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A new translation by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem that has been edited by myself with highlights of:

- Verses that explain the links between science and Islam

- The most misused verses and exaggerated verses

- Details about the misused/exaggerated verses

- My person favorite verses


Gift wrapping includes:

1x full tans wrapping paper

1x red bowtie

1x to/from sticker

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tweeksfidgetspinner  asked:

Got any Tattletail headcanons?

hmmmmm idk if u meant for that talking tattletails in specific or the game in general so heres Both

kid hcs

  • they’re about 7-10
  • mentally ill and tattletails are a big comfort for them (this is.. projection)
  • they really likes cupcakes!! their favorite type is red velvet
  • they love all of their tattletails very much!!!
  • they make lil accessorizes for their tattletails, like lil paper bowties and tissue paper hats


  • tattletails are SUPER soft. it’s one of the reasons people love them
  • tattletail’s noses cause them to say “me tattletail! me love you!” when you press them
  • tattletails have a pre-made name for sorting (ex. butternut tattletails) but you can buy special versions that have birth certificates you can fill out yourself!

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looking for: gold bee-themed jewelry

  • tiny bee ring or studs from michellechangjewelry (featured)
  • honeybee post earrings
  • one of these bee or bee-inspired bracelets: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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looking for: camera straps & camera bags in varying styles

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looking for: good bowtie shops

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looking for: funny postcard shops

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looking for: a garter to hold a flask

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looking for: a white or beige graduation dress, any length

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Word Association: Linguistic Connections #2

Here’s part 2 of the Word Association series I’m working on. The goal of this series is to help you increase your vocabulary in Spanish by making linguistic connections.

Sometimes it’s easy to expand your vocabulary by starting with words you probably already know.

el dolor = pain

el dolorcito - minor pain / ache

doler - for something to hurt/ache OR to be wounded/upset/hurt by something

dolerse - to be saddened OR to regret or feel badly

la dolencia - malady / ailment / illness

la condolencia - condolence [lit. “to experience pain together”]

dolorido/a - painful / sore

dolido/a - wounded / pained

doliente - aching / ill / grieving / sorrowful / bereaved

doloroso/a - painful / sorrowful / pained

dolorosamente - painfully / with great difficulty / upsettingly / tearfully

Nuestra Señora de los Dolores / La (Madre/Virgen/Señora) Dolorosa - Our Lady of Sorrows [madre = mother; virgen = virgin; señora = lady; all are references to Mary, mother of Jesus] 

la piedra = stone/rock

la piedra - hailstone [sometimes in place of el granizo “hail”]

Pedro - Peter

el/la pedrero/a - stone cutter / someone who works in a quarry

la pedrea - to fight with stones / meteor shower / hailstorm

apedrar - to stone (someone to death)

pedrada - a hit from a stone / throwing stones

pedregón, pedrejón - boulder [lit. “large rock”]

pedregoso/a - rocky / full of stones

la pedrería - things concerning precious stones or gems

el pedrisco - hailstorm / volley / rain of stones

el pedrusco - sharp or rough rock / chip from a stone

el pedregal - rocky area / lava field

petrificar, petrificado/a - to petrify, petrified [lit. “to turn to stone”]

la nieve = snow

la nieve - cocaine (slang in some countries)

la nieve - snowcone / sorbet (some countries)

nevar - to snow

nevar - to sprinkle

Blancanieves - Snow White

el aguanieve - slush / sleet / wet snow [lit. “water-snow”]

la nevada - snowfall

Nevada - (the U.S. State of) Nevada

nevado/a - covered in snow / snow-capped / silvery white

la nevasca, el nevazón - snowstorm (in some countries)

la nevera - icebox / refrigerator / fridge [synonymous with heladera or refrigerador]

la nevería - ice-cream shop (some countries)

el nevero - icefield / place where it always snows

neviscar - for it to snow flurries / to lightly snow

la nevisca - flurry / a light snowfall

la nivosidad - the depth of a snowfall

neveo/a - snowy

níveo/a - snowy (more formal/poetic)

la lluvia = rain

llover - to rain

lluvioso/a - rainy / damp / (something) just after rainfall

la pluviosidad - rainfall

el bosque pluvial - rain forest

(el) fluvial - a canal / waterway / causeway OR la navegación fluvial “navigation by rivers”

diluviar - to flood / to rain torrentially

el diluvio - flood / a deluge / downpour

diluvial - torrential / like pouring rain

la llovizna - drizzle

lloviznar - to drizzle / rain lightly

la llovedera - rainstorm

la llovida - rain shower

llovedizo/a - leaky OR el agua llovediza “rainwater”

dormir = to sleep


  • asleep / sleeping
  • ditzy / dopey / not very smart
  • dormant / not active

la dormida - an overnight stay / a phase of being dormant

el dormidero - a roost / a place to sleep

la dormidera - poppy [slang for la amapola “poppy” or “opium”]

dormilón / dormilona

  • sleepyhead
  • lazybones
  • a lounge chair (slang for a “recliner”)

la dormirela - nap / snooze [a more informal version of la siesta]

dormitar - to snooze / to nap

el dormitorio

  • the dorm(itory) of a university or school / the place where students sleep
  • a bedroom [because it literally means “sleeping room”]

