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It’s Valentines day and I’m forever alone so I’m writing super fluffy things and one heartbreak because I'm evil

Another owl lands in front of you holding a red envelope. You offer the bird a treat and take the envelope. This was the 5th one today, apparently, boys thought you were quite a catch and kept sending you Valentine’s day cards. You only had sights on one boy, who was head over heals for another girl. You could sense the cliche. 

“Oo! Another one huh y/n” your friend teases. 

You roll your eyes and tear open the envelope. A smoke unicorn hops out of the envelope and prances around. You stare in awe as it leaves a trail of pink smoke. It stops in front of you and bows before disappears in a puff of smoke and leaves a small card that smells of Cinnamon. You pick up the card and look at it. The border is a shimmery gold and the writing is messy but a cute messy 

Your heart is so golden that a Niffler would paw at your heart

Seeing you makes my stomach flutter like I have a million Billywigs inside

I get so nervous around you I wish I could turn invisible like a Demiguise 

You’re more magnificent than a Thunderbird 

I would be honored if you would meet me outside of Honeydukes this Valentines. 

“Who was that from?” you friend asks. You look all over the card but couldn't find a name. 

“I don’t know” you reply. 

Names crossed your mind as you were trying to figure out who sent the letter. A certain animal lover with floppy hair and shy demeanor crossed your mind but you shook it away, he probably liked someone else. 

“Are you going to go?” They ask. 

“Yeah, I think I will.” 

You spent the rest of the day wondering who sent the letter to you. You walked into potions and sit down. 

“Okay class, since its almost valentines day. I thought we could brew Amortentia” your professor says. 

“Does anyone know what Amortentia is?” your professor asks. 

A boy in the back raises his hand, “Amortentia is the world’s strongest love potion. It smells like what the person loves most”. 

“Fantastic, 10 points to Hufflepuff” they say. They write down the intricate steps on the board. 

“Once you successfully finish and I check it off, you will write down what you smell. It will be confidential, Please begin.” 

You turn to your partner and see they’re deep in conversation with a boy. You roll your eyes and get up to grab the ingredients.  You grabbed some rose thorns and powdered moonstone. You were searching for peppermint when someone tapped your shoulder. You turned and see Newt Scamander standing behind you holding out the last ingredient you needed. 

“Um, Thanks Newt” you say taking the leaves. 

“No problem, I saw you were looking for some and I had extra so” he explains.

You both awkwardly stand in silence before Newt breaks the silence. 

“I better get back to my potion. You know, before my partner blows up the cauldron. Again.” Newt says. 

You giggle at the memory of his partner blowing his eyebrows off. Newt turns and his eyes widen. 

“WAIT DARVIN THATS THE WRONG INGREDIENT!” Newt yells as he scrambles over to Darvin before he could ruin the potion. 

A small smile appears as you watch Newt focus on his potion. He looked up at you and you averted your eyes. You walked back to your desk and started the potion. 

“Well done Y/n, Now, write down what you smell and turn it in.” Your professor tells you. 

You nod and pull out some parchment. You leaned over your potion. Cinnamon, lavender, freshly cut wood and something else you couldn’t figure out. You wrote down what you smelled and stood up to turn in your potion and your paper. 

“Ah Y/n, I need your help. Can you please organize these papers by alphabetical order, please” Your professor orders. 

You pick up the papers and go through them. You tried only looking at the names but when you came across Newt’s, it was hard to resist. You looked down and saw what he wrote. 

“Rain, freshly baked cookies, and perfume” you murmur quietly. 

Perfume? Your heart sank a little, you didn’t really wear perfume. Only on special occasions so he must have smelled someone else’s perfume. You finished organizing the papers and left. 

You flopped down on your bed and pulled out the little card you got this morning. You smiled at the words. You decided to meet up with this mystery man tomorrow. You fell asleep with the card still clutched in your hand. You failed to notice that the handwriting on the card was similar to writing you saw earlier today. 

You stood outside honeydukes fidgeting with your hands. They didn’t give you a specific time, what if we miss each other? What if this was all a joke? Maybe one of your friends was messing with you. You felt the stares from couples walking past you. You felt awkward so you went into Honeydukes. 

You walked around and hid in a corner. You felt silly waiting for someone you weren’t even sure was coming. You bought some chocolate frogs so the lady wouldn’t think it was weird you were just standing in the store for so long. You walked out and started heading back to the castle. 

“Y/N! Wait!” You turned around and saw a very flustered Newt. 

“I’m sorry I was late, er well, I’m sorry I didn’t put a time on the card. You see i was so focused on actually getting myself to write a letter to you that I forgot to put important details” Newt explains in a rushed voice. 

“You sent the note? With the smoke unicorn?” you ask. 

You were skeptical, there is no way your crush could have sent that. Way to cliche. 

“Why yes I did. D-did you not like?” He asks, his face falling a bit. 

“No No, I adored it! It was so beautiful. How did you manage to conjure something like that?” you ask. 

Newt smiles and pulls out his wand. His face changes to his look of concentration and he drew a small unicorn. It pranced around and disappeared. 

“I asked Flintwood to teach me. I saw all those other guys ask you and I felt like I needed to do something special” Newt admits. 

“You didn’t have to do anything special Newt. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I mean your so smart and cute and a little awkward and you know so much about animals,” you say. You notice Newt staring at you. 

“Sorry, that must sound really creepy” you say looking at the ground. 

“Do you really think that about me?” Newt asks, almost afraid of your answer. 

You look back up and nod your head, “Of course I do. You are something extraordinary Mr. Scamander” you say. 

“Oh! I almost forgot!” Newt exclaims. 

He sticks his wand in his mouth and rummages through his bag. He tried speaking but it was muffled by the wand. He pulls out a little journal with a bow on it. 

“Mrf-hrfe bhm” Newt tries to say. 

“Newt, wand” you remind him. He takes his wand out of his mouth and sticks it behind his ear. 

“I was trying to say, I would have wrapped it but I learned I am quite horrible at wrapping” He explains. you open up the journal and notice there are moving creatures on every page. 

“Newt this is amazing. I didn’t get you anything. Oh I feel horrible now” you say.

“It’s okay, I wanted to get you it and you don’t have to get me anything” Newt says. 

“Well thank you so much Newt” you lean and kiss his cheek. His blush returns and he starts fidgeting again. 

“I have some chocolate frogs, here” you say handing him one. 

“Thank you y/n, I’ll cherish it forever” Newt jokes 

“Care to accompany me to the three broomsticks?” you ask. 

“I would love to” he replies. You grab his hand and intertwine your fingers. 

“Would you ever like to be on a chocolate frog?” you ask randomly. 

“It would certainly be an achievement, but what could i do that would deem me worthy of such a thing?” Newt asks. 

“Oh, i’m sure you’ll do something amazing Newt,” you say “Maybe it will have to do with Beasts” you suggest. 

