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Montgomery De La Cruz Imagine #1 (AKA FIRST ONE EVER)

It was 11:45 AM, only fifteen more minutes for lunch time. Y/N’s favorite time because she was always reading a new book every week and that’s basically all she did in her free time; reading calmed her and it became her very own stress reliever ever since her parents announced their divorce.  this week it was “Everything Everything” seeing as the movie was coming out this week, on Friday to be exact and she was a sucker for love stories.  Most times she would ditch her friends and eat in the library to read in a peaceful place without the ruckus of annoying students in the cafeteria.  After, impatiently waiting for lunch, the bell rang and she basically ran to the library with her paper bag lunch clutched in her hand.  Ever since she started reading at lunch in the library, she had found a secluded table towards the back of the library.  She speedily made her way over and stopped as she noticed it was already occupied.  She bit her lip and decided to walk closer trying to figure out who the person was and if she knew them.  As she got closer, she saw a brown haired boy and noticed he had slammed his fist on the table, it was loud to her since she was right by him.  She knew Montgomery since she had tutored him last year in History and he was in some of her class this year; she wouldn’t say they were friends though. Maybe a small “hi” or “how are you” was exchanged between the halls or out in the field but she couldn’t deny she wished she was close friends or just have him notice her.  She wanted to know the real him and not the Montgomery who pushed students into lockers or acted like an ass to look cool.  She licked her lips and approached him “Hey Monty, you’re sitting at my table” she whispered to him in a teasing tone as she approached his table.  He quickly looked up s he heard her voice and locked eyes with her.  “Oh hey Y/N, i’m sorry. I can leave if you want.  I was just studying and yeah but i can leave since you probably want to be alone at your table…” he wandered off, sheepishly since he couldn’t even complete a sentence in front of her, because in all honesty, Montgomery admired Y/N and wished he would gain the guts to keep some kind of friendship with her.  He assumed that since everyone knew about his reputation, she wouldn’t want to associate with him.  Meanwhile, Y/N wished to befriend him and possibly even more.  She softly giggled and shook her head as he rambled, “it’s okay, I don’t mind sharing as long as you share your Cheez-its with me” she nodded off to the opened bag of her favorite snacks that were by his books.  He shot her a grin and nodded “deal” he said moving is backpack to an empty chair beside him. Y/N sat down on the chair to his left side and reached for her book in her backpack and opened up the part where she left off reading last night.  She was halfway in chapter 11, when she noticed Monty was making the table shake causing her to softly giggle. She looked over at him, “are you okay? Do you need some help?” she softly asked him.  Monty bit his lip and shook his head “I feel so stupid, I never understand what goes on in class and I just feel like a failure” he said as he frowned and dropped his head down.  Y/N’s heart swelled at him and and his answer, she placed one hand on his back, soothingly rubbing her hand up and down, “you’re not stupid, Mont and you’re definitely not a failure, either.  Don’t put yourself down, okay?” She assured him.  He instantly got a smile on his face to her little pep talk and nodded, looking over at her “thank you” he said softly.  “So what are you having trouble with here?” she asked pushing her book to the side and leaning over to see Mont’s work.  “Chemistry” he mumbled in an irritated voice. She chuckled, “yeah, Chemistry is a pain in the ass although if you do less talking you can learn more” she teased him as she would constantly hear him chatting away in there Chem class every day.  He shook his head and laughed, “Mr. Cooper has a voice that bores me to death,” he said jokingly.  Y/N laughed “I don’t know. I think he has a lovely voice” she says disagreeing with him.  After her comment, they both look at each other and laugh.  She looked at Monty’s paper and shook her head, “you just need the date from last week’s lab and that will help you find the answers to this sheet” she pointed to the one in front of him.  Montgomery’s cheeks felt heated and he instantly felt stupid again since 1.) he didn’t have those lab notes and 2.) he needed her help to figure out that the lab notes were needed.  She chuckled and turned back to reading, allowing Montgomery to work.  After ten minutes, he turned to her, “so do you have the lab notes? I had a baseball game and left class early” he mentioned to her.  This caused her to gasp and laugh pretty loud, “and what have you been doing for the past ten minutes Monty?” she asked him.  He cheekily smiled at her, “I’ve been watching you read that book, not in a creepy way but you looked cute” he shyly said.  She shook her head at his response and pulled her notes handing them to him.  Another 10 minutes passed,Montgomery fully turned to her, leaning his head onto his arm, she looked up at him through her lashes and gave him a questioning look.  “Isn’t the movie coming out on Friday?” he asked her curiously, she instantly grinned and nodded “yes! How did you know?” she asked him. He laughed “my sister keeps mentioning she wants to see it to her boyfriend” he said rolling his eyes and shrugging. Y/N nodded, “I hope he takes her, she might need a shoulder to cry on” she mentioned, biting her lip.  “Do you?” He asked her, “Do I what?” she answered his question with a question. “Do you need a shoulder to cry on when you go see it on Friday?” he asked her once again.  This caused her to blush and bite her lip with a soft chuckled.  “Are you asking to be my shoulder to cry on?” she continued to tease him, wanting to hear him fully ask her.  Montgomery playfully rolled his eyes, “you’re going to make me fully say it?” he asked her, looking at her and receive a node from her.  He jokingly sighed, “will you accompany me as my date to see Everything Everything with me Friday night and allow me to be the shoulder you cry on Y/N?”  She grinned and nodded at his response, “yes, Monty. I would love to be your date and cry on your shoulder.”


this is my first imagine everrrrrr. so feedback is greatly appreciated and idk if I will write more but I was in my Monty feels and I’m pretty sure I’ve read all the Montgomery imagines on here already! and i’m super sorry if u dont like it. I also didn’t know how to end it so sorry for a shitty ending. ILY.

A Week- Poly! Hamilsquad x Reader x Southern! Democratic Republicans

A/N: The project that’s taken weeks to write, it’s finally done! This is just a little bit of a preview of a series I want to write? Kind of a prequel or introduction? But this took me so long, hope you enjoy!


“I’m home,” Y/N called, kicking off her shoes and dropping her bag by the door. She swung off her coat and hung it on the hook, smiling as one of her boys appeared around the corner and held out his arms. Snuggling into Herc’s chest she finally felt at home.

“Hi, baby,” he whispered.


He leaned down and kissed her softly, cute and gentle and sweet. He looked at her with so much adoration that she felt her cheeks heat up the tiniest bit. Laf walked over and joined the hug with a grin. She separated from Hercules and kissed Lafayette’s cheek.

“How was work?”

She let out a huff. “More gossip, more rumors, more writing to be done.”

Alex laughed, coming through the front door behind her and kissing both Laf and Herc’s cheeks. “Don’t I know it.”

John was last, practically running around the corner and into his girlfriend’s arms. “BABY GIRL!”

“John!” she said, teasing him with the same amount of enthusiasm and kissing him. “Get any sketches done?”

He smiled proudly and showed her his colorful hands. “Paintings, actually.”

“I hope you didn’t do it on my desk again.” Y/N groaned playfully. When he looked down sheepishly she frowned. “John, you promised!” When he kissed her again, she shook her head. “Fine, just clean it up, ‘kay?”

“Anything for you, baby girl,” he announced, kissing her one more time before moving on to Alex.

Laf pulled her back against his chest. “I do love having you here, mon cheri.”

