paper airplane tattoos

Just a few coincidences

It’s a coincidence that Harry constantly wore a paper airplane necklace

And Louis happened to get a paper airplane tattoo

It’s a coincidence that Louis wore white face paint 2 years in a row on Halloween

And that Harry ended up with white dust in his hair the following mornings two years in a row

It’s a coincidence that Louis looked like this during Haylor

And looked like this after it was over

It’s a coincidence that Louis and Harry have tattoos that are from adjacent images from Liam Sparkes flickr account 

And that the tattoos are on adjacent parts of their bodies

It’s a coincidence Louis states the most romantic thing he’s ever done 

is something that he’s done for Harry

But hey, coincidences really aren’t anything, right?

“Blake: Sir, that could all just be a coincidence.

Commissioner Gordon: You’re a detective now, son. You’re not allowed to believe in coincidence anymore.” - the Dark Knight Rises

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(popstartats(.)com/louis-tomlinson-tattoos/half-sleeve-arm-tats/) go down to the paper airplane part. literally everyone knows

Paper Airplane Tattoo on Louis’ Arm

Part of the half sleeve tattoo Louis Tomlinson is working on includes a small image of a paper airplane in mid-flight, which is inked in black and white on the inside of Louis’ right forearm. Louis’ paper airplane tattoo is inked just below the singer’s “OOPS!” tat and it looks like the two images are part of the same tattoo. They aren’t, but they do have similar meanings! Remember, Louis got his “OOPS!” tat because that was the first word he said when he met Harry Styles. Well, when explaining his paper airplane tattoo, Louis once said, “Harry’s necklace. I love it.” Apparently bandmate Harry Styles has a necklace of a paper airplane and Louis liked it so much he decided to permanently ink the image on his arm. We’re beginning to think these guys have way too much time and money on their hands…

Okay but also this;

Louis Tomlinson’s Large Compass Tattoo

Any pop star would probably admit that, along with all the good things, there are also some bad things about being a celebrity, including being away from home so often. As a tribute to his home in London, Harry Styles once opted for a giant ship tattoo on his left arm, while Louis Tomlinson got a more discreet but still pretty large compass tat for the same reason. “It has an arrow pointing to home. I miss it,” Louis said about his compass tattoo, which is inked on the inside of his right forearm, just below his stick figure tattoo and above his flock of birds tat. Louis Tomlinson’s tattoo was inked in December 2012 at the Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in West Hollywood, at the same time as Zayn Malik’s tattoo of a skull on his arm.

But wait there’s more;

Louis Tomlinson’s “OOPS!” Arm Tattoo

There’s no doubt that Louis Tomlinson and his bandmates love random tattoos, and Louis’ “OOPS!” tattoo on his arm definitely falls into this category. Shortly after inking the stick figure on his arm, the pop star added another tat to what is well on its way to becoming a half-sleeve: the word “OOPS!” with two lines below for emphasis. The singer’s arm tat was inked in Los Angeles and was first revealed in November 2012. According to Louis himself, “[Oops! is] the first word I said to Harry when we met…” Isn’t that cute! “I also make plenty of mistakes,” Louis elaborated on his arm tattoo meaning. Similar to Louis’ “OOPS!” tattoo is Zayn Malik’s tattoo of the word “Friday,” which was inked because the singer is always asking if it’s Friday yet. Harry Styles also has the word “Hi” inked on his arm, and, according to one source, Louis’ “OOPS!” tattoo is actually inked in Harry’s handwriting. We wouldn’t be surprised if “Hi” is the first word Harry said to Louis!

And of course;

An Infinity Rope Wrist Tat

Louis took a little break from inking up his arm until June 2013, when he got a tattoo of a rope on his right wrist. Louis’ wrist tattoo features a black and white rope twisted into the shape of an infinity symbol on the outside of his wrist. The rope encircles Louis’ entire wrist, meeting up with the singer’s quotation marks tattoo, with the two ends of the infinity rope disconnected on the inside portion of his wrist. Although Louis hasn’t explained the meaning behind his rope tattoo, fans are speculating that the ink represents broken ties of some sort. It’s interesting that Louis chose that particular location for the rope tattoo, especially since the broken part of the rope intermingles with the quotation marks tat that so many people believe relates to Harry Styles.


Basically this is the best article ever

Hi Taylor!!
I’m Cheyann and I am 18 years old. I live in Ohio! I’ve been a huge fan of yours since 2006 and you have always been my #1 inspiration. In middle school I started writing songs because I thought it was so cool that you wrote your own music. So my dream ever since has been to be a singer/songwriter.
Your music has always been there for me every step of the way. It helped me through depression and I stopped hurting myself because I through about it and I know that you wouldn’t want me to be in pain and that the people who love me wouldn’t want that either. So I’ve been one year clean now and it’s because of you. You are my lifesaver. I don’t know where I’d be without you. I got a paper airplane tattoo on my wrist to represent that you’ve helped me through my battles. I thought it was the perfect symbol for that because it’s a very child like and free spirited symbol and when you’re young you don’t have any worries and that’s kind of my way of freeing myself from my past.
Right now, my parents are getting a divorce and it’s putting a lot of stress on me but your music is my stress reliever.
Taylor, you have inspired me to be the best person I can be. Over Christmas I spent $300 on Christmas gifts for my friend Sydney who lives in Georgia. I also sent some things for her sister! It made me happy to know that I could make them really happy by giving them Christmas/Swiftmas gifts.
On my Instagram I’m doing another giveaway for Valentine’s Day because I love giving back to people and I just love knowing that I can make other people happy too!
You are such an amazing and beautiful person and I love how strong you are! I really hope that I get to meet you one day and give you a big hug so I can thank you for everything!
I love you so much, Taylor!!!

This is what artists are like, they pay attention to little details, even the smallest tattooes are a piece of art. I’m no professional but that’s how I interpret his tattoo:

Paper airplane: (maybe related to Airplane?! Since it’s his favourite song) travel, fly high, take him to places, freedom; but the fact that it’s paper, it shows the fragility and delicacy

Balloons: youth, naive and simple like a child; balloons are going to rise so high to the sky that there is no limit, even passing the stars and enter the space, just like his future :) rainbow colors show that his life is going to be colourful, but again fragile and delicate

⛵️: sailing far and steady, peaceful along the way; he is the sailor and he leads his members to the sea of success, as long as he follows the wind and sails along

Clouds: obviously in his dream now haha and above others, head in the clouds :) towards the sky

Stars (?!): tbh i dont see stars at all they look like coins to me lol so maybe make a lot of money?? Haha

You know what I just thought about. Louis’ little paper airplane tattoo is probably a zouis tattoo cause it has those little dotted lines the go in a
loop-de-loop which we all know is a story zayn likes to tell about him and Louis the first time he ever flew on a plane

Wow zouis is real


3 redemption miles.

Run streak day 122

I felt like the wind 🌬🌬🌬

Which is a huge upgrade from yesterday!!!

On the way home from work I stopped and got my paper airplane tattoo thickened a little (the lines) now I love it even moreeeeeee

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning everyday… So I’m off to do that before I make some dinner 😘