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Byun Baekhyun//Psych - Part 1

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Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (Part 1/6)
Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 5,972

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Word Count: 2039

Pairing: Past Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN typical violence, Canon divergence, Torture, Major character death

A/N: Written for @nichelle-my-belle ‘s angst challenge. My prompt was “It takes a monster to destroy a monster.” This gave me such a hard time and it’s kind of erratic and choppy and doesn’t make much sense to me, but I’ve given up on it and it’s just being posted.

Follow up to Masterpieces

“Dean, please. This isn’t you.” You begged, tears streaming down your face, trying desperately to reach the Dean you once knew. You were tied spread eagle to the rack, practically naked, scraps of clothes barely covering you. “Don’t let him ruin you.”


“Oh, but it is me.” Dean slid the razor from your neck down your chest before finally shoving it in, next to your heart. You let out an ear piercing scream and sobbed yourself hoarse while Dean continued to carve and Alastair put you back together, letting Dean carve you to pieces over and over and over.


Dean woke with a start; sweat dripping down his face and tears in his eyes, your name on his lips. “Dean?” Sam questioned. “Y/N again?”

“What I did to her…” Dean swallowed thickly, choking back tears. “Sammy, I tore her apart. She begged me not to and I just laughed at her and did it anyway.”

“Dean, it wasn’t you.” Sam sat next to Dean on the bed, trying to figure out a way to comfort him.

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okay okay but imagine inej as the little mermaid (a kanej au)

- princess inej, the youngest daughter of the sea king & who’s always been so loved and cared for but never spoiled or pampered
- she’s always been SO fascinated with humans & the human world and she collects all kinds of trinkets that come from land even if they make zero sense to her
- including a pair of rubber sole slippers that do nothing underwater but can stick to the rocks and it’s like they’re MADE FOR SOMETHING but she just doesn’t know what and she’s dying to find out
- scuttle (jesper) suggests it’s probably some sort of jewellery like you string them up around your neck and they hang nicely like seashells and add a little smth to your outfit (A Look if you ask me)
- but inej’s biggest dream is to have human legs so she can dance and jump and climb things bc she can’t do any of that under the sea(.mp3) and she just has this itch, this DRIVE to do these things bc this is what she thinks true freedom feels like - to run not just from but toward something
- kaz is just a bonus but she also sees that he has a cane and she (being completely unaware about how human legs & bodies in general work) just wants to get to know him, to know why he always wears gloves and has a perpetual frown that only goes away when his pockets are full of these mysterious green paper tissues he loves so much
- nina (originally flounders), inej’s best friend, is always there to help her on her treasure hunts and she falls in love with a sailor named matthias who, too, shares kaz’s perpetual frown. they think it must be a common human thing so once inej gets her legs she does it so much kaz literally asks her if she’s okay bc she keeps frowning and making all these weird faces
- human!inej: blows her nose in one of kaz’s strange green tissues and he is Appalled but also stunned bc like,, who’d do that WHO’D WASTE KRUGE LIKE THAT no one human who knows the value of $$$$ that’s for sure (she also tries to chew them in case they’re like seaweed a.k.a edible?? but it turns out they’re not what a massive disappointment)
- BUT ANYWAY i digress: triton finds out about inej’s dreams and sends her to her ocean chambers but ofc inej ghafa doesn’t just give up so she goes to seek help from the sea witch (tante heleen) despite everyone telling her not to
- she’s nothing like ursula okay she’s vicious and vile and utterly cruel and can’t hit a high note to save her life so no THESE POOR UNFORTUNATE SOOOOoOOOOoOULS for you sorry
- she gives inej legs and she’s like ‘you’re going to become a shadow without your voice and if you don’t make him fall in love with you i’m going to turn you back to your original mermaid form AND have your human legs for myself + your voice”
- inej: but that’s not fai-
- tante: you don’t have a voice suddenly i don’t know
- joke’s on her tho bc everyone falls in love with her INCLUDING kaz bc she’s like a shadow and she’s literally like a professional spy and she’s quiet, resourceful and courageous, more courageous than most humans he knows
- thing is, kaz has a secret of his own and it’s the inability to touch or kiss her without being triggered and experiencing a violent episode of ptsd
- wylan (sebastian) is always Worrying About Things and tries his best to still make kanej happen despite them spending every second avoiding each other just bc opening up about their feelings is a Foreign Concept for both of them
- three days pass and tante is like huhuhuhuhu watch me GET SOME with my new legs
- nina, slowing her hearbeat down using good magic: “the only thing you’re gonna get is my fist through your face bitch shut your tentacles”
- jesper literally brings out his guns and nods at tante to either behave or like,, drop dead for good
- however tante manages to escape and tries to crash kanej’s very first (and very awkward) date but kuwei, an extremely underrated but brave and important citizen of the sea kingdom, drops a starfish in her pants and she drops the necklace w/ inej’s voice
- the first words inej sings after she gets her voice back: mMmMM whatcha say
- needless to say kaz is 10000000000001% smitten, will gladly sell his soul for this beautiful strong amazing girl that came into his life like a kruge munching miracle on legs
- tante claims the contract is still valid so inej now belongs to her but kaz takes some of that funny green paper out of his coat pockets like, “i’m sure we can make some sort of deal”
- so he legally frees inej and then matthias the sailor shoots tante on accident, mistaking her for one of the witches he usually hunts (he then finds out nina is one of them so his entire mindset changes)
- every contract tante ever made is now invalid so every poor soul in her witch cave is free!!!!!
- inej also gets her human legs back and is more than content to hold hands with kaz bc her dream is to sail (a.k.a be close to the sea, her home, her friends) and still walk on land so she can help rescue & free girls like her
- wylan & jesper wave her goodbye as wylan claims his rightful place in the sea kingdom and rules one part of it instead of tante
- it’s a happy ending you know it is

