paper 8


Traditional Fashion Posed Half Body Commissions are open!
3 Slots are available for now!
$20USD ea + $8 for another character A5 sized paper
+$8 USD for shipping and handling if you’d like me to ship them out to you :).
I will not draw under the following
- Hentai/Yuri/Yaoi/Furries/Realism/Animals/Mecha/
- Generally I’ll reject if I feel uncomfortable drawing the particular subject.
You must pay first before I start the commissions, turnover time is generally no longer then 1 week. Generally I ship them out once I finished all commissions :D
If interested please DM me or email me at for more details ^^.

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Some obscure Mario nerds from the Super Mario franchise, because this series has some really fun designs. This art is from 2014 and there’s mistakes here and there, but I still like how I drew these guys.

Francis from Super Paper Mario, Chuck Quizmo from the first Paper Mario, and Ballyhoo/Bigtop from Mario Party 8.