“It’s great to be here, Laf.”

“Then don’t leave!” John said, bouncing a bit. Y/N giggled as Alex nodded.

“Yeah, don’t go back to Thomas, he doesn’t need you, we do!”

“Aw, Alex,” Y/N teased, leaning over and kissing his cheek. “Can’t leave my other boys alone- but, for tonight, I’m yours.”


Thomas held her close against his chest. “No, I don’t wanna share you!”

“Baby,” Y/N cooed, raising an eyebrow and smirking. “Don’t you want to see Aaron and Jemmy?”

Thomas frowned. “Fine. But we better not run into Hamilton on our way out.”

She stood up and brushed off her legs with a scowl. “Thomas, you know I need to check on Alex before I go.”

He sighed dramatically as he stood and kissed her cheek. “I’m not going to talk to him.”

“I didn’t expect you to,” Y/N said with a giggle and lacing her fingers with his. Thomas slung her work bag over his shoulder and held her stack of books and papers with his free hand. Y/N had a brown paper bag clutched tightly in her hand. She stopped at Alexander’s office, letting Jefferson stand off to the side, and rapped lightly on the door.

“Come in,” Hamilton called. She entered with a smile. “Y/N, darling!”

She set the bag on his desk as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her for a moment. He laid his forehead against hers and kissed her once more, hands roaming her body. She playfully pushed him away.

“Alex, it’s not your day,” she sang. Alex rolled his eyes before she handed him the bag. “Here.”

“A present?” he teased, quirking an eyebrow and beginning to open it.

Y/N rolled her eyes. “A meal. I know you, you won’t be home until midnight and by the time you finish writing you wouldn’t have had time to eat, and it’ll be too late. I made your favorite.”

He smiled at the Tupperware and kissed her again. “Thanks, sweetheart. Love you. Are you going to check on John?”

She nodded. “Yep, if Thomas stops acting like a child.” She raised her voice at the end, making sure Jefferson could hear her.

“HEY!” he called back to them.

She kissed Alex one more time before walking away. “See you tomorrow.”

“Bye, darling.”

Y/N walked out the door, giving him one last look, reminding him to eat his meal, and closed the door. Thomas had his arms crossed and was wearing a pout.

“You didn’t say you’d be in there for that long!”

“Come on, we still have to give John his meal, then we can go home.”

Jefferson groaned but gave no protest. After checking up on Laurens, Y/N and Jefferson got in the car. Thomas placed all of her things carefully in the back and slid into the driver’s seat, squeezing her hand. Once home, he parked the car in the garage and grabbed her bag.

“I can carry that, you know,” Y/N told him, stepping into the elevator with their fingers laced.

Thomas rolled his eyes as the elevator rose. “I only get to see you every other day, darling, I’m not letting you work hard while I’m around.”

She smiled and took out her keys, holding open the door for her boyfriend, making him frown at her briefly before entering.

“James!” Thomas exclaimed happily, setting down the bag and stepping into Madison’s arms. Y/N grinned at them before walking towards James and pulling him away for a moment to hug him.

“Missed you, sweetheart,” James said softly, pulling her into a small kiss. “Are you staying the night?”

She smiled. “Yep, don’t want to miss an opportunity to talk with my favorite boy.”

“You tell that to all your boys,” someone else said with a teasing tone. Y/N turned around and walked into Aaron’s arms, kissing his cheek as he wasn’t one for lots of physical contact.

“Yes, but I only mean it with you,” she cooed, rubbing his back and snuggling into his shoulder. Thomas and James quickly joined in, not wanting to be left out. Cuddled between three of her boys, there was no place she’d rather be.


“Wednesday’s movie night,” Hercules called, stepping into the apartment with arms full of movies. “We have one each of everyone’s favorites, we don’t have time for everything, we’re watching 2 movies so get your arguments ready!”

Alex jumped up from the couch. He had previously had Y/N’s feet on his legs as she sat in John’s lap, but he quickly pushed them off so he could begin to scream. “We have to watch The Little Mermaid!”

Y/N rolled her eyes. “You love that movie more than you love me!”

John rubbed her shoulders and kissed her neck from behind. “He doesn’t love the movie, N/N, it’s Ariel he’s in love with.”

“Great.” she chuckled. “That’s better.”

Laf entered through the door behind Herc, carrying 3 large boxes of pizza. He set the food down and smiled, coming into the living room and holding out his arms.

“I’m home, mon cheris!”’

John jumped off the couch and barrelled into Laf’s arms. “Please don’t let Alex choose The Little Mermaid again, Laf, don’t you love me?” Laurens gave his best puppy eyes.

“Aw, mon amour, it’s beyond my control!” Lafayette kissed the top of his head and opened his arms to Y/N. She stepped into them, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him sweetly.

“Glad you’re home,” she whispered into his hair.

“Glad you’re here,” he replied softly, kissing her again.

“But please, Laf, don’t let him choose again!”

Gilbert laughed. “I’ll do my best.”


“Where are we going?”

Thomas pulled Y/N more tightly against his chest. “Well, we can do Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian- or we can just run to the store and get another frozen meal.”

Y/N shifted a bit in his lap. “Okay, and when is Aaron coming home?”

“Answer my question and I’ll answer yours.” Thomas poked her nose, making her pout. After she gave him her dinner order he kissed her. “Aaron will be home any minute, and James should be up from his nap soon.”

Sure enough, only a few moments later Madison wandered out of the bedroom and came into the living room. He smiled at the two.

“Thanks for letting me rest, I feel much better.” James sniffed and settled next to them on the couch. Thomas took his hand and Y/N leaned over to kiss his cheek. Madison frowned. “Y/N, you’ll get sick!”

“And I’ll have you to take care of me,” she finished, kissing him on the lips.

“I’m home,” Aaron called, walking in. “I brought home enough ingredients for Thomas to make mac and-”

“MAC AND CHEESE!” Thomas exclaimed, shaking Y/N a bit. “Guys, Aaron is my favorite person ever!”

Y/N rolled her eyes and got off of Thomas, kissing Aaron’s forehead. “What have I told you about spoiling the children.”

“Sorry, darling,” Aaron replied, smiling.


She snuggled into Herc’s chest. “I don’t wanna go to sleep.”

He kissed the top of her head. She smiled as John rubbed her shoulders. “Why not, sweetheart?”

“‘Cause tomorrow I have to leave you again.”

“Yeah,” Alex piped up from John’s other side. “Why not stay?”

Laf smiled. “Come on, mon amour.” He reached for Y/N’s hand and squeezed it over Hercules. “Then you get to go and hang out with Thomas and James and Aaron!”

She grinned back. “Yeah. And then Sunday I’ll be back. Okay, goodnight.”


“You shouldn’t snuggle with me, Y/N,” James reminded his girlfriend, watching with a fond smile as she moved closer to him.

“You’re always sick, cuddling has never killed me before!”

Madison shook his head. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Aaron came in shortly, finding his spot at Y/N’s other side and spooning her. “Goodnight. Thomas will be in soon.”

She rolled her eyes. “He’s almost as bad as Alex, I doubt he’ll be here at all.”

“You have so little faith in me!” Jefferson piped up, coming in with an easy smirk on his face. “I’m here, aren’t I?”


She took the pregnancy test between her hands, studying it slowly. She felt her vision go a bit blurry, her world crashing around her.