“Ah yes, I see it now, Small boy on chocolate frog card for helping magical creatures” Newt says rather dramatically. You let out a laugh that makes Newt smile more. 

“That perfume, you’ve worn it before right?” Newt asks. 

“I wore it the first day of school, I think” you reply, “Why?” 

“No reason” Newt says. 

You shrug it off and put your head on Newts shoulder. You breathed in his coat smell and almost tripped when you recognized the smell. You smiled to yourself and held Newts hand a little tighter. 

FLUFFITY FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF OMFG. I am. *sings off key* Forever alone. Happy Valentines y’all Hope someone treats you like Newt Scamander would. 

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Modern AU jehanpernasse where Jehan knows Klingon because they decided to study it one summer and Mont knows it because he's a Giant Fucking Nerd and they meet when Mont says some snooty comment in it thinking no one would understand and Jehan replies and they bond over being snarky shits in a Star Trek language

The only reason(s) why Montparnasse knows Klingon is that Babet (another Giant Fucking Nerd) once suggested adopting the language to communicate as not to be understood by prying ears, namely the cops. So they all learnt the language and the alphabet, and Montparnasse LOVES codes and secret languaes, because he thinks it’s badass and mysterious and all.

Now keep in mind that this happens in high school, in which Montparnasse is supposed to be that typical too cool for school bad boy with an attitude. And too cool for school badboys with an attitude aren’t exactly supposed to speak KLINGON!

So when Jehan talks Klingon back, Montparnasse flips the fuck out because “SHIT my cover’s been blown, no one can know I’m a nerd!” especially not that cute person he’s in English and Spanish class with. He just keeps a stone face and looks away, trying to pull himself together.

Later, as he empties his locker, he find a folded piece of paper. There’s a whole alphabet written on it, that isn’t Klingon at all, though it rings a bell. On top of the paper reads “It’s Elvish, if ever you wanted to learn another fictional language.” Several sentences are written at the bottom of the page, and Montparnasse decodes: “Hi, I’m Jehan. Feel free to toss that paper in the bin if I’m mistaken.”

He doesn’t. He folds the paper carefully and slips it in his pocket. Ensues weeks of little messages slipped into Jehan and Montparnasse’s respective lockers, all written in Elvish alphabet. The messages get flirty quickly, and Parnasse notices Jehan blushes everytime they walk past each other in the hallway. That does something to him. A great deal of things, actually.

Teach me spoken Elvish, he writes one day. Jehan, it turns out, is fluent in the language. And a fictional language shouldn’t sound so beautiful. Parnasse watches, mesmerized as Jehan tries to teach him the basics.

“Are you listening?” they ask, as they catch Montparnasse staring.

“Yeah! I swear!”

He’s less fluent than they are. The vowels are hard to get right.

“No, you need to open your mouth more,” Jehan points out, their thumb on his lower lip.

Montparnasse’s heart skips a beat. He doesn’t now how to describe what he’s feeling, in French, Elvish, or else, but he doesn’t want it to stop.

So I watched the trailer too (Just to get an idea) and holy crap as soon as it comes out/I get stable internet I will go watch it.

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  • Throwing the fact that you can do telekinesis was too much at one go
  • So when he asked what you do, you say that you are a magician who specialized in sleight of hand and moving things.
  • Even showed him a few tricks that you picked up and some of your more famous shows
  • The more you hung out with him, the harder it got to hide.
  • He would constantly be amazed at how quickly you could find things or clean up… until he caught you lifting a bunch of veggies to align them on a plate
  • If the boy was SHOOK before, he was SHOOK AF now
  • He kept rubbing his eyes, and you were so caught off-guard at being found that you didn’t try to hide it.
  • “In my defense, I can never pick up the tinier bits of the chopped lettuce.”
  • Months later, and he still jumps every time. He watches you with close attention every time you do it.
  • Wanted to show off, but he understood your need for secrecy.


  • The night before the party, you guys were having lots of cuddles under the stars on the balcony.
  • It was so nice that without thinking you telekinetically pulled the blanket around both of your shoulder.
  • Zen was very absorbed, but a while later he wonders where the blanket came from
  • Wanting to tell him when he was ready, You vowed to be a little more careful about your powers
  • That promise didn’t last 24 hours lol.
  • The next morning, you were both rushing to get ready.
  • Zen calls out to ask where he placed his coat.
  • You were busy applying eyeliner, so you thoughtlessly lifted the coat and hovered to towards his wardrobe, where he was standing.
  • His piercing holler almost ruined the cat-eye you were going for, dropping the coat immediately.
  • He was on his knees and almost hyperventilating, so you instructed him to take deep breaths and calm down, gently explaining your ability.
  • He never took his eyes away from you, and even jumped back a little when you lifted the coat again to demonstrate.
  • “Babe, I would love to know more about this, but we really need to get to that party.”
  • Later on, he realizes that this ability helps you take multi-tasking to a whole new level, and really appreciates it when you become his manager.
  • He still appreciates the fact that you still practice traditional magic tricks as well.


  • Poor angel was having one of those nights where there were too many papers to look at all at once, so you dropped by to make sure she ate properly and try to help as much as you could.
  • Soon enough, you were all over the place. Cooking, stapling papers, filing the finished paperwork etc.
  • So you were alphabetizing some papers while you left the spoon to mix on its own.
  • Jaehee walks in with another batch to alphabetize, but then she sees the stove flame adjusting itself and the spoon still stirring as you poured a glass of water for yourself.
  • She shrieks and whacks the spoon with a nearby rolling pin, causing the pot to wobble wildly.
  • You immediately pull her away from the stove as the pot toppled over, spilling the hot curry everywhere.
  • “What were you doing?!” You yell at her as you switch off the gas and survey the mess.
  • “The spoon was moving by itself!!” She yells back.
  • You massage your temples out of irritation; she doesn’t need to find out when she is so stressed.
  • “Jaehee honey, relax. Sit down with a cup of tea while I clean this up.”
  • Later on, when you get the coffee shop, you practically master your ability to keep up with the onslaught of orders.


