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Extremely Elaborate Handcrafted Pop Up Cards That Hold Surprises

Lovepop brings you a collection of unforgettable pop-up cards for every occasion that intimately express feelings to your beloved, to congratulate a friend on a happy occasion, or send out heartfelt greetings and “get well soon” messages to acquaintances far and near. The project was conceived by two naval engineers obsessed with the Asian art form of kirigami which they interpreted through cutting edge technology to “pop out” these incredible 3D paper sculptures.

The cards are created on CAD,  laser cut on paper and carefully hand assembled to send out a message greater than their prepackaged ones - they  are made with love and should be treated as a work of art.

Lovepop builds these one of a kind pop-up cards with creative dexterity and engineers detailed paper sculptures that magically appear between the thin folds. These can be refolded many times over and opened to delight the owner endlessly. Lovepop consistently amazes people with their innovative designs for every day of the year. You can find their entire collection in their Etsy shop

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Daniel Siim    |

“Digital books are at a rapid growth and currently make up 20 percent of all books sold to the general public in the US alone. As the digital market is expanding, the need for analogue books is becoming more redundant. The redesign of the prodigious novel Star Maker, by William Olaf Stapledon, first published in 1937, serves as an experiment on highlighting the qualities of a book’s physical existence, some of which cannot be accommodated by an e-book. 

This project is a comprehensive study of paper material, text layout and physical size. The book features various paper goods and weights along with a bookcase containing 16 A5-sized artworks representing a visual interpretation of each chapter, and a square-sized constellation map of the books content." 

Daniel Siim is a Copenhagen-based designer and a BA graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. His practice approach a wide scale of graphic design with a focus on printed matter, from small press to major publishing.

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Shop Hunting Tuesdays: Papersmiths

Papersmiths specialises in design-led stationery and paper goods. From notebooks to pencil sharpeners and fountain pens to scissors, they’ve handpicked items from their favourite designers and makers across the globe.

Their carefully considered curation of books and magazines includes interior, architecture, graphics, music, fashion, film, travel, food and children’s titles. Come and visit in person! You’ll find beautiful desk accessories, hard-to-find homewares and in-store exclusives amongst rows of neatly laid out stationery in their Bristol store.


New breakfast sticker pack :) I’m going to buy some PB and jam after this.

Breakfast sticker pack of 20: 2 to 4 of each style.

Recent work for @westheritage. Not only are we now stocking notebooks by my favorite gal of @worthwhilepaper, I just designed two medium linen notebooks exclusive for West Heritage with @candorarts! We’re getting ready to release them soon for pre-orders and I’m so proud of how they came out! A huge thank you to @mattislearning for long-time friendship and such good work. 🌿 |

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etsyfindoftheday | 6.8.14

‘make a wish’ happy birthday card by mydearfellowco

happy happy 30th birthday to my love laura, who also runs the-acquired-taste!! i’m in chicago celebrating in person, but i also wanted to give a little virtual shout-out to one of my greatest friends. xo xo! happy birthday!! <3