It was positive.

The Mom Ch. 1

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: Samchilil

Warnings: All the fluff!!! Seriously fluffy feels ahead…

Author’s Note: Here we go again, dear readers! Off on another adventure with The Nanny. What sort of scenarios are we going to get up to this time? ;)
Remember, feedback is love! <3

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


The morning after the birth of the twins found you feeling like you’d been run over by a bus. Your muscles were sore and weak, you’d barely had any sleep and you swore if anyone tried to feed you yet another bowl of Miyeokguk you were going to throw it at them.

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Keep Away Part 4?

Here’s Part1/2 and Part3

Once they arrived back at the Tower Friday released him on the Iron Man disassembly platform. “Thanks Fri.”

“Anything thing for you boss.” Tony grinned at his baby girl’s success. Fury was going to be pissed but honestly the genius couldn’t give two shits.

5 minutes later he was in the kitchen attempting to put something together to eat when a strong smell of Chinese food came from his far right. Turning around he saw Bruce standing in his lab coat with a brown paper bag clutched in his arms. “Come willingly and I’ll feed you.”

“Oh Brucie I’d do anything for you…” Bruce just grinned at him and gestured him closer. “By any chance did you happen to order me some lo mien?”
“Of course.”
“I always knew you were my favorite.”

So for the next two hours Bruce was able to get Tony’s help on an experiment before he was stolen right from under his nose.

He wanted to blame Rhodes for being a sneaky fucker but he always did get a little tunnel vision when it came to his experiments.

It went a little like this….
Bruce was looking over some data points while Tony jotted down a few equations on a board across the room.
The billionaires phone buzzed, “Rhodey said he’s got a surprise for me but I only get it if I come now. You good if I leave?”
Bruce grunts, Tony leaves.

With Rhodey, “Damn Tones, what did you get yourself into this time?”
“I have no idea and it wasn’t even my fault!”
Tony was currently checking himself out in his bedroom mirror. Rhodey found him a cool new Iron Man t-shirt that he knew Tony would love. Which the genius did.
“Poor baby, should I take you to get coffee?”
“Um hell yes. What kind of question is that? Let’s go.”

They were walking down the street when the crowd around them started getting a little more rowdier than they already were.

“Man of Iron! I have come to claim you as my prize!” Swooping down Thor looped an arm around Tony before taking off.

“DAMNIT THOR!” Tony and Rhodey shouted at once.

It took Tony a few seconds of clinging to the ridiculous Demi-god before he had a realization. “I didn’t get my coffee!!”

greaser boy - part II

High school AU - bad boy!Bucky

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Characters: All the avengers, Peggy Carter, Loki

When a new student from Brooklyn joins the reader’s school, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. He is the epitome of trouble and she finds herself caught in his headlights. The more she resists, the harder it gets. Limits are tested and so is patience. Will she fall for the greaser boy with the bad reputation?

Word count: 1,269

A/N: Here is part 2 of greaser boy and I’m pretty proud of it. I hope I tagged everyone and again if you want to be tagged, just ask and I will gladly do so. 

Part 1

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“He did not!” Nike squealed. A smile plastered across her face as you told her about your encounter with Bucky Barnes earlier that day. “I saw him and he looks like quite the catch.”

“He’s probably already forgotten about me,” You mutter. “With girls like Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff roaming the school? I am easily forgettable.”

“I guess you’re right,” She frowned. “But hey! Are you going to Thor’s party tomorrow?”

You shook your head, “I have far better things to do.” You crumpled up the wrapper of your, now gone, granola bar. It was lunch and you only had two periods left. Fifth and sixth. Bucky Barnes was in both of those classes.

“Heads up, Steve Rogers is heading over here,” Nike pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Hey Y/N, Nike,” Steve smiled.

“Hi Steve,” You greeted.

“Did we have homework for Madden?” He asked referring to your shared math class.

“Yes it was the chapter review, questions one through fifteen, page 352,” You answered. “But it’s not due til Monday.”

He seemed to be making a mental note on that, “Thank you, Y/N. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Steve,” You smiled as he walked away. Your eyes flickered down to your hands.

Nike sighed, “That boy is so sweet, he gives me cavities.”

“I’m gonna go,” You stood up and gathered your things. “Bell rings in two minutes.” With your backpack slung over your shoulder, you walked out of the cafeteria.

“Where are you heading to, doll?”

Your head snapped in the direction of Bucky Barnes, who was walking next to you. He looked at you and smiled. Your heart immediately began pumping faster.

You straightened up and raised your head high, “Class.”

“Been looking for you. Turns out, you’re hard to find,” He shoved his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket.

“Didn’t think you’d be searching,” You bluntly reply.

“You kidding me, doll? I said I’d come find you,” He continued.

Now, a bit agitated, you stopped and turned to him, “And here you are. You want a prize or something?”

A look of both surprise and admiration flashed across his face. He smirked and you watched as his tongue brought in his bottom lip before he lightly bit down on it.

“No need to be hostile, doll, it’s just a statement,” He defended.

The grip on your phone tightened a little. You knew you have no reason to be giving him smart-ass comments but he just got you so flustered.

“Do you like the school so far?” You asked instead.

He shrugged, “It’s fine. Really isn’t any different from my school back in Brooklyn.”

“So you really are from Brooklyn,” You mumbled. “Humph.” You didn’t think the information Nike had gotten from Margery was correct.

“I’m guessing you already heard about me before I even got here,” He said.

“There was a rumor going around,” You confessed. “About a troublesome kid from Brooklyn, that got kicked out of his school for getting into a fight.”

He let out a single laugh, “Not bad.”

“So the rumors are true?” You asked.

“Partially,” He paused. “You should’ve seen the other guy.”

You shook your head and rolled your eyes at what he just said.

“I kid,” He added. “It wasn’t really my fault, he threw the first punch, I simply defended myself. That’s not the only reason I moved. My Ma, she wanted a fresh start. Somewhere new.”

“Did you want to leave?” You asked, genially curious.

“Not really, no,” He laughed lightheartedly. “But where she goes, I go.”

You enter the classroom and walk to the back of the room before sitting down in your usual seat. Bucky sat next to you and watched as you got ready for the period. At one point, you looked up and locked eyes with him. You immediately averted your gaze.

The class was now beginning to fill up. Some students walked into the classroom clutching paper bags with various fast food logos plastered on them. Bucky leaned back in his seat and drummed his fingers on the desk. You hadn’t noticed before, but now that you were this close to him, you realized that he smelled really good. It was a mix of smoke, clean laundry, and cologne. It all managed to mend together perfectly, which was quite surprising.

He remained quiet for the rest of the period. Which you were grateful for because this class needed your full and undivided attention.

The bell was about to ring and you were writing down the homework that was assigned. Bucky stood up from his chair. You expected him to leave, instead, he remained in his spot. After packing your stuff up, you grabbed your backpack and stood up.

“I’ll walk you to your next class,” He said.

You weren’t used to attention from the opposite sex. Now suddenly, here comes Bucky, calling you ‘doll’ and saying that he’d walk you to your next class. It made you nervous, yet it also made your heart flutter.

“Actually,” You intervened. “Surprise, we have the next class together as well.”

A smile broke out on his face and oh my god, you next got tired of it. “Then we should get going.”