  • He doesn’t believe you when you tell it to him straight.
  • “I do appreciate the black magic and dark arts but they are simply fiction.”
  • No matter how much you try to explain, he simply writes it off as imagination/exaggeration.
  • “Jumin I work as a magician for a living.” “That is simply mirrors and misdirection.”
  • You both fight for quite a bit, with Jumin not understanding why you are being so insistent in proving that you can do telekinesis.
  • You even move around small things like his pen or a flower off the vase, but he easily suggests that you may have rigged them beforehand.
  • Out of frustration, you bring in Elizabeth III from the other room; she is screeching and yowling.
  • Jumin finally gives in, and you triumphantly float Elizabeth on his lap.
  • Often, at random times throughout the day, he’ll ask you to levitate something and you play along.
  • He loves that there is something else that makes you all the more special in his eyes


  • Through your background check, he knew that you worked as a magician (a well known one at that)
  • So he was highkey excited to see how you practice your tricks.
  • One night, he noticed that you seemed to be setting up for a practice, so he diverted some his attention on watching you.
  • So when you lifted a water bottle and poured a glass full of water with it, he was mighty impressed.
  • Now he was carefully watching your every move to see where the trick behind it was.
  • But try as he might, HE.JUST.COULDN’T.UNDERSTAND.
  • He analyzed every corner of the room, but he didn’t find any mechanism that would help you do that.
  • So naturally, he called you up, disregarding the fact that you might have been asleep at the time. you would always answer his calls anyway
  • The minute you pick up the phone: “HOW DID YOU DO IT?”
  • After a lot of explaining and apologies, you realized you couldn’t practice here anymore.
  • Seven noticed that you had stopped practicing, and he felt very guilty and troubled.
  • Eventually, when he had come over, your ability was at the back of his mind. The bomb had to come first.
  • But then he became distant to the point of being untouchable, and you could see how much stress he was going through.
  • He wasn’t letting you come close to him, and you were worried about his health.
  • You lifted his dinner towards him, hoping he’ll notice. Oh he definitely did
  • To distract himself for a while, he asked you about your magic.
  • Delighted that he was finally talking to you decently, you had told him everything.
Starbound Language Headcanons
  • Standard Apex language looks and sounds something like a mix of Slavic and Germanic languages with an alphabet inexplicably including some human letters. Notably, there is only one surviving Apex language as other languages, including sign language, are forbidden. For this reason, rebel forces sometimes communicate in these “dead” languages, because the Miniknog are unlikely to understand them.
  • Hylotl language is one of the few things that miraculously survived the Florans’ genocide mostly unscathed. It uses a syllabary system very similar to Japanese kana. The characters are viewed as elegant and a symbol of Hylotl pride, making calligraphy a celebrated skill even in modern times. Pictograms and human loanwords have also recently become popular in media, sometimes even used without any accompanying Hylotl text.
  • Floran language is simplistic, generally including guttural noises and hissing. As is evident by their accents, the ‘s’ and ‘sh‘ sounds are universally emphasized, and pronouns do not exist. Instead, individuals refer to themselves just as “Floran“, and refer to others by their given names. Since Florans have no concrete written language, they, as per the usual, borrow from other species when needed.
  • The Glitch communicate in what is essentially verbal binary code, beeping that resembles morse code. To save time and paper space, their alphabet is made up of symbols rather than numbers, each representing a certain amount of ones and/or zeros in a binary word. Their spoken language lacks inflections, hence why it is specified before each statement. Since they are trapped in the same stage of civilization, their language has no way of evolving.
  • Avians have two main languages that, while similar when spoken, have vastly different alphabets. The first is pictographic and believed to be the original Avian language that developed naturally. The second was supposedly given to them long ago by Kluex, and resembles Arabic. Most of “the grounded“ use the former while the latter is considered holy and only permitted for religious purposes.
  • Novakids have the least conventional language of all, since they obviously have no mouths to speak of. Instead, their metal brands vibrate to produce audible frequencies that sound vaguely like a crystal glasses being played. The vibration is so slight that it is invisible to the naked eye, and while other species can hear the sound, the subtle differences in tone and inflection are indecipherable without a translator. Like the Floran, they have no written language of their own, or at least not one that has lasted more than a few generations.

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Imagine: Being a new, badass, Dauntless leader, and Eric develops a crush on you.

“As the newest leader of Dauntless, you will go through four phases of training Y/N,” Max tells you, today you have been selected to become the newest leader of Dauntless, and Max has held a meeting for you, “The first will be learning all of Dauntless’ rules, Jared, will take you through that right after this meeting.”

Max points to a man who is covered in tattoos and piercing and has bright blue hair, he waves at you, smiling, “Welcome to the team Y/N.”

“The next phase will be learning how to interact with other factions, for this you will receive help from Victoria, our leader and faction ambassador,” Max continues, pointing towards a tan girl with jet-black hair, which fades into a lavender-ish colour at the tips. Her ears are covered in piercings and she has a tattoo, which snakes up her neck. You’ve hung out with her before during your initiation, and you get an older sister-like vibe from her, she smirks at you and winks, you smile back.

“The third phase will be with me,” Max pauses to give you a quick smile, “In this phase we will test and train you on your decision-making skills.”

“Finally, the fourth phase will last for a few weeks. It is physical training, initiation was just the beginning of it, in order to be a leader you will need a lot more training than that. Eric will under see this portion of training.” Max gestures towards the handsome asshole who sits across from you, you smile at him but he just gives you a curt nod. Ugh you could at least smile back Eric! The next few weeks will be hell.

“Your physical training will take place in the evenings, so once the first three phases are over, you will act as Eric’s assistant.” In other words, Eric’s slave. Fuck you Max!

“Thank you Max, I will try my hardest to be the best Dauntless that I can be!” You say with false excitement.

“Alright, the meeting is over, everyone is dismissed. Y/N, you will follow Jared to begin phase one.” You nod and follow Jared out of the room.

After three brutal hours of learning Dauntless rules, Jared lets you go to have dinner. You eat at the leaders’ table for the first time, and you sit next to Eric. You reach over to grab a piece of bread from a tray in the middle of the table, just as Eric does, and you both unintentionally go for the same piece and he ends up grabbing your hand, you quickly turn your head towards him, locking eyes. The two of you sit there staring into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, until Victoria coughs loudly, Eric’s head snaps towards her and he quickly drops your hand.

“So Y/N, how was training today?” Victoria asks trying to stifle a giggle.

“Jared’s bright hair was the only thing keeping me from falling asleep,” I roll my eyes, Max and Victoria let out a laugh while Jared mocks hurt. Eric just stares down at his food not looking amused. Whatever.

You spend the next morning with Victoria, learning about how to behave with different factions. In all honesty, you learn less and laugh more with her. You love this girl. However, your fun ends after lunch when you join Max who goes over different scenarios that you may face as a leader, as well as different decision-making techniques.

You go to sleep that night worrying about your first day of being Eric’s personal fucking assistant.

That morning you walk into Eric’s office, “Didn’t anyone teach you how knock?”

“Oh my God! It speaks!” You gasp, referring to how Eric hasn’t said a single word to you since you were offered this leadership position.    

“Don’t forget who I am Y/N,” Eric growls.

“That threat may have scared me back when I was just a mere initiate, but not anymore Eric. Hell, I could probably use that line on you now. You’re an ex-Erudite; I would have never thought you would forget things that easily. But in case you have, I will remind you, Max has appointed me as a leader Eric, so now you and I are equals,” You stretch out the last word and smirk at him.

If looks could kill, Eric’s glare would has left you lifeless by now, he looks like he is about to make a snide comment but he doesn’t, all he says is, “As my assistant, your first task is to get me some coffee.”

“I’m your assistant Eric, not your slave, you’re supposed to get me to do tasks that will help me learn about leadership,” you say, the day had barely even started and he was already getting on your nerves.