  • Oblivious Tattoo Artist: hi so you want to get something written by Ryan Ross tattooed right?
  • Me: yep *hands over a scrap of paper*
  • Tattoo Artist: 'hey moon'? Ok we can- oh my god wtf-
  • Me: *is handing over a stack of freshly printed sheets. Scribbled notes are falling from my pockets. There are songs from panic!, the young veins and his solo projects. I take a step forward and a bunch of papers slides from my coat. It seems I've printed all his tweets. The card peeking out from my collar says 'reinvent love'. The chit stuffed in my socks reads 'envy, malice, attention'. The papers tucked under my arm look suspiciously like an entire volume of throam. I take a step forward and a dozen papers fly out. They are his live journal entries.*
  • Tattoo Artist: *screams and then faints*
Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

So this angsty, evil monster fiction was inspired by a very heart-wrenching convo with  @stevemossington and @forfutureglory. We needed puppies afterwards, and you might, too. 

It’s been two weeks since she died. Two heavy-hearted weeks, during which he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t even breathe (or at least, he doesn’t remember breathing, anyway). He can’t taste. His fingers are numb, he can’t touch. His heart seems to have frozen in place and forgotten how to beat.

The basement, which he hasn’t dared enter since the night she left, is dark. Nancy is by his side, attired in a lace black dress which reaches her knees. She places her hand on his shoulder. “Mike? Are you…?”

“No. Yeah. I’m good. Totally good.”

She looks down at him with the same expression she’s been bearing for a while. It’s pity, mixed with some form of awe and admiration. “I’ll be here,” she whispers.

Mike nods. That’s enough for him just then. Her solidarity brings him some form of courage. So he takes a deep breath and begins his descent of the stairwell to the basement, his sister lingering a few steps behind. The light is on down below, and he can hear his friends muttering among themselves.

It doesn’t take much for his heart to break these days. Seeing them, though — that does it.

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okay so i’ve been collecting ideas for text message starters for a while and i finally decided to make a list and provide it for the public! so these are not meant to be an ask meme, they’re meant as a masterlist of open text message starters but i guess it could go either way? you do you! please do not add these to masterlists of your own since i came up with most of them (some of them might be from tfln so if you google them and find that to be true feel free to do whatever you want with those!)

a lot of these are sexual in nature and or suggestive due to the muse i pulled most of them from but i intend to add to it from time to time so check back for updates! please like / reblog if you find it helpful ily all <3

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◠ the study slump ◡ 

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a/n: this is dedicated to my cinnamon stick, lil chan stan anon, who had a not so very good week :(( as well as the rainy weather which set the mood for me writin’ this. feel better my lov!!