You tried your best not to look at Bucky from the corner of your eye. He held himself together with such confidence that it was almost cocky. He walked in a cool and collected way. Like he was walking up to a stand to receive a trophy.

The students, especially the girls, were eyeing Bucky as if he were a brand new toy. You hugged yourself, knowing that they wouldn’t even give you a second glance. Continuing down the crowded hall, you led Bucky to the next class.

“Nearly lost you there, doll,” He said once he caught up with you.

Instead of saying something to him, you simply walked into your next class and sat at your seat. There was a seating chart so you didn’t have to worry about Bucky sitting next to you. You told him to get instructions from Ms. Blackwood. He did and strolled up to her desk. He introduced himself and she assigned him to an empty seat that was two rows away from yours.

As he walked past you, he winked. You hunched over your desk and gripped the sides of the wood. You inhaled sharply and did your best to keep it cool. You couldn’t wait for this day to be over.

Even though Bucky was far from you, you still felt his burning gaze in the back of your head. It was infuriating because you couldn’t think straight the rest of the class.

As if on cue, Bucky leaned against your desk. He looked down at you and smiled. “Do you have a ride after school? Or do you have your own car?”

“I have a ride, thank you,” You replied.

Bucky walked with you towards the school parking lot. You spotted Nike across the lot. She was smiling widely and giving you a thumbs up. Bucky unlocked his car, a beautiful jet black, 1971 Dodge Challenger.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked and rested his arms on the car door.

“Looks like it, Barnes. I suppose you’ll come find me if you don’t see me,” You said.

He smiled, “You already know, doll.”

You turned on your heel and walked across the lot. Before you even reached her car, Nike was already clutching onto you. She was nearly screaming in delight and demanded to know every single detail of your second encounter with Bucky Barnes.

A/N: This will get a lot better, I swear

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Blutendes Herz II

XF fan fiction

Same scenario like in Blutendes Herz (Bleeding Heart) - Mulder has to face another man in Scully’s life - different plot.

Part I can be read here.

You wipe your palms on your thighs and stare at the numbers at the apartment door: three - seven - nine. It’s your first time here and you’re suddenly not so sure anymore that this is such a good idea. You thought it was a splendid idea about an hour ago when you left your house, climbed into your car and drove over here. You still thought it was a very good idea fifteen minutes ago when you started looking for a parking space, cursing the constant lack of it in the downtown area. You kept thinking it was a solid idea ten seconds ago when you knocked.

And now?

Now you’re convinced that this is one of the worst ideas you’ve ever had, but now it’s too late. Even if you started running down the hallway this very second, she’d notice it was you. You hear her footsteps approaching the door on the other side and in a blink of an eye the door will open and she will be able to see who knocked. All you can do is take a deep breath and try to stay calm.

She won’t tear your head off, will she?

The door swings open and the woman you haven’t seen in almost a year is standing in front of you, looking flummoxed as if she was seeing a ghost. Well, maybe you are a ghost.

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Not His Cup of Tea

so this is one of the first personalized one shots for the 100 follower special! these special one shots will be tagged ‘top hat’!

pairing: reader x flug

For someone who hardly gets the recommended eight hours of sleep, Flug despises coffee. His cup of tea is well - tea. It’s much more soothing and delicious rather than coffee’s earthy and bitter taste. 

Any free time Flug has to spare, he goes to Tia’s, an independent tea shop tucked away on a corner block. The building is a faded strawberry red, with lime green shutters. The shop is wrongly underrated, from Flug’s observations. There were usually about four customers in the shop on average each time he visits. It always smells strongly of peppermint and pastries, and it’s tiny and cosy - just the way Flug appreciates it. 

The best thing about Tia’s, was that it’s always been that way.

However on this particular day, something is different. Or rather, someone different. 

As Flug walks across the street to Tia’s, he immediately notices a teenaged boy sitting on the ground in front of the shop. He is strumming a guitar, which hilariously seems oversized in comparison to the short boy. He has a mass of curly dark hair, half of it swept across his forehead. Glasses are perched at the end of his nose, slightly irking Flug because why won’t he push them back up?

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Whenever I’m home

I walk beneath fragile moons

Cascading their shadows

Upon porcelain tombstones

In tribute

To the corner stores that once were.

I stand on ancient burial grounds

Where the bones of my childhood

Ache and grown

And I saw off my feet

Because I no longer want them.

Wisps of Brooklyn concrete

Whisper through over-development and

Tears stream where fire hydrants once

Flooded curbs and sidewalk cracks

How careful was I not to step on them

And my mama’s back broke anyway.

I see ghosts

Traversing my stoop

Passing in and out of mausoleum co-ops

Haunting and decaying;

The escape route of midwestern vampires

And trust fund offspring.

Whenever I’m home

Subway trains pass beneath burial plots

We sing dirges for candy bar money

We just tryna keep off the street and

Out of trouble

But there’s no street to keep off of

It’s all gold-painted

And we pray for rain to wash the gild away

But it never comes back

Because it can’t afford rent.

Whenever I’m home

I wonder where home went

I sift through the Whites Only signs and

The new era Jim Crow on New Era fitteds

Looking for even a semblance of

What made me, me.

I mourn.

The funeral procession of battered bastions

And strongholds weakened by erosion

Begging for each borrowed breath

While clutching paper bags of suppression

Inebriation is the only way to cope


Or skin bleaching.

–The Habitual Wordsmith

Happy Birthday Ellis!

it’s the wonderful @derekslaura‘s birthday today and I wrote them a thing.  it’s my first time writing for this pairing and I really hope you like it - happy birthday Ellis! <3 

title: if I would know you
pairing: allison/derek
tags/warnings: knives, hunters, mild violence, a teeny bit of angst and a teeny tiny bit of nsfw
(this sounds really heavy for a birthday fic wow)

The sun is starting to set and the already cold day is turning even more brittle when Allison finally reaches the subway station.  A sharp whistle of wind blows past her, scraping leaves into the station as she rushes inside.

She’s still getting used to the city, still learning how to get around it, still figuring out the sprawling mass of tunnels that will get her wherever she needs to go.  Apparently her timing is still off because the train is already rattling onto the platform as she runs down the steps.  She almost skids across the platform and just manages to squeeze into the tiniest gap left on the train before the doors slam shut behind her with a slick hiss.  Her breath puffs out of her and she reaches up to grip a strap as the train gives a mechanical wheeze and lurches forward.  

The train is crowded. At this hour, it’s mostly people heading home from work, a sea of suits in dull colours and scuffed heels and leather briefcases.  Allison spots a few other students – easily found, with distinct clothes and brightly colored hair and backpacks stuffed to the point of bursting; like colorful debris rising above the sea foam – and an older guy fast asleep on one of the back benches, a bottle in a paper bag still clutched in a grubby fist, but no spare seats.

She slouches tiredly as the train rattles across the track, squeezing to the side at each stop so clusters of people can shuffle off, until, gradually, there’s enough room to breathe, and then to move, and, finally, to sit down.  She leans her head against the cold window, feels the vibrations of the train in her skull, and is tempted to just nap right there.  It’s been a long day.  A horrible day.  Between sleeping through her alarm and being late for class and dealing with shitty people at work, she just wants to get back to her apartment and crawl into bed.  

The next stop empties the train even more.  There’s a couple on the opposite side to Allison, kissing and giggling slightly, and a guy in a beanie hat and fingerless gloves reading quietly in the closest seat to the doors, and a group of men squashed into the seats right at the back of the train.  