“Now Y/N, Max never said that did he?” He talks to me as if I’m a small child, “You’re my assistant, and that means you will follow my rules. And don’t you ever make the mistake of thinking that you’re my equal. You are just a leader-in-training, besides, no matter how far you advance, I will always be your superior. Now, get me my fucking coffee.”

You resist the urge to slap him and simply place your hand on a file, which rests on his desk, it is full of papers. You slowly pull it towards yourself and let it hit the floor, scattering papers everywhere. You change your expression to an innocent looking pout and say, “oops!”

Eric glares up at you and you turn to walk towards the door, just as you’re about to leave he calls after you, “Oh Y/N! Just so you know, I like my coffee scorching hot, and I know the cafeteria is 16 floors below us, so you better hurry! And by the way, forget trying the elevator, it’s out of order today.”

Fuck him! By the time you get down all 16 flights of stairs, you feel winded; I guess I probably will need this physical training. You walk to the cafeteria and get a coffee; you hurrying back up the stairs and stop in the hallway to catch your breath. You see the elevator doors from across the hall open and Jared walks out.

“Hey Y/N,” He calls out, “You sure look winded, what happened?”

“I just had to run all the way to the cafeteria and back just to get a coffee for the devil,” You groan.

“Why didn’t you just use the elevator?”

“I was told that it was out of order,” That lying son of a bitch!  

“Well it’s not, and you didn’t need to go all the way down to the cafeteria, we have an amazing coffee machine in the leaders’ lounge which is just across the hall from Eric’s office.” Are you fucking kidding me? “Well I’ll see you around Y/N; you might not want to keep the devil waiting.”

You walk into Eric’s office and see him sitting at his desk, already sipping a steaming cup of coffee, “There you are! You were taking too long so I just got myself some coffee from the lounge.”

“What the hell Eric?! You made me run all the way to the cafeteria for nothing?! Oh and for your information, the elevators are working,” You yell. He simply rolls his eyes.

“I guess you learned a valuable lesson today, never take anyone’s word for anything unless you have seen in with your own two eyes first,” He smirks at you, “Now your next task will be to clean this.”

He gestures towards the scattered paper on the ground, that asshole never picked them up. Fuck fuck fuckidy fuck!

You bend over and start picking up the papers, you can feel Eric’s killer gaze on you, “I know I have a nice ass, but quit staring at it!”

“Eh, it needs a little work, but it’s not bad,” Ugh, the asshole didn’t even have the decency to deny that he was staring!

“You’re such a pervert!” You say as you see him walking over. He stops behind you and get up.

“Did I tell you to stop cleaning? Pick the papers up!” He demands, you bend back down to collect the remaining papers and he smacks your ass, you gasp, quickly getting up again and placing the papers on his desk.

You turn on your heel to face him, not realizing how close he was to you, you bump into his rock hard chest. You look up at his smirking face and heat rises to your cheeks.

“Now,” He is close enough for you to be able to smell the coffee on his breath, this just increases your urge to kiss him. No! What am I thinking?! “I want you to arrange these papers in alphabetical order, based on the last names in the headings.”

“But Er-”

“A lot of our leadership duties involve paper work, so your second lesson of the day will be how to organize.” He says with faux-excitement.

“Fuck you,” you mutter under your breath, rolling your eyes.

He grips your arm and pulls you so close that you are pressed up against him, “Don’t ever swear at me again, do you hear me!”

Eric’s POV

I let her go and she yanks the papers off my desk and begins organizing them. I don’t really need her to do this; I’m just trying to see how far I can push this girl. It is the same reason I threw a knife at her during initiation, the same reason I tried hanging her over the chasm. I like her, she’s a sassy little badass girl, who acts like she isn’t afraid of anything, I really like her, but I know she’ll never like me back. I watch her once-delicate hands, which are now scabbed over from fighting, flip through papers, pulling certain ones out here and there. Her eyes graze over the heading of each and I resist the urge to walk over to her and furiously make out with her.

She probably sense me staring as she quickly whips her head towards me, and I look down at my phone.

Training this evening will be quite interesting.

Your POV

Today was most likely the longest day of your life, spending all day in Eric’s office definitely was not your definition of fun. However, it was about to get a lot worse, you were heading to the roof to train with Eric, but on the plus side, maybe you’d get to see Eric’s muscles in action.

You open the door and Eric is already waiting there for you, “You’re late.”

“By two minutes!” So say looking at your watch.

“Two minutes is equal to 200 push-ups, and hurry it up, I don’t want you wasting more of my time.”

“200 push-ups, oh fuck no!” You complain.

“I wasn’t asking you to do them Y/N, I was ordering you. Something you should have learned during your initiation is that orders are not optional. If you continue whining, I have no problem in making that 400.” He says seriously.

You pout, giving him your best puppy dog eyes, but he just points to the ground. You flip him off before getting into plank position, by the time you get to 100 your arms are exhausted. Suddenly Eric puts his foot on your back and pushes you back down, “Get up Y/N! You need to be able to support more than just your own weight!”

You push him up a few times, only to have him push you back down, about 20 push-ups later, you can no longer handle anymore, you lay on the ground and look up at him, “Eric, please, I can’t do anymore! Please!”

“Alright get up!” Eric takes him foot off and turns to walk away, you look back at him and attempt to get back up, that was fucking brutal! Before you get up he turns around and steps towards you again, offering you his hand, you look at him in surprise, why is he being so nice?

The two of you walk over to the targets, and Eric hands you a gun, “Your aim may have improved throughout initiation, but five or six classes with a gun aren’t gonna do shit. As a leader you need to know how to shoot properly.”

You hold your gun up and point it towards the target, Eric goes adjust your gun, and you pull away from him, “I can do it myself, quit babying me Eric!”

“Alright,” he holds his hands up in surrender and backs away. You point the gun at the target and shoot three times, each time the bullet goes straight through the centre. You turn back to Eric eyebrows raised; he looks back at you, impressed.

He steps closer to you and snakes one arm around your waist, placing his hand on the small of your back. Your noses are almost touching, he looks deeply into your eyes and says, “I guess you were right Y/N, you really can do it. I’m impressed.”

He lets you go and turns to walk away, you stand there stunned, and strangely missing his touch. Maybe working with him won’t be so bad.  

This kind of has two other parts (with the same OCs): Part 2  Part 3 and Part 4

Masterlist // Rules List // To-Do List

1. Choose the right pen

Before you write a word, think about your pen. Slippery ballpoint pens tend to exacerbate messy handwriting, fine point gel pens lend a little more traction, slows down writing and gives it better readability. 

So what type of pen leads to what type of writing? If your font is very readable but you’d like to give it more form,you should use bold, inky pens. Such pens have broad tips that make lines smoother. The broad lines help cover subtle imperfections and give your handwriting more of a flow and room for flair.

