paper apparel


THE FUTURE IS HERE, AND IT’S FKA TWIGS - photographer: Paola Kudacki - stylist: Karen Clarkson - hair: Martin Cullen - makeup: Naoko Sofia Patrizia Scintu - nail: Imarni Nails - Paper October 2015

  • American Apparel bodysuit
    Noir Kei Ninomiya jacket & skirt
    Stella McCartney dress
    Vivienne Westwood lace-up platform
Vox noticed that T-Swift recently got trademarks for “this sick beat,” “‘cause we never go out of style,” and “party like it’s 1989,” among others, for the purpose of putting them on things like paper products, apparel, aprons, accessories, stickers, and temporary tattoos…A betting woman might guess that you’ll be seeing these words on merchandise for sale at her upcoming “1989” tour, unless Taylor went to all this trouble just because she felt like it.
—  Cosmopolitan