She’s digging around for her phone to check the time when what she’d just seen actually catches up fully in her brain and her gaze snaps back to the group of men.  

The metallic glint she’d caught is definitely a knife, the guy tucking it discreetly under one arm so most people wouldn’t notice unless they were particularly paying attention. The tip is digging in slightly to the leather clad side of the man to his right, angled perfectly to slide between ribs.  Allison lifts her gaze and a ripple of shock goes through her.

She isn’t sure why she’s so surprised to lay eyes on Derek Hale for the first time in two years, or why she’s so surprised that he’s here in New York of all places.  She’s not sure what the chances of them bumping into each other are, not in a city as big as this or on this exact train, but the one thing she isn’t surprised about is that Derek has managed to land himself in trouble again.

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Day 3: Sweets

Marinette stepped out of the alleyway she used to detransform in, a small paper bag of cookies clutched in her hand.  She was on her way to Alya’s when she heard the sounds of an akuma attack and had rushed to find somewhere to transform.  Marinette had already given Tikki a cookie to eat and was now ready to get to Alya to give her the cookies and work on their homework.  As she started walking down the sidewalk, she heard the tell-tale smack of Chat Noir’s staff on a rooftop behind her.  She smiled, and looking up, yelled “Chat!”.  He glanced down and before Marinette could think too hard she had lifted up the bag and motioned for him to come down.  Intrigued, Chat jumped to the sidewalk, landing beside her.

He tilted his head and asked, “What’s in the bag?”

Marinette smiled a little and responded, “Chocolate chip cookies, you wouldn’t know of some kitty that would like one, do you?”  

As she said this his eyes lit up.  “I would! I mean, yes please.”

Marinette laughed lightly and opened the bag, giving him a cookie.  As he bit into it, he gave her a wink and said, “These cookies are as sweet as you.  Thank you.”


How Justin’s entire face lights up whenever he’s around Brian, even when they’re broken up.  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

“Why do you care? We’re not even friends.”

For: anon, @kjs-s, and @not-my-yacht (Popular one!)
Pairing: Mike Dodds/Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 396

You swallowed hard as you looked up at the white door. You shouldn’t have come.

Yet, when he’d been held hostage all day and you’d had to stand outside, hands shoved in pockets as you thought through every lame pick-up line, quick cup of coffee, or late night Chinese dinner, you couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with inexplicable emotions. He couldn’t leave you.

Mike Dodds was your sergeant, and even though you fought back against his authority at any chance, part of you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him.

You regretted avoiding the squad after his exit from the home where he’d had to talk his way out of being murdered. You’d mumbled something about paperwork and needing food for an unstable blood sugar. But really, you’d been trying to hide the tears that filled your eyes at the relief that the man you looked up to was still alive.

Somewhere between grabbing a chicken salad sandwich and returning the precinct, you realized it was so much more than admiration. You’d become more than just colleagues. You wanted Mike in your life, no matter the cost.

A slow breath escaped your lips as you raised your fist, knocking on the door four times rather forcefully. It dropped to your side as you debated running. The classic ding-dong ditch felt oddly appropriate at the moment. Yet, before your feet could carry you down the hall and out of sight, the door opened and Mike stared back at you, head tilted to the side.


“I, uh,” you stammered awkwardly. “I wanted to make sure you were okay.” You held up the brown paper bag that was clutched in your other hand. “I brought macaroons?”

“Why do you care?” He asked, voice heavy and dark. “We’re not even friends. You ran away before I could see you outside.”

You licked you lips, shrugging. There weren’t good answers for your actions. “I’ve always cared,” you sighed. “I just didn’t want to be the love-sick new kid.”

“Love-sick, huh?” Mike smirked, clearly not expecting the answer, but pleased with your description. You watched with intrigued eyes as he stepped to the side, inviting you in. “C'mon, I could use the company.”

You nodded, smiling softly as you stepped across the threshold to a night of conversations and laughter. And no talk of the horrors that haunted your day jobs.


title | Twitterpated

notes | Return of niece Allie in an au world where Iris and Eddie marry and have a little girl but Barry and Caitlin aren’t together (aka, not the same ‘verse as my family fics). Ostensibly can be considered in the same universe as my rambling fic, House Pride. Just a silly, cutesie story.

“Uncle Barry?”

He blinks, looks over at where his niece is sitting, belly up to the kitchen island while she munches on a plate of apple slices, and fixes her with an overly intent stare. “Yes Allie bear?” He replies to her expectant look–Allie won’t ask whatever question is dancing at the tip of her tongue until he actually verbalizes his acquiescence, she is oddly considerate like that (something he knows, with the utmost fondness, she does not get from her mother, who always barrels into a conversation regardless of whether the other person is ready for it or not).

“Are you twitterpated?” She’s fixing him with those warm, curious eyes, all wide and unassuming (insatiable curiosity is a trait she gets in equal parts from Iris and Eddie, but it’s that eagerness to learn and see and do that is one Barry’s favorite things in the world).

Still, the question startles him far more than her questions usually do–he chokes on the drink of water he’s taking and blinks rapidly in her direction, feeling a little off under the openness of her gaze. “What?” Because maybe he’s not understanding her (he’s pretty sure he is, but there’s always that chance).

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Just Like Old Times

a/n: requested

If the numerous empty bottles of water were anything to go by you’d been at it for a while. When you peeked at the time you confirmed that you’d been sitting at your desk for the last four hours and so far you didn’t have much to show for it. The blank document seemed to be mocking you.

“Dammit,” you muttered as you backspaced yet another line.

You’d been trying in vain to write an essay. You had yet to get a solid introductory line written. Nothing thus far seemed good enough to keep.

Midway through another attempt to start there was a loud tapping against your window.

You whipped around, feeling your heartbeat in your throat. It was almost midnight on a Wednesday. Your parents were sound asleep and your only company during the last couple of hours had been the ticking of the clock above your desk.

You stood and tentatively stepped towards your window, slowly parting the curtain to peer outside.

Relief flooded you at the sight. You quickly lifted the panel and stepped aside to allow him in.

“Hey babygirl,” he greeted with a grin.

“How did you get up here with all that?” you wondered aloud as you eyed two paper bags clutched in his hands.

Your bedroom was on the second floor and though you’d seen him climb the tree beside your window many times, you’d never seen him do so while carrying parcels of food.

“Hello to you too,” he avoided your question, setting the bags on your bed.

Though the tell-tale scent of your favourite food wafted through the air you kept your attention on him.

“And since when do you sneak into my room anymore. What are we, twelve?” you teased, unable to hide your smile.

“This is the greeting I get after nearly breaking my neck trying to surprise your ass with Mr. Chow’s? Hm, maybe I should go,” he moved to retrieve the bags, but you swatted his hand away.

“No! Thank you. You’re the best,” you admitted, already pulling out the containers.

“I know.”

“Shut up and eat with me,” you rolled your eyes as you settled on the rug.

“I want one of your egg rolls,” he stated, tossing his car keys somewhere on your bed before joining you on the floor.

You narrowed your eyes at him, a forkful of food already halfway to your mouth, “Why don’t you just order you own?”

He shrugged, pulling out his own container, “Cause I didn’t want a whole order. Just wanna taste one.”

