paper child

waddledeeart  asked:

Dear Dad, Dustin?

[*Dustin is sleeping on the floor. There’s a letter next to him. It was written in orange crayon.]

Daer Dear Poppa! Hello! I miss yuo you! A lot! I’m sorry for leeaving home…I just wa[*]ted to h[* ] e fun…I m[* ]s Mummy! And Gr[*  ]e and Chas…I w[* ]t to come hme home I c[* ]’t now…

[*The page seems to be covered in tear stains and scribbles from mistakes. The bottom seems to be ripped off. There’s a ball of paper in the small child’s hand. If opened, it says ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I miss you’ over and over again…]


I’m still obsessed w/ those perilette n paper lazuli thing and since there’s a perfect pic for that so ye WHY NOT

But srsly tho! Hope u have a great b’day senpoooii \;;w;;/


I made more paper children. Behold all five Tracy brothers. I re-included Virge & Johnny for completion’s sake. Because @madilayn enabled me. 

Once again, I also uploaded the templates, feel free to print and cut them out! Like I told @writerdarkflamespyre, I carry my mini!Tracy’s in my wallet so they can keep me company wherever I go. Also: for @wonderavian *healing cuddlehugs* and for @meme12345bunny - how about some motivational Smother Hen handing you coffee to battle early morning lectures? And for anyone who needs some paper children in their lives because smol and cuteness y/y.

And now, I’m really gonna focus on those fics. Hush, Muse, we got work to do.


As usual, please zoom for better quality haha.

Here are some Miraculous Ladybug paper child I made ! Hope you like it, it took along time to did these ;W;

If you like that kind of stuff, I could do it with other character from ML later !

Feel free to use how you want, as long as you credit me ! But please, don’t repost, reblog instead. If you ever use them, send me a link or tag me, I would love to see what you did with them ;w;

cant believe fred andrews is gonna roll up, bail jughead out of jail, throw his dads ass down in the street, sign the custody of child papers, take everyone to pops for dinner, pay off jughead’s tab at pops, build jughead a bed, dresser and desk for their spare room with his own hands in the driveway, open a college fund for jughead, drive to bring his mom and jellybean home safety, make jughead a gourmet 5 course meal and buy him a dog