» word count: 948

» includes: café setting + study stress + soft lee chan comforting reader

Chan was not the most pleased person when he watched you enter the coffee shop. The plastic sheen of your rain coat was scattered with droplets freshly spurned from the sky, your head hung low and hair a dampened mess. He noticed a few tendrils curling from underneath your hood, sticking to your cheeks and attaching to your lips. You collapsed at a table near the window, where liquid bullets were still bouncing off the glass.

He readied his voice to call out to you but immediately halted himself when you uncovered your usual ringed notebook and textbook thickened with a thousand pages. They slapped against the table harshly and Chan felt his brows automatically furrow when you heaved a frustrated sigh and carded your fingers through the countless notes. You were studying, again, for the fifth time that week.

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Fanfic art: a process

I had fun doing a few drawings for @this-too-too-sullied-flesh‘s fic “The Next Wounded Soul,” so I thought a few people might be interested in the process behind it. It was really great to work with Kristen, and I also had fun experimenting a bit with materials because she was so open-minded about everything. So here goes (it’s gonna be a long post, so most will be under the cut):

It started with me reading her story (duh), and then coming up with a few thumbnail sketches of scenes and quotes that hit me - just 5 minutes of sketching for each:

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Watercolor materials for beginners.

I’m so sorry, @wrought-thought, the Tumblr App ate my replies again and then snacked on your original ask! All I can see of it now is this excerpt in my phone, and nowhere else. Fortunately I’d taken notes in my sketchbook that I can work from, because it was impossible to write and view the ask at the same time on my phone. After finally losing the ask itself to the voracious bowels of The App, I elected to wait until I was back in front of a desktop computer to try again. I hope you and others may find the reply useful heading into the new year!

The gist of the Ask was this:

“Christmas has come and gone…” (paraphrasing begins here) and I want to spend some money on art supplies. I have experience in other media but I want to try watercolors and I’d like your recommendations for paints, paper, and inks that don’t bleed.

My sincere apologies to @wrought-thought for butchering the original ask, I hope you find the reply useful! 

Paint: I like to recommend Cotman watercolor sets for people who are just starting with the medium. They come in both dry pans (very portable and they tend to come with a decent small brush), and in tubes(great for being able to mix a large amount of a darkly colored wash, though you will need to buy a pallet if you get this version). The paints are inexpensive but very decent quality and you don’t have to worry about which colors to pick right off the bat.

Once you’re having fun and you’re sure you want to splurge a bit on some “artist quality” paints, I have been slowly converting my original W&N set to Holbein as my pigments run out.

Paint Shopping Tip: If you are looking to match one color of paint in two different brands, look for the pigment code instead of the name. Different companies give different names to the same pigments, and use different pigments under the same name. In example, my W&N “French Ultramarine” and Holbein “Ultramarine Deep” both carry the code “PIGMENT: PB29” and are the same type of blue.

Paper: My go-to is Strathmore cold press paper. It’s a good weight, and I like the texture/tooth on it. Perhaps most importantly, the surface quality has been very consistent from batch to batch for me. I have never had trouble with any water-based pigments bleeding into the paper fibers, and it stands up to a fair amount of abuse. I do not use any coated papers, like “vellum” or “mixed-media,” as the evenness of the coating will be inconsistant from piece to piece and it will always start resisting my washes in exactly the wrong place. I had a bad batch of this sort of paper once that cost me weeks of time to work around on a professional project. It was a nightmare. Never again!

Pens and ink: I don’t use nib pens because my hand pressure is too heavy. The sharp tips catch on the papers I like to use and make a big splattery sobbing-worthy mess. I use felt tipped liners like Micron, and round synthetic watercolor brushes to do my inking. For brushed inks, I’ve found that acrylic-based bleed the least, because the acrylic doesn’t dissolve as easily as some other binding agents.