durmiente - sleepy / dormant

La Bella Durmiente - Sleeping Beauty

alto/a = tall / high

la alteza - nobility / highness

(Su/Vuestra) Alteza - Your Highness/Grace

los altibajos - the highs and lows / ups and downs [lit. “highs and lows”]

el altillo - loft / attic

El Altísimo - the Highest (God) / The Most High


  •  extremely tall / lofty
  • over-bearing / snobbish

altisonante - sharp/high ringing OR grandiloquence

la altitud - altitude

altivamente - arrogantly

altamente - highly / extremely

altanero/a - arrogant / holier-than-thou / haughty

la altanería

  • haughtiness / arrogance
  • training and hunting with falcons / falconry

la altivez - pride / arrogance / haughtiness

altivo/a - pretentious OR elevated

en alta voz - aloud / out loud [sometimes “raised voices”]

el altavoz, el altoparlante - loudspeaker / intercom

la altura - height / high places 

*Note: la altura may mean “height” in terms of dimension, but isn’t used so much for people. People use la estatura for their “height”; meaning “stature” or “how high a person stands”

nuevo/a = new

la nueva, las nuevas - the news / gossip

nuevamente - newly / once again

Nueva York, Nueva Orleans, Nueva España etc. - New York, New Orleans, New Spain etc.

Nuevo México / nuevomexicano - New Mexico / New Mexican

Nueva Escocia - Nova Scotia [“New Scotland”]

neoescosés / neoescosesa - Nova Soctian

nuevecito/a - brand-new / just out

novedoso/a - original / brand-new

nuevaolero/a - new-wave / modern

un/a novato/a - a novice / newbie

el novio - boyfriend

la novia - girlfriend

el novio - groom

la novia - bride

los novios, las novias - a couple (boyfriend/boyfriend, boyfriend/girlfriend) [las novias would be for a lesbian couple]

(Note: los novios may also mean “engaged couple” which would make el novio “an engaged man”, la novia “an engaged woman” …and so on.)

los novios - newlyweds / the bride and groom

la novatada

  • dumb joke / hoax
  • practical joke
  • pagar la novatada = “learn the hard way / learn the ropes”

novicio/a - beginner/novice OR apprentice

el noviazgo - engagement / courtship

noviar - to go out (in some countries; Cono Sur mostly)

novador(a), innovador(a) - innovator / innovative 

novel - novel / new / not seen before

el novel - a novel (genre of book)

la novela - novella OR gossip

la telenovela - soap opera


  • new
  • unseen before
  • imaginative
  • surreal
  • someone who reads novels
  • melodramatic / like a novela

el/la novelista - novelist

novelesco/a - something you’d see in a novel/novella [more along the lines of “situations geared towards fantasy that involve things like the quirks of fate which can quickly get melodramatic if it’s like SURPRISE IT’S YOUR BROTHER or like A Mid Summer Night’s Dream]

la nova - nova

la supernova - supernova

neo- [The prefix neo- means "new” such as neorenacentista “New Renaissance-like”]

el cielo = sky

el cielo - Heaven

celestial - celestial / of or from the sky

el celeste - light-blue or sky blue

celeste - heavenly

el cuerpo celeste - heavenly body

el rascacielos - skyscraper

La Celestina - Celestina (character from the book La Celestina; where Celestina is a woman who sets up women with men making her a “bawd” or a female pimp. Her name is a play on el cielo making her "heaven-sent") 

la celestina - go-between / matchmaker

el polvo = dust

el polvo - powder

la pólvora - gunpowder OR someone who incites others

el polvorín

  • powder keg
  • ammunition
  • a very tense situation / mine field

polvorear - to powder / to sprinkle

polvoriento/a, polvoso/a, polvoroso/a - dusty

un(a) polvorilla - someone easily irritated

poner pies en polvorosa - to make a quick getaway

pulverizar - to pulverize / to turn into dust

la letra = letter

la letra

  • letters (as in script or alphabets)
  • handwriting
  • lyrics
  • font / print - the style of writing
  • tomar al pie de la letra - to follow exactly / to follow to a T 


  • someone with the ability to read and write (antiquated)
  • a lawyer/solicitor (antiquated)
  • someone who received a formal education

el letrero - sign / notice [the lettering on a sign]

el/la letrista - someone who writes the song and/or the lyrics of a song

deletrear - to spell/sound out (letter by letter)

el pájaro = bird

el pájaro carpintero - woodpecker [lit. “carpenter bird”]

el parajarraco - ugly bird

el pajarito - small bird

la pajarita

  • small bird
  • paper bird
  • origami crane
  • bowtie [synonymous with el corbatín for “bowtie” which is literally “small tie”]

el espantapájaros - scarecrow [lit. “frightens-birds”]

la pajarera - coop / aviary 

pajarón / pajarona - absentminded / flighty

bello/a = beautiful

Bella - Belle [or “Beauty” from Beauty and the Beast]

La Bella y la Bestia - Beauty and the Beast

La bella del baile - The belle of the ball

Una bella sureña - A Southern belle [A U.S. thing]

La Bella Durmiente - Sleeping Beauty

la belleza - beauty

bellísimo/a - gorgeous / exquisite [lit. “the most beautiful”]

la belladonna - nightshade / deadly nightshade [lit. “the beautiful woman” in Italian]

bellamente - with great beauty / gracefully / expertly

las bellas artes - the fine arts