“Boy please, you know exactly what they taste like because you’re always eating mine. Get your own,” you reprimanded.

Despite it, you stabbed a roll with your fork and transferred it to his container. Without further prompting he leaned forward to scoop some of his shrimp into your box.

This bartering of food was an unspoken tradition. No matter how many times you’d scolded each other for not ordering what the other had you still proceeded to ‘taste test’ and share meals.

“How far did you reach?” he asked after he’d devoured the remnants of his meal, a few minutes later.

You glanced up, almost forgetting that you still had a pending assignment awaiting your attention. Your shoulders sagged at the thought.

“Not far,” you pouted as you scooped the last of your food into your mouth.

Grabbing the supersized cup of slushy before you could reach for it he stood and walked over to your laptop. (You never questioned why he always insisted on getting one large drink instead of two normal sized ones) He peered at the screen for a moment before turning to you.

“The hell?” he chuckled, “You haven’t even started.”

“It’s harder than I thought it would be,” you complained, rising to your feet, only to plop down on your bed.

“It’s been four hours. When I called you said you were halfway through. There’s like five words on this page,” he pointed out.

“Well I was, but I read it over and it wasn’t making sense so I had to erase everything and start o- stop laughing!”

“I’m sorry, but really, how hard can this be? It’s just an essay.” his words were slightly distorted as he chewed on the straw.

“I’d like to see you write five thousand words on the evolution of the economy in Caribbean history. You wouldn’t know your ass from your elbow, so shut up.”

“I’d probably be able to write more than five words,” he teased.

He was too caught up in making fun of you to see the pillow come flying his way. So when it smacked him straight in his face and knocked the cap off his head you felt triumph swell within you.

“Don’t you have a song to write or an interview to do or something?” you quipped.

Instead of responding he kicked off his shoes and dived onto your bed, careful not to spill his drink. Nevertheless, you narrowed your eyes at him. He knew you hated when he ate or drank anything on your bed, but did it anyway.

“This counts for thirty percent of my final grade. I need to get at least a B plus.”

“You’ll figure it out. Don’t stress,” he offered from behind you as he lounged against your pillows.

“Easy for you to say. We can’t all be 21 year old, multi-millionaire superstars for a living, can we?” you muttered sourly.

With the quiet that followed you knew your tone was too harsh to shrug off. When you turned to face him you regretted your words. He’d come over with every intention of helping you relax and this was the way you repay him? He’d even bought you your favourite food. You instantly felt like the worst friend ever.

“I’m sorry. I’m stressed and taking it out on you, I’m sorry,” you repeated.

He placed the drink on your nightstand before patting the bed beside him. You scooted back until you were sitting beside him. He draped his arm around your middle and pulled you back till you were lying side by side then proceeded to nuzzle his cheek against your chest.

“You need to take a break. You’ve been working yourself like crazy ever since this semester started.”

“I just wanna do well,” you murmured, barely noticing when your fingers began raking through his hair out of habit.

“And you will, but you gotta go easy on yourself. All work and no play makes Y/N a dull girl.”

You laughed, despite yourself.

“When was the last time we hung out?”

“I don’t know,” you shrugged, “You’re always busy.”

“Nah babygirl, you know I’d always make time for you. You’re the one that’s been busy.”

You couldn’t argue that because he was right. The many times he’d messaged in attempt to see you, you’d been the one to shut it down because you were busy with school.

Guilt began to eat at you as you thought about it. You’d been slacking in your best friend duties.

“You’re right. I’ve been a shitty best friend.”

He shifted then, replacing his cheek with his chin so he could look at you, “You’d only be a shitty best friend if you don’t come over for lunch this Saturday.”

At your hesitation he quickly added, “C’mon, Jazzy and Jaxon really miss you.”

“Aw, alright,” you conceded at the mention of his siblings.

He sat up, supported by his arm as he peered down at you, brows deeply wrinkled, “Wait, you’ll only hang out with me if my little brother and sister are there?”

“What can I say? They’re too cute to refuse,” you laughed at his incredulous stare.

“I climb through your window, with food, at midnight, begging you to hang out with me, but all Jazmyn and Jaxon have to do is bat their eyelashes and you’re ready to drop everything to see them?”

“You know they’re my babies,” you giggled when he rolled his eyes and fell back on the bed beside you.

You turned to your side to face him, snuggling up under the arm he left stretched out for you.

“Why did you come through my window? You could have called, I would have come down to open the door for you,” you wondered aloud.

“Where’s the fun in that?” he grinned as his eyes traced the lines in your ceiling.

“Not breaking your neck, maybe?” you used his earlier words against him.

He breathed a short amused sigh before you felt him shrug, “Just wanted to relive old times, I guess.”

You reminisced on the years when he’d scale the tree in your front yard some nights to get to your room. You’d lay in bed like you were now and talk about anything and everything. You’d listen as he spoke of things that happened on tours, people he’d met and secrets he’d confided in no one else but you.  You’d laughed and cried as you recapped the bits of each other’s lives you’d missed.

Again, the tiniest bit of guilt clawed at you when you realized it had been months since the last time you’d spent time with Justin and it wasn’t for lack of trying on his part.

The words of a conversation you’d had three years ago in this very position played clearly in your mind. You had voiced your fears of losing him as your best friend as he went out and explored the world. He had promised that wouldn’t happen.

“You’re still my favourite,” he murmured, interrupting the quiet that had settled.

It was as if he’d read your mind. Or maybe he was thinking of the same night. Either way, he’d murmured the same words he’d used to appease your fears all those years ago.

He’d vowed that no matter how many countries he’d visited, people he’d met or friends he’d made, you were and always would be his favourite person.

You scooted closer and craned your neck till your lips were close enough to kiss the bottom of his jaw.

“So are you,” you murmured as you tucked your head into his neck, relishing in his warmth.

It didn’t take long for the two of you to drift into sleep. The essay that had been plaguing you all night now barely an afterthought.

They Don't Know

So, I wanted to incorporate something different in the imagine to make it a little more juicy, but it’s still following your requests. I hope you enjoy it :)

You walked into the house you owned with your boyfriend, Jensen, only to be greeted by the over-sized puppy. The two of you had invested in the German Shepherd only 2 months after you moved in with him. He was only 8 weeks old when you adopted him. Jensen insisted that the two of you named the puppy after your favorite character on Supernatural.

“Hi, Cas” you greeted him, running your fingers through his soft fur. When Misha found out that you named the puppy after him, he was absolutely elated. You remembered the way his eyes lit up with excitement. Jared and Misha were some of your closest friends, but you were no one special. You were always just a fan of the show, but one night of fate changed your entire life.

You had just finished your schooling in Vancouver, and you were working as a waitress at a local diner. It was a very laid back diner without a huge rush of customers. One night, you worked through a normal shift. Right before the diner closed, 3 familiar faces walked through the door. You were the last waitress left, so you had the job of waiting on them. Jensen gave you his number at the end of the night, and he walked you to your car.

Ever since that night, you fell completely in love with each other. You knew that he loved you, but his fans felt the absolute opposite. All of your social media sites were bombarded with hate mail. You had to change your number on a weekly basis because people would send you threats. It got worse and worse as your relationship with Jensen continued.