If your writing weakness is legibility, then you need is a pen that gives you cleaner and more defined lines. Rather than bold pens, you probably should go for a finer point that helps make your letters more distinct.

2. Check your posture

Sit with your back straight, feel flat on the floor, legs uncrossed. Relax your hand and arm. Shake your hand until it feels floppy. Handwriting benefits from sitting up straight, with your forearm resting on the table, so that the arm moves the fingers rather than the wrist.

3. Slow down

Writing quickly won’t just cause bad handwriting, it may also prompt grammar and spelling mistakes. When your handwriting is rushed, it is very difficult to stop and start your letters. Unless you are in an exam and forced to rush, there’s no need to write at a galloping speed. So take your time, write slowly and avoid scribbling over the page.

4. Examine your writing

Take a sheet of lined paper and write the alphabet, aiming to join every letter. Focus on which letters you have the most trouble with. Are some letters not properly formed?Circle the letters you’re not happy with and work on improving those. Does your handwriting slope backwards or forwards, or is it upright? You need to know your writing in order for you to improve.

5. Copy handwriting you like

If you particularly admire a different style, get some tracing paper and start to copy it – the more you imitate a particular way of writing, the easier it will be to bring elements of that into your own writing.

In the end, it all comes down to practice. So…


The Rosetta Stone

A valuable key to deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the inscription on the Rosetta Stone is a decree passed by a council of priests. It is one of a series that affirm the royal cult of the 13-year-old Ptolemy V on the first anniversary of his coronation (in 196 BC).

In previous years the family of the Ptolemies had lost control of certain parts of the country. It had taken their armies some time to put down opposition in the Delta, and parts of southern Upper Egypt, particularly Thebes, were not yet back under the government’s control. Before the Ptolemaic era (before about 332 BC), decrees in hieroglyphs such as this were usually set up by the king. It shows how much things had changed from earlier times that the priests, the only people who had kept the knowledge of writing hieroglyphs, were now issuing such decrees. The list of good deeds done by the king for the temples hints at the way in which the support of the priests was ensured.

The decree is inscribed on the stone three times, in hieroglyphic (suitable for a priestly decree), demotic (the native script used for daily purposes), and Greek (the language of the administration). The importance of this to Egyptology is immense.

Soon after the end of the 4th century AD, when hieroglyphs had gone out of use, the knowledge of how to read and write them disappeared. In the early years of the 19th century, scholars were able to use the Greek inscription on this stone as the key to decipher them. Thomas Young (1773–1829), an English physicist, was the first to show that some of the hieroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone wrote the sounds of a royal name, that of Ptolemy.

The French scholar Jean-François Champollion (1790–1832) then realised that hieroglyphs recorded the sound of the Egyptian language and laid the foundations of our knowledge of ancient Egyptian language and culture. Champollion made a crucial step in understanding ancient Egyptian writing when he pieced together the alphabet of hieroglyphs that was used to write the names of non-Egyptian rulers. He announced his discovery, which had been based on analysis of the Rosetta Stone and other texts, in a paper at the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres at Paris on Friday 27 September 1822. The audience included his English rival Thomas Young, who was also trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs. Champollion inscribed this copy of the published paper with alphabetic hieroglyphs meaning ‘à mon ami Dubois’ ('to my friend Dubois’). Champollion made a second crucial breakthrough in 1824, realising that the alphabetic signs were used not only for foreign names, but also for the Egyptian language and names. Together with his knowledge of the Coptic language, which derived from ancient Egyptian, this allowed him to begin reading hieroglyphic inscriptions fully.

Soldiers in Napoleon’s army discovered the Rosetta Stone in 1799 while digging the foundations of an addition to a fort near the town of el-Rashid (Rosetta). On Napoleon’s defeat, the stone became the property of the British under the terms of the Treaty of Alexandria (1801) along with other antiquities that the French had found.

The Rosetta Stone has been exhibited in the British Museum since 1802, with only one break. Towards the end of the First World War, in 1917, when the Museum was concerned about heavy bombing in London, they moved it to safety along with other, portable, 'important’ objects. The Rosetta Stone spent the next two years in a station on the Postal Tube Railway 50 feet below the ground at Holborn.

Find out more in this BBC podcast about the Rosetta Stone.


N“I came over to thank you for the reference, because I was accepted into the next part of the adoption process! No doubt it was thanks to you!”

B: “That’s fantastic, Red! I’m so happy for you! I reckon I would make quite the cool aunt.”

N“Yeah, if the kid’s idea of cool is how to file papers alphabetically AND chronologically, then you will be extraordinary. Anyway, we are celebrating tonight! You, me and whatever date I can find.”

B: “Third-wheeling again? Sounds like a dream come true. Where do you have in mind?”

N“I don’t know, the Romance Festival? I think it would be perfect. Put something nice on though, not those rags.”

B: “….”


@sabeenu’s Paper Typography Brings Letters to Life

To see more of Sabeena’s paper typography, follow @sabeenu on Instagram.

When Sabeena Karnik (@sabeenu) started making alphabet letters out of paper, she had no idea her creations would someday appear on billboards and the covers of magazines. “I started doing paper typography by accident,” says the 32-year-old artist from Mumbai, India. “Since I was always making things out of paper, one day I decided to combine it with my love of type and created the entire alphabet series.”

As a paper typographer, Sabeena takes inspiration from a vivid palette of complementary colors and her daily ritual of drawing letterforms by hand. “Every design starts with an idea in its tiniest form as a sketch,” she explains. Once she decides on the design, Sabeena brings the letters to life with strips of colored paper and glue. “The paper speaks through the type it creates,” she adds. “The versatile letter ‘S’ is never easy to make, but it is my favorite to create.”

Sabeena now has big aspirations for the future, such as exhibiting her work and engaging in larger projects that combine type designs with abstract art. “Every step is a discovery of new things, and this profession has taught me a lot about paper — its strengths and limitations, as well as my own,” she says. “It’s very fragile and has to be treated with care and love.”

Here’s the sequel to the last story! Along with a side of Janstar! I hope you guys like it! Sorry this one took me so long.


“Okay, okay, okay!” Star ran around the living room, rearranging things and getting everything together. “I’m so excited! I can’t believe you two are going on a date!” Star exclaimed. Marco shrugged and tried to act nonchalant.

“It’s not a big deal… I’m just teaching him how to read English.” Marco assured.

“Yah, yah, yah, whatever.” Star dismissed. “Oh you two are gonna be so cute together!”

“Star, you’re kind of pressuring me.” Marco confessed. Star scoffed.

“Oh you dear, sweet naïve boy. I haven’t even begun to pressure you. I’ve already written my maid of honor speech for your wedding. I’m gonna need you to get married on a farm, a lot of my jokes rely on that.” Star explained. Marco sighed exasperated.

“Don’t YOU have a date today?” Marco asked. Star smiled.

“Yes! Janna and I are… going out to lunch.” Star told him. Marco raised an eyebrow.

“That sounded insincere. Are you really going out to lunch?” Marco pried.

