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Another batch of requests for people on Reddit! (and the last for now)


“The point of this circus wasn’t to show off my magical prowess. The point was to steal the Paint Star and embarrass you in front of a giant crowd at the same time! And now it’s time for the grand finale”

-Lemmy Koopa, “Paper Mario: Color Splash”

anonymous asked:

Since it's the 10th anniversary of FWN do you have favourite songs and individual lyrics from the album?

This is overwhelming, for a lot of reasons. One being that I remember this day because my friend in high school gave me it - I want to post a picture of my copy of this CD because it’s very amazing. She burned it for me, because that’s what you did in 2007. And I have it still. She gave it to me in school and I remember going home and putting it on my shitty laptop and then listening to it on the bus the next day. Which just means I’m too old for Tumblr. 

Anyway, to answer your question, most of my favorite AM songs come from FWN. I always thought it was interesting that at the time, Alex had a thing for writing “the” instead of “her” - he didn’t use pronouns. (Example: “The eyes were all red” “The eyes were bright”) When singing do me a favour live, he often changed it to “her…” Because yeah, it makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Only Ones Who Know and Do Me a Favour have the best lyrics, I think. They’re more of his profound songs, that kind of reach over his reckless young adult ramblings like This House… Which, even still, is prophetic in itself. “We’re forever unfulfilled” - being that observant, introspective and reflective about a time of your life that is so reckless and carefree, to me, says a lot about the direction Alex went with his writing. 

This album always meant a lot to me because it’s an album of growing pains. Of how ‘true romance can’t be achieved these days’ and ‘perhaps fuck off might be too kind’ - he was broken hearted, tired of his home town, knowing he was on the edge of something big and not sure what to do with it. But then there are songs that stick out against this theme, like Florescent Adolescent. Where does that song fit in? I’m not sure. It’s a very supercharged album, with a message that basically says they don’t care about how they’re perceived anymore. It’s the last bit of youthful, childhood recklessness before they move onto their mature sounding records, with the complete shift in sound and energy and everything, as you all know.

I always really liked “Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up/blinded by nostalgia” and I’ve felt this way so many times. I thought it was so clever, which it is. The frustration of being stuck somewhere you’ve outgrown. I know that well.

But Do Me a Favour has always been very special to me. “Hold on to your heart” is something I’ve taken and thought about in my own life, quite a few times. I know the song is about a strained breakup with one of his first girlfriends, but it still gets me. Some people listen to music for the composition of the songs, technicality, the art, etc. For me, it’s a mixture of that and the emotional response I can connect to. And I feel that so much with this song, and the album as a whole.

What’s your favorite? 

Top 13 books of 2013

So after a not so great 2012 reading year, 2013 proved to be awesome. I read 86 books this year and a record number of 29735 pages (thanks goodreads). I am really proud of this number considering school and my college applications have been hell. I hope next year turns out to be even better and I’ll try to read less YA. Anyways here is the list of my top 13 books of 2013. 

1. Les Misérables: I’ve wanted to read this book for years and I actually managed to do it this time around. It took me a month (yikes) to get through it. I absolutely adore it, the characters are really complex and the ethical dilemmas presented in the story are very thought provoking. Up to this day I still find myself pondering over the story. 

2. The Night Circus: I just read this book and I am mesmerized by its beauty. The imagery that the author manages to create is absolutely stunning. The writing is amazing and I love the story plot. The characters are extremely charming and worth rooting for. 

3. The Book Thief: I’d had this book sitting on my shelf for 3 years but tumblr got me to finally read it; thank god for that. I love the characters in the book so much, especially Rudy. The narrative of the story is one of the most clever ones I’ve read. I recommend this book to anyone anywhere, I get to see the movie next week so yay!!

4. Paper Towns: I got to read this beauty over the summer and I am obsessed with it. Margo reminds me of a girl I know and reading this book helped me understand my friend and what’s she’s going through a little better. I love the first part of the book with all the pranks and the road trip.  

5. Eleanor and Park: I remember the exact day when I read this book. I could not put it down. I loved that Rainbow Rowell challenged every stereotype and created original, complex characters worth remembering. Even though the ending broke my heart, I still love it and think it fits the story perfectly. 

6. Catcher in the Rye: I know not everyone likes this book but I adored it. The book gains so much meaning once you learn Salinger’s story; it is awing.  

7. Anna and the French Kiss: This is my favorite romantic novel ever. This story taught me so much about love and friendships. I laughed and cried throughout the book, I fell in love with Etienne. I love how Stephanie writes, the atmosphere of her books, the characters she creates and how strongly she manages to convey emotions. 

8. Clockwork Princess: I’d shied away from the shadowhunter universe but I got back into it this year. I am really glad I read this book. I believe it is one of the best conclusions to a series ever. The book is hearbreaking and joyful. The ending fit the story and pleased fans; it was perfect. It was also great seeing how much Cassie’s writing style has improved. I have high hopes for CoHF.

9. Unravel Me: This book is everything. I love Tahereh’s writing so much, it is odd to find someone who writes so poetically and beautiful. I love the struggle between good and evil. I love seeing Juliette turn into a stronger person and the struggle between using or not her powers.I love seeing the differences between Juliette with Adam and Juliette with Warner.  

10. Spirit Bound: This was the book that made me fall in love with the VA series. I loved the twists and turns. I think Rose is one of the most original protagonists in YA series. You know that whole screw writing strong women thing? Rose is what authors should aspire to create in terms of female protagonists. 

11. Champion: I am obsessed with the Legend trilogy. The writing is very captivating. I love the complexity of the series. Plus can we thank Marie Lu for writing about the rest of the world and not just the US. 

12. Daughter of Smoke and Bone: I don’t read that much paranormal anymore but boy did I love this book. The universe in this series is unbelievable. I love the complexity of both the story and character. I adore the way it is narrated and the settings.

13. My Life Next Door: This book was amazing. I love the character and the relationships. It is deeper than it appears to be. Every character in the story is well developed, it is resolved beautifully and it stays with you long after the last page is turned.