Inking tips to keep bleeding to a minimum: Always give your ink drawing enough time to dry before you do anything else to it, including erasing pencil lines. To be safe with felt pens, let it be for five minutes. For ink, at least ten. When in doubt, wait a little longer. Avoid sharpies - they fade more quickly in the sun than other pigments and like other alcohol-based dye inks they will more easily bleed/bloom into the paper fibers.

Brushes: I’m adding this one in because I feel that having a decent brush is key to controlling your watercolors. A 6 or 8 round synthetic sable brush is a great place to start. You can do many paintings with just that one brush. My favorite inexpensive brand is Princeton Art & Brush Co. I prefer their series with the red handles.

On Overloaded Brushes: If you find that the paints feel a little too sloppy you may have overloaded your brush. Try letting of if the paint run back onto your pallet, and if they isn’t enough, blot out some of the extra on a folded paper towel.

For when sloppy is what you really DO want: While not strictly necessary, a large flat sable (1.5 inches or larger) or camelhair brush is great for laying in a large wet wash quickly. If you want to do larger work, it will save you time and frustration if you want to get the whole painting wet at the same time so that you can use salt, or do wet-on-wet blending techniques.

Once again, thank you for the Ask @wrought-thought! Happy Holidays and my wishes for a great New Year to everyone. :)

- Emma


(A): I have actually, stole his tunic and coat, along with his hat of course. He was pissed! Chased after me for hours before he wore out, I gave em back of course.

(G): It was rude and inappropriate. I was in the middle of working and he interrupted me for some silly game of chase?!


Genre: Smexy Smut~ 

Pairing: Reader X Jaehwan (Ken) X Hoseok

Word Count: 2k-ish

Prompt (Not mine):  You two are such trouble-makers and I am literally cleaning up after you 24/7 please be adults for like one second and no both of you simultaneously smothering me in neck kisses isn’t going to make me less mad…. but carry on anyways

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“You can leave now.” Yoongi addressed you as you picked up your coat and papers, “And don’t forget, the conference starts at 8 am tomorrow, don’t be late.”

“Yes, sir.” You replied sarcastically as you walked out the door, slamming it shut on your way as a silent show of your annoyance.

To say that you were tired would’ve been the understatement of the century, every muscle in your body aching and your mind numb from attending to over a hundred patients each day and performing surgeries for all of last week. What you needed was some sleep and rest, not another conference to attend, but what could you do?

Instead of staying at the hotel where the conference was being held, you decided to go home early, choosing to spend time with your loving and supportive boyfriends instead of engaging in conversation with know-it-all fossils that did nothing but talk about their own accolades. You shuddered at the thought of having to attend dinner with them after the conference but for now, all you were going to do was enjoy a nice, calming bath while listening to music.

Or so you thought.

The moment you pressed the key into the lock of the door and walked into your apartment, you were greeted with the sight of your living room covered in your clothes, smoke coming out of the oven and your boyfriends running around in a mix of panic and frenzy.

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AN: So One Derek Requests Are My Guilty Pleasure (Still Need To Release My Derek Smut Fic), And Two Derek Always Looks Sad When I Try And Make Gifs… :D Enjoy <3

The bickering between Erica and Isaac could be heard from the Hale house driveway. If Derek hadn’t chosen that exact second to yank open the front door and stalk his way over to the car, you would have driven away.

“Help me.” He muttered as he opened your door and buried his face in your neck sucking and kissing the skin gently. His large hands soon found their way up your thighs and you hand to slap his shoulder to pull him out of his lusted daze.


“Nope, you chose to turn a load of kids they are your problem.” Your smug smile fell from your face when Isaac stormed over to you and picked you up as if you weigh nothing and began using you in his argument.

“ENOUGH, Isaac in your room Erica get the groceries from the car and BOYD… do you ever miss behave?” You asked him as he stood from his seat to help Erica. He smiled at you and hurried past Derek who wrapped his arms around your waist.