“Honey,” you heard his voice coming from the kitchen. A faint smile played on your lips. Your day had been horrible since you left the house that morning. You knew that all you had to do was spend some time with Jensen and everything would get better. You walked into the kitchen to see that he was busy cooking dinner “how was your day?” he asked, glancing over at you.

As soon as he saw your tired and and disappointed expression, he dropped everything he was doing. He walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You looked up into his perfect emerald eyes, remembering that you were going to fight for this. He was your soulmate, and you weren’t about to give that up just because people didn’t agree with him being with you.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” he asked as you studied the freckles that were lightly sprinkled over his nose and cheeks. You shook your head “how about some wine?” he asked, and you smiled up at him.

“Yes, please” you said, and he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“I’ll pour you a glass” he said in a soft voice before turning away from you

“What’s for dinner?” you asked as he pulled a glass from the cupboard. He walked back over to the island in the kitchen. You sat down on the stool, and he handed you a full glass of your favorite wine. You smiled at him before taking a sip.

“Tonight, we’re having my favorite meal; steak, a baked potato, and green beans. I hope that’s alright with you” he said, and you nodded your head

“Of course it is” you said “I don’t know why I’ve been in such a mood for red meat lately” you confessed. Steak and burgers were always a Jensen thing, and chicken was your thing. Lately your taste buds jumped right to red meat, and you could barely stay away from them. It was so bad 2 nights ago, that you asked Jensen to run down to the local Jack-in-the-Box for burgers.

“Well, that’s why I wanted to surprise you. It was either this or burgers, but I figured that you’d enjoy a juicy steak even more. Besides, we had burgers the other night” he said, and you could feel the side of your mouth pull up into an involuntary smirk. Sometimes he was just so cute that you couldn’t help but smile. Even on your worst days, he could say one special phrase, and you would be completely rejuvenated.

“We should probably lay off the red meats after tonight” you said, as he cut up the onions to sautee for the steak. He shot you a quick, confused, glance.

“Why?” he asked

“I feel bloated. I don’t want to start gaining weight just because I’m having a short period of weird food cravings” you said, and he let out a chuckle

“Why not? There would be more there for me to love” he said with his usual bright attitude. You felt the guilt weighing on your mind. You knew that he deserved someone better than you. You knew that he deserved a supermodel girlfriend that everyone else adored, but you were just an average girl from a small town.

“I just don’t need there to be another reason why your fans hate me” you blurted out as an answer to his previous question.

“They don’t hate you” he replied, and you shook your head. He wasn’t looking at you, so he couldn’t see your silent disagreement “the thing about being in the spotlight is that some people will adore you, and others will try to tear you down. It isn’t personal because we all go through it. Do you think that everyone on the internet or social media sites loves me?” he asked

“Well, it certainly seems that way” you said

“A few years ago, I started looking at everything that was posted about me, and I became consumed by the amount of people who disliked me. I got depressed about it because it seemed like the bad outweighed all the good. The fans who supported me were pushed to the back burner because I was only focusing on the people who called me a douchebag and a pansy. It took a lot of work to realize that I have a really strong and welcoming fanbase. There are plenty of people out there who love you, but you just have to open your eyes” he said, and you took another sip from your glass.

“You’re probably right” you said, and he flashed his perfect smile at you

“Of course I am” he joked

“I have a few things to do before dinner” you said, and he nodded. You walked up the stairs with the paper bag clutched in your hand. Your knuckles could have permanently turned white because of the pressure you held the bag with. You brought it into the bathroom before pulling the box out of the bag. You ripped it open, pulling out the stick that would decide the rest of your life. Jensen’s fans would hate you even more if this came out the way you feared.

“Please, be negative” you prayed, pulling the cap off. You sat on the toilet and did as the instructions told you to do. Once you urinated on the stick, you set it on the countertop in the bathroom. You had to wait for 5 minutes, and it was undoubtedly the longest 5 minutes of your life. Your heart raced as you hung your head down.

Once you were sure the 5 minutes were through, you picked up the test. You closed your eyes knowing that the result would determine your entire future. If it was positive, everyone would hate you even more because you would be even more serious with Jensen. However, if the test was negative, you could continue your life the way you had been living it thus far. Your thumb found the result, and you covered it. You wanted to see how to read it before you saw the results.

You opened your eyes to see that two lines was a positive reading while on line was a negative reading. You let out a deep breath, knowing that you needed to find out one way or another. Abortion wasn’t an option for you if the test did read positive. You wouldn’t pull Jensen down with it, so it was obvious that you would have to leave.

“You can do this, (Y/N)” you said to yourself, moving your thumb from the result. The two lines stared you right in the face.


“No, no, no” you said, throwing it into the trash bucket next to the toilet “this isn’t happening. This can’t be happening. Oh my God” you breathed out, standing up and looking at yourself in the mirror. You tried to tell yourself that it was all just a bad dream, but you knew that it wasn’t “shit, shit, shit” you mumbled. You stuffed the pregnancy test box into the paper bag before heading out of the bathroom.

You knew that your best bet was to keep it from Jensen. You couldn’t tell him because he would throw it all away. He would leave the job that he loved so much to take care of you. You threw the bag into the garbage in the kitchen.

“When did Cas go out?” you asked, and he shrugged his shoulders

“I probably let him out an hour ago” he answered before you whistled.

“Cas, let’s go outside” you called, and you heard his hurried paws against the floor. You opened the backdoor, and he bolted outside. You watched him run through the grass before stepping out onto the deck. You sat on the steps while he did his business. When he finished, you could feel your eyes filling with the unwanted tears of shame and the unknown. Cas was looking up at you sympathy in his big brown eyes. It felt like he understood you.

“Come here” you said, patting your lap. The warm tears streamed down your face. He rested his front paws on your lap, pulling his head up to lick the salty tears from your cheeks. He nudges your face with his nose, trying to comfort you. He could always sense your sadness. When you were upset, he was upset; when you were happy, he was happy. Cas was really your dog. He loved Jensen, but he was attached to you much more. He was always incredibly protective over you, and you felt safe in his presence. Even though he was still a puppy, he was large and loyal.

He rested his head on your lap, and you ran your hand through his soft fur. It was comforting, knowing that he was there to soothe you whenever you needed it. He helped when Jensen was away for filming. He was your loyal companion, and you loved him like a child.

“We’ll get through this, right?” you asked, and he looked up at you. You knew that he didn’t know what you were talking about, but he still had that understanding look in his eyes. He loved you unconditionally, and he would do anything for you. It was really something special to have a dog like Cas. He was the most loving and loyal dog you could’ve asked for.

“Is everything alright out here?” Jensen asked, and you nodded your head

“Yeah, we’re coming in right now” you answered, standing up. Cas followed you closely as you walked into the house.

“You didn’t finish your wine” Jensen said, returning to the stove.

“I’m not really in the mood for it anymore” you said, knowing that it wasn’t healthy to drink with your…condition.

“Well, just pour it back into the bottle. Maybe you’ll be in the mood for it another time” he said, and you brought the glass over to the bottle. You carried both over to the sink, not wanting to make a mess of the beautiful white marble countertops. You poured the wine from the glass back into the bottle before storing the bottle back onto the rack.

“Do you mind setting the table with utensils and napkins?” he asked, and you shook your head. You grabbed knives, forks, and napkins, placing them in each of their designated spots. It was important that you made everything perfectly aligned. It was a quirk that Jensen loved, but you didn’t understand why.

