Amazon - Kindle Unlimited subscription will be able to read it for free

The main focus of the series is a romance between two original gay female characters.

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Yuri!!! on Ice paper dolls! 

I posted them separately before, so here they are all together. They’re very therapeutic to make if you’ve got the time and focus for something a bit meticulous. 

Tip: if you’re printing them out on A4 (printer) paper, use a glue stick to glue the template to another sheet of paper to make it thicker and easier to fold without it collapsing~ 

EDIT: I fixed Viktor’s face (it was a bit skewed), added RUSSIA to Yuri’s jacket, and made them larger/higher res-ish. ; w ;


I can’t believe I finally finished this long overdue project! It’s my first attempt at creating a special something that I’ve loved ever since I was very little: paper dolls! And of course, combined with Doctor Who! I hope you enjoy playing with it as much as I loved putting it all together! He has just been added to the shop and I’ll start shipping the first orders soon! Also, I’ll post other pictures on my Instagram so you can see how to place the outfits on him!

Bye bye for now!   


Origami paper and washi paper doll by Pat M2007
Via Flickr:
Origami Kaikan - International Origami Centre Ochanomizu, Tokyo