paper child

Almost as much as I love Cap and Winter Soldier, I love Hawkguy. Even people who don’t normally read super hero comics should love that series. Wowie.

Now I don’t normally do paper children quite so cheeky (well Sniper pushes the boundaries) but I thought including the Hawk-block was a good way to incorporate the sense of humor the comic has. Looking back on it, I probably should’ve made the Hawk-block a separate piece for a layered effect that would sort of disassociate it from Clint himself a bit more. Oh well. I’m just hoping this one prints up as nicely as the original is.


Because I finally caught up to sailor moon crystal, woot woot.
Also doing digital paper art is so time consuming but I love doing it OTL

The top one is the digital ‘paper art’ while the bottom one is a lineless chibi (popart?)

Might make this into commissions but who knows~

Also view on Deviantart!