“Yes Marco!” Star assured. “I’m offended you don’t trust me.” She scoffed. There was a knock at the door. “See? That’s probably her right now ready to go to LUNCH! Which is where we are going… lunch.” Star continued. She was right; she opened the door and invited Janna in.

“Hello, Janna.” Star said suspiciously. “Are you ready to go to LUNCH. Which is where we are going and nowhere else.” Star said, she over-articulated everything and spoke loudly.

“Um, yah. Why are you talking like that?” Janna asked. Star pushed her outside.

“We aren’t going to lunch.” Star said after she shut the door behind her.

“Oh?” Janna smiled.

“Yes! Marco has a date today! And we’re gonna spy on him!” Star said excitedly. “Are you in?” She looked at her girlfriend, who looked touched.

“You’re so sweet for planning such a wonderful date, Star.” Janna mused. “I would love to invade Marco’s privacy with you!”


Marco sat on the couch and tried to act chill, but he couldn’t help shifting around. “Stop acting weird!” He scolded himself. “You’re only helping a friend out.” He assured himself. It wasn’t a date. Was it?

“Do you always talk to yourself?” Marco whirled around to see Tom behind him.

“TOM!!…. How- how long have you been there? I didn’t hear you come in.” Marco stammered.

“I said your name a few times. Are you all right? If it’s a bad time I can come back later.” Tom told him.

“NO! I mean… no, it’s-it’s cool. Everything’s cool.” Marco promised. He leaned coolly on the couch arm.

“Why are you standing like that?” Tom asked.

“I’m just… lounging, you know. Playing it cool.” Marco shrugged.

“Are you sure? I mean… my sister had scoliosis and she would stand like that.” Tom told him gently. Marco was quiet for a long time until he finally stood up normally.

“You know what, it’s fine I’m fine. Lets just start.” Marco suggested. Tom laughed a little.

“That sounds fine.” He sat on the couch next to Marco.


“What are they doing?” Janna said to Star, who was standing on her shoulders.

“I can’t hear anything!’ Star complained. “But Marco looks like he has scoliosis. Why is he standing like that?”

“This isn’t working.” Janna let Star drop down and caught her bridal style. “We need to find a way to hear what their saying.”

“We can’t go in.” Star said, jumping out of Janna’s arms. “Marco thinks we’re at lunch. And I can’t afford to blow our cover.” Star said. Janna opened her mouth to tell Star that nobody believed in her lunch-cover-up-story. But she decided to let Star have this one. Janna scanned the yard to find anything that would help.

“I got it!” She exclaimed. She grabbed Star’s hand and pulled her around to the back of the house. There was an outdoor AC unit.

“If we pop the cover off this, we might be able to hear their voices through the vent.” Janna said. Star smiled.

“That’s great!… but are you sure that will work? I feel like that’s only the thing that works in movies.” Star criticized.

“Only one way to find out.” Janna said. She took out a Swiss army knife. Star mused.

“It’s like a tiny little weapon with multiple more weapons!” She gushed. Janna smiled coolly.

“Yah, I got it for my tenth birthday from my moms. It’s alright.” She shrugged, trying to act cool. Janna flipped out the screwdriver part and opened the top of the AC unit. The girls stuck their heads in.

“Can you… hear anything?” Star asked.

“Just a buzzing- wait! Do you hear that?” Janna pointed out. They listened closely. There was a faint scratching that got louder and louder. “What is that-“ Janna got cut off when the biggest raccoon either girl could imagine, jumped out of the air conditioner. “STAR HOLY SHIT THERE’S A RACCOON IN THERE!” Janna yelled. The girls screamed and ran away from the unit, the raccoon hissed and jumped out of it’s hiding place.

“JANNA I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” Star cried. The raccoon continued to hiss and it looked very angry.


“YOU’RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR!” Star bit back. The raccoon bit Star’s legs and climbed up her back, biting her head. Star screamed and threw it to the ground. Janna ran towards the angry creature and tried to bunt it back into it’s home. The raccoon, being extremely large, was only shoved a few inches. And began to growl angrily and flick it’s tail.

“STAR, DO SOMETHING!” Janna cried. She backed away from the raccoon. The raccoon jumped on her and began to claw at Janna’s face. Janna and Star both screamed. Star quickly took her wand out and pointed it at the critter.

“Helpful HANDS!” She called; two pink hands came out of her wand and picked the raccoon up. She then flicked her wand like a whip and tossed the creature back into the AC unit. Janna ran over as fast as possible and slammed the top back on the unit. Star helped her hold it down. They heard hissing and scratching at the top, but stayed there until it stopped. The girls took as step back and sighed in relief.

“Wow… so that’s why the AC hasn’t been working.” Star concluded.

“Raccoons always seem so cute.” Janna breathed heavily. “Who knew they were so vicious!”

“They are violent animals.” Star explained. “I once saw one raccoon take on a wolf… and it won.”

The girls trembled and stared at the AC unit for a really long time. “We-we should get back to spying.” Janna suggested. Star nodded.

“Y-yah… spying. Lets do it.” Star was quiet. “We should- we should hold hands… For safety reasons.” Star suggested.

“What-how… what safety reasons?” Janna asked. Star shrugged and extended her hand. Janna took it.

“Let’s go…. Away from here.”


“This is…. Unnecessarily confusing.” Tom said staring at a piece of paper with the English alphabet on it. “You’re telling me little kids learn this stuff?”

“Don’t feel bad about it.” Marco assured. “You’re language is so different from this. It wouldn’t seem so foreign if you learned how to speak English first, but you knew that immediately.” Marco explained.

“I should teach you Enochian.” Tom said. “Its easy.”

Marco laughed at this comment. “No kidding I heard it was really hard.”

“What? No.” Tom assured. “You just need to be a demon, then you’ll grasp it in less than an hour.” He explained. Marco laughed.

“Well that’s gonna be a problem for me.” Marco pointed out.

“Ah, right,” Tom sighed “stuck in a mortal vessel.” Tom acted over-dramatic for the last part. He fell back and landed his head on Marco’s lap. Marco laughed and shoved him off.

“C’mon we have work to do. You can’t really start learning how to read and write until you know the alphabet.” Marco explained. “And don’t even get me started on English grammar.” He groaned. “I still don’t get half of it.”

Tom grumbled. “Sounds fun.” He said sarcastically. He looked over the paper with the alphabet on it over again; it was quiet for a minute as he did so.

“Hey… Marco?”


“Thanks… for helping me with this.” Tom blushed a little. Marco did as well.

“N-no problem.” Marco assured. “I… I just remember how hard it was for me and I can’t imagine needing to learn without any help.” Marco said.

“You’re… a really nice person.” Tom mumbled. It didn’t seem like he was complimenting him, it sounded like he was just listing facts. Marco shifted.

“Is that… a bad thing?” Marco asked. Tom’s head shot up.

