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Prepping your print from file to finish:

I always hear people complaining about how much better the piece looked digitally, SO, here is a run down on how to get prints that look more like your original piece.

First of all, every printer is different.  Every paper is different.  Make sure you take the time to do test prints and become familiar with how your printer and paper combo work, as you’ll rarely nail a print your first try.  This one took about 5 test prints before I was confident to print on the expensive large paper Every time I mess up on a print, I save the remaining paper to use as scraps for test prints.

As you can see, the original piece looks very nice!  The focus is super strongly on the tiger, and all of the vibrant colors are still super evident in the background.  That said, when I print it as is, everything about 85% gray or darker turns BLACK.  And this is high quality paper designed to get accurate vibrant colors, too.

The best way to fix this is to do layer effects.  Brightness/contrast is my favorite, as a typical piece will generally print about 5x better if you up the brightness to around 15-25, and adjust the contrast up or down by 5-10 points.  That said, if you have a HIGH contrast piece (Darks against brights) like this one, you typically need to do a few more steps.

Often I’ll do a second brightness/contrast adjustment layer and push brightness to an obnoxious level so the darkest darks are closer to a mid-dark range.  From there, I’ll create a mask and use a transparent gradient tool to slowly pull back the brightness on all of the lighter areas of the image.

Additionally, due to printers using CMYK and your screen being RBG certain colors just physically CANNOT print.  Some people will always work in CMYK because of this, but honestly I like my saturated colors and most of my work is intended to be seen digitally so I only ever work in RGB.  Photoshop has a nifty toggle (Ctrl + Y) where you can toggle between CMYK and RGB view to see how your piece will appear when it prints.  It’s useful to check this because if you worked in a color that cannot replicate in print, you may want to shift it entirely before you even bother printing.

Artwork tends to desaturate a bit as it prints, so I’ll often make a Hue/saturation layer to play with, too.  In this case the image was already pretty damn saturated, BUT some of the shadows on the tiger were printing more brown than orange, so I adjusted the saturation a bit to keep them vibrant with the rest of the image.
**DO NOT use “Lightness” to lighten your image!  It basically adds a white overlay to your image.  Always use Brightness, instead.

After all of that, I have a final print that much more closely captures the essence of the original painting.  I could have tinkered even more, but to me the goal is a good print rather than an exact copy. 

For ULTRA high contrast images, like a dark room looking out into a snowy exterior, expect to do a LOT of adjustment to get it to print correctly.  Printers just aren’t too fond of super darks right up against super lights.

I could make a proper tutorial on this if people request it.  Mostly, just wanted to put my thoughts down in one spot!

My goodness

I thought of a slightly different interpretation of the pj daycare au and… Now I’m doodling it out…

(Basically the differences are: Fresh is possessing a small skeleton child and he’s around the same age he usually is (possessed a child due to needing a host fast), fresh isn’t related to error and geno due to the previous change, and yeah it’ll end up as freshpaper and I’m kicking myself for it cause I need to focus on SO MANY OTHER THINGS)

June 16th - Happy Genderfluid Pride Day! 

can I get a HECK YEAH for canon genderfluid PJ? 

They’re also canonically what, demiromantic ace? I coulda put them for those days but hahahahahhhh I didn’t have anyone else for genderfluid pride :’) Trying to not use characters twice and yet have enough representation for 30 days is freaking difficult jfc

(also I know that PJ predominantly uses male pronouns but damn I really like the way neutral pronouns sound when used in context with PJ)

The lovely Paper Jam belongs to @7goodangel

murdermage  asked:

slides u this (ง ◕ั⌑◕ั)ว ⁾ and one whole dollar

Chii has way too much fun making Fankids || Accepting!

NAME: Phoebe [ means bright like papa Robin, and is also the name of a moon goddess. It’s also a type of bird! ]
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: See below. Like Henry, her eyes are always closed.
PERSONALITY: Ended up with Henry’s sense of humour and cheer, but is a bit more reserved and quiet than he is– Likely the result of being the middle child between Corbett and Morgan. Can get a bit broody; Again, probably because she is the middle child. 
FUTURE: Has a bright future in the magical community, to be sure, being born to two incredibly powerful mages. Being the avatar’s child, of course, she’ll likely adapt to anything she takes up easily. I can see her wanting to take up Henry’s research on curses and continue his work to better the lives around her. Class wise… I see her as a sorcerer.
FIRST LOVE: (Shrug emoji?) Probably ends up with a brief crush on one of the other children. Teases Corbett endlessly about Irene, though.

incidentally, i like the idea of corbett’s fell brand being on his back, between his shoulder blades– and morgan’s is on her hand like robin’s!


Evolution of a portrait.

In light of morning it’s amazing how many things seem glaringly obvious. Sometimes you see entire objects are in the wrong place/scale. I decided to bite the bullet and rub out large portions. Nose and mouth too small, face too wide, eyes looking in different directions… It’s the corners and the twiddles that take a portrait from looking slightly like someone to grasping a persons’ likeness. I find it ebbs and flows as you progress. Not panicking on the ebbs helps, it’s all part of the process. Drawing is series of mistakes and rethinks. Keep going you’ll get there.

The blue drawing is the end of last night, this morning I realised his chin was in the wrong place… I’ve gone back to it 3 times today. Not sure I’d use this paper and pencil combo again (Bristol with mechanical hb - perhaps an f would have been better), shading gets very dark and very smudgy. I keep on taking it out and redoing.

OK - seems like impostor’s account was hidden until they change the username! 

So time for some good positive stuff - DOODLES!!!

(some flapjack octopuses!)

(a drawing of topless PJ and Ubi (a Swap!PJ i designed) for kicks and giggles)

(Omni [ @cereusblue ] and baby Mono [ @skoopskoop ] doodle)

And on amino I joined the Integrity team - so here is the image I did for them!

Hope you all have a great rest of April! See you all in MAY!!! ^^

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Hey i wanna thank you for making paperjam he is my number one he and me are the same I really love it but can I ask does he have a girlfriend just asking sorry if it sounds weird *blush*

[[Awww gosh that is so kind of you to say! And as for the question…:]]

PJ: “Probably more like… um…”

Omni: “ ‘Significant other’? “

PJ: “Yes. That’s the term.”


PJ: Though…again…are you sure you are fine with me holding you? What about…

Omni: Your ink? Yes - I am fine PJ. I got several hoodies like this. Plus I know how to get the stains out.

PJ: I-if you say so…

[[But yeee original/canon PJ is with Omni (a Pluris)]]

Omni by CereusBlue