“Dinner’s ready” he said, walking in with three plates. Two had steak, green beans, onions, and a baked potato on them. The third plate had all except for the onions. He set one at your spot, he set one at his spot, and he set one on the floor for Cas.

“Thank you” you said, and you waited for him to sit down. You talked about the normal things as you ate dinner, but it felt like you were on autopilot the entire time. You ate your food, but it felt like your body was doing everything on its own. It kept your mind away from the worst thoughts for a time. Before you knew it, you were putting the final plate in the cupboard after drying it off. When he cooked, you cleaned; when you cooked, he cleaned.

“(Y/N),” you heard his voice coming from behind you. You turned around to look at him. He held the pregnancy test in his hand, and a smile was plastered on his face “is this…what I think it is?” he asked, and the fear rose in your throat.

“Jensen, I can explain” you began, but he shook his head

“You’re pregnant?!” he asked with excitement. He threw the test on the floor, before pulling you into his arms. He spun you around, but you felt the weight of the world crashing down on you.

“You weren’t supposed to find out” you said, and he pulled away.

“Why not?” he asked, looking down at you with furrowed eyebrows. The question would be hard to explain. He wouldn’t understand because he wasn’t in your shoes.

“I was gonna leave” you blurted out, and you watched the light die in his eyes because of your words “come here” you said, pulling his hand. You lead him to your laptop that was sitting on the coffee table in the living room. You pulled up your twitter page, and you looked at who tweeted using your name. You pointed at the screen, reading some of the posts.

@(Y/T/N) shouldn’t be with @jensenackles because he’s far too good for her. Seriously, who does she think she is?

@jensenackles is way out of @(Y/T/N)’s league. How can he even live with her?

Is @jensenackles blind? It’s pretty obvious that he’s far too attractive to be dating @(Y/T/N).

@(Y/T/N) I’ve decided that if @jensenackles is allowed to date a cow, I’m allowed to marry a pig.

If @jensenackles and @(Y/T/N) had a baby, her ugliness would cancel out his beauty, and the baby would just be average.

“They hate me enough already, Jensen. I can’t drag you down because of something like this. I can’t keep going on with this sadness in my life. It’s too hard” you said, and he grabbed your hand. The second you looked into his sad emerald eyes, you burst into tears. His arms engulfed you, and he held your while you cried

“We’re gonna get through this together. Who cares what they think?” he asked “they don’t know how perfect you are. I’m not throwing anything away by being with you. When I saw the positive test, the first thought that ran through my mind was that I was going to start a family with my soulmate. I wasn’t scared or angry or upset, I was ecstatic” he said, and you continued crying into his chest.

“You’re the reason why I do what I do. I wake up every day, and I’m able to look over at the love of my life. Who else can say that they found their other half and be completely honest about it?” he asked, rubbing circles on your back in an attempt to comfort you “I love you, and no one’s opinion is gonna change that because I know how I feel” he added, and you looked up at him. You knew that you must’ve looked like a complete mess, but you also knew that he didn’t care.

“I’m just a fan, Jensen. I’m nothing special. Jared’s with Genevieve, and you’re stuck with me. Actors marry actresses, that’s just the way it is” you said, and he wiped the tears from your eyes “we can’t do this” you added

“You will never be just a fan, (Y/N). Jared and Gen met through the show, and they fell in love. That was fate for him. I met you one night at a random diner. I didn’t even want to go there, but Jared told me that I would regret it. It was fate that we met, and I can’t throw it away” he said, and you bit your lip. You tried to stop the tears from flowing down your cheeks “we’re going to start a family together, and that’s just…the most wonderful news I’ve ever heard”

He dropped everything, and he picked up the laptop. He logged into his twitter account, and you watched as he typed the multiple-part message. All together, it read something that you never would’ve imagined him saying.

My fans have always been incredibly supportive of me and my decisions. On many occasions, I’ve come by incredibly vicious and hateful messages directed at my significant other and the mother of my unborn child, @(Y/T/N). She’s been under harsh scrutiny lately, and I cannot turn the other cheek anymore. If you support me, you support both of us. You don’t have to like her, but you should be human enough to not post terrible things about her like some of you have been. She has her faults just like I have mine. She’s the person I choose to be with, and if you don’t like it, that’s too bad. The hateful messages and posts need to stop. If they don’t stop, you have my word that I will take whatever steps necessary to remove myself from the public eye. Thank you to those of you who have been nothing but kind to her and I. I hope you continue your passionate support. I love you!

“They’ll stop now” he said “they’re originating from fans. The fans don’t want to see me drop off the face of the earth, so they have no other choice but to stop wit this nonsense” he said, and you threw your arms around him. He shifted into a comfortable cuddling position, holding you tightly against his firm body “I think that you forget how much I love you” he said

“I never forget, but it’s hard to focus on that when everyone hates me” you said, and he kissed the top of your head. You looked up at him, and he pressed his warm lips against yours.

“I love you” he said as you rested your forehead against his.

“I love you, too” you replied

“They don’t know that you snore so lightly only when you fall asleep on the couch. They don’t know that you and I have reenacted the scene from Risky Business over 80 times. They don’t know that you refuse eating Brussels sprouts unless I cook them. They don’t know that you will only sing in the shower, so I have to sit in the bathroom just to hear it. They don’t know us, and they don’t know how much we love each other” he said, and you nestled your body into his, creating your own home in his warm embrace.

“None of them know what we’ve been through together. Besides, you seem to forget that Misha and Jared are constantly posting sweet things about you. I’m always posting pictures of the two of us. It’s impossible to keep those to myself because you’re so damn beautiful” he said, stealing another kiss. Everything felt like it was falling into place. It finally felt like it was the beginning of your lives together, and you couldn’t have wished for a better one.

Robert [Downey Jr.] ambled past on the red carpet and I pounced with questions, including what was in the brown paper bag he was clutching. “Food,” he replied, “I don’t know how long the film is.”

A reporter recalling how Robert Downey Jr. packed his own dinner in a brown paper bag when he attended a premiere back in 2005. 

[source:  Vue, April 2013]


“Oh my god, Sherlock.” John shook his head as he chuckled heartily.

“What now?” Sherlock sighed and rolled his eyes.

“You are so whipped!” The doctor grinned as he looked at the consulting detective juggling all the items in his hands. “She’s done it. She’s really done it.”

“I have no idea what you’re going on about.” He paused and looked down at himself.

He was simply carrying two coffees from the shop around the corner. It wasn’t as if he didn’t want a decent coffee for himself too. The swill from the doctor’s lounge was practically a criminal offence. It wouldn’t do for Molly to get sick from consuming anything from the canteen either. Hence, the paper bag clutched in the last few fingers of his right hand.

It was mid-morning and Molly had started very early for her shift. She would probably be a bit hungry right now. If he was buying coffee and the pastries were right there… Why wouldn’t he get a few at the same time? It was logical! Otherwise, one of them would have to stop work and drudge all the way out all over again to buy something. No, that would be ridiculous.

And, he said as much to John.

“Alright, fine.” John conceded. “That makes a lot of sense.”

Sherlock smugly nodded and started walking again.

“But, how do you explain the additional two lunches you bought - after forcing that restaurant to open their kitchen early. The bouquet of flowers and the picnic blanket you have rolled under your arm?”

“Oh, piss off, John!”