“What!? No!” He added quickly. “I just… why do you hang around me?” Tom asked. He sounded genuinely curious. “I don’t mean to pry… but, it seems like a kid like you wouldn’t want to hang out with a demon.”

“A kid like me?” Marco repeated.

“No! Shoot… I didn’t mean to offend you!” Tom promised. Marco shook his head.

“No. I’m not offended!” Marco assured. “I just want to know what you mean.”

Tom sighed in relief; worried he had said the wrong thing. “Well, I mean… you’re…. great.” Tom answered. He blushed a glowing red and clapped his hand over his mouth when he realized what he said. The floor around his feet began to burn a little, but Marco ignored it. It was a cheap carpet anyway.

“You think I’m great?” Marco asked.

“Well… yah, you are. That’s like, not even a question. It’s just a non-disputable fact.” Tom murmured.

“And… do you not think that you’re great?” Marco asked. He approached the question with caution.

“I… I think I’m a lot of things.” Tom tried to laugh. It was really quiet after that. Tom sat nervously with the floor burning beneath his feet. “We… should get back to work.” Tom suggested. Marco nodded.



“Janna, your eyebrow is bleeding.” Star said. The girls were sitting on the curb.

“You’re bleeding through your leggings.” Janna pointed out. Star smiled.

“Fair.” She sighed. “Lets just accept the fact that we’re both horrible spies.” Star suggested.

“Agreed. We did NOT need to make it as complicated as it turned out.” Janna agreed.

“How about we go out to lunch, for real this time?” Star asked. Janna smiled.

“That sounds fun.” She smiled. Star stood up and reached down to help up Janna. Janna took her hand and Star pulled her up. They both groaned in pain.

“I’ve been in fights before,” Janna said “but have never gotten beaten as badly as this.”

Star took her girlfriend’s hand and they made their way to the nearest food stand. “There’s a festival in town, we can grab something there.” Janna said. Star smiled.

“That sounds great!” Star jumped a little.

“What do you think those two were talking about?” Janna asked.

“Hopefully planning a wedding. Because I told Marco, I have the speech ready and everything.” Star told Janna. Star looked at her. “Hold on,” Star touched Janna’s head with her wand and stopped the bleeding from the cut.

“Thanks, Super-Star.” Janna smiled. Star did as well. Janna opened her backpack. “Now I have something to help you, earth-girl style.” Janna exclaimed. She pulled out a Band-Aid with a Mickey Mouse print on it. Janna bent down and rolled up Star’s legging, and placed the Band-Aid on her cut. “There, problem solved. Earth-girl style.”

Star grinned. “There are mice on my leg!” She chirped. Janna laughed.

“Yah, let’s go, I’m starving.” Janna said. She took Star’s hand again and they continued walking down the street.

“Janna?” Star looked up at her.

“What is it?” Janna asked. Star stopped and gave Janna a quick kiss; Star then wrapped her arms around her neck.

“You’re great.”


“So when a ‘T’ comes before and ‘H’, it makes a different sound.” Marco continued. Tom nodded, but it didn’t seem like he was paying attention. “Tom, are you okay? You’re… shivering.” Marco pointed out.

“Oh I’m fine.” Tom assured. “I’m just not to used to this climate.” He explained. Marco nodded.

“I’d assume as much, I mean you’re constantly surrounded by fire, you’ve built up a tolerance.” Marco said. He moved closer to Tom and gave him his hoodie. “Here put this on.” Marco insisted.

“But won’t you be cold?” Tom asked.

“…. No. It’s literally 80 degrees. Our AC is broken for some reason.” Marco explained. “Just put it on.” Marco wrapped the hoodie around Tom, who blushed.

“Thanks.” He whispered.

“No problem.” Marco put the book away. “I think we’ve done enough for today, don’t you think?” Marco said. Tom smiled.

“I guess you’re right. I’ll see you later.” Tom was about to hand Marco his hoodie back when Marco cut him off.

“Wait, you can, hang out for a little while if you want.” Marco suggested. His face turned a little pink. Tom smiled shyly and flames began to circle his feet again.

“Sure… that sounds fun.” He sat back down next to Marco. He looked down at the burnt carpet beneath his feet. “Oh! Sorry about that.” He said, extremely embarrassed.

“It’s okay, really. With the amount of damage Star has done to this house, it’s really not a big deal.” Marco laughed. “Speaking of Star, she should be home by now.” Marco said.

“Yah, where has she been?” Tom agreed.

“She’s been going on dates with this girl from our school, Janna.” Marco explained. “You should stick around to meet her, you guys would really hit it off!” Marco assured.

“You… want to introduce me to your friends?” Tom repeated, astounded.

“Of course! You’re… really important to me.” Marco told him. He put his hand on top of Tom’s. Tom blushed like crazy and burnt the floor up, his hand got warm but he pulled away before he could burn Marco.

“I wish I could but I have to go.” Tom said very fast. He gave Marco back his hoodie and vanished in a flame without another word.

“Tom wait-“ Marco started. But he already left.

“Marco! We’re back!” Star called, she swung the door open, but stopped when she saw how sad her friend looked. “Are, you okay?” Star asked.

“I’m having a crisis.” Marco said. He flopped back down on the couch. “Why do you guys look like you’ve been attacked?” Marco said, observing their state.

“We were attacked.” Janna answered casually. Marco nodded and put his head back down facing the couch.

“What’s up Marco?” Janna asked.

“Problems.” His voice was muffled from the couch. Star gasped.

“I’ll be right back!” She dashed up the stairs. A minute later her feet were heard running up the stairs. She had on Marco’s fake glasses.

“It’s time for, Star Butterfly PHD to return!” She said. Star jumped up onto the couch and sat on Marco.

“A good therapist does not sit on their patient.” Marco grumbled.

“Good thing I’m a lousy therapist! Now tell me what’s wrong.” Star commanded.

“Well, I thought me and Tom were getting closer, but he just dashed away.” Marco explained. Star was quiet.

“I have…. No idea what to say about that.” She removed the glasses. Janna laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Marco asked.

“Well, you’re upset that he likes you.” Janna said. Marco shook his head.

“I WANT him to like me! I like him!” He admitted. Star smiled hugely.

“I knew it!”

“I know you knew, Star! I told you this morning!” Marco reminded.

“Oh yah.” Star remembered. Janna stepped between the two.

“Well Marco, it’s clear he likes you. From what you’ve told me, he just seems a little closed off. He probably got nervous around you, so he ran away. He’ll come to his senses and realize he’s being stupid. When you have a crush on someone, it can make you act a little….” Janna trailed off and looked at Star. “Crazy.” She finished. Marco smiled and nodded.

“You’re right.”

“As always.”

“I’ll call him a little later. And see if he wants to continue our lessons.” Marco said. He got up and gave Star and Janna a hug. “Thanks guys!”


“Tom?” Marco said into the phone a few days later. “It’s Marco.”

Star and Janna were outside the door and listened to Marco talk.