“What, why am I…” He stopped fighting you when you raised an eyebrow at him and he quietly retreated to the room he’d claimed as his own.


“God… so hot when you do that.” Derek’s eyes flared and it wasn’t until you planted a kiss on his jawline that he gained control of his self again.

“Ew hello kids here.” Erica said with a dramatic eye roll. You chuckled and attempted to unwrap yourself from Derek who reluctantly let you go.


“Please you do much worse than that with plenty of boys.” The comment made both Male werewolves glower. Boyd sniffed subtly at Erica and a frown of disappointment settled over his face, Derek however used your careful gaze as the distraction he’d need to slip a hand under your shirt to rest on your stomach.


Your phone beeped and you grabbed Derek by the front of his jeans, so you could walk over to the kitchen counter, without fighting to free yourself from his grip. He lent his head on yours as you began flipping the running commentary of Stiles’ problem of the day, you sunk into Derek as you thought about how much work helping the hyperactive boy was going to be. Derek, however, was more than happy to shift the way he was standing for you to be comfortable in his arms.


“He says he needs a witch.” You groan. Erica stormed over to you and gripped your arm, growling when Derek didn’t let you go.


“Look what he’s doing.” She winged at you. you followed her upstairs to find Isaac laying in nothing but boxers on Erica’s bed.


“I’m going to help Stiles, get Derek to deal with him.” You mutter when you saw the troublesome glint in Isaac’s eye.


“But you can’t leave me alone with them… that’s what you did this morning.” You smiled and kissed the end of Derek’s nose, knowing if you got any closer he’s wrap you in his arms again.


“Watch your pack Derek.” You sing as you skip to his car, the keys dangling from your hands.



“Momma Hale glad you could make it.” Normally you’d object to Stiles’ name for you but the boy seemed to be vibrating on the spot which was never good.

“Well you said you needed help.” You sucked in a deep breath as you took in the state of his normally almost spotless room.


Pink string was zigzagging from one wall to the other, papers and pictures coated the floor and Stiles himself was tangled in string. When you looked closer you realised that he was making some sort of complex plan that seemed to utilize every member of the Hale and McCall pack.


“Stiles… sweetie what’s going on, you feel ok?” You asked wearily. You jumped when he slammed a piece of paper against the wall next to you with a large picture of Lydia splashed colourfully in full print.

“I’m gonna kiss Lydia.” The way he said it was how you imagined someone planning to climb a mountain would reveal their plans. All you could do was nod and smile as you tried to untangle him from the string.

“Well… it looks like your all good here so, I’m gonna take these away and drop them with your dad.” You grabbed the bottle of medicine that he’d clearly taken to much off and put him to bed before dropping them off with John and picking up dinner on the way home.



“Thanks Momma Hale.” Erica muttered as she grabbed her take out and ran up to her room, Boyd did the same which made you look at Isaac and Derek for an answer.

“Boyd lost it when I sent rolled her bed and kinda… alphad her beta, it was really gross and loud.” Isaac smiled and sat between you and Derek, missing the irritated glare Derek was giving him as he began devouring his food.

“Alphad her beta?” you questioned.


“Yeah they were…”


“Isaac go eat somewhere else.” Derek grumbled before he could finish. He nodded, not stopping shovelling food in his mouth as he walked to the living room.


“Stiles didn’t need my druid skills, simply needed Momma Hale to put him to bed.” You mumble as you poke at your food.

“See they’ve called you Momma Hale so much your using it.” The Alpha grinned wolfishly when you punched his arm.


“Can’t help it if they love me.” He chuckled and kissed you lightly.


“You gonna Alpha her Bet…” Derek’s flared red and he snarled at Isaac who was stood with an empty take out box and a smug grin on his face.


“Derek don’t he’s just board.” You say as you run your fingers over his jawline. He closes his eyes, leaning into your touch, forgetting Isaac is there at all.


“Well I’m off to bed, Night Derek, Night Momma Hale.” He called as he climbed the stairs.

“We could go to bed.” Derek said as he looked from Isaac’s retreating form, to you, although his expression told you that sleep was far from his mind.

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