“What?…… No that’s okay, I get it…… That works fine…… Okay……. I’ll see you then!” Marco opened the door and the two girls fell into the room. “I know you guys were listening.” Marco scolded. They both smiled.

“So what happened?” Star asked.

“You were listening, you should know.” Marco accused. Star grumbled.

“We could only hear YOUR voice!” She said. Marco shook his head.

“He said he was sorry for running off so fast. And he’s going to come over tomorrow for another lesson.” Marco tried to hide his excitement. Janna smiled and punched him in the arm.

“See! I TOLD you!” She exclaimed. Marco smiled.

“You were right, he sounded happy to hear from me.” Marco said.


Tom and Marco continued their lessons for a few weeks, they did so almost everyday. Neither of them would admit it, but it was the best part of their day. Marco got more excited than Tom did when he understood some English writing. But Tom was certainly a slow learner, and at times when he felt bad about himself for not understanding, Marco always knew how to cheer him up. He always took subtle steps to assure Tom that his self worth was much more than he thought. And no matter how comfortable they got around each other, before every lesson Marco was nervous. Tom wasn’t much better, and he still burnt the carpet from time to time. Marco was waiting for Tom in the living room on one of these days, there was fire, and Tom stepped forward. He had something in his hands.

“Tom!” Marco stood up excitedly. Tom smiled nervously.

“I… um… this is for you.” Tom handed Marco a note. “I tried to write something!” He tried to sound proud, but it was obvious he knew it wasn’t very good. “I… I don’t get a lot of it… so I had to look up a lot of words I didn’t know how to spell using a translator, and plug it back into the translator…. So it might be a bit of a mess.” Tom warned. Marco smiled.

“I’m sure you did great! I’m so happy you managed to do this on your own!… Can I read it?” Marco asked. Tom was quiet, but nodded. Marco opened the letter.

“Just go easy on me!” Tom exclaimed. “Writing is a lot different than speaking! I thought it’d be easy after our lessons… but I was very wrong.” Marco gave him a reassuring smile and looked down at the note. It was written in all caps, probably because that’s how Enochian is written. It was a garbled mess of the words “Thank”, “Great” and “You”. But what caught Marco’s eye was the one sentence written correctly at the very end. Showing a lot of effort put into this one line.


Marco looked at it for a long time. Tom cleared his throat and shuffled in place. “Look, I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, but I had to tell you.” Tom admitted. Marco carefully put the note on the table; it was something he was going to keep for a long time. “Marco?” Tom asked nervously. “Please say somethi-“ Marco cut off Tom by tackling him with a kiss.

“I knew you liked me! I knew it!” He exclaimed happily. He kissed his face and hugged him tightly.

“Hey Marco, can you help me with-“ Star walked into Marco’s room and stopped when she saw the scene before her. “I’ll come back later.”


So there it is! I hope you liked it! Remember your opinion is always appreciated. If anyone wants to see more of Avery I’ve been writing a lot of her for my creative writing class.

It’s completely normal to sleep at 6:30 pm to 8:00pm after a 5 hour shift stacking papers and ordering them alphabetically , running up and down a hospital with a confusing ass structure cause you can’t find the cafeteria and then getting home showering going to a sweet sixteen party and then standing in the FREAKING TEXAN SUN taking pictures while playing thibking out loud terribly on a guitar , right?


I mean on the plus side…

I am probably gonna write all night if I am not sleeping so yay??

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Listen bihtc.. I've been thinking about this dude all fucking day. I went on IMDB to look at everyone man who has ever been in a Marvel movie. I have a list on paper, color coded and alphabetized, a fucking pie chart, a Excel spreadsheet. Is it any of the following: Christopher Eccleston, Jon Favreau, Dave Bautista, Dominic Cooper, Zachary Levi, Lee Pace, Josh Brolin?? Put me out of my misery sis

i need that gif of shosanna dreyfus laughing as the theater burns

Request: You Say That a Lot

Request: Hey… This is my first time asking… Can you please write one where the reader has a crush on cas.. but is afraid to act on it and he kisses her one day… And its cute and fluff .. Ps.. I look forward to your blogs everyday!!!! Thanks alot! And have a great day….

Word Count: 588

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thank you so much!<3

“Y/N, you coming?” There’s a knock on your door.

“Give me three minutes!” You say, but you’re out in less than one. “Sorry. Can’t rush perfection or whatever.”

Sam laughs, leading you through to the library where newspaper clippings and a map lie on the table.

“We were hoping you could make head or tail of this- there’s so much different stuff but it all seems to relate to the same case.” He says, shuffling a set of papers and passing them to you, “If you could notice a clue or a link or something.”

You glance over the map, and then the papers, “I can give it a go. Give me an hour.” You say, and he nods with a smile.

“Sure. Call me if you need anything.”

He leaves and you get to work, ordering papers first alphabetically, then by date.

Eighteen girls, between the ages of fourteen and nineteen, gone. Just missing. No signs of a struggle, no peculiar sightings, nothing in common. Different appearances, different schools, different hobbies, different groups of friends. No parental or familial connections. Lived in different areas of town.

You begin sticking pins into the map where the girls lived, then, discarding that, in the places they were last seen. You’re so engrossed in the work that you don’t hear the appearance of Cas behind you.

“Y/N?” His voice shocks you, and you nearly drop the paper you’re holding. Holding a hand to your chest, you laugh.

“Hey, Cas.” You smile, running a hand through your hair, “How long have you been there?”

“Not long.” He takes a seat beside you, “Are you researching?”

“Sort of.” You say, “Just trying to get this puzzle put together. It just feels like all the pieces are the same colour.” You laugh quietly, averting your eyes as his piercing blue gaze burns into you.

“Can I help you, at all?” He asks, reading over one of the victim’s profiles.

“Sure, you can help me look. Just… yeah, read over the files and stuff and see what you can get.” You offer a small smile.

Alright, you’d admit it, you’d had these feelings for the angel for a while; feelings that stirred something in your stomach, feelings that made your cheeks turn to red and your tongue cease to work. The only problem is that you’re far too shy to ever act on it.

He reads over each sheet slowly, drinking in every detail, while you keep trying to pinpoint key locations.

That’s when you crack something- the place where the girls were lost was exactly a mile away from where they were last seen. That has to mean something.

You look up to report your findings, when you see Cas stood right at your side. You take a sharp breath, then laugh quietly.

“Hi, there.” You smile. He laughs.

“You found something?” He asks. You nod.

“I think so. Sort of.”

“You say that a lot.” He remarks. You laugh, nodding.

“I guess I do.” You stay quiet for a second, before looking at him with a half-smile on your face.

Then, he leans in and presses his lips to yours. You’re shocked for a half second, before you melt into the kiss. He cups your cheek with one hand, even as he pulls away.

Looking into your eyes, he smiles slightly.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” He admits, and you smile.

“I’ve been hoping you’d do that for a while, too.” You say as he leans in again.